e s f letters
e s f letters

Connecting with Mac OSX

Use the OSX Finder to Connect

  • Open the Finder (click on desktop or square, blue and gray happy face icon)
  • Choose "Connect to Server' in the "Go" menu.
  • Enter the following string...


    ... except use your folder name instead of "/foldername/". NOTE: If appropriate, continue your folder string through to the highest level sub-folder you edit, e.g., /efb/courses/efb999/

You should now be able to cut and paste or drag and drop files to and from the server.

Connecting with Mac OSX using Cyberduck

For many years it was impossible to upload files from a Mac to the web server, and this was the solution. It is unclear whether Cyberduck is still an important solution for some users, but you can download a free copy here:

To connect (see panel image below):

  • Click on "Open Connection" icon.
  • Choose "SFTP" from dropdown menu
  • For Server name, enter "www-2.esf.edu" (NOTE: it's www-2, not www)
  • Enter your esf.edu username and password, using the esfadmin\username format (backslash \, not frontslash /.
  • Under More Options, for directory information, type in the full path of the folder you wish to access using this format:


    "/foldername/" would be replaced by your folder string. (NOTE: If appropriate, continue the string through to the highest level sub-folder you edit, e.g., /efb/courses/efb999/
  • Connect. You can treat the resulting file list as though it was a file list in a Finder window (drag and drop works, though cut and pasting of folders may not).

screenshot of log in panel

Usernames and Passwords

Faculty & Staff:

  • DOMAIN\USERNAME: esfadmin\username
    (NOTE: use \ not / , username same as esf.edu email, i.e., username@esf.edu)
  • PASSWORD: same as esf.edu email/webmail (NOT faculty/staff login password)


  • DOMAIN\USERNAME: www\username
    (NOTE: \ not / , username same as syr.edu email, i.e., username@syr.edu)
  • PASSWORD: same as syr.edu email/webmail

Assistance: web@esf.edu


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Need Help?

Contact us at 470-4858, web@esf.edu or drop by 123 Bray.