Adobe Contribute

Adobe Contribute is the standard ESF webpage editing tool. It's easy to use, and complete support is provided by the web office.

NOTE: Don't lose license or serial number info! It might be important later.

1) Installation and Purchase

Purchasing Contribute

Complete a standard Purchase Request using the following information:

  • Pricing & Part Numbers
    • Adobe Contribute Windows, part #2700743: $36.08
      • Windows Installation Disk (you do not need this - you can install and reinstall from an online download), part #2700817: $15.46
    • Adobe Contribute Mac, part #2700743: $36.08
      • Mac Installation Disk (you do not need this - you can install and reinstall from an online download), part #2700816: $15.46
  • Vendor
    • The “vendor” is Dell


  • One installation per license, no upgrades included.
  • Keep any license and/or serial number information safe and accessible for possible future use!

New Installations
Download and use immediately, purchase later

You must create an Adobe account first (free). You can start using Contribute right away -- just enter your serial number when it arrives to have a fully licensed version.

Once installed, request a "connection key" from the web office (see box to the right).

Now skip to "Purchasing Contribute" to buy the serial number you'll need before the 30-day trial ends.


If you get a new computer or have yours "rebuilt" by I.T., you will need to re-install Contribute.

  • If your license is for version 6.5 (latest), follow new installation instructions above.
  • If your license is for versions CS3, CS4, CS5 (older), contact the web office (470-4858, for installation disks and connection key information.

2) Start Using Contribute

Contact to receive a "connection key" that includes pre-configured connection information to set up Contribute. You need one for every website (folder) you edit.

When you get your key by email...

  1. Read and follow the instructions.
    1. Contribute should prompt you for a Connection Key Password. This will always be 123
    2. It will also ask for your username and password.
      1. Faculty and staff are on the esfadmin domain, thus esfadmin\yourusername is what you'll use. Your esfadmin password is probably the same password you use to log into your computer or get webmail.
      2. Students must first get an account via this form. Once you have an account, the username\password form will be WWW\yourusername . Your password is the one assigned when the account was created.
      3. NOTE: You have the option of having Contribute store your login credentials (usually not recommended for public computers).
    3. Click to confirm, then add your name and email address (this is to identify you in the web server file check-in/check-out system).

NOTE: If you receive an error message, you may have a typo in your password. Please try again before calling for support.

You may now start editing You only have to complete this process once per installation.

3) Support

Contact Paul at 470-4858 or for support and training.


Need Help?

Contact us at 470-4858, or drop by 123 Bray.



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