Student Organization Web Sites

Student Organization Web Sites

Established student organizations can have a website. Org site addresses take the form of (your org identity). To start the process, contact

Faculty/Staff Advisor Required

You will need to identify a faculty or other advisor associated with your request. That person should be copied on all communications, as should Laura Crandall in Student Involvement and Leadership.

"Evergreen" Content

An org website is best if it doesn't need to be edited often. We recommend you include mission, basic description, regular meeting date/location, contact info, a list of officers, and any other info that might be good for as much as a year. For ongoing communications, it is recommended that you focus on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

Plan to Pass on Responsibility

Make sure you have a plan to hand off the reponsibility to incoming members when your time at ESF ends.

Once you know your new web address, anyone who will edit the site must complete a Student Web Access form to have an account created. That accounted can then be 'permitted' access to add, delete or modify files on the ESF web server. For all kinds of support or assistance, contact the web office:, 123 Bray Hall.

Social Media

Contact for any guidance in establishing or re-doing a scoial media presence. By working with the Communications office, information can easily be shared into and out of your page/site in ways that support your org's needs and goals. It will also be easier to pass on admin responsibility to future students.


Need Help?

Contact us at 470-4858, or drop by 123 Bray.



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