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For those unfamiliar with the departmental structure at ESF, we don't have traditional English, Math, Women's Studies, or Economics departments. But among all the specialized course, you can also find course offerings that fill these needs.


1includes Adirondack Ecological Center; 2includes Ranger School



DONAGHY, Kelly.  Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Education.  President, Faculty Governance.

MAO, Huiting.  Regional tropospheric chemistry and climate change, intercontinental transport of trace gases and aerosols, climate-air quality connections, biosphere-atmosphere exchange of trace gases, and radiative transfer processes.


Environmental and Forest Biology (including the Adirondack Ecological Center, Newcomb, NY)

ADAMS, Kim.  Director, Tree Pest Information Service.

FARRELL, Shannon.  Wildlife Habitat Ecology.

FIERKE, Melissa. Forest Entomology and Ecology.  Dr. Fierke also teaches General Biology.

FOLTA, Beth.  Informal Education and Environmental Interpretation.

FRAIR, Jacqueline.  Wildlife Ecology.

KIMMERER, Robin.  Ecology of mosses; Restoration of culturally significant plants to Native American communities; Environmental partnerships with Native American communities; Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Disturbance ecology; Recovery of epiphytic communities. Director, Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB) and Center for Native Peoples and the Environment.

NEWMAN, Lee.  Cell Biology and molecular techniques.

LIMBURG, Karin. Fisheries ecology, ecosystem ecology, watershed ecology, fish migration, biogeochemical tracers, modeling, ecological economics.   Dr. Limburg has also taught courses on grant management and wine appreciation.

McGRATH, KathyAquatic ecology (adjunct)

McNULTY, Stacy.  Forest and landscape ecology, landscape ecology, and the study of impacts of human land use on wildlife habitat. Stacy is based at the Adirondack Ecological Center (AEC)in Newcomb, NY.

Rundell, Rebecca.  Evolutionary Biology, invertebrate biology.

SCHULZ, Kim.  Limnology (the study of inland aquatic ecosystems).

WANG, Chun-Juan "June".  Mycology.  Dr. Wang was originally hired as a Research Associate in 1959.  Her position was converted to tenure track sometime thereafter after students questioned why she wasn't faculty.  She advanced through various grades to become one of ESF's first women Professors in 1972.  She "retired" in 1998, but still has an active research program.

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Environmental Resources Engineering

QUACKENBUSH, Lindi.  Image processing and remote sensing application areas.  Courses include:    GIS for Engineers: ERE 551 GIS for Engineers, ERE 371 Surveying for Engineers, ERE 553 Introduction to Spatial Information, ERE 566 Introduction to Global Positioning Systems, and FEG 133 Introduction to Engineering Design


Environmental Studies

COLLINS, Mary, Assistant Professor, socio-environmental systems; environmental health inequality, justice, sociology & risk perception.

COURTWRIGHT, Carol, Writing Program

DEBAISE, Janine Ecofeminism. Ecological literacy. Composition and rhetoric. Contemporary nature literature. Science Literature. Urban nature literature. 

FITZSIMMONS,Maureen. Writing Program

HOGAN, Elizabeth Writing Program

JAGER, Dawnelle EcoComposition, Technical Writing, Creative Nonfiction in the Sciences.  Dawnelle is Coordinator, Writing Resource Center

KEENAN, Mary Ann.  Cultural Ecology.

LUZADIS, Valerie Chair.  Natural Resources Policy and Values; Ecological Economics.  Dr. Luzadis also teaches Research Methods.  She is also Professor, department of Forest and Natural Resources Management, Assistant to the Provost for Academic Inititatives; and Institutional Assessment Coordinator for ESF.  Dr. Luzadis is still affiliated with this department, as well as FNRM, where she was prior to chairng ES, but became Interim Provost and Executive VP, effective summer 2015.

MORAN, Sharon.  Human dimensions of water/ wastewater issues, Environmental issues in post-communist countries, Qualitative research methods; gender and nature , Sustainability indicators .  Dr. Moran has been co-teaching Women in Environmental Careers.

NORDENSTAM, Brenda  (on medical leave) Social Ecology, Risk perception, communication, and assessment of environmental and public health hazards, Contextual factors influencing perception, valuation, and management of environmental risk.  Dr. Nordenstam also teaches courses in Survey Research Methods.

Parker, Andrea.  Environmental communication and decision making,  climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, with additional interests in natural resources management and policy, energy policy and how social movements relate to new communication media.

SENECAH, Susan (emeritus).  Communication aspects of public participation in the formation of environmental public policy/decisions, especially the origins, dynamics, persuasive strategies, and tactics of environmental campaigns.  Legislative process, environmental public policy. Dr. Senecah is also Stakeholder Involvement Coordinator at New York Department of State

SELFA, Theresa.  Environmental, Agricultural and Development Sociology.

Rickard, Laura.  Environmental Communication.

WEBSTER. Sally.  Sally taught computing classes from 1990-2000, retiring as an Associate Professor.

WHITMORE, Bennette.  Interim Chair.  Dr. Whitmore was previously the Director, ESF Writing Program.  Her expertise is Technical writing, communications studies, Environmental Education, and Children's Literature.

VIDON, Elizabeth.  Human geography; Attitudes, values and the Environment

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Forest and Natural Resources Management (including Forest Tech Program, NYS Ranger School, Wanakena, NY).  This department houses the math, history, and sociology General Education classes, and well as the business offerings.

CONAHAN, Karen.  Lecturer.  Calculus.

FORTIER, Marie-Odile Assistant Professor.  Life cycle assessment (LCA); renewable energy systems; waste-to-energy; climate intervention strategies.

JOHNSTON, Mariann Assoc. Professor. Ranger School--Forest Health and Nutrition, Fertilization, Soils & Ecology, and Management. 

KIERNAN, DianeLecturer.  Statistics.

KUEHN, Diane. Associate Professor.  Recreation. Dr. Kuehn also co-teaches Women in Environmental Careers.

LaVIE, JacquelineLecturer, Calculus

LUZADIS, ValerieInterim Provost and Executive VP.  Dr. Luzadis is still affiliated with this department, but effective 2010 summer 2015, she chairs Environmental Studies. is Interim Provost and Executive VP

THOMPSON, Mary.  instructor.  Math.

VONHOF, Sarah.  Instructor. History of forest and natural resource policy; property rights and stewardship of American lands and forests.  FOR 204 Natural Resources in American History .FOR 203 Western Civilization and the Environment

YANAI, Ruth.  Professor. Forest Ecology, Ecosystem and Nutrient Cycling.  Dr. Yanai also teaches Writing for Scientific Publication  and Workshop and Seminar on Natural Resources Policy and Management



Landscape Architecture

BRYANT, Margaret LSA 470/670 Thematic Landscape Design Studio, LSA 652 Community Development Process

DOBLE, Cheryl. Associate Professor Emeritus (8/2011) Foundation Design, Landscape Architectural Design, Thematic Landscape Design, Rural Design.  Cheryl is the founding director, Center for Community Design Research

Fernandez, Isabel.  Assistant Professor, Public Space.

GAVITT, Jocelyn  Visiting Instructor. Foundation Design, Landscape Architectural Design, The Built & Natural Environment

FRENCH, Sara  Visiting Instructor.  Art, Culture & Landscape

HOFFMAN, Robin  Landscape Architectural Design Studios, Site Construction , Drainage and Road Layout, Professional Practice.

KING, MarenDirector, Center for Community Design Research

STRIBLEY, Kathy Professor Emeritus (12/2010).  Landscape Architectural Design Studio IV, Professional Practice, Behavioral Factors in Community Design, Capstone Studio

SIMMER, Carolyn Visiting Instructor. Drawing Studio

Vanucchi, Jamie.  Assistant Professor, Urban resilience and water sensitive design

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Paper and Bioprocess Engineering

ANAGNOST, Sue Associate Professor, and Asst. Director, N.C. Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies. Wood anatomy, Decay of wood products, Mycology of indoor air, and Light microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy.   ERE 770 Biodegradation of Wood; WPE 376 Decay of Wood Products; ERE 596 Microtechnique

BUJANOVIC, Biljana Chemistry of lignocellulosics and new technologies in utilization; Structure, reactivity, and utilization of lignin and extractives; Pulping and bleaching; Pulp and paper properties.  Dr Bujanovic also teaches APM153 Computing Methods for Engineers and Scientists




Librarians JoAnne Ellis, Jane Verostek Jessica Clemmons and Ruth Owens all teach sections of ESF 200 Information Literacy.



BARBER, Marcia.  Director, Human Resources.

CLEMMONS, Jessica.  Interim Director, College Library.

CRANDELL, Laura. Director, Student Activities.

DUNN, Claire.  Director, Communications (formerly News and Publications)

FELLOWS, Maureen.  Vice President for Government and External Relations

GREENFIELD, Brenda.  Assistant Vice President for Development

LOMBARD, Anne.  Dean, Student Life and Experiential Learning.

LUZADIS, Valerie.  Interim Provost and Exec Vice President for Academci Affairs

SANFORD, Sue.  Director, Undergraduate Admissions and Inter-Institutional Relations

VANDEBURG, Suzette.  Assistant Dean, Graduate School

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