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Boost Your Activity During the Work Day

If you are like most employees, you probably spend much of your work day sitting. You sit at your desk, at meetings, in the car, and for coffee or lunch. This inactivity can lead to increased stress, weight gain, and even severe health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Forbes.com says that sitting is the new smoking! With all this in mind, what can be done? It certainly is difficult to find time during a busy day, but it is easier than you think. Here are some tips on adding some activity into your work day.

“I can do 100 ____!” you don’t have to be a marathoner to be physically active. Find any activity and do it 100 times. Stand up and sit back down 100 times, stand on 1 leg for 100 seconds, or do 100 arm circles. See how many different activities you can do in 1 work day!

Park farther away: find a spot down the street, the next block over, or at a neighboring building. This simple act can add a few hundred extra steps to your day. You’ll start and end your work day with that much more movement.

Switch out the coffee break for a walk: rather than walking to the break room to sit over a cup of coffee, choose to take a brisk 10-15 minute walk. You’re on break anyway, why not add a little more activity to your day?

Leave the building: each day that passes puts that nasty winter weather further in the rearview mirror. Warm air and clear skies are calling your name! Getting into the sunlight can boost your mood and propel you further toward becoming more active.

Team up with a co-worker: any exercise is much more enjoyable when a friend or co-worker does it with you. Ask a friend from the office to join you in achieving your activity goals. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish together!

Take the stairs: blast past the elevator and head for the stairs! You’ll burn more calories walking upstairs than standing in the elevator. Do you work on a higher floor? Break up your elevator trip with a few flights of stairs mixed in, and work your way up to taking the stairs all the way.

Standing at your desk: this one is a no-brainer. If you’re sitting at your desk too much, stand up! Put your computer on top of something so that you can stand up and work. You can also stand up when you take a call. Try to not sit for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Find something you like: what you like to do might be totally different than your co-workers or anything on this list. Find something that works for you and do it! Remember that any activity during the day adds up fast.

Expect your best year ever

Such an attitude can create momentum for a positive experience, enabling you to detach from negativity, mishaps, and little slights and snubs in conversations with family members.

This year, refuse to allow your “buttons to be pushed.” Rehearse new responses to predictable interactions you might experience from loved ones who get under your skin—and do it six or seven times, as an actor would so it sticks.

If Aunt Flo criticizes your choice of pumpkin pie filling, saying that Trader Joe’s brand is much better, instead of allowing yourself to respond on autopilot, thank her for the tip.

Bring a Book, Leave a Book Program

It’s a simple and wonderful way to exchange one or two great fictional/non fictional books or current magazines you’ve read. There’s a bookshelf located over in the basement break room at Bray Hall which will have a label saying, “Bring a book, leave a book” for anyone on campus to peruse. Current favorite magazines and books in good, readable condition only. No textbooks are permitted. It is just another way for anyone on campus who loves to read to spread the joy by bringing in a few books and seeing if there’s one or two you wish to read. Please bring in no more than three books/magazines. If you have more than that, consider recycling them through your nearest library or recycling center.