Current Graduate Students

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James Castello

Laurie Galuzzi

Robin Tait

Jaimie Ferschinger

Jennifer Gillrich

Keith Bowman

Catherine Landis

Former Graduate Students

Daniela Shebitz 2001 Population trends and ecological requirements of sweetgrass, Hierochloe odorata (L.) Beauv.: integration of traditional and scientific ecological knowledge

Dave Kubek 2000 The effect of disturbance history on regeneration of northern hardwood forests following the 1995 blowdown.

Tom Touchet, thesis topic: Regeneration requirement for black ash (Fraxinus nigra), a principle plant for Iroquois basketry.

Marcy Balunas, thesis topic: Ecological restoration of goldthread (Coptis trifolium), a culturally significant plant of the Iroquois pharmacopeia.

Aimee Delach, thesis topic: The role of bryophytes in revegetation of abandoned mine tailings.

Mauricio Velasquez, thesis topic: The role of fire in plant biodiversity in the Antisana paramo, Ecuador.

Amy Samuels, thesis topic: The impact of Rhamnus cathartica on native plant communities in the Chaumont Barrens.