Selected Publications

Kimmerer, R.W. 2003. Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses. Oregon State University Press. **Winner of the prestigious 2005 John Burroughs Medal for outstanding natural history writing!** Click here for more information on this book.

Dr. Kimmerer in the New York Times!
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Kimmerer, R.W. and F.K. Lake 2001. Maintaining the Mosaic: The role of indigenous burning in land management. Journal of Forestry 99:36-41.

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Kimmerer, R.W. 2001. Traditional Ecological Knowledge: a resource for cross-cultural education in biology. BioScience in press

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Kimmerer, R.W. 1998. Intellectual diversity - bringing the Native perspective into natural resources education. Winds of Change 13(3):14-20.

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