Donald J. Leopold
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Environmental and Forest Biology
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Recognition for Conservation Efforts Friend of the Land Award, The Nature Conservancy, Central and Western New York Chapter, October 1995.

SUNY-ESF's first nomination for Pew Scholars Program in Conservation and the Environment, November 1992.

College and University Service

Chair, Faculty Committee on Promotion and Tenure, October 2007 through present.

Member, Advisory/Steering Committee for ESF Campus Master Plan Study, September 2007 through present.

Chair, Search Committee for Director of College Libraries, October 2008 to March 2009.

Presenter on GSA panel on Ph.D. Candidacy Exams, February 2009.

Reviewer, proposal to SUNY-ESF Seed Grant program, February 2009.

Session co-leader for annual ESF Mentoring Colloquium, January 2009.

Presenter (twice, on campus trees and shrubs) for annual Alumni, Family, and Friends BBQ, Fall 2006, 2007, 2008.

Participant in Freshman Retreat, September 2007, 2008.

Member, SUNY-ESF Faculty Governance Committee on Public Service, September 2004 to present.

Member, SUNY-ESF Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology Leadership Integrative Group, January 2004 to June 2005.

Member, Search Committee for SUNY-ESF Provost, January 2004 to April 2005.

Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology, March 2002 to present; Member, January 2000 to February 2002.

Member, SUNY-ESF Urban Environmental Science Advisory Committee, September 2001 to present.

SUNY-ESF Middle States Association Self-Study Steering Committee Member; June 2000 to May 2002; Chair, Subcommittee on Students and Educational Program.

Coordinator, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology Field Programs, Janauary 2000 to present.

Member, Search Committee for Vertebrate Conservation Biologist, Faculty of EFB, August 2000 to March 2001.

Member, Search Committee for position in Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Mach to August 2000.

Member, Search Committee for Restoration Mycologist, Faculty of EFB, January to May 2000.

Member, Search Committee for College Graphics Design Artist, September 1998 to April 1999.

Chair, SUNY-ESF's Chancellor's Awards Committee, January to April 1999.

Member, Search Committee for Conservation Mycologist, Faculty of EFB, January to July 1998.

Member, President's Diversity Task Force, SUNY-ESF, March to June 1998; and, facilitator at Diversity Workshop, March 1998.

Member, Excelsior Task Force, SUNY-ESF, December 1997 to December 1998.

Reviewer, Mc-Intire Stennis Proposals, for SUNY-ESF Review Panel, January 1997; December 1998.

Member, Jahn Lab Landscape Design/ESF Site Planning Committee, January 1997 to December 2000.

Member, Positions Committee, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF, September 1997 to June 1999.

Chair, Curriculum and Course Assessment Committee, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF, September 1997 to June 1999.

Chair, Search Committee for Chairperson, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF, September 1996 to March 1997.

Co-organizer, Spotlight on Undergraduate and Graduate Research at SUNY-ESF, Poster Session, April 1996 and 1997 (nearly 100 posters each year).

Presenter, Publishing Your Book, Brown Bag Lunch, February 1996.

SUNY-ESF Representative to Sponsored Programs Advisory Council (SPAC), The Research Foundation of the State of New York, September 1995 to June 1997.

Supervisor for Greenhouse Manager, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology, September 1995 to present.

Chair, Committee on Research, SUNY-ESF Faculty Governance, July 1995 - June 1997 (elected).

Member, College Service Mission Discussion Group, September 1994 to May 1995.

Member, Pre-Selection Committee for Feinstone Environmental Awards, January 1993 to present.

Attendee, 11th and 12th Annual Meetings of the National Council of Botany/Plant Science Program Chairs, October 1992 (St. Paul MN) and October 1993 (Tempe AZ), respectively.

Chair, Committee on Public Service, SUNY-ESF Faculty Governance, July 1992 to June 1994 (elected).

Member, Subcommittee on Instructional Quality, Committee on Instruction, SUNY-ESF Faculty Governance, September 1991 to May 1992.

Member, SUNY-ESF Quality of Worklife Committee, August 1990 to August 1992.

Chair, various departmental committees including Seminar, 1989-1993; Cranberry Lake Biolodical Station, 1993 to 1997.

Plant Science and Biotechnology Concentration Coordinator, Faculty of Environmental and Forest Biology, June 1990 to October 1992.

Middle States Association Self-Study Steering Committee; Co-chair, Instruction Working Group; Member, Research Working Group; April 1990 to May 1992.

Executive Secretary, SUNY-ESF Faculty Governance, June 1987 to June 1989 (elected).

Member, Subcommittee on Curriculum, SUNY-ESF Faculty Governance, January 1986 to May 1987.

Co-advisor to the Student Chapter of SAF, SUNY-ESF, January 1986 to January 1990.

Co-advisor to the Botany Club, SUNY-ESF, September 1985 to present.

Professional Service

Member, National Technical Committee for Hydrophytic Vegetation (advisory committee to USACE). January 2007

Panel Member (GS-15), USDA CSREES Managed Ecosystems Competitive Grants Program, November 2005 - Present

Panel Member, USDA CSREES Managed Ecosystems Compeititve Grants Program, April to June 2005.

Panel Member, USDA CSREES Managed Ecosystems Competitive Grants Program, May to August 2004.

Member, Forestry/Wildlife Project Technical Working Group, Audubon, New York, May 2002 to June 2003.

Member, Fulbright Senior Specialists Program Discipline Peer Review Committee, April 2002 to present.

Member, Northeast Scientific Peer Review Team for the National Wetlands Inventory's Wetland Characterization Studies, March 2000 to present (R. Tiner, Regional Wetland Coordinator).

Member, Editorial Board (Forest Ecology), Journal of Forestry, April 1999 to present.

Member, Special Advisory Board, The 500 Year Forest Foundation, Lynchburg, Virginia, May 1998 to December 1999.

Co-organizer, "Eastern U.S. Old-Growth Forests: Pattern, Process, Value, and Management", Conference at Clarion University, Clarion, PA, June 1997.

Member, Advisory Board, Eastern Old-growth Clearinghouse (project of Appalachia Science in the Public Interest, Wild Earth, and Yggdrasil Institute, May 1997 to December 2001.

Member, Editorial Board, Northeastern Naturalist, December 1996 to present.

Wetlands Program Coordinator, Program Committee, American Water Resources Association 1996 Summer Symposium (Syracuse, New York), August 1995 to July 1996.

Member, NYS-DEC Blowdown Assessment Subcommittee on Ecological Effects, August 1995 to December 1995.

Member, Natural Areas Association Board of Directors, January 1993 to May 1999.

Editor, Natural Areas Journal, January 1993 to May 1999; Associate Editor, April 1990 to December 1992; Member, Editorial Board, January 1989 to March 1990.

Chair, NYS-SAF membership committee, January 1993 to December 1994; Member , January 1989 - December 1992.

Organizer and moderator, "Eastern U.S. old-growth issues, problems, and solutions", session for Natural Areas Conference, Bloomington, Indiana, October 1992.

Member, Advisory Committee to Society of American Foresters Endangered Species Act Task Force, February 1992 to December 1993.

Co-chair, Student Activities Subcommittee, Society of American Foresters National Meeting in Rochester, New York, October 1988.

Co-chair, 15th Natural Areas Association Annual Meeting, Syracuse, New York, June 1988.

Reviewer, proposals for USDA Competitive Grants Program, National Science Foundation, and McIntire-Stennis Forestry Grants (through SUNY-ESF).

Reviewer, manuscripts for American Journal of Botany, American Midland Naturalist, BioScience, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Castanea, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Journal of Forestry, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Journal of Vegetation Science, Natural Areas Journal, Northeastern Naturalist, Northern Journal of Applied Forestry, Plant Ecology, Wetlands

Community Service Event Judge for Tree-mendous, Regional Science Olympiad, LeMoyne College, March 1996 and 1997.

Member, NYS-DEC Split Rock Unit Management Team, March 1995 to present.

Member, NYS-DEC Labrador Hollow Unique Area and Nelson Swamp Unique Area Advisory Councils, June 1994 to present.

Member, Big Tree Committee, Big Tree Search in Onondaga County, March 1993 to present.

Board of Trustees, Council of Park Friends, Onondaga County, New York, January 1988 to 1990.

Board of Trustees, Central and Western New York Chapter, The Nature Conservancy; member, October 1996 to present; Chair of Stewardship Committee, January 1997 to present; member, November 1991 to October 1992; Chair of Board, October 1989 to October 1991;
Representative to State Board, May 1990 to October 1991; Vice-Chair of Board, October 1988 to September 1989; Chair of Stewardship Committee, October 1986 to 1989.

Member, NYS-DEC State Land Acquisition Bond Act Advisory Committee, January 1988 to December 1989.

Member, NYS-DEC Region 7 Land Acquisition Bond Act Advisory Committee, October 1987 to December 1989.

Member, The Ontario Dune Coalition Technical Committee, January 1987 to December 1990.

Invited to make numerous presentations each year at nearby natural areas (Clark Reservation and Green Lakes States Parks, Beaver Lake Nature Center), the New York State Fair, and to local environmental groups.


Recognition for Service: President's ESF Public Service Award, May 1997.

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