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Lab Climbs Mountain on Antelope Island in the Great Salt LakeSampling Lake Superiormesocosm crew 2005
Kim Schulz (OK, maybe not) -- see homepage

Graduate Students
Xinli collects zooplanktonXinli on Oneida Xinli Ji, Ph.D. Student;
Thesis topic:  Seston C:P ratios and their effects on freshwater zooplankton communities

Anticipated completion date: May 2007

Awards: Great Lakes Research Consortium Student Poster Award, Sea Grant Fellow, Edna Bailey Sussman Fellowship, Sigma Xi Grant in aid of research
We'll catch Jake in action soon!
Jacob Gillette, Ph.D. Student;
Thesis topic: TBA, interested in phytoplankton ecology
Arrived: July 2006
Juliette in Marine EcologyJuliette wins ASLO student poster award Juliette Nowak Smith, Ph.D. Student;
Thesis topic: TBA, interested food web effects of Microcystis

co-advised with Greg Boyer (Environmental Chemistry)
Arrived: Fall 2004; anticipated completion date: Dec. 2007 or May 2008

Awards: EPA Star Fellow, Sea Grant Fellow, Edna Bailey Sussman Fellowship, Great Lakes Fishery Commission Award, ASLO Student Poster Award
Cheryl collects water at Piermont MarshCheryl sets up a fertilization experiment at Plum Island Cheryl Whritenour, M.S. Student;
Thesis topic: Ecological stoichiometry of the salt marsh

Arrived: Jan. 2005

Awards: Polgar Fellow
Jason at Hubbard Brook, summer 2005Jason runs Y tube experiments with Polyphemus Jason Williams, M.S. Student;
Thesis topic: TBA; interested in plankton ecology, inducible defenses, vertical and horizonal migrations, swarming behavior of Polyphemus

Arrived 2004; anticipated completion date: Dec 2006

Awards: Sigma Xi grant in aid of research, Stegeman Award

Research Support Specialist

    Christopher Hotaling,; (315) 470-6935
Chris presenting a poster at ASLO 2005Chris with some of the catch from a trawl off Sapelo Island

Current Undergraduate Students

James Hulsander
Anasthasia Krainyk (2005-present)
Jen LaRose

Honorary Lab Members

Peibing Qin; Ph.D. student at Syracuse University, working with C. Mayer (U. Toledo)

Peibing wins a student poster award at ASLO 2005Peibing and Chris filter at the mesocosm experiment 2005

Lab Alums 

Graduate Students

Adam Storch - M.S. December 2005.  Thesis title: The role of invasive zooplankton in the diets of Great Lakes Planktivores.
    Awards while at ESF: Sea Grant Fellowship, Edna Bailey Sussman Award, Sea Grant Dissertation Completion Award; Sigma Xi Fellowship
    Current position:
    Future plans: Ph.D. program in marine fish biology
    Contact information:
    Manuscripts in review and published

Adam catches a smeltAdam Dives in To Catch a Cod End

Mike Snyder - M.S./M.P.A. Spring 2004.  Thesis title: Ecology of an invasive species, Cercopagis pengoi, in the Finger Lakes of Central New York.
    Position after graduation: Knauss Sea Grant Fellow/U.S. Senate Congressional Aide.  Manuscripts in review and published
    Current position: Policy Advisor at NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration)
    Contact information:

Mike on Catlin LakeMike at his poster

Kristy Szprygada/La Manche - M.S. Spring 2004. Co-advised by Greg Boyer, Environmental Chemistry.
    Thesis title: Investigating the use of zebra mussels, Dreissena polymorpha, as a biomonitoring tool of toxic cyanobacterial blooms.  Manuscript in prep.
    Current position: Environmental Planner with the CNY Regional Planning and Development Board

Honorary Alums
          Ekaterina Bulygina, part time graduate student, Fall 2004; currently a lab director at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
          Jen Mokos, worked with Andy Saunders, and on a zooplankton key in the limnology lab, Spring 2005; currently
Jen Hiking in Utah


    Ingrid Asencio (2002-2003) -- aquatic fungi
    Jen Basta (2002-2003) assistant lab tech
    Garvin Brown (2005) UMEB lab rotation
    Julie Caward (2001-2002) assistant lab tech
    Carolyn Doehring (summer 2005) intern at Cornell Field Station on mesocosm project
    Jacquie Getman (2004-2005) honors thesis on zebra mussel stoichiometry
    Kristin Hawley (2003 spring) -- cyclomorphosis of zooplankton; exotic species
    Christopher Hotaling (2003-2005) -- predatory invertebrates
    James Hulsander (2006) -- helped Jason Williams and Juliette Smith with chemical ecology experiments
    Kenson Jeffries (summer 2006) -- in conjunction with Teece lab; analyzed sediment samples above and below dams
    Elaine Langer (2002-2004) -- exotic zooplankton -- drew great pictures for the Cercopagis egg fact sheet (link here soon)
    Christopher Nack (2004) -- fish gut analysis
    Jamie Nelson (2005) -- zooplankton length and weight regressions; won best student poster award at Great Lakes Research Consortium
    Les Resseguie (2003 spring) -- planktivorous fish and invasive zooplankton
    Sara Rickard (2000-2001) assistant lab tech
    Jesse Ritter (2001) summer field crew; Cornell Biological Station Intern -- Cercopagis project
    Lara Slifka (2001-2002) -- microzooplankton grazing\
    Cheryl Whritenour (2004-2005) -- assistant lab tech
    Christian Wissler (2001-2002) -- planktivorous fish and invasive zooplankton

Jesse Ritter sampling Lake Ontario in 2001Les Resseguie collecting water in MarylandChris Hotaling sampling zooplankton on Lake ChamplainElaine and the Secchi Disk

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