Oceans in the News Presentations

  1. Find an article in a newspaper or magazine that deals with a marine topic.
  2. Hand in a photocopy or electronic copy (preferrable) of the article at least two days before your talk, and I will post the articles for everyone.
  3. You will each be presenting a SHORT (<3 minute; 1-2 minutes for questions) presentation about your article (you will sign up for a slot; see the course website for the schedule of speakers after sign up).
  4. For your presentation, do the following:
    1. Briefly summarize the topic.
    2. If the article is about a scientific topic, try to determine its accuracy; if it’s about a policy issue or human impact try to evaluate its objectivity.
    3. Tell us what you thought about the article – its implications, its style, its accuracy…whatever interested you about it.
  5. If you need any special equipment for your talk, come see me at least 2 days beforehand.  If you will be using powerpoint, come to class a few minutes early so that we can pre-load the file.
  6. Try to make your talk interesting and informative. 
  7. Grades will be based on:
    1. The quality of your description of article’s main point(s) (40%)
    2. Your interpretation and analysis of the article or topic (40%)
    3. The style of your presentation (20%)
    4. Points will be taken off if you exceed 4 minutes (or are shorter than 2 minutes), so practice your talk and make it fit the allotted time.
    5. The TAs and I will all evaluate your talk, and these assessments will be combined for your final score.
  8. Feel free to see me or the TAs for advice about your presentation.
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