EFB 797, section 4, 1 credit
Meeting time: Thursdays 4:00-5:00 PM
Location: 305 Illick Hall

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When was the last time you read the citation classic that you heard about in lecture or cited in a term paper?  Are the ideas in the paper still part of the modern paradigm of aquatic science?  Has the research been found obsolete, or are we actually still discussing the same topics today that aquatic scientists debated 30 years ago?  In this seminar, we will discuss 'classic' aquatic papers and 'modern' (<10 years old) follow-ups on the same topic.  Each week one student will choose a topic, and be responsible for summarizing the articles (and additional, related materials, if necessary), and leading the discussion.  Some suggested topics and papers are listed below.  If you have your own idea for a classic/modern pair that you would prefer to discuss, that's great.  Just be sure to choose papers and check them with me first, at least two weeks in advance.  Two copies of the assigned papers will be placed in an envelope next to my office door (456 Illick) a week before each seminar.
Lake ecosystems  Forbes 1887  McIntosh 1998
Trophic dynamics  Lindeman 1942  Gaedke et al. 1996
River continuum  Vannote et al. 1980  Cummins et al. 1995
Importance of microbial loop  Pomeroy 1974
Azam et al. 1983
Caron 1994
Cole 1999
Role of DOC  Wetzel 1984 Williamson et al. 1999
Phytoplankton and nutrients  Redfield 1958 Sterner et al. 1997
Role of nutrient ratios in structuring communities  Titman 1976  Sterner and Hessen 1994
Phytoplankton succession  Reynolds 1979  Hansson et al. 1998
Eutrophication  Schindler 1974  Carpenter et al. 1998
Paerl 1999
Algal blooms Fogg 1969  Pelley 1998
Burkholder 1999
Diversity of plankton  Hutchinson 1961  Siegel 1998
Zooplankton community structure  Brooks and Dodson 1965 Declerck et al. 1997
Vertical migration of zooplankton  Haney and Hall 1975  Lampert 1993
Biomanipulation  Shapiro et al. 1975  Drenner and Hambright 1999
Brett and Goldman 1996
Omnivory in aquatic food webs  Sprules  and Bowerman 1988 Diehl 1994
Kling et al. 1992
Food chain length  Hutchinson 1959  Hairston and Hairston 1993
Paleolimnology  Gorham and Sanger 1976 Cumming et al. 1994
Kerfoot et al. 1998
Whole lake manipulations  Hasler 1964 Carpenter 1990
Schindler 1990
Invasive species  Zaret and Paine 1973  Spencer et al. 1991

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