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Executive Chair

Received Nominations

Doug Daley [DECLINED]
Associate Professor — ERE

Doug Daley [DECLINED]
Faculty — ERE
Doug is extremely well respected at ESF, has a great pulse on the needs of ESF and is very professional at delivering his thoughts. I have witnessed many great comments by Doug during AG meetings that make people think in a different way and help move ESF forward so I would really like to see this nomination come through.

Melissa Fierke
Professor — EFB
Melissa has a lot of institutional knowledge and has been on the AGEC so she understands the role of the chair. She also serves on a lot of committees at ESF and knows so many people here. Melissa is very positive, forward thinking, and respected at ESF.

Chris Nowak [DECLINED]
Professor — FNRM
Chris has shown exceptional leadership skills as the past leader of the bridging strategic planning committee and is a leading researcher. He has studied leadership and understands that a true leader is a servant of the people they are leading. He understands that a leader must counsel, provide suggestions and information so that the group can make the best decisions. Chris has the experience and the credibility to really move Academic Governance forward and to bridge AG with administration effectively.

Anthony Chefalo [DECLINED]
Professional Staff — Academic Affairs
Anthony has been a very engaged member of Academic Governance, he attends every meeting and speaks up with meaningful and level-headed contributions. It would be good to see a member of the professional staff leading academic governance.

Klaus Dölle
Associate Professor — PBE
Klaus was "evicted" by a coup from several unscrupulous faculty who bent the bylaws to get what they wanted, including ignoring them entirely or retroactively applying changes. The administration let it happened, which emboldened the renegade faculty that took over AG. As the current rightful AGEC Chair, Klaus should continue his term.

Chris Ludlam
Immediate Past Vice-President — Undergraduate Student Association
Chris Ludlam, serving as the Undergraduate Student Association Vice-President for the last two years, has shown effective, efficient, and engaging leadership. He has run excellent meetings, knows Robert's Rules, is organized, clear and responsive in communication, and has been a strong advocate for ESF. He is poised to take on the challenge of Executive Chair, and will not let Academic Governance down. Chris Ludlam will be a strong and inclusive leader for Academic Governance.

Katherina Searing [DECLINED]
Assistant Dean, Online, Public, and Professional Education — Open Academy
Katherina has an academic background here in EFB and would be a capable leader of Academic Governance.

Katherina Searing [DECLINED]
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