Strong, David E. 1950. Determination of growth of northern hardwoods on the Huntington Forest. M.S. Thesis, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, 128 pp.

Abstract: The determination of growth on any timbered area is of vital interest to the forest manager and owner. Even though the growth figures may be only approximately correct, nevertheless they afford a sufficiently close estimate for practical purposes. Without a careful estimate of future growth, the forest manager, or owner, cannot properly regulate this timber harvest, derive the most benefits from his forest, or choose the size and capacity of equipment and manufacturing plants which can be sustained by the output available from the timberland. The purpose of this study is to provide growth data for use in the management plan for the Huntington Forest.

This thesis presents a partial discussion of methods for determining tree growth, a description of the techniques used in the problem, and a summary of the results which includes growth figures for the two major forest types on the Huntington Forest.