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2014 Season

Cassandra Pinkoski


President: Evan Mcfee
Vice President: Max Wiesner
Secretary: Kelley Corbine
Treasurer: Shannon Hennessey
Head Steward: Seth Walters

Stewards-Alex Miller, Stephen Tramposch,Richard Kenney

Spring 2014 Schedule

Location Date Results
Lumberjack Roundup @ Tully NY, ESF Home Meet March 22
Alfred State Meet April 5  
Colby Mud Meet (Colby College, Maine) April 12  
Spring meet @ SUNY Cobleskill Stihl College Series April 25 ,26  


Team Roster

  • Austin Harris
  • Mitch Hooker
  • Nick Thomas
  • Gavin Greco
  • Andrew Walck
  • Adam Wilckens
  • Joey O'Reilly
  • Jake Peregrim
  • Francis McParland
  • Tim Czapla
  • Erik Synol
  • Sean Coyne
  • Cole Kerlin
  • Christopher Schillo
  • Tim Pietrzykowski
  • Alex Hascha
  • Brett Blackburn
  • Daniel Quinn
  • Tyler Bronson
  • David Bullis
  • Simon Wolfing
  • Tom Dempsey
  • Denali Trimble
  • Ben Peak
  • Kyle Phillips
  • Timothy Schnaufer
  • Kyle Knickerbocker
  • Miranda Nunn
  • Katie McCann
  • Rachel Anderson
  • Hannah Kimmel
  • Sierra Giraud
  • SarahMurphy
  • Kait Murphy
  • Maggie Terry
  • Valerie Wiehl
  • Stephanie Teeter
  • Erin Stoddard
  • Elizabeth Mosher
  • Megan Barrow

2011-12 Season

Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Schedule

Location Date Results
Linsdsey Ontario, Canada 11/5 The ESF Woodsman Team had their final meet of the season on November 5th in Linsdsey Ontario in Canada. Over all the Women's Team took 3rd place, with wins in axe throw and triathlon and the Men's Team took 6th with a win in triathlon and second place in standing block. We will being having meets again in the spring.
Finger Lakes Community College 10/2 We had our first meet October 2nd at Finger Lakes Community College. We took 3 teams; Mens A, Womens A and Jack and Jill. Over all the men took 2nd place, the women took 1st and Jack and Jill also took 2nd. The Jack and Jill team took first place in Axe Throw, Chain Saw, Triathlon, Crosscut to Hell, Pulp Toss, Pack Board, and H-Chop. The Women's Team took first place in Axe Throw, Triathlon, Fire build, Crosscut to Hell, Canoeing, and Pulp toss. The Men took first place in Axe Throw, Chainsaw, and H-chop. Overall it was a great meet and despite the rain and low temperatures we all had a great time.
Paul Smith's College 10/22

The ESF Woodsman team attended a meet at Paul Smith's college on October 22nd. Although it was chilly we were able to do pretty well. We went 4 teams, Mens A and B and Womens A and B. ESF Mens A came in 3rd place and Mens B took 10th. Our Womens A team took 1st and Womens came in 7th. Womens A took first place in Crosscut to Hell, Crosscut, log roll, pulp toss, H-chop and quarter split. Mens A took first in pulp toss, and second in log roll, pole climb, and axe throw.

SUNY Cobleskill 2/19

On February 19th the ESF Woodsmen attended their first meet of the season at SUNY Cobleskill. We took four teams Womens A, Mens A, Mens B, and Jack and Jill. Overall ESF Womens A took first place with wins in the events of Team Bowsaw, Team Crosscut, Fire Build, Cross Cut to Hell, Verticle Chop and Horizontal Chop. Mens A came in second place with first place wins in the events of Singles Relay, Team Bow Saw, and Team Crosscut. Men's B came in 9th place and put forth a great effort. Jack and Jill came in second with first place wins in the events of Team Crosscut, and Crosscut to Hell.

7th Annual East Coast Lumberjack Round-Up 3/24

The 7th Annual East Coast Lumberjack Roundup was held by the ESF Woodsmen’s team on March 24th at the willow biomass research center in Tully, NY. Twenty four teams attended the meet and competed in a series of events throughout the day. The ESF woodsmen provided four and a half teams; the half team was composed of three ESF students and three UCONN students. The teams were; ESF men 1, ESF men 2, ESF women 1 and a Jack and Jill team.

ESF took first place overall for both the men’s and women’s category, and took second for the Jack and Jill category. Men’s 1 took first place in vertical chop, horizontal chop, team log roll, team pulp toss and team bow saw, giving them the points they needed to win first place. Men’s 2 cut down the competition in cookie stack, stock saw, and splitting with first place wins in those events. If you are keeping track that is 8 out of 15 events won by an ESF men’s team. The women’s 1 team pulled ahead of FLCC by 75 points, taking first place. Their strongest events, where they took first place finishes, were single buck, hard hit, fire build, vertical chop, horizontal chop, team log roll and team crosscut. After regaining their strength as a team, Jack and Jill held their own and came second only to Paul Smith’s. Stock saw, cookie stack, hard hit, cross cut to hell, and team pulp toss gave the J&J team a leg up to second place. Despite the fact that the ESF/UCONN team had never practiced together, they still managed to keep up with the competition and met some new people along the way.

Team Roster

Abugel, Robert
Andrews, Dave "Rook"
Basher, Tim
Binsted, Keith
Bouley, Jake
Corbine, Kelley
Craner, Pat
Curry, Carrie
Desch, Melanie
Distasio, Nicola
Eveland, Mike
Fencl, Rurik
Freeburg, Ian
Green, Sabrina
Green, Tessa "Twitch"
Hall, Emily
Hamilton, Audi
Hennessey, Shannon
Howson, Jack
Iacono, Peter
Jacobson, Alex
Johnston, Jeff
Kenney, Rick
Knickerbocker, Kyle
Lafler, Cody
Littlefield, Kate
Lombardo, Anthony
Marcoccia, Angela "Funsize"
McFee, Evan
Nicholas. Jess
Noviasky, Angela
Nunn, Miranda
O'Riley, Melissa "Mo"
Olsen, Jesse
Pinkoski, Cassie
Scannapieco, Paul
Scheibel, Natalie
Schenck, Jason
Schnaufer, Tim
Sonya Zielinski
Sunnyday, Elyse
Taylor, Mariah
Tramposh, Steve
Von Bieberstein, Alex "AvB"
Walters, Seth
Watkins, Hannah
Weisner, Max

2010-11 Season

Fall 2010 Schedule

Location Results
Cumming Nature Center,
6472 Gulick Road
Naples, NY 14521

October 3 - 8:00 AM


ESF Mens A: Second Place with a cumulative score of 1291.0 winning the Firebuild, Log Roll, and Pulp Toss events

ESF Mens B: Eighth Place with a cumulative score of 1015.6

ESF Women: Second Place with a cumulative score of 1351.7 winning the Log Toss, Single Buck, Pulp Toss, Horizontal Chop, and Quarter Split events

ESF Jack & Jill: Second Place with a cumulative score of 1111.6 winning the Axe Throw and Crosscut events

Paul Smith's College Campus
Adirondacks, NY

October 16 - 8:00 AM


Mens A: 5th Place with a score of 847.82

Mens B: 9th Place with a score of 708.93

Womens: 2nd Place with a score of 1021.00 winning the Single Buck, Log Birl, Bowsaw, Log Roll, and Pulp Toss events

Sir Sanford Fleming College,
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
November 6

Spring 2011 Schedule

Location Date Results

East Coast Lumberjack Roundup


Lafayette Field Station

March 26th
Alfred University April 9th

Women's team placed first with 1291 points, winning the team cross-cut, pulp toss event, and triples splitting event, Lauren Mitchell and Cassandra Pinkoski placed first in the doubles water boil/fire build. Natalie Scheibel placed first in fly-casting. Alex von Bieberstein placed first in single buck saw, and Lauren Mitchell placed first in the stock saw event. The Women's team was awarded a new Tuatahi racing axe.

The Jack and Jill team took 4th, with 953 points. Jess Nicholas placed first in the stock saw event within this division, Matt Cornell placed first in the fly casting event.

The Men's team came in 6th place with 988 points, placing 3rd in team cross-cut, log roll, and pulp toss. The Mens B team placed 7th, with 909 points.

SUNY Cobleskill April 28th/29th

The ESF Woodsmen's Team competed in the 65th Northeastern Woodsmen's Conclave Spring Meet at SUNY Cobleskill! The ESF J&J team were 1st in their division, the ESF Men's A and B teams came in 4th and 15th, and the ESF Women came home with 5th in their division. Pat Craner came in 6th in the Collegiate STIHL Series and Alexandra Von Bieberstein came home 5th in the Women's STIHL Series.

Team Roster

David "Rook" Andrews
Michael "Litebrite" Albrecht
Tim Basher
Andrew Bernier
Pat Craner
Mary Downey
Mike Eveland
Rurik Fencl
Tom "Maters" Forte
Candi Finger
Sabrina Green
Tessa Green
Mike Harris
Alex Jacobson
Jeff Johnston
Kyle Knickerbocker
Krammer Kwalzala
Evan McFee
Ray Merlotto
Lauren Mitchell
Hannah Morgan
Adam Nicholas
Jess Nicholas
Jesse Olsen
Melissa O'Riley
Cassandra Pinkoski
Daniel "DQ" Quinn
Logan Quinn
Wayne Rich
Rory Rosenbarker
Paul Scannapieco
Natalie Scheibel
Jason Schenck
Mike Schmitt
Mariah Taylor
Alexandra "AvB" von Bieberstein
Estelle Waterman
Max Wiesner

2009-10 Season

Spring 2010 Events

  • Colby Mud Meet - Colby College, Maine  April 10th, 2010
  • 64th Annual Spring Meet - Paul Smith’s College, New York  April 23th and 24th, 2010


President: Lonni Petersen
VP: Tom “Maters” Forte
Sec: Corrie O’Dea
Treas: Alexandra von Bieberstein
Head Steward: Logan Quinn
Jack McCulley, Tim Kuss, Rory Rosenbarker, and David “Rook” Andrews

2009-10 Team Roster

Alexandra von Bieberstein
Lonni Petersen
David “Rook” Andrews
Michael Eveland
Pat Craner
Lauren Mitchell
Emily Bonk
Rory Rosenbarker
Rurik Fencl
Adam Nicholas
Michael Schmitt
Michael Scott Albrecht
Trevor Diefendorf
Estelle Waterman
Corrie O’Dea
Candi Finger
Tom “Maters” Forte
Tim Basher
Louis Gaylord Longfellow
Natalie Scheibel
Logan Quinn
RJ Filley
Jack McCulley
Alex Jacobson
Jeff Johnston
Dan DiMarco
Megan Knoell
Mackenzie Osypian
Tim Kuss
Justin Yousey
Tom Maigret
Mike Cook