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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Description of ESF Fees

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, refunds are only issued in accordance with ESF's Fee policy, which complies with SUNY Refund Policy number 7301.  Please contact the Business Office for a copy of the Fee Policy @ drdzwonk@esf.edu.

Broad Based Fees

Mandatory Broad-Based fees include but are not limited to the College Fee, Student Services, Technology, Athletics, Health & Counseling Services and Transcript Fees.  More information, including exemptions, can be found here.

  • College Fee
    This is a broad-based fee required under administrative policy of State University of New York and is not refundable. The College Fee is mandatory for all students and cannot be waived.
  • Student Services Fee
    This is a mandatory broad-based fee charged only to students on the main campus. It partially offsets the cost of the academic and other support services provided by Syracuse University. Examples include, but are not limited to, accessory instruction, co-curricular and student activities, fitness facilities, disability services, SU Ambulance, Tennity Ice Pavilion, Arts and Entertainment events, and IT services.  See here for exemptions
  • Technology Fee
    This is a mandatory broad-based fee charged to all students and cannot be waived. It is for the advancement of technology on the SUNY ESF campus, and satellite locations, that is used by students and supports, both directly and indirectly, their academic programs. Some examples of technologies that directly benefit students: computer labs, classrooms media systems, internet access, email accounts, etc. Indirect technology support of students include: enhancements to Campus infrastructure (servers, networks, etc.), support services, general maintenance of Campus systems, etc.
  • Athletics Fee
    This is amandatory broad-based fee charged to all undergraduate students to support ESF's intercollegiate athletics program. It is not a user fee. Everyone benefits from the success of our teams and their contributions to the college's reputation and recognition.
  • Health & Counseling Services Fee
    This is a mandatory broad-based fee to offset the cost of health services available to students through a contract that ESF has with Crouse Medical Practice and for counseling services delivered by ESF professionals. It is charged to all students on the main campus only and cannot be waived. The Health & Counseling Services fee is not health insurance. It is designed to give ESF students access to available resources during their enrollment at the college.  See here for exemptions
  • Transcripts Fee
    Mandatory flat fee charged to all enrolled students and cannot be waived. This entitles current and former students to receive unlimited official transcripts. Transcripts will not be issued to students with any outstanding financial obligations to the college.
  • Transportation Fee
    Field trips are required in some courses. In these instances, a flat $40 fee is assessed for each applicable course. This funds the use of vehicles to transport students. The Ranger School has its own Transportation Fee that is currently $210 per semester. This course based fee funds all of their various field experience trips.
  • Course Fees
    SUNY has approved fees for certain courses. Students enrolled in these classes will be charged the corresponding approved course fee.  Fees range from $5.00 to $200.00 and fund equipment purchases and other related expenses. The college catalog will denote that a fee applies to applicable courses.
  • Laboratory Fee (SU)
    Physics and Chemistry students taking lab courses at Syracuse University will be assessed course fees that generally average $20 to $40, depending on the course. These will be assessed in the semester that the course is provided by SU.
  • Student Activity Fee - ESF
    Mandatory fee that funds ESF's student associations. Amounts are determined by students, who also vote every two years on whether the fee will be mandatory or voluntary. The fee supports a multitude of clubs and activities whose budgets are set by the student organizations.
  • Student Activity Fee – SU
    This funds Syracuse University's student associations. ESF's relationship with SU provides ESF students with access to the same activities, services, and events that SU students enjoy. The fees are remitted to SU to fund ESF's participation. They are mandatory as long as ESF students collectively decide they want to avail themselves of these benefits.
  • Orientation Fee
    Mandatory fee charged to students on the main campus. It is assessed only in the first semester a student in enrolled at ESF and covers the cost of orientation activities including supplies, performers, food, etc. Fees may differ for students starting in the fall vs the spring, based on the programs for each. Refer to the Bursar web page for rates.
  • Commencement Fee – Undergraduate Students
    Mandatory fee charged to undergraduate students in the semester that the student expects to graduate. It funds the cost of caps and gowns, padded diploma covers, honor cards and tassels, as well as commencement activities.
  • Commencement Fee – Graduate Students
    Mandatory fee charged to all new incoming graduate students in their first semester. This funds commencement-related expenses.
  • Senior Gift
    Mandatory flat fee charged to undergraduate students in the semester they are expected to graduate.
  • Yearbook Fee
    Flat fee charged to all undergraduates in the fall semester. This funds the school yearbook. The fee can be waived via a formal request made to the Student Affairs Office.
  • Late Registration Fee
    Mandatory flat fee assessed for students registering after the scheduled registration deadline.
  • Late Payment Fee
    Assessed each month to students with unpaid balances by the payment due date. The fee ranges from $30.00 to $50.00 dollars, depending on the amount of outstanding balance. A maximum of four (4) administrative late payment/late payment fees can be assessed to a student account per semester. Failure to make payment will result in the account being referred to the New York State Attorney General's Office. Upon request, this fee will be waived once for the entire period the student is enrolled at ESF. Note: students with payment plans are not assessed late fees on their outstanding balances.
  • Add/Drop Fee
    Mandatory flat fee that is assessed when students add or drop courses after the end of the add/drop period. Add/Drop forms, with required signatures, must be turned in to the Registrar's Office.
  • Payment Plan Fees
    ESF offers payment plans to assist students who may find it difficult to pay the total semester bill by the due date. A non-refundable application fee is assessed for each semester the student wishes to participate. The charge varies based on the payment option plan a student elects. Visit the Bursar website for more information.
  • SU Accessory Instruction
    Certain fees may be associated with Accessory Instruction arrangement that ESF has with Syracuse University. See Office of the Registrar for further information.
  • Trailhead Café
    Trailhead Dollars accounts. See Housing and Meal Plans for further information

Bursar Links

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