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ESF Connections

ESF Connections is a program designed to enhance the ESF student experience and prepare you to  launch your own professional career. By connecting with alumni, you will gain assistance with career exploration and advice that will aid in the development of you professional persona.  Additionally, the program will provide you with some real-world experience to help you explore your interests and increase your marketability within your career field.

Opportunities to Connect with ESF Alumni

These include, but are not limited to:

Externship Program: Similar to a job shadow, visit an ESF alumni and learn about their profession, industry, and/or organization, gain a tour of their workplace, ask any questions you may have and observe their daily routine. See below for more detail on our Externship Program.

Informational Interviews: Speak to an ESF alumni (either via in-person, phone, or the web) about their experiences and skills, gain career advice and industry insight, and ask any questions you may have.

Mock Interviews: Connect with an alumni to participate in mock interviews either in-person for planned on-campus events, phone conversations or web-based technology.

Resume Reviews: Share your resume with an alumni to seek their feedback either in-person for planned on-campus events or electronically.

Externship Program Details

Eligibility: Student must be registered as a full-time student and be in good academic and social standing.

Student Expectations

Prior to Internship/Externship

  • Host site will be confirmed with student and host
  • Attend and participate in an Externship Program Prep workshop
  • Schedule initial resume review with Career Advisor via OrangeLink
  • Student will contact the host organization to confirm the final details for their externship (i.e. start times and dates; directions to the host location; transportation options; security requirements to enter the facility; contact information for the host, and other pertinent information).

Students During Externship

  • Be prompt arriving at the host site.
  • Be prepared to sign confidentiality and or privacy documents if the organization requires these.
  • Participate in all the activities that are planned for that day.
  • If there are breaks in the planned schedule, use the Sample Questions on the Externship Program Guide to obtain more information about the organization.
  • Be professional, courteous, and enthusiastic about this opportunity.

Example E-mail (from student to Host)

Subject Line: SUNY-ESF – Externship Program

Dear Mr./Ms. XXX,
My name is XXX and I am a student at SUNY-ESF. Thank you for your willingness to host an ESF student for our Externship Program. I am excited for the opportunity to learn more about what you do in your role at ________ company. I have developed an interest in ________ field through __________. If your schedule still allows, I am hoping that we could arrange a mutual time to shadow you.
My e-mail address is (SYR e-mail address only) and my phone number is _______________. I am excited to hear back from you and look forward to learning about your career field.

Thank you,
· Notify the Career Advisor via e-mail that this contact with the host has been made.

Completion of Externship

  • Write a thank you note to the host(s): email thank-you is appropriate.
  • Complete the Student Externship Evaluation Form.
  • Schedule follow-up resume review with Career Advisor via OrangeLink.