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Subject to Change

The current ESF Catalog is online only, and is updated as needed throughout the year. To view the version officially associated with a particular year of entry to the College, please refer to the appropriate catalog of record.

Course Descriptions

The courses offered by the College are grouped by general subject areas and the number of credit hours appears after the course title. A credit hour means one recitation (or lecture) hour per week. Three laboratory hours are equivalent to one lecture hour.

The semester(s) after each course indicates when it is normally offered. The College reserves the right to alter the scheduled offering of a course when its enrollment is too small or when there is no qualified faculty member available to teach it.

Courses listed in this catalog are subject to change through normal academic channels. New courses, course deletions and changes in courses are initiated by the relevant departments and the College faculty.

Course Numbering System

100-499: Undergraduate courses for which no graduate credit may be given.

500-599: Graduate courses designed expressly for areas of specialization in post-baccalaureate programs. Qualified undergraduate students may enroll by permission of the instructor.

600-699: Graduate courses designed expressly for advanced levels of specialization. Undergraduate students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.000 or better may enroll in these courses with an approved petition.

700-999: Advanced graduate-level courses for which no undergraduate students may register. Shared resources courses, designated as 400/500 or 400/600, are designed when the topic coverage of both courses is the same. Separate course syllabuses are developed expressly differentiating the requirements and evaluative criteria between the undergraduate course and the graduate course. No type of cross listing may be offered unless approved by the ESF faculty.