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Chemistry Emerti fellowship

  • Established by Dr. Edwin C. Jahn to aid graduate and undergraduate students of the Department of Chemistry at ESF. It was Dr. Jahn's intention to honor the work of 5 distinguished emeriti faculty members by selecting student recipients whose research interests matched those of the emeriti. The emeriti to be honored through this fund are: Dr. Conrad Schuerch (natural polymers and carbohydrates); Dr. Robert Silverstein (chemical ecology); Dr. Ernest Soundheimer (biochemistry); Dr. Michael Szwarc (polymer chemistry); Dr. Tore Timell (wood, tree and forest chemistry).
Student Name Year of Award Honored emeritus faculty
Ying Zhou 2018 Robert M. Silverstein
Xian Wang 2013 Conrad Scheurch
Jesse Crandall 2012 Robert M. Silverstein
Alex Levine 2012 John A. Meyer
DeAnn Barnhart 2011 Robert M. Silverstein
Jesse Crandall 2011 Conrad Scheurch
Qin Wang 2011 Tore E. Timell
Nan Qin 2011 Michael Szwarc
Lili Wang 2010 Michael Szwarc
Qin Wang 2010 Ernest Sondheimer
DeAnn Barnhart 2010 Tore E. Timell
Hongyi Hu 2010 Robert M. Silverstein
Margaret Pavlac 2009 Ernest Sondheimer
Qin Wang 2009 Michael Szwarc
Kun Cheng 2009 Conrad Scheurch
Brendan Dutter 2008 Robert M. Silverstein
Darya Prokhorova 2008 Tore E. Timell
Joshua Brooks 2008 Robert T. LaLonde
Emily White 2007 Conrad Scheurch
Jacob Goodrich 2007 Michael Szwarc
Christopher Spiese 2007 Ernest Sondheimer
Amber Hotto 2006 Robert T. LaLonde
Jacob Goodrich 2006 Tore E. Timell
Hui Zhao 2006 Robert M. Silverstein