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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Outstanding Student AwardsAwards

  • Given to the most outstanding undergraduates in each academic class, freshman through senior.
Student Name Award Year of Award
Zaynab Taveras Outstanding Freshman 2018
Emily Cattarin Outstanding Sophomore 2018
Annie Stevens Outstanding Junior 2018
Daniel Fougnier Outstanding Senior 2018
Jordan Louie Outstanding Freshman 2017
Rachel Czerwinski Outstanding Sophomore 2017
Jordan Pitt Outstanding Junior 2017
Jacob Shave Outstanding Senior 2017
Rachel Czerwinski Outstanding Freshman 2016
Zachary Alger Outstanding Sophomore 2016
Jacob Shave Outstanding Junior 2016
Michael Zarbo Outstanding Senior 2016
Jordan Pitt Outstanding Freshman 2015
Jacob Shave Outstanding Sophomore 2015
John Swartzfager Outstanding Junior 2015
Charlene Grabowski Outstanding Senior 2015
Kristy Northrup Outstanding Dual Major 2015
Jacob Shave Outstanding Freshman 2014
John Swartzfager Outstanding Sophomore 2014
Eric Stevens Outstanding Junior 2014
Joshua Harris Outstanding Senior 2014
John Swartzfager Outstanding Freshman 2013
Eric Stevens Outstanding Sophomore 2013
Dolly Hall Outstanding Junior 2013
John Richardson Outstanding Senior 2013
John Ganley Outstanding Freshman 2012
Dolly Hall Outstanding Sophomore 2012
Graham Heberlig Outstanding Junior 2012
Andrew Woodford Outstanding Senior 2012
Valerie Sefani Outstanding Freshman 2011
Dolly Hall Outstanding Freshman 2011
Graham Heberlig Outstanding Sophomore 2011
Robert Miller Outstanding Junior 2011
Andrey Prokhorov Outstanding Senior 2011
Shannon Carpenter Outstanding Sophomore 2010
Melissa Santos Outstanding Junior 2010
Jingnan Lu Outstanding Senior 2010
Stephanie Anos Outstanding Freshman 2009
Melissa Santos Outstanding Sophomore 2009
Andrey Prokhorov Outstanding Junior 2009