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Animations of Chemical Principles

These pages provide links to web pages that illustrate chemical principles, mostly by animating molecules and atoms.  We have assembled the links, and in some cases organized them together with questions, as noted. Please let us know if any of these links are broken, but make sure you contact the correct author/webmaster if there is a problem with the animations, themselves.
        We have tried to indicate the technological requirements (operating systems and special software) for the animations on each page.  We have checked these out with InternetExplorer 5.0.

Theodore S. Dibble and Rebecca A. Jarrell
Chemistry Department
SUNY-Environmental Science and Forestry
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210
 TSDweb page

Animations with Instructional Activities


    - Excellent interactive tool for phase changes and solid state structure.  Provides suggestions for investigations / demonstrations.  Runs under DOS (or Windows) even for slow machines.

 Build the Periodic Table  - Interactive activity with extensive teacher's guide.  Other modules on this site discuss thermodynamics, cosmic chemistry, and rocket design.

Gas Phase Reactions and Intermolecular Interactions
         Structured Activity for High School Students - Designed by TSD and RAJ.
         Structured Activity for Advanced Students - Designed by TSD and RAJ.
               W. L. Hase Animations - Source for the animations used above.

SimChemistryfor Windows  -   Live molecular dynamics simulations for chemistry teaching and experimentation.  Provides tutorials on several subjects and an interactive simulation of a simple reaction. It is programmable, and we hope to provide new simulations in the future.  Free for 30 days of use; then costs 50 pounds sterling.

Virtual Laboratory -  Laboratory experiments with multiple choice questions from Oxford University

 Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for General Chemistry  - Simulations of experimental apparatus and measurements, and of proceses.

Animations without Instructional Activities

Bimolecular Elimination Reaction - 2-bromopropane + methoxide making propene + methanol plus NaBr.  Requires Quicktime 5.0.

Chemical Animation Project - Videos for sale.  Scroll below the large Quicktime clip to find more information.

Dihydrogen monoxide page - Looks very serious, with links to web sites for the EPA, CDC, and environmental activists.  How long will it take your students to figure out the joke?

MathMol project - Some interesting things here, alternating grades 6-12 with college.

Molecular DynamicsMovie Archive - Solid state structure, cracks, and phase transformations.
        PCs only.  You must download a viewer, VMOVIEZ.exe, which is provided free.

Multimedia Extravaganza - Movies with narration and/or musical accompaniment.  The one for water may be the most educational.

Continue with Mark Bishop's site at Science Chemistry Education

References and Links

History of Visualization of Biological Molecules 

    - Old and new programs, with examples and links



    Physical Chemistry


    -A series of applets by C. J. Grayce at UC-Irvine



 Particlein a box 

    - including a double-well potential




    - pressure versus altitude in the absence of turbulent mixing. Although the results suggest that the concentration of heavy atoms/moelculesfall off faster with altitude than does the concetration of light atoms/molecules,the real atmosphere is well mixed; it behaves like a gas with molar mass28.8 amu up to about 75 miles).

Expert System for Thermodynamics- Not animations, but "a visual environment to solve problems, pursue what-ifscenarios, perform numerical experiments, and have fun learning thermodynamics!"

 MolecularStructure calculations  - Free on the web from Colby College.
 3-D MolecularStructures  - Without explanation.  From Colby College.

EChemweb Computational ChemistryToolkit - a FREE resource for carrying out semiempirical computationalchemistry calculations.  Draw the structure of any arbitrary moleculeand find its structure.

Protein Simulations - Well,polypeptides, anyway.  Includes solvating water molecules.
Protein Explorer  -