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photo of David L. JohnsonDavid L. Johnson

Professor Emeritus
Environmental Chemistry
419 Jahn Laboratory

B.S., 1965, Antioch College, Chemistry. Ph.D., 1973, University of Rhode Island Oceanography(Grad. Sch. of Oceanography). Research Associate, University of South Florida, Tampa, 1973

Research by D.L. Johnson

David Johnson has research experience in the development of analytical techniques for determination of the chemical and physical forms of heavy metals in soils, and atmospheric and aquatic samples. He has been instrumental in the application of automated scanning electron microscopy/image analysis techniques for individual particle analysis. The "finger printing" of particle types present in samples allows one to identify the sources of heavy metals in such materials as house dust, suspended sediments, fugitive dusts from industrial processes, and firearms discharge residue. Current activities focus in a new direction – biomass energy, and in particular the use of anaerobic digestion to recycle the carbon from food wastes. Research is underway to design and operate small-scale anaerobic digestion units completely “off grid”, to couple such units with natural treatment methodologies for recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus, and to interface these modules with photobioreactors for growth of algae in closed loop nutrient recovery systems. Initial design concepts are illustrated separately…

Recent Publications

  • D.L. Johnson (2008). A first generation dynamic ingress, redistribution and transport model of soil track-in: DIRT. Environmental Geochemistry and Health (in press)
  • D.L. Johnson, A. Hunt, D.A. Griffith, J.M. Hager, J. Brooks, H. StellaLevinsohn, A. Lanciki, R. Lucci, D. Prokhorova and S. Blount (2008). Geographic patterns of non-carpeted floor dust loading in Syracuse, New York (USA) homes. Environmental Geochemistry and Health (in press)
  • D. A. Griffith, D. L. Johnson, and A. Hunt (2008). The geographic distribution of metals in urban soils: the case of Syracuse, NY. GeoJournal (in press)
  • Andrew Hunt, David L. Johnson, J. Brooks and Daniel A. Griffith (2008). Risk remaining from fine particle contaminants after vacuum cleaning of hard floor surfaces. Environmental Geochemistry and Health (in press).
  • A. Hunt, D.L. Johnson and D.A. Griffith (2006). Mass Transfer of Soil Indoors by Track-in on Footwear. Science of the Total Environment 370(2-3): 360-371
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