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Robert T. LaLondeRobert T. LaLonde

321 Jahn Laboratory

Ph.D., University of Colorado; Federal Republic of Germany Exchange Scholar, 1980; SUNY Faculty Exchange Scholar, 1974-1988; USPHS Special Fellowship, 1965-1966, Stanford University.

Robert LaLonde's research deals with natural products. Of current interest is the origin and biological activity of chlorine-containing organic compounds formed when humic-rich waters are chlorinated for disinfection. The goal of the research is to provide the fundamental information required to evaluate their genotoxic effects. In connection with the investigation is the relation of biological activity to the structure of the molecule. Also of interest is the chemistry involved in their detoxification. Both the synthetic and analytical aspects of organic chemistry are called on. Another project, newly underway, concerns transformations of abundant, or potentially abundant, wood pulping byproducts into antimitotic agents through semisynthesis.

Representative Publications

  • Mucochloric Acid Action on FX174DNA: A Comparison to Other Chlorine Substituted 2(5H)-Furanones, R.T. LaLonde and F. Ramdayal, Chem. Res. Toxicol. 10, 205-210 (1997).
  • Bromine, Chlorine-, and Mixed Halogen-Substituted 4-Methyl Halogen-Substituted 4-Methyl-2(5H)-furanones: Synthesis and Mutagenic Effects of Halogen and Hydroxyl Group Replacements, R.T. LaLonde, L. Bu, A. Henwood, J. Fiumano, and L. Zhang, Chem. Res. Toxicol. 10, 1427-1436 (1997).

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