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Polymer Chemistry Databases and Information SourcesChemistry Links

Commercial Sites

Source Description
Dow Engineering Plastics A variety of information including MSDS and physical property data sheets for Dow plastics - ABS, polycarbonates, polypropylene and polystyrene.
Monstato World-Wide Web Server Monstato has several biopolymer interests through its Kelco-Nutrasweek subsidary.
Plastics.com Perhaps the largest commercial site for polymers many educational, research and commercial links, a good place to start searching for polymer information. Try Polylinks.

Other Resources

Source Description
Polysort Polysort is a group purchasing organization for the plastics and rubber industry. They offer online resin purchasing, industry news, discussion groups, links and internet marketing programs for processors and suppliers.
IRC in Polym SciTechn (Leeds) The Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Polymer Science and Technology is a consortium of polymer research groups at the Universities of Leeds, Bradford and Durham, combining expertise in Polymer Chemistry, Physics and engineering. The IRC expertise is boosted by close collaboration with industry and other organisations.

Polymer Business Resources

Source Description
Glyko Tools for compositional analysis of carbohydrates.
Glycorex Glycorex manufactures and sells research quantities and large scale quantities of bioactove carbohydrates, neoglucoconjugates, reagents and affinity materials for research and commercial applications within the Glycobiology field.
Pfanstiehl Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1919 to provide a Unities States supply of rare sugars and biochemicals, see their catalog, products, etc. here.
Structural Determination of Polysaccharides A nice set of procedures for determining the composition of a carbohydrate molecule. Methods due to Professor Per-Erik Janssen, now at the Karolinska Institute, Sweeden and prepared in HTML by Dr. Roland Stenutz.

Polymer Academia

Source Description
University of Akron Historically tied to the rubber industry, but now has a
UMass Amherst Polymer Science The best known Polymer Science Dept. in the US.
UMass - Lowell Chemistry department, including Polymer chemistry.
IRC in Polymer Science and Technology (Leeds) Interdisciplinary Research Centers for Polymer Study. Based at the Universities of Durham (chemists), Bradford (engineers) and Leeds (physicists).
Penn State University - Polymer Science Penn State's Polymer Program resides in chemistry although a materials science program also exists.

Plastics Engineering Resources

Source Description
Polymers Definition From the Cornell Plastics page.

Polymer Chemistry Resources

Source Description
Maro Polymer Notes A newsletter that has abstracts of research in polymers. Has free trial offers. Many sub-categories. Ask for subscription information.
Polymer Physics Discussion List - Rutgers To subscribe send the message:
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