The Lab


The Nomura Research Group occupies several spaces at SUNY-ESF, including the recently dedicated Schuerch Biochemistry Laboratory.

Conrad Scheurch Biochemistry Laboratory (336 Jahn)

Conrad (Connie) Schuerch was a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry here at SUNY-ESF who was renowned for his work in polymer, carbohydrate and wood chemistry. He authored over 160 scientific publications and served as Chair of the Chemistry Department of SUNY-ESF from 1956 – 1972. We were recently honored to have our lab chosen as the Schuerch Biochemistry Laboratory.

336 Jahn has a wide range of equipment for our research including:

  • Shimadzu 2010 GC with AOCI20S autosampler
  • BioRad iCycle gradient thermocycler
  • Eppendorf 5415R refrigerated microcentrifuge
  • Eppendorf 5415D microcentrifuge
  • Labconco rotovap
  • Sorvall Legend RT refrigerated centrifuge with biocontainment rotors
  • i-Mupid mini electrophoresis kits

Instrument Room (333 Jahn)

This room has various equipment for polymer characterization, protein purification, and benchtop fermentation and includes the following equipment:

  • Shimadzu Prominence LC2010AHT GPC with RID10A refractive index detector
  • Shimadzu LC201AHT HPLC system with UV and RID detectors
  • AKTA Purifier FPLC system
  • BioRad iQ5 Real-Time PCR machine
  • New Brunswick BioFlo310 fermentors
  • Sorvall Speedvac
  • BTC Electroporator

PCR Room (306 Jahn)

This is a shared facility with Dr. Boyer’s group. In addition to electrophoresis and an Opticon MJ Research thermocycler equipment there is a BioRad Gel Doc system equipped with a CCD for photographing gels.

Culture Room (342C Jahn)

This room is dedicated to the growth of our cultures and for inoculations. It includes the following equipment:

  • New Brunswick I26 stackable shaking incubators
  • New Brunswick Series 25 shaking incubator
  • Forma Scientific Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

RNA Isolation Room (438A Jahn)

We have a dedicated room for the isolation of RNA. This is a positive airflow, controlled environment that includes the following equipment:

  • Sorvall Legend RT refrigerated centrifuge with biocontainment rotors
  • Refrigerated micro centrifuge
  • RNAse free pipettors

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Main LabGreg at Bench

SinkQin at the GC

RotovapIt's gonna blow!

above: Conrad Scheurch Biochemistry Laboratory

Matt in the Culture RoomNew Brunswick Shaker + Laminar Flow Hood

Stackable ShakersGenesys-10UV

above: Culture Room

VaccentrifugeBioFlow 310

BTX ElectroporatorGPC2


above: Instrument Room

blankRNA Isolation Room

left: PCR Room - BioRad Gel Doc System
right: RNA Isolation Room