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Lab positions

Graduate students

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic, and motivated students who want to make a difference in their environment. We are especially interested in students with strong backgrounds in the following fields: molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, and analytical chemistry. If you are interested in applying for graduate school, at SUNY-ESF, please send a copy of your transcripts, a CV or resume, and a two-page proposal with references, on what type of research project you would like to perform in Dr. Nomura's lab directly by email at The references are exclusive of the two-page proposal.

We are currently only accepting graduate applicants that have their own funding source (NSF graduate fellowship, independent funding, etc.) at this time.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students interested in working in the Nomura Research Group should send a copy of their CV and transcript to Dr. Nomura via email and arrange an appointment to meet with him.

Contact info

Christopher T. Nomura, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry

318 Jahn Laboratory
Syracuse, NY 13210

Phone: 315-470-6854
Fax: 315-470-6856

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