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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Chemistry Instrumentation

Item Picture Location Contact
Computational Chemistry Laboratory
Linux and PC, Gaussian09, Gaussian03W, Gaussview, Spartan, etc.
  438 Jahn Dr. Dibble

Environmental Science Stable Isotope Laboratory (EaSSIL)

Thermo Finnigan Delta XL Plus stable isotope mass spectrometry

  332A Jahn Dr. Teece
Macromolecular Size Characterization Laboratory
Chromatography, Gel Permeation- Waters 2690
  232 Jahn Dr. Gitsov
Wyatt Dawn DSP Multiangle Laser Light scattering Photometer American Polymer Standards Corp. AM GEL 5 micro m, 100A; 5 micro m 1000A; 5 micro m LIN columns  
Viscotek T50 Differential Viscometer Shodex protein columns  
Wyatt Optilab DSP Differential Refractometer  
Waters 996 Photodiode Array Detector  
Millennium Chromatography Manager running on a Digital Celebris GL-2  
Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory   440 Jahn Dr. Dibble
Lambda Physik Lextra 100 excimer laser pumping a Lambda Physik FL3002 dye laser  

Spectra-Physics Nd:YAG laser (DCR-II)

Spectra Physics Harmonic Generators (2) for 532, 355, and 266 nm

GAM EX100H Excimer Laser Excimer Laser
Cavity RingDown apparatus, currently fitted with HR windows at 1.5 um, and several diode lasers for that wavelength range  
Digital Delay Generator, Stanford Research Systems DG535 Boxcar Averager / Gated Integrator, Stanford Research Systems 245 & 250  
Monochromator, Acton Spectra-Pro 300i Arbitrary Function Generator, Stanford Research Systems DS340  
Fluorolog-3 Spectrofluorometer   238 Jahn  
UV/Vis SIM Aminco 3000 Array   341 Jahn Dr. Boyer
FTIR with ATR stage - Bruker   133 Jahn Mr. Brinkley
Ocean Optics USB 4000 UV-vis spectrometer with diffuse reflectance   436 Jahn Dr. Abrams
Environmental Photochemistry Laboratory   439 Jahn Dr. Kieber
ISS PCl Photon Counting Spectrofluoremeter Shimadzu GC 14A (2)  
QM Scientific Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Spectral Energy 1000 W Xenon Lamp Monochromatic Irradiation System  
ILC Technology 300 W Solar Simulator Irradiation System  
HP Model 9453 Diode Array Spectrophotometer Modular Gradient HPLC System with a Hitachi F1200 Fluorescence Detector and a Shimadzu SPD 10AV UV/Vis Detector (2)  
Optronics OL254 Scanning Spectroradiometer with waterproof 3 m fiber optic cable and integrating sphere   442a Jahn

Dr. Hassett/

Dr. Kieber

Thermal Analysis Laboratory
  238 Jahn


DSC, TA Inst 2920: -150 to + 900 °C TGA, TA Inst 2950: ambient to + 1000 °C  
DMA, TA Inst 2980: -150 to + 900 °C  
Rheometrics RDSII dynamic spectrometer modified for measurement of the electrorheological effect   236 Jahn Dr. Gitsov
Atmospheric and Environmental Sampling
Air Quality Observatory with mercury vapor analyzer speciation unit, gas filter correlation analyzer, differential non-dispersive infrared detector, photometric ozone analyzer, anemometer, and NOx detection   Roof of Jahn Dr. Mao
Air particle concentration monitoring units   236 Jahn Dr. Mirowsky
Air particle counting device (1)  
Multi-orifice uniform deposition impactor  
Low volume personal sampling pumps (8)  
High volume cascade impactor  
Cell culture hood  
Autoclaves (2) Consolidated Stills-steromaster MK II Autoclaves 342b Jahn Dr. Boyer
Gas chromatographs, TCD, FID, and ECD   133 Jahn Mr. Brinkley
Chromatograph, Waters HPLC systems with Photodiodiode array and auto samplers, Additional detector options include fluorescence, coulometric, amperometric and flow-through radioactive
Chromatograph - Waters 510 pump, Waters automated gradient controller, Canberra A100 radioactive flow detector   339 Jahn Dr. Boyer
Counter, Liquid Scintillation EG&G Wallac 1409   342c Jahn Dr. Boyer
Lyophilyzer - 5L and 8L capacity   339 Jahn Dr. Boyer
Polarimeter, Jasco DIP 1000   133 Jahn Mr. Brinkley
Refractometer, Abbe - Bausch & Lomb   Dr. Gitsov
Tube furnace and high temperature furnace, Lindberg-Blue 1100C   436 Jahn Dr. Abrams
Xenon Arc lamp, Oriel   436 Jahn Dr. Abrams

Analytical and Technical Services

A&TS provides a variety of major instrument services including NMR, GC mass spectrometry, ICP along with technical assistance such as the chemical stockroom, instrument and computer repair.

Item Picture Location Contact
High resolution GC/MS, Thermo Finnigan MAT 95XP Thermo Finnigan B18 Jahn Lab Mr. Kiemle
MALDI TOF/TOF Mass spectrometer, Bruker AutoFlex III Mass Spectrometer
Ion Trap GC/MS, Thermo Polaris Q  
Gas Chromatograph with FID, Thermo Focus  
Automatic Thermal Desorption System, Perkin Elmer ATD 400  
600 and 800 MHz Liquids and Solids (CPMAS), and Gels (HRMAS) Bruker
ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer-Perkin Elmer OPTIMA 330 ODV   115 Baker Lab Ms. Driscoll
ICP/MS, Perkin Elmer Elan drc-e   115 Baker Lab Ms. Driscoll
Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA ICP-MS)   115 Baker Lab Ms. Driscoll
Instrument / Equipment Repair and Fabrication
  125 Baker Lab

Mr. Guerin
Micromechanical Repair and Experimental Apparatus Fabrication   123 Baker Lab Mr. Guerin
Chemical Stockroom   126 Baker
Ms. Braun
Scanning Electron Microscopy:
JEOL JSM 5800LV scanning electron microscopes w. EDAX energy dispersive x-ray analyzers
  Baker lab  
Transmission Electron Microscopy:
JEOL 2000EX 200-KV transmission electron microscope;
  Baker lab