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Mark Teece collecting coral samples from reefs in the Florida Keys

Undergraduate Students:

Juliet Bock (BS) - worked on lipids in corals and is now a high school teacher
Heather Conway (BS) - now at Oregon State
Current Graduate Students:
Former graduate students:
Thomas Zengeya (BS) - now Dr Zengeya (PhD from SUNY-Binghamton) working at NIH
Jon Nuwer (BS) - now at University of Washington
Andrew Holloway (BS) - at Bristol-Myers Squibb

George Westby (BS) - now at SUNY-ESF

Collaborating scientists
Laura Manno worked on zebra mussels (REU)
Adam Penque worked on migrating shorebirds (Red Knots)
Kim Schulz is collaborating on several zooplankton projects
John Farrell from TIBS
Bill Kappell from USGS explaining mudslides
Emily Alexander
Yaron Aronowicz
Maria Moskalenko worked on nutrient cycling in goldenrod

Lynn Christensen used stable isotopes to look at moose foraging

Matt Reidenbach from University of Virginia collaborating on water flows in reef systems

Jose-Lopez sampling in the early morning
Kt Schwadere (REU) characterized fatty acids
in zooplankton
Cheryl Kirst proudly displays her first patinas
Jacob Milea collecting willow leaves from the
ESF plantation
Chris Tarolli worked on Lake Erie during the NSF-REU prgram
Joanie Knuth worked on changes in paleoclimate and environment using lipid biomarkers
Leanne Huber worked on migrationof the Red Knot
Lydia worked on projects involving fish in the St. Lawrence and maple syrup issues

Are you an undergraduate and interested in getting some research experience in my lab then please contact me.

Students in my lab are chemistry, biology, environmental science majors, so anyone can get research experience.

Sarah FitzPatrick defended her Masters on utilizing fatty acids in lake food webs in 2008

Brianna Dunn started her PhD on the origin and cycling of particles in coral reefs

Peter Smyntek finished his Ph.D in 2006 and is now at the University of Manchester in England
Diego Lirman, a coral ecologist, is working with us on coral feeding ecology
Mary Alice Coffroth is collaborating on the fatty acid composition of zooxanthellae clades
Howard Lasker is working with us on the feeding habits of octocorals
Kenson coring a wetland then went on to Law School

Recent graduates from the lab

Ben Estes successfulyy defended his Masters in 2012 and is currently getting papers ready for publication. Ben's work focused on lipids in corals

Jesse Crandal (PhD) is currently interested in N dynamics in reef systems and using metabolomics to study symbioses

Kristen Gloeckler presenting her honors thesis work at ASLO in Salt Lake City 2012


Tiffany working on fatty acids in corals


Former undergraduate students:
Cynthia Lawniczak (Ph.D. 2005) now a Chemistry Professor at SUNY-OCC
Lauren, our summer REU student blasting corals

Kendra and Amanda made a good team

Courtney studying stable isotopes in corals


Eric is currently at Virgnia Tech in vet school
Zach and Joe measured lipid content on corals from the Florida Keys

Tim working on sterols in deep corals

Will Wurzel (MPS) graduated in 2011 and studied amino acids in corals

Caresse Fernandez defended her Masters in 2012. Her work focused on the importance of light and feeding on coral growth