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Searching for microbialites in Green Lake

Lab news  

Spring 2018


Sierra graduated with her MS after a great presentation and defense of her thesis. She is off to CU Boulder to pursue her PhD and we will miss her and we wish her great success.



Gabby graduated with her BS and wrote an excellent senior thesis on sterols in corals

Fall 2017

Sierra began analyzing hopanoids and lipids in microbialites from Green Lakes and the Great Salt Lake in Utah

Spring 2017

Sierra was a member of the 2017Team USA Nordic Ski team that competed in the World University Games in Kazakhstan. More on this story on the ESF Communications page

Sierra also is working on her project foused on hopanoids in Green Lakes microbialites

Mark's collaborative project on resource partitioning is published:

Juan C. Alvarez-Yepiz,; Alberto Burquez,; Angelina Martinez-Yrizar,.; Mark Teece,; Enrico Yepez,; Martin Dovciak,  (2017) Resource partitioning by evergreen and deciduous species in a tropical dry forest" Oecologia, 183(2), 607-618.

Fall 2016

Mark worked with our ESF librarian, Ruth Owens, and Art Stipanovic on our integration of library skills into the chemistry currculum:

Owens, R.M., Stipanovic, A.J., Teece, M.A., 2016. Integrating information literacy and research strategies into a sophomore chemistry course: A new collaboration, In Integrating Information Literacy into the Chemistry Curriculum. American Chemical Society, pp. 143-155

Our project on the microbialites in the Great Salt Lake in Utah is beginning


Spring 2016

Tyler has successfully started his first extractions and so far it all looks good with his first dirty caps!


Fall 2015

Welcome to the lab - Tyler Shields. Tyler will be working on the microbialites in Green Lake.


Tyler Shields started on his MS thesis

Summer 2015

Jameville Reservoir monitoring system established.

Sediment plume entering
Jamesville Reservoir

Spring 2015

Mark presents a talk about the sad demise of coral reefs for the K. Douglas Nelson Colloquium series at Syracuse University.

Jess Ciesla wins second prize in the Slepecky Undergraduate Contest for her work on fatty acids in corals

Our paper on metabolomics of Symbiodinium was published in the Open Access Metabolites journal. This work was a collaboration with Anke Klueter and Mary Alice Coffroth from SUNY Buffalo, along with Eric Archer from NOAA. Jesse Crandall developed a metabolomics method to do these difficult analyses and produced some great results


Jess Cielsa (center) after winning a Slepecky award with her proud mother and Jesse Crandall (graduate student who worked with Jess on this project)

Fall 2014

Great news - Jesse Crandall successfully defended his PhD thesis and will be graduating in December 2014

A study of the diet of rudd, an invasive fish specie, was accepted to the journal Aquatic Invasions. Mike Guinan and Kevin Kapuscinski were the main authors and we performed the isotope analyses.

Mark Teece was involved with a study by Kevin Kapuscinski that was published in Freshwater Biology on the herbivory of rudd.


Jesse Crandall and Mark Teece survey near surface microbialites in Green Lakes. The changes in shapes and textures were remarkably varied between different sites. This is perhaps due to the light available at each site. We collected samples from different microbialites and we will analyze them in the coming months and also during Spring 2015.

Different microbial and photosynthetic organisms are present on microbialites.


Dr Jesse with completed thesis - great day!

Mark sampling a microbialite

Filamentous algae and mats on Deadmans Reef

Summer 2014

First sonar track around Green Lakes looking for new microbialites in the lake.


Microbialite at Deadman's Point in Green Lake - we will be working here in the summer

Spring 2014

Katy Austin and Abbey Jones graduate with Honors- congratulations

Katy Austin WINS First Prize in the Slepecky Undergraduate Research Prize. Well deserved and congratulations to Katy LINK TO PRESS RELEASE.

Scott Warsen's paper on using stable isotopes in studies of coyote diet was published LINK

Mike Guinan, an undergraduate student working with myself and Kevin Kapuscinski, submitted a paper on "Seasonal diet shifts and trophic position of non-native rudds Scardinius erythrophthalmus, in the upper Niagara River" to the journal Aquatic Invasions

Katy Austin is doing an internship in the Adirondacks for the winter

Katy Austin worked with us and Prof. Driscoll and his students at Syracuse University on her work on carnivorous pitcher plants and her paper was submitted to Botany

Abbey Jones is working on her Honors thesis on her work on carbon sequestration in Utila


Katy and Abbey with their richly deserved Honors medallions at the 2014 graduation ceremony

Katy and her parents at the Slepecky Awards ceremony with Dr Teece (far left) and Dr. Ivany (far right)

Fall 2013

Brianna Dunn has joined our group looking at particles in coral reef waters for her PhD. Welcome Brianna.

Dr Teece taught 4 classes this semester.

  • Chemistry for Non Science Majors - a great group of students
  • Stable isotopes class for graduate students - excellent talkative group and hope to see some stable isotopes being used for some of their studies in future
  • New undergraduate class called Career Skills for Chemists was taught with Dr Stipanovic and was a great success
  • Graduate seminar class - students produced some excellent 3 minute videos on their research

Excellent undergraduate project was submitted for publication by Mariah Taylor on her work on the invasive goby (a fish!)

Paper on the magnificient rudd (another fish for the chemists) was submitted by Kevin Kapuscinski to Freshwater Biology.

Summer 2013

A paper on our work on coyotes with Scott Warsen and Jacqui Frair was submitted to Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies

Paper with Juan Alvarez-Yepiz and Martin Dovciak was sent to New Phytologist

Our paper on the giant catfish called Arapiama was published in Neotropical Ichthyology with Cynthia Watson and Don Stewart doing most of the work

August 2012

Caresse successfully defended her MS thesis on the influence of light and feeding on corals (pictured right)

Summer 2012

Ben Estes successsfully defended his MS thesis focused on lipids in corals

Old news.....


Caresse defended her MS thesis