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September 2005

Chemistry day at the New York State Fair was another great success

June to August 2005 - Peter Smyntek in England

Peter travelled to the English Lake District to work with CEH Lancaster scientists. He will be in the lab of Dr Steve Thackary and will be sampling aseveral of the lakes in the Lake District.

July 2005 - Chris Hotaling joins the lab

Chris will be working in both the Teece lab and also Kim Schulz's lab on our joint NSF Ecology project

April 2005

Work begins on NSF-funded project looking at fatty acid transfer in aquatic ecosystems

April 2005 - Installation of stable isotope mass spectrometer

The ThermoFinnigan Delta XL PLus stable isotope mass spec has arrived. Installed by the great Jim Burdett and all seems to be working.

May 2006 - Carnegie Institution of Washington Centennial celebration

Mark travelled to Washington DC for the cenntenital celebration of the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. The festivities were a testament to the importance of GL to many scientists from around the world.

A whole flock of former Fogel postdocs arrived to celebrate and to thank Marilyn for what they have.

August 2006 - Leanne begins work on Red Knot migration

Leanne started her senior research on food sources fuelling migratory shorebirds in association with Mike Haramis at USGS in Patuxent MD.

August 2006 - Pete defends Ph. D Thesis and gets married

Pete successfully defended his Ph. D. and got married the following week.

August 2006 - Jacob begins his Masters

Jacob began work on the NSF funded project looking at fatty acids in freshwater food webs. He is working closely with Kim Schulz and John Farrel and several students in their labs.

October 2006 - Chris Tarolli wins Astronuat Scholarship

Chris Tarolli, who worked in the lab as an REU student, was awarded an Astronaut Scholarship. He joins an elite group of students who are honored by the astronauts of the Mercury and Apollo programs

August 2009

New undergraduates in the lab. Zach and Amanda are working on changes in fat and protein content of corals

Summer 2009

Collection trip to Upper Keys, Fl. We were stationed at NURC and worked near Conch Reef and some inshore reefs. Will, Ben, and a group from RSMAS worked for a week on our NURC funded project

July 2008

Mark is off to present his work at the International Coral Reef Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, FL

International Year of the Reef exhibit installed at the Manlius library. The exhibit highlights the beauty and importance of coral reefs and the threats facing them.

June 2008

Collection trip to the Florida Keys to collect samples. Worked at the Keys Marine Lab in Layton/Long Key with Diego Lirman at RSMAS and his technicians. Ben came down for the work and it was a great success. Trip details ... here....

May 2008

Preparations for the Florida Keys trip begin. Sarah defended her MS thesis and the NSF-funded experiments are working well.
Mark is featured in the Inside ESF magazine and whirlyworld gets a mention.

January 2008

Marine biogeochemistry and stable isotope classes begin....

December 2007

ROV Niniane is upgraded with a new scientific payload sled

September 2007

End of summer sampling regime for NSF Ecology grant. The mesocosms of the sumemr appeared successful...

June 2007

Mark and Jacob traveled to the Florida Keys to collect coral and zooplankton from several areas in the Keys. Link to trip photos

May 2007

Mark launches the first SUNY-ESF remote operated vehicle (ROV), named Niniane. This small submersible will be used to look at underwater environments in lakes and rivers as part of a planned outreach initiative. ....more here

April 2007

Spotlight on research posters at SUNY-ESF. Jacob, Sarah, and Kenson presented their work

January 2007

Mark is on sabbatical this semester and travelling to England to work with Steve Thackeray at CEH Lancaster

October 2006 - WhirlyWorld gets an overhaul!

October 2006 - Mark presented with ESF Foundation Teaching Award

Along with James Gibbs in the EFB department, Mark was awarded the ESF Foundation Teaching Award. The award was for his work in the General Chemistry program. See official announcement