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Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) for Science

ROV Niniane has been deployed in several lakes and rivers in New York state. These images are captured from the real time video feed to map underwater habitats and fish. Movies of different missions are available here.

Underwater scenes in Green Lake from video feed
Beds of Chara sp. at 2 m
The underwater environment is dominated by the high carbonate content of the lake. Carbonate encrusted trees, branches, and rocks are everywhere
Beautiful aquatic mosses are found from 14 m to the surface. Fish use them as a refuge in this oligotrophic lake
Just below the surface on the top of the carbonate reef stands, branches and Chara are alll encrusted in carbonate
Underwater scenes from ROV Niniane in the St. Lawrence River near Clayton, NY
Zebra mussels invaded this area and are attached to pilings, cover the river bed.
ROV Niniane was used to determine changes in bottom topography from mainly macroalgae to gravel in a study in fish spawning habitats