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Dr. Teece's biogeochemistry group works at the interfaces of the chemical, biological and geological sciences. We are using stable isotopes and chemical analyses to understand how various ecosystems function and how organismal behaviour can influence these environments.

Coral Reefs

The main focus of our group is the interactions and interdependance of coral reef organisms.

We have several projects on coral reefs and you can link to them on the pictures

Freshwater Microbialites

We are studying the chemistry and growth of unusual freshwater microbialites. These carbonate structures are present in only a few lakes in the world.

Remotely Operated Vehicles and Development of New Techniques

Developing new techniques and methods of collecting samples using submersibles and automated systems. These operations also allow collection of video for educational purposes.


Past studies

Stable Isotope and Lipid Studies of Animals and Plants

We use chemical methods to study ecological questions including reptilian reproduction, bird migration, and production of bioenergy crops as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Climate Change and Effects on Environments

We can learn a great deal from the past about the consequences of global climate change. Using sediment cores, we can document changes that have occurred in the last few hundred years to the past 20,000 years.