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Epicuticular wax synthesis in willow clones

We have been studying the production of epicuticular wax in willow leaves in order to determine whether such analyses coudld be used to choose clones for the ESF willow biomass initiative.

An early study looked at the diversity of the organic compounds present on leaves of willow and poplar:

Cameron, Kimberly D., Teece, Mark A., Bevilacqua, Edward, Smart, Lawrence B. (2002). Diversity of cuticular wax among Salix species and populus species hybrids. Phytochemistry, 60(7), 715-725.

A second study is investigating the role of epicuticular wax production and its relationship to overall plant or biomass production.

A third study investigating the effect of irrigation on the accumulation of wax and biomas productivity is currently underway.

Epicuticular wax accumulation in tree tobacco

In collaboration with Kim Cameron and Larry Smart, we looked at the production of wax during drying events.

Cameron, K.D., Teece, M.A., and Smart, L.B. (2006) Increased accumulation of cuticular wax and expression of lipid transfer protein in response to periodic drying events in leaves of tree tobacco. Plant Physiology, 140, 176-183.

The ESF willow plantation