FCH797 Stable Isotopic Tracers inthe Environment


General Stable Isotope References

Isogeochem:  An E-mail Discussion List and Reference Web Site in Stable Isotope Geochemistry 

A USGS stable isotope reference site

International Stable Isotope Standards at IAEA

Standard Reference Materials at NIST

Fundamentals of stable isotope biogeochemistry - an excellent resource

Perioidic Table of stable isotopes

Fractionation Factor Database:  Beaudoin & Therrien

Conversion of delta values from one scale to another

Isotope Ecology

Smithsonian's applications of Isotopes to study of bird migration

Phillips and Koch's Concentration dependent dietary mixing models

Application of isotopes to Florida food web - good background explanations

Isotope Biogeochemistry

BASIN:  Biosphere-Atmosphere Stable Isotope Network

Database of grasses (including photosynthetic pathway)

Isotope studies in Animal Ecology Database

Carbon isotopes in CO2 - terrestrial biogeochemistry

Isotope standards

NIST stable isotope reference materials

International Stable Isotope Standards at IAEA

Buy the isotope of your choice from Oak Ridge National Lab


Stable isotope instrument manufacturers

EaSSIL at SUNY-ESF has a ThermoFinnigan Delta XL Plus stable isotope mass spectrometer

The other main manufacturer is Isoprime which has recently been taken over by Thermo!

Isotope Hydrology

USGS Enormous database of surface and groundwaters with stable isotope ratios

UNESCO/IAEA Series on:  Environmental Isotopes in the Hydrological Cycle Principles and Applications Edited by W.G. Mook

USGS isotope interests page (including links to portions of McDonnell and Kendall)

Clark and Fritz  Environmental Isotopes in Hydrogeology

IAEA Isotope Hydrology section

Isotopes in precipitation

GNIP, the IAEA data base of "Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation"

CNIP Canadian Network for Isotopes in Precipitation

Gabe Bowen's global maps of isotopes in Precipitation

GNIP Maps hosted at University of Waterloo

dD in N. Am. Precip. Maps Meehan, et al.  A GIS-based model of stable hydrogen isotope ratios in North American growing-season precipitation for use in animal movement studies. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies.