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The Alchemist Society

The Alchemist Society is a long running organization of ESF students who are interested in showing off the magic of chemistry. They are dedicated to promoting interest in chemistry to people of all ages by performing ever new and exciting demonstrations to intrigued audiences. Members participate in field trips to local schools, the MOST, breweries, Corning Glass Museum, and more as well as on campus events like Insomniacs, TGIFs, Activities Fairs, and chemistry student/faculty mixers. A growing list of demonstrations include making slime, floam, gummy worms, liquid nitrogen ice cream, levitation tricks, absorption phenomenon, and clock reactions to name a few. Check out the Alchemist Society by emailing lead2gold@syr.edu or the Facebook page and learn how fun chemistry can really be.

2020 - 2021 Officers

The Alchemist Society is a local student chapter of the American Chemical Society.

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Department of Chemistry
1 Forestry Drive
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315-470-6856 (fax)