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Cranberry Lake

Student Life and Recreation

One of the great assets of the CLBS program is the many opportunities it affords for recreation by the individual or by small informal groups. There are opportunities for quiet hikes along the outlying trails, canoe trips, jogging, bird watching, fishing, swimming and sunbathing.

Team sports, particularly volleyball, are a major activity every evening on the lawn and volleyball court. On weekends, small and large groups of students canoe around Cranberry Lake or hike along state trails leading in every direction from CLBS (see map at end of this booklet).

students playing volleyball

Sanderson Lodge is a popular place for socializing around a fire on a cool evening.  If you go to Cranberry Lake village on a weekend, be sure that you are at the Marina dock on time for the return trip as our boats leave on time but if you are late, you can hire a water taxi to get "home." 

On the first Sunday of the session, one week after arrival, we have a Field Day of sporting events and activities, including woodsmen's events, tug-of-war, a canoe race, canoe jousting, a softball tourney, obstacle race or any other event that can be dreamed up (we've had a few doozeys!). The events during the field day are planned, developed and implemented by students; usually each cabin sponsors one or more events. The kitchen crew serves a tasty lunch. It is a fine day to invite your friends or relatives to CLBS.

war canoe on lake