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Academic ProposalsAcademic Year 2006-2007

Approved by Faculty Governance Action:

Description Faculty Date Approved
Proposal for Environmental and Forest Engineering graduate areas of study ERFEG 11 April 2007
Course proposal WPE 444 Materials Marketing
  • WPE 444 Materials Marketing (revised)
CMWPE 25 April 2007
Cover letter and proposal for ENS --> EST course changes and to drop ENS 611 ES 28 March 2007
Proposals for new MPS options in EFB: Applied Ecology and Plant Biotechnology EFB 11 April 2007
Curriculum changes and new courses Pending approved by faculty in the Division of Engineering Division of Engineering 25 April 2007
Cover letter for REVISED proposal for new courses and graduate programs (MS and MPS) in Environmental Studies
  • EST 600 Foundations of Environmental Studies
  • EST 604 Social Survey Research Methods For Environmental Issues
  • EST 608 Environmental Advocacy Campaigns and Conflict Resolution
  • EST 609 Collaborative Governance Processes for Environmental and Natural Resource Management
  • EST 612 Environmental Policy and Governance
  • EST 628 Great Lakes Policy and Management
  • EST 640 Environmental Thought and Ethics
  • EST 650 Environmental Perception and Human Behavior
  • EST 696 Special Topics in Environmental Studies
  • EST 796 Advanced Topics in Environmental Studies
  • EST 797 Environmental Studies Seminar
  • EST 798 Problems in Environmental Studies
  • EST 898 Professional Experience
  • EST 899 Master's Thesis Research
  • ES 8 March 2007
    Curriculum changes and new courses for the Construction Management and Wood Products Engineering Programs - REVISED 21 March 2007 CMWPE 28 March 2007
    Course proposal PSE 201 The Art and Early History of Papermaking PBE 25 April 2007
    New Course Proposal AND NEW TITLE: ESF 109 Honors Seminar in Environmental Science and Forestry COI 8 March 2007
    Proposal for a Lower Division Honors Program COI 8 March 2007
    Proposals for New and Revised Courses-Revised on 2 March 2007 FNRM 28 March 2007
    Course proposals from Environmental and Forest Biology EFB 28 February 2007
    Revision to Academic Honors COI 14 February 2007
    Change the name of the Environmental and Resources Engineering option from "Paper Science and Engineering" to "Paper and Bioprocess Engineering" PBE 1 January 2007
    Assessment of Undergraduate Advising Survey COI 30 November 2006
    REVISED: Proposal to change the curriculum in Forest Ecosystem Science FNRM 31 January 2007
    Revisions to Forest Health Program EFB 27 November 2006
    Cover memo for course proposal and reclassification of EFB 120 to meet specified General Education requirements EFB 27 November 2006
    Recommendations for English language proficiency COI 13 November 2006
    Plan for Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in General Education: Meeting Strengthened Campus-based Goals COI 16 October 2006

    Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) was formerly known as Committee on Curriculum (COC).