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Design and Production

A designer from the Office of Communications will meet with the unit liaison and editor at the beginning of a project to discuss the publication’s audience and budget, and the nature of its message (see Planning Your Publication).

It is a good idea for clients to bring some samples of previously printed pieces (either by ESF or other agencies/organizations) that they think would be effective for their particular audience, message and budget. However, drawing out specific ideas or “mocking-up” the publication in advance is probably not a good use of clients’ time. Based on information provided by the unit liaison, Communications' staff members will work with him or her to create an effective, attractive and cost-conscious publication.

The designer will coordinate type specifications, layout, ink (colors), paper stock, and the use of artwork and/or photography. Typically, but not always, Communications tries to provide clients with two or three alternate designs from which clients may choose.

Photos and artwork provided by the client office should be submitted to Communications along with the manuscript to prevent production delays. The designer will make suggestions on the type of artwork most appropriate to the publication and will work with you to hire a free-lance photographer or illustrator. These charges become part of the total cost of producing the publication.