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Printing, Purchasing, and State RegulationsFaculty & Staff Resources

The term "printing" can be used in a general way to mean any type of reproduction on paper.

The most economic avenue for getting something printed is the Campus Copy Center. New equipment has expanded significantly the opportunities for Copy Center reproduction.

Communications can advise clients who want their publication produced in the Copy Center as to suitability for their project, but you also are encouraged to visit the Copy Center to see samples of the Center’s work. Clients who decide to print their piece in the Copy Center will be responsible for working directly with the head of that unit to have their publication reproduced.

Printing, Purchasing, and State Regulations

For publications to be produced by an outside printer, the designer will contact area vendors and solicit at least three competitive bids, or more as dictated by state purchasing requirements. The designer and client in consultation will review the bids.

State government and State University of New York have extensive and complex regulations governing the purchase of printing services by state agencies and SUNY units.

These regulations delimit such aspects as dollar maximums, the types of printers that may be used, the number of bids solicited, how bids are solicited, and the number of color inks a publication may contain.

It is college policy to use recycled paper for all publications except where the price of such paper is prohibitive. In certain situations, SUNY and state purchasing regulations require the use of recycled paper and require that the recycled logo be included in the publication.

The guidelines for what the state considers recycled stock often are not the same as those of paper manufacturers. The Purchasing Office and the Office of Communications have on file the Quarterly Recycling Emblem Registry and other documents providing the most current list of recycled papers recognized as meeting state guidelines. Other manufactured papers also may meet these guidelines, but for a variety of reasons, might not be on any state list. It is best to check with Communications about a particular paper you have in mind.

Although less restrictive, the Research Foundation of SUNY also has some regulations governing purchasing and printing.

Failure to follow appropriate printing regulations may mean that payment for your publication will not be approved by the Office of General Services—even if it has already been printed! For some publications (generally those intended to be printed in full color), prior approval from OGS must be sought and received before competitive bidding may commence.

A brief guide to these regulations appears in Appendix C: SUNY Purchasing/Contracting Procedures). However, we strongly urge you to visit the Purchasing Office or Communications as you begin to work on your publication.