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2010 News ArchivesJanuary 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010, reverse chronological order

  • ESF in the News
    References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community.

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2011 ESF in the News
References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community. Please note that external links may break as media outlets modify their websites.

Rain gardens, volunteerism (12/31)

SUNY-ESF student volunteers pictured preparing a rain garden near campus. ("Civic renewal: Let 2011 be a year of engagement, starting with you"; 12/31/10) — Read More

Termites (12/31)

SUNY-ESF's Dr. J. Scott Turner's work with termites is mentioned in story. ("Termite-Inspired Architecture"; 12/31/10) — Read More

Adirondack Mountains (12/27)

SUNY-ESF's Paul Hai is mentioned in story about the Adirondack Park Visitor Interpretive Centers. ("Dave Gibson: Naturalists Help Keep the Lights on"; 12/27/10) — Read More

Biomass, Renewable Energy, Sustainability (12/23)

SUNY-ESF is "a globally acknowledged expert when it comes to forest-grown and purpose grown woody biomass". ("American Council on Renewable Energy Leading Biomass Definition Effort"; 12/23/10) — Read More

Comments Requested - Middle States Re-accreditation (12/22)

SUNY ESF is currently seeking re-accreditation through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. As part of this process, faculty, staff, and students are evaluating ESF's sustainable practices, and we want your input. We've placed a bulletin board that you can write on to submit your ideas in the front of Moon Library.  The bulletin board is available during December, and will appear again next month in another ESF building.

LEED, Sustainable buildings (12/22)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in a story about lowering the energy use and carbon footprint of buildings. ("A diet, exercise and nutrition program for buildings"; 12/20/10) — Read More

Drinking Water, Hexavalent chromium (12/22)

SUNY-ESF's Dr. John Hassett was interviewed for story on hexavalent chromium (chromium VI) in water. ("County: No danger from chromium-6 found in Syracuse water"; 12/20/10) — Read More

Packaging waste, Sustainable gifts (12/21)

SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger and Dr. Jack Manno on waste during the holiday season. ("Going Green: Holiday times are bad for the environment"; 12/19/10) — Read More

Muskellunge, St. Lawrence River (12/21)

SUNY-ESF's collaborations with the international Escoid Working Group to restore muskellunge in the St. Lawrence River is mentioned in blog. ("Dwyer's Fly Fishing & Flytying: Field Notes—Noteworthy News from NY Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources"; 12/17/10 — Read More

White-Tailed Deer (12/21)

SUNY-ESF's professor emeritus Ranier H. Brocke is mentioned in story and gives brief overview history of deer in NY and the Adirondacks. ("The changeable deer"; 12/18/10) — Read More

Christimas Tree Growing (12/16)

SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger and Dr. Russell Briggs talk about real Christmas trees. ("Going Green: Real Christmas trees"; 12/12/10) — Read More

Urban Ecology, Urban Forestry (12/16)

SUNY-ESF's Myrna Hall (director, ESF Center for Urban Environment) and a study of air temperature patterns and impact on energy use. ("Going Green: Weather Stations and Air Temperature Patterns"; 12/9/10) — Read More

Wood-burning, Gasification (12/16)

SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger and Michael Kelleher on a wood gasification boiler. ("Going Green: Wood Burning Technology"; 12/9/10) — Read More

Wind Turbines, Renewable Energy (12/15)

SUNY-ESF's Michael Kelleher and a power generating wind turbine demonstration project. ("Going Green: Urban Wind Turbines for Power"; 12/9/10) — Read More

Home Construction, Water Conservation (12/15)

SUNY-ESF's Paul Crovella on the new technology for water conservation in new home construction. ("Going Green: New Homes Built With Concern for Water Conservation"; 12/9/10) — Read More

Cellulosic Ethanol, Wood Chips (12/15)

SUNY-ESF's Dr. Thomas Amidon on renewable and sustainable resources and the wood to ethanol process. ("Going Green: Using Wood Chips for Energy"; 12/9/10 — Read More

Green Data Center, Microturbine (12/14)

SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger talks about a new and innovative computer data center that is supposed to cut energy use by half. ("Going Green: Computer Data Center" ; 12/9/10) — Read More

Brownfields, Golf Course (12/14)

SUNY-ESF's Terry Ettinger and Scott Shannon talk about brownfields being redesigned into golf courses. ("Going Green: Brownfield Golf Courses"; 12/9/10) — Read More

University Hill (12/14)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story about development projects in the University Hill area. ("University Hill: The part of Syracuse that the recession forgot to visit"; 12/13/10) — Read More

Canada Lynx (12/13)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in article about a Canada lynx named Scruffy. ("NYS Zoo at Thompson Park Mourns the loss of Scruffy"; 12/9/10) — Read More

Anaerobic Digester, Waste-to-Energy (12/13)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story about Dr. David L. Johnson's anaerobic digester and turning food waste into energy. ("Going Green: Turning Food Waste into Energy"; 12/9/10) — Read More

Biotechnology, Dutch Elm Disease, American Chestnut Blight (12/13)

SUNY-ESF's biotechnology work with the American Elm and American Chestnut is mentioned in story. ("Oxford to get biotech trees'; 12/10/10) — Read More

E-Waste Recycling (12/13)

SUNY-ESF and Dr. Kelley Donaghy are mentioned in story about recycling and the electronic gadget waste stream. ("Going Green: E-Waste Recycling"; 12/09/10) — Read More

Environmental Activism, Green Campus Initiative, Environmental Studies Student Organization (12/8)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in article on environmental activism. ("SU needs student organization focusing on environmental issues"; 12/7/10) — Read More

Sensor Technology, Water Pollution Monitoring (12/3)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in article for its partnership work, sensor technology and water pollution monitoring. ("High-tech greenhouse at Morrisville college aims to grow lettuce, fish economically year-round"; 12/2/10) — Read More

White-Tailed Deer, Chronic Wasting Disease (12/3)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story with regard to white-tailed deer infectious disease studies. ("Proud process: Kirkville deer processor strives to be cut above"; 12/3/10) — Read More

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute, LEED Certification (12/2)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in article about the completed interdisciplinary Syracuse Biomaterials Institute and LEED certification. ("University completes construction of Syracuse Biomaterials Institute in Bowne Hall"; 12/2/10) — Read More

Hybrid vehicle, wood power (12/2)

SUNY-ESF's Dr. Klaus Doelle and graduate student Rick Bates featured in story about wood gas used to power a pick-up truck. ("Movie Inspiration Fuels Wood-Powered Truck: Using the original renewable fuel to power vehicles of the future"; 12/02/10) — Read More

Climate Change (11/29)

Meteorologist Dave Eichorn explains climate change in this introductory segment of A Meteorologist on Climate Change video series. ("Meteorologist on Climate Change"; 11/22/10) — Read More

Non-Native Cattail, St. Lawrence River, French Creek (11/23)

SUNY-ESF to be partnering with Ducks Unlimited with plans to restore and enhance marsh ecosystem and fish spawning habitat along the St. Lawrence River. ("Grant of $1m will help restore wetlands"; 11/23/10) — Read More

Freewatt, Combined Heat and Power (11/23)

SUNY-ESF Director of Renewable Energy Systems Michael Kelleher says "the Freewatt system is a system we're using to help conserve energy at the residence of the college president." ("Going Green: Combined heat and power"; 11/21/10) — Read More

Urban Farm (11/22)

SUNY-ESF is a partner in project to make better use of vacant land. ("Syracuse's South Side will be home to an urban farm tended buy teen"; 11/19/10) — Read More

Willow Biomass, Alternative Fuel (11/22)

SUNY-ESF's involvement with the fast-growing willow as "biomass," an alternative fuel. ("Welcome willows: Novel solution for Allied waste beds looks like a winner"; 11/19/10) — Read More

Coyote, Wolf (11/22)

Faculty member Jacqueline L. Frair, is mentioned in article about studies of coyote population and behavior. ("'Robust' population of coyotes in North Country may be part wolf"; 11/21/10) — Read More

Sustainability (11/22)

SUNY-ESF has been a green school for almost 100 years, focused on teaching students about nature. ("Green School, Green Dorms"; 7-8/2010) — Read More

Biofuel, Biodiesel (11/18)

Biofuel may reduce consumption of gasoline and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ("SUNY-ESF Going Green: New Biofuel Study"; 11/12/10) — Read More

Green Solution, Salix (11/17)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in story as ESF scientists planted shrub willows that can be turned into energy. ("Honeywell agrees to spend millions to cap waste beds, try to control mudboils, build boat launch, add fishing areas"; 11/17/10) — Read More

Urban Intervention, Syracuse Center of Excellence (11/17)

SUNY-ESF is a partner in the Syracuse Center of Excellence, which fosters collaboration between academic institutions and industry. ("Urban Intervention, The Syracuse Center of Excellence helps lay the foundation for the revitalization of a struggling Rust Belt city"; 11/17/10) — Read More

Home Energy System (11/17)

The SUNY-ESF College Residence is serving as a demonstration project for a new freewatt home energy system. ("ECR International, National Grid and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Announce Sustainable Energy Partnership"; 11/9/10) — Read More

Syracuse Biomaterials Institute (SBI) (11/16)

SUNY-ESF is part of the interdisciplinary group of the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute (SBI) that conducts research on natural and man-made materials. ("Bowne Hall is new 'green' home of Syracuse Biomaterials Institute"; 11/15/10) — Read More

Green Infrastructure (11/16)

According Timothy Toland, (LA), ESF's new parking lot is designed to prevent erosion and regulate runoff from heavy rain and melting snow. ("Going Green:New parking lot designed to prevent erosion"; 11/7/10) — Read More

U.S. Study of Research Universities Gets Under Way (11/12)

September launched a new federal panel designed to recommend how to ensure that American research universities remain vital and effective. The Committee on Research Universities, sponsored by the National Academies and funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, includes corporate CEOs, university leaders, and others, and is charged with answering this question: "What are the top ten actions that Congress, the federal government, state governments, research universities, and others could take to assure the ability of the American research university to maintain the excellence in research and doctoral education needed to help the United States compete, prosper, and achieve national goals for health, energy, the environment, and security in the global community of the 21st century?” A report is due next May.

Community Design (11/12)

A "vision plan" for housing to be created by SUNY-ESF's Center for Community Design and Research. ("Housing study will help shape the future of neighborhood near Syracuse University"; 11/11/10) — Read More

ESF and Montezuma (11/11)

Faculty member Cheryl Doble, Maren King and 3rd year design students present plans for Montezuma Heritage Park. ("Montezuma Heritage Park, Montezuma, NY"; 11/1/10) — Read More

Bedbugs (11/11)

Entomologist Kim Adams is interviewed for story on Oswego's infestation. ("Bedbug infestation found in SUNY Oswego dorm rooms"; 11/10/10) — Read More

Climate Change (11/10)

Faculty member Charles Hall (EFB) was interviewed for a program on WCNY TV which will be rebroadcast. Also, the Climate Change section features essays from Dr. Mark Meisner (ES) and Dave Eichorn. ("Arctic Air: Greenlandic Journey with the 109th"; 11/9/10). — Read More

Non-Native Tortoise, Pinta Island (11/8)

Graduate student's work will see if non-native tortoises can aid in restoration of island's ecosystem. ("SUNY ESF student brings tortoises back to Pinta Island"; 11/8/10) — Read More

Deconstruction (11/2)

Construction management instructor Paul Crovella is mentioned in story on deconstruction. ("Domicile Dissection: In an effort to think green, local builders look to deconstruct homes one board at a time"; 11/2010) — Read More

Biodiesel Fuel (10/27)

ESF partnering with SU and the Syracuse Center of Excellence on project. ("Partnership aims to advance biodiesel fuel in military"; 10/26/10) — Read More

Greenwashing (10/27)

Faculty member Richard Smardon interviewed for story on green product labeling. ("Many products marketed as green are frauds"; 10/26/10) — Read More

Global Warming (10/15)

"Central New York environmental experts, Dan Maffei criticize Ann Marie Buerkle's stance on global warming"; 10/14/10) — Read More

On-campus Voter Registration (10/14)

While it's too late to register for this fall's election on November 2, The Office of Counseling & Disabilities Services, 110 Bray Hall is an official voter registration site. Contact the office for assistance: (315) 470-6660. Visit the National Voter Registration Act site at
 for more info.

Ranger School Outing Club Tops Mt. Marcy (10/12)

Visit the Ranger School Facebook Page to see a small gallery of images from the Outing Club's ascent of Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks. 'Like' the page to have Ranger School posts delivered to your FB wall! — Read More

Fall Foliage (10/11)

Faculty member Donald Leopold was again interviewed for a story about about fall foliage.

("Central New York fall color should be early, memorable this year"; 10/10/10) — Read More

Waste-to-Energy (10/7)

Faculty member David Johnson in YNN story on joint ESF-Minoa waste-into-energy project. ("Facility turning waste into energy"; 10/4/10) — Read More

Urban Planning (10/5)

Faculty member George Curry is mentioned in story about the former Dey Brothers Department Store being transformed into apartments and retail space and renamed Dey's Centennial Plaza. ("Man with a bit of vision and faith converts former downtown retail landmark to luxury apartments" 10/3/10) — Read More

CNY Biotechnology Research Center Update (9/27)

President Murphy was interviewed by YNN Channel 10 about the CNY Biotechnology Research Center. ("Biotech Center construction to resume soon?" 9/27/10 — Read More

Waste Management (9/24)

Faculty member Douglas Daley's class on waste management is featured in news story. ("SUNY ESF students get firsthand lesson in waste"; 9/24/10) — Read More

Green Construction, Sustainability, Forest Stewardship Council (9/22)

SUNY-ESF and SU in story regarding possible bottleneck in supply of sustainably managed wood products. ("Syracuse University/SUNY ESF study forecasts 'green' wood shortage"; 9/21/10) — Read More

ESF Cross Country Teams take Seconds in Crowded Field (9/22)

ESF's men's and women's cross country teams both took 2nd place out of the 8 teams competing in the 9/18 Hobart/William Smith Invitational. John Swass led the men, taking 3rd place out of 60 runners. Danielle Zgardzinski had the fastest time among the women, who took 6 of the top 25 spots in the 58-runner field. The participating schools were ESF, Hobart, Morrisville, Wells, Penn State Abington, Bryant & Stratton, Keuka and Cazenovia. — Read More

The Study of Streams (9/21)

Faculty member Dr. Theodore Endreny will be speaking on the study of streams on The Academic Minute on WAMC Northeast Public Radio on 9/21/10.

Native Plants (9/14)

Faculty member Dr. Donald Leopold was mentioned in an article about the advantages of using native plants. ("Central New York wildlife, environment benefit from native plants"—9/11/10) — Read More

Going Green: Alternative energy (9/14)

Going Green features Dr. Neal Abrams and teaching teachers how to teach alternative energy resources. Going Green can be seen on YNN (Your News Now) in Syracuse, Albany, Lower Hudson Valley, Rochester and Buffalo. — Read More

EEE and Mosquito Spraying (9/9)

Dr. Lawrence Abrahamson is quoted in today's front-page story in the Post-Standard about EEE and mosquito spraying. ("Mosquito spraying is no guarantee you won't get EEE virus"—9/8/10) — Read More

Algae Analysis (9/3)

SUNY-ESF is mentioned in article as a site where "algae" samples can be sent for lab analysis. ("Toxic algae blooms choking Lake Erie"--8/29/10).Read More

Invasive Cattails (9/2)

SUNY-ESF faculty and students from the Thousand Islands Biological Station are mentioned in article on invasive cattails ("Volunteers take on cattails"--8/26/10). — Read More

Wyeth Donates to SCME Research Institute (8/30)

Wyeth Vaccines donated $300K in electron microscope equipment to NC Brown Institute for Ultrastructure Studies.