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    References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community.

ESF News

2013 ESF in the News
References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community. Please note that external links may break as media outlets modify their websites.

Regional Economic Development Scholarship Supports Local Business (12/30)

The CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity (CEO), through its Clean Tech Center, is funding an incentive program to enable employees of Central New York businesses who currently use – or who are considering using - energy curing in their manufacturing processes to take Radiation Curing Program (RCP) courses at no cost.Read More

ESF's STEM Mentor Program Announces 2014 Mentors (12/30)

SUNY-ESF’s STEM Mentoring Initiative to Strengthen the Education Pipeline program has selected its first group of ESF graduate students who will mentor and serve as front-line role models for Syracuse middle school students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Learn more about the Spring 2014 ESF Science Corps at  www.esf.edu/outreach/stemmentor.

ESF student whose car was broken into loses a semester of work (12/20)

(Kalette requests that anyone with information on the lost items and the semester of research they contain contact him. 12/20/13) — Read More

EPA funding to protect wetlands, collect environmental data in NY state (12/11)

("The College of Environmental Science and Forestry, in partnership with the New York Natural Heritage Program, will also use a $172,070 grant to assess the status of plants found in wetlands throughout the state." 12/10/13) — Read More

Syracuse.com covers Bill Powell's recognition as Forest Biotechnologist of the Year (12/11)

("In addition to American chestnut, Powell has advanced research on American elm and hybrid poplar. His work has been widely cited, with more than 200 citations from 2007 to 2011. Earlier this year, Powell presented at the National Geographic sponsored TEDxDeextinction conference." 12/10/13) — Read More

From News Channel 9: Outgoing SUNY ESF President reflects (12/9)

("Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Outgoing SUNY ESF President Neil Murphy sits down with NewsChannel 9's Jeff Kulikowsky to reflect on his tenure." 12/6/13) — Read More

YNN covers the tribute to President Murphy (12/6)

("People gathered to honor retiring SUNY ESF President Neil Murphy at an event Thursday. Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy was one of many dignitaries." 12/6/13) — Read More

ESF Students Have Their Own Ideas For Essex Chain (12/6)

(Three Adirondack Residential Semester students spent their semester researching and consulting with stakeholders on the new Essex Chain tract of land acquired by the Adirondack Park Agency in order to draft their own proposal for how the tract should be managed. They presented their recommendations this week in Newcomb. 12/5/13) — Read More

Syracuse.com covers the tribute to President Murphy (12/6)

("Outgoing SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry President Cornelius B. "Neil" Murphy Jr. will always have a place at the school." 12/5/13 — Read More

Dr. Andrea Parker elected VP of Environmental Communication Non-Profit (12/5)

("Dr. Andrea Parker has been elected as Vice-President of the Environmental Communication Division of the National Communication Association." 12/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF features in Farming Magazine story on forestry schools (12/5)

("'Forest management is important, and that's not going away. So there is a need for trained professionals who can provide service to property owners in how to manage their forests,' says David Newman." 12/13)

Researchers use remote-controlled sub to collect data in Lake Ontario (12/4)

("Researchers are using the latest technology to scan the waters of Lake Ontario. In May, officials launched a high-tech Autonomous Underwater Vehicle near SUNY Oswego. It is launched every five years." 12/3/13) — Read More

ESF's Living Snow Fences toolkit site featured on sustainable agriculture blog (12/4)

("SUNY-ESF has introduced a website that provides fact sheets, cost benefit models, training information, research results, and examples relevant to living snow fences in New York State and beyond." 12/3/13) — Read More

WRVO story on Quentin Wheeler (12/4)

("Wheeler calls ESF's campus, tucked on the back of the University Hill, a gem that he wants more people to know about." 12/4/13) — Read More

Dr. Gibbs helps to set up a Galapagos Islands Tortoise Cam (12/3)

("Dr. Gibbs, who helped set up the tortoise cam, has his students reviewing the video as it's posted to the Internet. And they've made an interesting discovery: Some of the tortoises are camera hogs." 11/27/13) — Read More

Neil Murphy will be remembered for his kindness and concern for the ESF community (12/2)

(Everyone at ESF has a story about Neil's care for the campus, the students, and the community. 12/1/13) — Read More

Baobab Society plans service trip in Fiji for winter break (12/2)

("The Baobab Society will take its first overseas service trip this Winter Break when eight students and a faculty adviser go to Fiji for 15 days to volunteer and explore the island." 12/2/13) — Read More

ESF alum who taught environmental science for 30 years honored by his students (12/2)

("Petri said he is honored by the deck, and more importantly, doing his part to help students enjoy nature." 11/30/13) — Read More

Winter Solstice Shindig coming up at Adirondack Interpretive Center (12/2)

(The Adirondack Interpretive Center in Newcomb, NY offers outstanding learning opportunities right in our own backyard. On December 21, they'll be hosting a Winter Solstice Shindig, including food, tree decorating, and other events. 12/2/13) — Read More

Neil Murphy authors Huffington Post article on converting from coal to natural gas (11/22)

("We have a chance to reduce the impacts of emissions on both human health and human contributions to climate change by moving from coal to natural gas." 11/21/13) — Read More

SUNY ESF to offer online courses to address workforce shortage in special manufacturing technique (11/20)

("State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry is offering an online training program to address a shortage of workers skilled in radiation curing, a manufacturing technique that uses ultraviolet light or electron beams to cure coatings and other materials." 11/20/13) — Read More

Governor Cuomo Announces $4.8 Million for Projects to Develop Advanced Technologies for More Energy Efficient Buildings (11/20)

(SUNY-ESF is among a number of New York institutions receiving funds to research and develop sustainable technologies and materials. 11/19/13) — Read More

New Interactive Tool Helps Track Earth’s Forests (11/19)

(SUNY-ESF Professor Stehman was one of the researchers on this project to develop an interactive map of global deforestation patterns. The team collaborated with Google to develop the tool. 11/14/13) — Read More

ESF scientist Robin Kimmerer mentioned in NYTimes article (11/18)

(Elizabeth Gilbert's new novel is on a woman botanist in the Victorian era. Robin Kimmerer served as a consultant on the science behind the character. 11/4/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF collaborates on development of DEC moose management plan (11/18)

("The agency will oversee a joint study by Cornell University and the State College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in hopes of getting a true measure of New York's moose population and establishing a long-term moose management plan that may, or may not, involve hunting." 11/17/13) — Read More

Daily Orange urges Dr. Wheeler to build on Dr. Murphy's legacy (11/18)

("To ensure an effective tenure, Wheeler should build off the initiatives Murphy has already started, specifically the physical expansion of ESF and its relationship with SU." 11/18/13) — Read More

Jack Manno urges: keep our promises to the Haudenosaunee (11/18)

("This past summer I joined more than 300 Native people and non-Native allies, traveling from Onondaga to New York City in canoes and kayaks to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Two Row Wampum, the first treaty between the Haudenosaunee and European newcomers." 11/17/13) — Read More

CNYCentral reports on new SUNY-ESF President (11/18)

("He currently serves as the director of the International Institute for Species Exploration and Virginia M. Ullman Professor of Natural History and the Environment at Arizona State University." 11/15/13) — Read More

SUNY ESF's next president, Quentin Wheeler, is a bug expert (11/18)

("Wheeler, who also taught at Cornell University in Ithaca, has specialized in research into species exploration and natural history collections, and the evolution and classification of insects, especially beetles. He has named more than 100 new species." 11/15/13) — Read More

CNY Meteorologist and ESF alum will discuss climate change at Cazenovia forum (11/12)

("Eichorn, whose lecture is titled Climate Change Through a Meteorological Perspective, works with Syracuse Media Group as a meteorologist for the Post Standard and Syracuse.com." 11/11/13) — Read More

James Gibbs quoted in Wall Street Journal on landscape architect Thomas Woltz (11/12)

("Gibbs has collaborated with Woltz on the conservation of a '30s-era apple orchard in Yailyu, Siberia, and a farm outside of Charlottesville, where he suggested introducing boards to provide protection for salamanders, slugs and snakes." 11/6/13) — Read More

USCAA Cross Country championships profitable for Syracuse businesses (11/11)

("Jeff Mickle, the Sports Development Director with the Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau says he estimates the USCCA championships on Friday brought in nearly $500,000 in additional revenue for Syracuse." 11/8/13) — Read More

ERE Explores Coordinating Projects with the Millennium Challenge Corporation of the USA (11/11)

("Marma and Endreny are now coordinating an alignment of programs that they hope will connect ERE's humanitarian engineering students with development projects in Africa and other regions served by MCC." 11/7/13) — Read More

YNN reports on the USCAA Cross Country championships (11/11)

("The two day event brought in hundreds of student athletes and their families and as our Candace Hopkins reports, the economic impact was immediate." 11/8/13) — Read More

The Post-Standard reports on SUNY-ESF's Cross Country championship win (11/11)

("The Mighty Oaks' Timmy Callahan captured the individual men's race, a year after placing second at the USCAA National Championships." 11/9/13) — Read More

ESF graduate Matthew Ryan Dennis recognized in the Saratogian (11/11)

(Matthew Ryan Dennis recognized for graduating cum laude from ESF's Landscape Architecture program. 11/8/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF extends International Day to International Week (11/11)

("For the first time, SUNY-ESF will host an entire week of events to showcase different ethnicities and cultures on its campus." 11/11/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF faculty interviewed in article on this year's bumper mast harvest (11/11)

(""I have never seen this large quantity of fruit that I've seen this year on the apples, walnuts, hickories, maple and ashes," said Donald J. Leopold, chairman of the Department of Environmental and Forest Biology at SUNY ESF." 11/7/13) — Read More

ESF alum Mark McIntyre and family participating in National Adoption Day (11/11)

("The McIntyres will be part of a National Adoption Month caravan that will make its way this week from Syracuse to New York City." 11/5/13) — Read More

The Center for Native Peoples and the Environment Presents: (11/8)

A Film And Feast in Honor of Native American Heritage Month:

Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action

A documentary based on the lives of five Indigenous activists from four communities in North America. Prior to the film there will be a feast beginning at 6:30. The film will be screened at 7 p.m., with time for discussion after.

When: Monday, Nov.11 Where: Nifkin Lounge Time: 6:30 - 10 p.m.

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, Native American Students at Syracuse (NASAS), the ESF Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Baobab Society — Read More

American Chemical Society: Low Energy Radiation Curing Program Offered at SUNY (11/8)

The American Chemical Society's Green Chemistry Institute posted an article on their Nexus Blog titled, "Low Energy Radiation Curing Program Offered at SUNY." Click the link below to read the article.

More information about the Radiation Curing Program can be found at: www.esf.edu/outreach/radcuring. — Read More

Regional Economic Council holds presentation at SUNY-ESF (11/7)

("The Central new York Regional Economic Development Council (CNYREDC) held a presentation at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Wednesday detailing the progress it has made in creating jobs and ensuring economic development in the area." 11/6/13) — Read More

Charles Hall quoted in USA Today on the lifespan of the fracking boom (11/6)

(Dr. Hall pointed out that most oil and gas come from drilling 'sweet spots' whose lifespan tends to be very limited. 11/3/13) — Read More

Charles Hall quoted in Scientific American on carbon emission projections (11/6)

(Dr. Hall is among scientists who suggest that the highest carbon emission projections are unlikely. 10/29/13) — Read More

Dr. Powell interviewed for Academic Minute (11/6)

(Dr. Powell explained on Academic Minute how genetic modification can save trees from blight. The recording and transcript are available on their website. 11/6/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF texts available system-wide thanks to SUNY open access project (11/6)

("Open SUNY Textbooks is an open access textbook publishing initiative that publishes high quality, cost effective course resources by engaging faculty as authors and libraries as the publishing infrastructure." 11/5/13) — Read More

Dr. Colin Beier profiled by NSRC (11/5)

(“My work recognizes that humans are integral parts of the Earth system, capable of both inducing rapid and irreversible changes, yet also providing careful stewardship that fosters the adaptive capacity of the Earth’s ecosystems." 11/5/13)

Montezuma Audubon Center director leaves to take job with SUNY-ESF (11/4)

("Frank Moses, director of the Montezuma Audubon Center in Savannah, has left his job to take a position with SUNY ESF. He starts this week as assistant director of the college's alumni association." 11/4/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF hopes to increase recognition for program with national cross country championship (11/4)

("The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry Athletics Department has really "come of age," said John View, coach of the ESF cross country team." 11/3/13) — Read More

Environmental News Network reports on Dr. Ryan's study on primates and pathogens (11/1)

("Researchers led by Sadie Ryan, Assistant Professor at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry has recently published a study centered on the interaction between the social system and demographics of different primate species to determine if any of these behaviors or realities predispose them to potentially lethal pathogens." 11/1/13) — Read More

#4 SUNY ESF 1 - #5 Alfred State College 4 (11/1)

("In the first quarter final game of the USCAA Women's Soccer Championship, #5 Alfred State College defeated #4 SUNY ESF, 4-1." 10/31/13) — Read More

Dr. Bob Malmsheimer talks about differences between carbon types at Exporting Pellets Conference (10/31)

("Bob Malmsheimer, professor at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, urged attendees to recognize the inherent differences between geologic carbon and biogenic carbon saying, "When we make products and energy from biogenic carbon instead of geologic carbon, we've done something positive for climate change."" 10/30/13) — Read More

Professor Emeritus Charles Hall speaks on the economic failure of shale gas at Geological Society of America meeting (10/29)

(Professor Hall, discussed two studies that show, despite a tripling of prices and expenditures for oil development, the production of most countries is declining. 10/28/13) — Read More

SU Carrier Dome and SUNY ESF Use Sustainable Methods to be Environmentally Friendly (10/28)

("The brand new Gateway Center building at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and the Syracuse University Carrier Dome are finding more ways to be sustainable." 10/25/13) — Read More

SUNY ESF Fuels Community Green Infrastructure (10/28)

("Colleges will undoubtedly be significant contributors to many sustainable energy projects to come, as SUNY ESF already has been in Onondaga County." 10/25/13) — Read More

Biomass Magazine: SUNY fires up biomass CHP system (10/28)

("According to ESF President Cornelius Murphy Jr., when operating at full power, the system reduces campus-wide fossil fuel usage by 9,000 barrels of oil per year, and lowers campus utility costs by 20 percent." 10/25/13) — Read More

Dr. Sadie Ryan publishes paper on factors influencing disease persistence in primates (10/24)

(Dr. Sadie Ryan is the lead author in a paper published in PLOS One: Interactions between Social Structure, Demography, and Transmission Determine Disease Persistence in primates. 10/18/13) — Read More

Ramana Callan presented at a Wildlife Society wolf conservation symposium in Milwaukee (10/24)

("Her collaborative work took on the question of how wolves would impact the deer population, and how that would affect biodiversity." 10/15/13) — Read More

Terry Ettinger reports on Leavenworth Park (10/24)

(Terry Ettinger covers the hidden features built into Leavenworth Park for rainwater conservation. 10/21/13) — Read More

Don Leopold interviewed on fall foliage for Channel 9 (10/24)

(Don Leopold's interview on fall foliage for Bridge Street is available on Channel 9. 10/21/13) — Read More

Brandon Murphy of ESF Outreach works with ES-M middle schoolers on an Onondaga Lake proposal (10/24)

("A group of about 100 seventh graders from the East Syracuse-Minoa School District came to Onondaga Lake Park Friday to learn about the past, present, and future of Onondaga Lake." 10/18/13) — Read More

High school students focus on science with summer internships (10/23)

(Five Skaneateles High School students started school this fall with a greater appreciation for science, research, trees and life in general, thanks to the research internships they worked over the summer at SUNY-ESF. 10/22/13) — Read More

Student non-profit plans to install solar panels on main campus, worldwide (10/23)

(The SunRaisers group has raised funds to install 35 solar panels on poor homes in Mexico, and is looking forward to installing solar panels on the Syracuse University campus. 10/22/13). The organization consists of staff members and students from SU and ESF who work to bring solar energy to places around the world that are in desperate need of electricity. — Read More

EPA Deputy Administrator announces national green infrastructure drive at GI Summit (10/23)

(EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe announced a five-point national green infrastructure initiative this week at the Community Summit on Green Infrastructure, hosted at SUNY-ESF. 10/21/13) — Read More

Arapaima species identification on Fox News Latino (10/17)

("Everybody for 160 years had been saying there's only one kind of arapaima," Donald Stewart, a professor in the department, said in a statement. "But we know now there are various species, including some not previously recognized. Each of these unstudied giant fishes needs conservation assessment." 10/16/13) — Read More

SciNews reports on Professor Stewart's discovery of a new arapaima species (10/17)

("Arapaima have high economic, cultural, and scientific value, but their diversity has been overlooked for too long." 1011/13) — Read More

Arapaima species identification in Practical Fishkeeping (10/15)

("Until recently, it had been thought there was just a single species of Arapaima: A. gigas. But work by Stewart has shown there could be at least five species of these giant air-breathing Amazonian fish." 10/14/13) — Read More

Dr. Stewart's arapaima identification in the Pentagon Post (10/15)

("The newly discovered species is scientifically known as an arapaima leptosome. This is the first discovery of arapaima species since 1847, National Geographic reports." 10/15/13) — Read More

Northeast Public Radio covers Dr. Powell's American chestnut restoration work (10/15)

"In Powell's lab, technicians like Linda McGuigan are growing forests of little chestnut trees in Petri dishes." 10/3/13) — Read More

WebProNews covers Donald Stewart's identification of a new fish species (10/15)

("For over 100 years, scientist have believed that only one species of arapaima existed. This recent discovery proves them wrong and leads many to wonder how many other new animal species are waiting to be discovered." 10/14/13) — Read More

NBC News reports on the discovery of a new arapaima species (10/15)

("The fish is a new species of arapaima, which are huge freshwater fish native to the Amazon River in Brazil. The discovery suggests there may be important new conservation issues to consider, particularly with regards to overfishing and the region's expanding fish farming industry." 10/14/13) — Read More

National Geographic reports on SUNY-ESF scientist's identification of a new fish species (10/14)

("[Donald] Stewart's latest work has just been published in the journalCopeia, and marks official identification of Arapaima leptosoma,the first entirely new species of arapaima since 1847." 10/13/13) — Read More

SEA Semester lets ESF students spend a semester at sea (10/14)

("Students at SUNY-ESF who chose to study at sea this semester set sail on Saturday aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer to learn oceanography and marine biology." 10/14/13) — Read More

WSYR reports on SUNY-ESF scientists and American chestnut restoration (10/14)

("Biologists Bill Powell and Charles Maynard are finally at the point they've been working toward for so long – they just didn't know it would take 23 years." 10/11/13) — Read More

Upcoming symposium on water quality will include SUNY-ESF faculty and alumni speakers (10/14)

(The symposium is entitled "Preserving Water Quality in a Changing Climate," and will be held on October 26 at The Lodge at Welch Allyn in Skaneateles, New York. Speakers will include faculty members Donald Lake and Margaret Bryant, and the keynote speaker will be ESF alum Dave Eichorn. 10/3/13) — Read More

Sea Turtles and Sunburns: an undergraduate blogs her conservation efforts in Mexico (10/4)

(Funded by the Rosen Fellowship, a SUNY-ESF junior spent her summer working on sea turtle conservation in Mexico, and kept a photo blog of her experience. 10/4/13) — Read More

Skaneateles high school students get hands-on experience in SUNY ESF lab (10/3)

("The internships were arranged by Skaneateles High School science teacher Rick Garrett, a graduate of SUNY ESF who has been sending student interns to work with Professor William Powell since 1997. This summer's group was the largest yet." 10/2/13) — Read More

Undergraduate student team wins ASLA Honor Award for Research (10/2)

(Michael Frederick, Student ASLA; Samuel Kolb, Student ASLA; Curtis McMahon, Student ASLA; and Gena Morgis, Student ASLA, Faculty Advisor(s): Jamie Vanucci, Dan Reeder, and Susan Dieterlen. Their project, GROUNDWORK: Primary Productivity in the Hudson River Estuary, was recognized by the ASLA for excellence in research. 10/1/13)Read More

Men’s Soccer: SUNY-ESF Deals Wildcats Third Loss of Season (10/2)

("Sophomore Christian Dressler (McAlisterville) scored in the 13th but two goals from the Oaks' Kyle Bardwell in each of the halves sealed his team's victory." 10/1/13) — Read More

ESF to take part in New York moose study (10/1)

("Cornell researchers will work in conjunction with colleagues from the SUNY College of Environmental Forestry and the state's Department of Enviornmental Conservation to study the state's moose population over the next several years." 9/30/13) — Read More

Terry Ettinger reports on e-waste recycling for YNN's Going Green (10/1)

("Under the New York e-waste law, [Bruin Recycling in Liverpool, N.Y.] is one of hundreds of drop-off locations around New York, which then sends the waste to a processing center." 9/29/13) — Read More

ESF faculty member Brian Underwood interviewed for a story on urban deer population (9/30)

("I've been studying deer throughout the northeast for 20 years in all kinds of places, as far west as Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, so this is not a new problem. And it's only going to get worse around here, I'm afraid," said Brian Underwood, a wildlife expert at SUNY/College of Environmental Science and Forestry." 9/18/13) — Read More

Utica may join SUNY-ESF and other regional operators of biomass plants (9/30)

(Utica's project would be one of several burgeoning initiatives in the area, including the wood-pellet project in SUNY-ESF's Gateway Center, but one of the first in the state to provide power for part of a city. 9/26/13) — Read More

ESF's New Asbestos Testing Lab Shows Economic Worth to Community (9/30)

("As universities nationwide are under pressure to prove their economic viability and value to the community and prospective students, a team at theSUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in the Salt City is accomplishing just that with the new testing lab called SALTS." 9/25/13) — Read More

Governor Cuomo announces nearly $700,000 research collaboration fund awards to 10 SUNY campuses (9/30)

(SUNY-ESF is among 10 SUNY colleges to receive funds from the SUNY Research Collaboration Fund. 9/29/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF takes 4th place at 2013 SUNY Canton Invitational (9/30)

(SUNY-ESF's golf team took 4th place this weekend with a score of 347. 9/28/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF takes the Wildcat Weekend Classic (9/30)

(SUNY-ESF won both the men's and women's crosscountry events in the Wildcat Weekend Classic this year. 9/28/13) — Read More

SUNY ESF to house sophisticated new research equipment (9/27)

("Officials announced a $2 million federal grant this week that will allow a consortium of six upstate colleges and universities to buy what's called an 800-megahertz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer." 9/27/13) — Read More

David Kieber to study Adirondack lake for inland water impact on climate change (9/26)

(SUNY-ESF researcher David Kieber will collaborate on a study at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station in the Adirondack Mountains aimed at identifying and quantifying several processes that affect emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and how these can be expected to shift due to climate change. 9/25/13) — Read More

ESF student applies his experience as a patient to hospital green space design (9/25)

(Landscape Architecture student Kevan Busa had a medical close call last year, but he's applyng the perspective he gained to better design for healing green spaces, 9/25/13) — Read More

Dr. Greg Boyer quoted on toxic algae testing in the Finger Lakes (9/24)

("Boyer said his is the only academic lab in the northeastern United States, and one of a relative handful in the country, that can test for the full spectrum of algal toxins." 9/23/13) — Read More

SUNY-ESF offers course on 'Radiation Curing' environmental-friendly manufacturing process (9/23)

("Radiation curing is used to bond materials and create waxy coatings and inks in an environmentally friendly manner, according to RadTech, the ultraviolet light and electron beam processing company that the school has partnered with to create the program." 9/23/13) — Read More

Friday Science Seminar Series at LeMoyne College (9/20)

Dan Montoney – LeMoyne College alumni and current Rapid Cure Technologies Chief Technology Officer - will be speaking about how his STEM education at LeMoyne prepared him for his future endeavors, including his career at Rapid Cure Technologies and his current work there.

Friday 9/27/13 at LeMoyne College in the Science Center Addition, Room 100. Seminar will be from 3:30pm-4:30pm, including a Q and A period. — Read More

Barclay sponsoring legislation to restore hunting with firearms on SUNY ESF operated land in North Country (9/20)

("Assemblyman WIll Barclay, R-Pulaski, today issued a press release that he is sponsoring legislation next year that will restore hunting with firearms on some 5,300 acres operated by SUNY ESF in the North Country," 9/16/13) — Read More

A Skaneateles Lake success story: The milfoil removal project (9/13)

(Retired SUNY ESF professor Robert Werner to receive Skaneatles 'Citizen of the Year' award for his contributions to the project. 9/13/13) — Read More

SUNY ESF/Syracuse U. study finds in-stream restoration structures effective (9/11)

("Researchers at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) and Syracuse University led a study of two streams in upstate New York that had undergone restoration.", 9/8/13) — Read More

From Press Republican: No firearms on SUNY ESF lands (9/10)

(Under the SAFE Act, possession of firearms on properties managed by the college, is currently prohibited. 9/8/13) — Read More

SUNY celebrates opening of pellet-fueled gasifier, boiler (9/10)

("Some 200 people, including elected officials, friends of the college, business partners, students, faculty and staff attended the ribbon cutting Friday morning." 9/9/13) — Read More

Thanks to ESF student volunteers for their cleanup efforts. (9/9)

("With the help of CreekRat volunteers and a large group of SUNY-ESF students, the 2013 Onondaga Creek Cleanup Project accomplished its goal by removing six canoe loads of junk from the creek and overgrowth..." 9/9/13) — Read More

Bike designer applauds SUNY ESF on strengthening cycling culture on campus (9/9)

("At SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), almost one in ever four students rides their bike to class, and 5 percent of faculty and staff do so as well." 9/6/13) — Read More

AIC's Guide Boat Regatta to feature a historic vessel (9/6)

("The guideboat Beaver returned to Newcomb this summer after an absence of more than 70 years." 9/6/13) — Read More

Firearms Prohibited at Pack Forest (9/5)

("A quirk in state law has prompted the college that owns the land, SUNY-ESF, to ban firearms from the 2,500 acre preserve." 9/4/13) — Read More

Governor Cuomo Announces SUNY Research Networks of Excellence Competitive Grant to Support Science and Commercialization (9/5)

(Governer Cuomo announces the first of four SUNY Centers of Excellence as part of his 'Innovation Agenda.' 9/4/13) — Read More

Wanakena's SUNY-ESF to host free forest workshop Saturday (9/5)

("SUNY-ESF Ranger School will host a free forest workshop and walk Saturday, Sept. 7." 9/4/13)

Read More

Chemistry Senior Receives ACS Award (5/17)

Congratulations to SUNY-ESF Chemistry Senior, John Richardson - recipient of the American Chemical Society Undergraduate Student Award in Environmental Chemistry. This award recognizes outstanding students currently enrolled in a United States education institution in chemistry, environmental engineering, environmental science or other program emphasizing environmental chemistry.

Students Skype with Jerry Coyne (4/24)

In EFB Professor Rebecca Rundell's Evolution course (EFB 311), 170 students had a live Skype conversation with renowned evolutionary biologist and author Dr. Jerry Coyne. Jerry is the author of the recent book "Why Evolution is True," which the students read in the class. Students asked Jerry a wide range of questions, on topics ranging from species concepts, the nature of viruses, endosymbioses' role in evolution, the evolution of homosexuality, colonization of vertebrates on islands, to the origins of life and the creationism debate. The discussion was lively and stimulating and enjoyed by all. More information on Jerry Coyne can be found HERE

Woodsmen Host Lumberjack Roundup (3/26)

The ESF Woodsmen's Team hosted the 8th Annual East Coast Lumberjack Roundup in Tully at the Tully Experiment Station March 23. Seven colleges fielded 24 teams for the competition. First-place in the men's division went to Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC), SUNY Cobleskill won the women's division and Alfred State finished first in the Jack-and-Jill competition. — Read More

The Big Apple, The Nation's Capital, and Anywhere You Are! (3/21)

Get out of the classroom with some unique Summer Session courses. In addition to on-campus and field-based courses, you are invited to take a course:

  • in New York City: 7 Days in NYC – Exploring Contemporary Urban Landscapes (LSA 496/696)
  • in Washington DC: Natural History Museums and Modern Science (EFB 404)
  • or take ESF with you anywhere you are with ESF Online

SUNY-ESF courses are offered at SUNY’s favorable tuition rates (in-state undergraduate: $232/credit; in-state graduate: $390/credit*).

*Tuition costs referenced here are based on currently published rates and are subject to change: www.esf.edu/bursar/costs.htm

For more information on these and other Summer Session courses, visit www.esf.edu/outreach/summer/

Emerging Leaders Initiative 2013 Kickoff (2/18)

Small Business Administration (SBA) District Director Bernard J. Paprocki will announce the 2013 Emerging Leaders (formerly e200) Initiative Feb. 19. ESF is a partner in the program. — Read More

Wetland Restoration Courses Offered this summer (2/12)

Renowned wildlife biologist and wetland ecologist Tom Biebighauser will teach online and field courses this summer on the subject of wetland restoration. — Read More

Migratory Fish; Dams (1/25)

('New Research Shows Fishways Have Not Helped Fish"; 1/18/13) — Read More

CNY Biotech Accelerator (1/25)

("Kennedy Square buildings come down to make way for more redevelopment"; 1/17/13) — Read More

Water Resources (1/25)

("Lake Ontario's troubled waters"; 1/14/13) — Read More

Deconstruction; Sustainability (1/25)

("Waste not, want not: ESF students lead proposal to salvage houses"; 1/14/13) — Read More

Water Resources, Snow (1/25)

("Snowpack is important to our useable water needs"; 1/10/13) — Read More

Peace Corps (1/25)

("Peace Corps at SUNY ESF Career Fair"; 1/9/13) — Read More

Cougar (1/25)

("Professor suggests cougar reintroduction to Adirondacks"; 1/9/13) — Read More

Cougar (1/25)

("SUNY Oswego prof says Adirondack forest preserve could accommodate reintroduction of cougars"; 1/8/12) — Read More

House Committee on Science, Space and Technology (1/25)

("Rep. Dan Maffei appointed to House Committee on Science, Space and Technology": 1/4/12) — Read More

White Pine, Forest Harvesting (1/24)

("How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Truck? - Huntington Forest White Pine Harvest'; 1/4/13) — Read More

Renewable Energy, Sustainability (1/24)

("The New Year means new laws for New Yorkers"; 1/2/12) — Read More

Deconstruction; Sustainability (1/14)

("SUNY ESF students finding new uses for old buildings"; 12/28/12)
Read More

Willow Biomass; Sustainability (1/14)

("Energy from willows comes of age in upstate NY"; 12/28/12) — Read More

Willow Biomass; Sustainability (1/14)

("N.Y. willow farms begin production for biofuel"; 12/24/12) — Read More

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign; Climate Change (1/14)

("Syracuse college students push for climate change divestment"; 12/24/12) — Read More

N.Y. State Regional Economic Development (1/14)

("SUNY Institutions Receive Financial Support through New York State Regional Economic Development Council Funding"; 12/19/12) — Read More

American Chestnut; Biotechnology (1/14)

("SUNY-ESF duo celebrate the success of blight-resistant trees"; 12/15/12 — Read More

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., SUNY-ESF President (1/14)

("Murphy steps down at ESF"; 12/13/12) — Read More

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., SUNY-ESF President (1/14)

("Board of Trustees looks to the future of SUNY-ESF upon Murphy's departure"; 12/12/12) — Read More

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., SUNY-ESF President (1/14)

("SUNY ESF president says he's ready to let someone else take over"; 12/11/12) — Read More

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., SUNY-ESF President (1/14)

("SUNY-ESF president stepping down"; 12/11/12) — Read More

Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., SUNY-ESF President (1/14)

("SUNY-ESF president announces plans to resign"; 12/11/12) — Read More

Christmas Trees (1/14)

("Christmas Tree Types"; 12/3/12) — Read More

Sustainable Food and Energy Systems (1/14)

("SUNY-ESF, Czech Tech to examine sustainable systems in Caz"; 12/10/12) — Read More

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign; Climate Change (1/14)

("Syracuse University students join climate change divestment campaign"; 12/10/12)
Read More

Invasive Species; Conservation Biology (1/14)

("The Buzz: Dial 1-800-180 million"; 12/9/12) — Read More

Deconstruction, Sustainability (1/14)

("Demolition continues on Kennedy Square complex"; 12/7/12)
Read More

Community Incubator (1/14)

("Collaboration Turning Syracuse Into Incubator Of Great Ideas"; 11/20/12) — Read More