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  • ESF in the News
    References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community.

ESF News

2014 ESF in the News
References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community. Please note that external links may break as media outlets modify their websites.

WAMC: Meeting Will Target Expanding Recreation In Adirondack's Great South Woods (12/18)

(WAMC featured the Great South Woods initiative and the ESF-organized public meeting in Speculator. Click to listen. 12/17/14) — Read More

SUNY Blog: 2014 REDC Awards Set to Boost Economic Development Around SUNY Campuses (12/17)

(ESF received $500,000 to incorporate green infrastructure into the planned Academic Research Building. 12/12/14) — Read More

Wood Bioenergy: $3 Million DOE Grant Supports SUNY Bioenergy Developments (12/17)

(Wood Bioenergy reported on the $3 million grant to ESF's bioenergy project. 12/14) — Read More

North Country Public Radio: Introducing the Adirondack Park's "new" Great South Woods (12/17)

(ESF's Newcomb Campus is taking the lead on the Adirondack Park's "new" Great South Woods Initiative. 12/17/14) — Read More

EPA Provides a Quarter Million Dollars to Protect Wetlands in New York (12/16)

(The EPA has awarded $239,000 to the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and the New York Natural Heritage Program at SUNY-ESF to better protect wetlands throughout the state. 12/14) — Read More

Galapagos Conservancy Blog: Preparing for the Pinzón Island Giant Tortoise Population Survey (12/15)

(Dr. James Gibbs guest-authored a Galapagos Conservancy blog article on preparing for the next tortoise survey. 12/12/14) — Read More

Press Republican: Adirondack Great South Woods promoted (12/15)

(The Press Republican covered the Great South Woods initiative being organized by the NYS DEC and ESF. 12/14/14) — Read More

Pensacola News Journal: Invasive species are threatening our ecosystem (12/15)

(Ph.D. student Maureen Durkin had her research featured in this article on the effects of invasive species on ecosystems on the Florida Gulf Coast. 12/12/14) — Read More

NCC News: SUNY ESF’s Timber Team Preparing For Spring Meet (12/15)

(NCC News featured the ESF Timber Sports team in a video piece. Click to watch. 12/8/14) — Read More

SUNY Blog: 20 SUNY Campuses Recognized in President’s Community Service Honor Roll (12/15)

(ESF was among 20 SUNY campuses recognized on the list this year. 12/12/14) — Read More

TWC News: ESF develops a blight-resistant chestnut tree (12/15)

(TWC's weekly Going Green segment reported on the development of a blight-resistant American chestnut at ESF. 12/8/14) — Read More

Biology Fortified: The Return of a King (12/15)

(Biology Fortified posted a video interview with Dr. Powell and Dr. Maynard on the development of a blight-resistant American chestnut and plans to return it to the wild. 12/2/14) — Read More

Adirondack Experience: Looking back on a sunset hike (12/9)

(The Adirondacks Experience featured Goodnow Mountain at ESF's Newcomb campus. 12/2/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Red Cup Project art installation brings heaps of trash to Hanover Square (12/9)

(SU and ESF students created an art installation in downtown Syracuse this weekend, to raise awareness of sustainability and college party culture. 12/8/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: MQ Camera Center in Syracuse closing after five decades (12/9)

(ESF alum Jim Quinn and his partner will close the shop and retire after its more than 50 years of operation. 12/8/14) — Read More

New York State Green Building Conference Announces New Partnership (12/8)

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has joined ESF and the Syracuse Center of Excellence as a partner for the 2015 Green Building Conference. Rick Fedrizzi, CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, will host a plenary session during this year's conference. Fedrizzi and his USGBC colleagues were awarded the United Nations Champion of the Earth award in November for their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. — Read More

Woody Biomass Program receives $3.5 million from Energy Dept (12/5)

(The money will fund work to lower costs, assess crop quality, and improve harvest and processing operations. 12/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Why firefighters let a truck burn for hours on I-81 (12/5)

(Dr. Kelley Donaghy is quoted in this article on the recent tractor trailer fire on I-81. 12/4/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Party trash from Syracuse University neighborhood becomes art treasure (12/2)

(ESF and SU students are joining forces in an art project that repurposes discarded red party cups to raise awareness of the wastefulness of party culture. 12/1/14) — Read More

WRVO: The importance of urban tree cover (12/2)

(Professor Emanuel Carter features in this WRVO article on the value of tree cover in cities. 11/27/14) — Read More

ESF Basketball in Oneida Daily Dispatch (12/2)

(ESF freshman Tyler Kuhn was mentioned in a brief roundup of regional basketball highlights from the week. 12/1/14) — Read More

Wall Street Journal: Researchers assess Adirondack moose after die-offs (12/2)

(The Wall Street Journal reports on the new three-year DEC moose study, which will include ESF researchers. 12/1/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF student wins challenge, develops efficient business strategy (12/2)

(The Daily Orange reports on the ESF student who was part of the winning team for the Commercialization Academy challenge. 12/1/14) — Read More

NY Daily News: Biologists launch three-year moose study in Adirondack Mountains (12/1)

(The NY Daily News reported on a 3-year study of NY moose that will be conducted by the NYS DEC, ESF, Cornell and the Wildlife Conservation Society. 12/1/14)

Ithaca Journal: Cornell on lookout for Adirondack moose (12/1)

(Researchers from ESF, Cornell, and the Wildlife Conservation Society are joining forces under the auspices of NYS DEC to do an in-depth study on New York moose populations. 12/1/14) — Read More

Action Institute Blog: A GMO Thanksgiving (11/25)

(The Action Institute blog featured the American Chestnut Project among other Thanksgiving-related genetic modification research projects. 11/25/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY-ESF accepts donation of skeletal remains of a 40-foot fin whale (11/25)

(The juvenile fin whale skeleton was the first of three to be donated by Thomas French. 11/24/14) — Read More

The Citizen: Cayuga County Legislature to hear out public on natural gas waste ban (11/25)

(Philippe Vidon was quoted in this article on a Cayuga County debate over fracking brine. 11/25/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Fort Drum powered by wood-burning power plant in renewable energy push (11/25)

(Fort Drum is working on a contract with ESF's shrub willow program to supply the plant with biomass for fuel. 11/23/14) — Read More

WSYR: Leaves clinging to trees in Central New York (11/25)

(Donald Leopold was interviewed on why the leaves are clinging to trees so late this season. 11/24/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: Professors use crowdfunding to help restore American chestnut trees (11/24)

("After 25 years of work, two SUNY-ESF professors have developed a way to restore the American chestnut tree back to its former glory and are receiving funding from the community to help the cause." 11/17/14) — Read More

Chestnut Project on CBC Quirks & Quarks (11/24)

(CBC's Quirks & Quarks radio show interviewed Dr. Powell about the American Chestnut Project. 11/20/14) — Read More

Terry Ettinger on TWC News "Garden Journeys" (11/24)

(Terry Ettinger was on the "Garden Journeys" segment this week to demonstrate how to use compost for potting soil. 11/23/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Don Leopold comments on the unusual fall season this year (11/24)

(Dr. Don Leopold comments in this article about the unusual weather and seasonal tree cycle in upstate NY this year. 11/21/14) — Read More

Bob French honored as SVE Graduate of Distinction (11/24)

(Spencer-Van Etten HS recently honored Dr. Bob French as a Graduate of Distinction. 11/23/14) — Read More

Radiation Curing Program Earns Recognition (11/21)

The Continuing Education Association of New York has recognized ESF and its partner, RadTech International North America, with the James C. Hall Exemplary Program Award for the Radiation Curing Program.

The Radiation Curing Program's online courses serve practicing professionals, upper-level undergraduate students, and graduate students in the science and technology of energy curing.

"The Radiation Curing Program is innovative and successful with a national and perhaps international reach," said Jill Pippin, CEANY Awards and Resolutions Committee co-chair. "With its close tie to business, especially in high-growth sectors, and its friendly online approach, this program epitomizes the spirit of continuing education and has been normally recognized by colleagues across New York State." — Read More

Biotechnology Symposium Builds New Partnerships (11/21)

In addition to collaboration with the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Research Foundation for the State University of New York will partner with ESF to advance the 2015 New York State Biotechnology Symposium.

The symposium has been held annually in Central New York with speakers and workshop leaders from around the United States. Now in its seventh year, the symposium has a new name, stronger partnerships, and a new location at Brookhaven National Laboratory's Long Island campus. These advancements reflect a shared commitment to serve our state's various biotechnology education, research, development and business communities. — Read More

ESF American Chestnut Project in Washington Post (11/20)

(Washington Post: Unearthed article series covered the Chestnut Project and the benefits of returning the American chestnut to eastern forests. 11/20/14) — Read More

CNY Business Journal: ESF student among winners of 'Commercialization Academy' Challenge (11/20)

(An ESF student was a member of one of the winning teams of the Commercialization Academy entrepreneurship challenge. 11/20/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: ESF in article on Syracuse as #1 College Town in US (11/20)

(SUNY-ESF was mentioned in a Syracuse.com article on Syracuse being voted #1 College Town by Travel-Leisure magazine. 11/20/14) — Read More

New ESF greenhouses on TWC News (11/20)

(TWC News Garden Journeys featured Terry Ettinger and the new ESF greenhouses this week. 11/19/14) — Read More

ESF student is a contestant on CBS The Price is Right (11/19)

(ESF student Stacy Kazachuk was a contestant on the Price is Right gameshow this week. Watch the episode. 11/17/14) — Read More

Former ESF properties manager cautions against fracking brine on roadways (11/19)

(Finger Lakes Times reported on a presentation by Jim Crevelling, former ESF properties manager, who opposed the use of fracking brine for de-icing NY roads. 11/18/14) — Read More

James Gibbs to deliver Distinguished Ecologist lectures at Michigan Tech (11/19)

(Michigan Tech invited James Gibbs to deliver two lectures this month, on snow leopards and Galapagos tortoises. 11/14) — Read More

Connecticut Post: Course teaches low-stress tranquilizing (11/18)

(ESF students practiced low-stress tranquilizing during a 'Safe Capture' training course in Connecticut. 11/15/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF to put up ‘Visioning Wall’ to garner strategic planning input (11/18)

(The Daily Orange covered the 'visioning wall' the ESF administration hopes will encourage feedback from faculty, staff and students on the strategic planning process. 11/17/14) — Read More

WRVO: SUNY-ESF finds success with fungus resistant American chestnut trees (11/18)

(WRVO hosted an interview with Dr. Powell on the American Chestnut Project. 11/17/14) — Read More

American Chestnut Project in Genetic Literacy Project (11/18)

("Scientists are planning the return of an American icon in a genetically modified form." 11/14/14) — Read More

CNY Business Journal: ESF student entrepreneurs showcase ideas to 'Commercialization Academy' investors (11/18)

(ESF students are among the participants in this experiential program to hone student entrepreneurship skills. 11/14/14) — Read More

ESF students showcase ideas to investors, entrepreneurs at SUNY Poly (11/17)

(ESF students were among the presenters of inventive venture ideas based on Air Force patents for an entrepreneurial competition. 11/15/14) — Read More

Lake Placid News: DEC seeks more scientific moose count (11/14)

(ESF researcher Paul Schuette is among the scientists tapped by the NYS DEC to more accurately track NY state moose population. 11/14/14) — Read More

ESF research in Syracuse.com article on local Deer Task Force (11/14)

(Research by ESF's Brian Underwood was included in this story on efforts by Syracuse and Onondaga County to managing the growing urban deer population. 11/13/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: Captain stars for ESF timber team after nearly having to give up playing sports (11/13)

(In high school, ESF Timbersports team captain injured his back and was told he'd never play sports again. 11/10/14) — Read More

NYTimes: Fishermen in Brazil Save a River Goliath, and Their Livelihoods (11/13)

(Dr. Don Stewart was quoted in this NYTimes story on Brazil's efforts to establish sustainable arapaima fisheries in the Amazon. 11/12/14) — Read More

CBC Radio interviews Dr. James Gibbs on the recovery of Galapagos tortoise species (11/12)

("Not so long ago there were only fifteen of them. Now there are more than 2,000 Giant Tortoises living and breeding in the wild in the Galapagos." Click to listen. 10/29/14) — Read More

Dan Ramin named USCAA Women's Soccer Coach of the Year (11/12)

("In 2014, Coach Ramin guided ESF's non-athletic scholarship womens soccer program into a high USCAA team standing." 11/10/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: ESF cross-country captures 4th consecutive USCAA championship (11/12)

("The Mighty Oaks won their fourth consecutive United States Collegiate Athletic Association men's cross-country championships Friday, cementing their place as a powerhouse in collegiate running." 11/12/14) — Read More

Ars Technica: GMO trees could rescue American chestnut from invasive fungus (11/12)

(The online science magazine Ars Technica shared an in-depth story on the success of the American Chestnut Project and the science behind the trees. 11/12/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: ESF study shows smallmouth bass’s weight increases with growth of gobies (11/12)

(ESF graduate student Derek Crane was the lead investigator in the study analyzing the fish populations in the Great Lakes, in collaboration with the NYSDEC Lake Ontario and Lake Erie Research Units. 11/11/14) — Read More

ESF and Syracuse VA partner on therapeutic horticulture program for veterans (11/11)

("The program is a joint collaboration between Syracuse VA Recreation Therapists and researchers from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry." 11/11/14) — Read More

ScienceDaily: Blight-resistant american chestnut trees take root (11/7)

(ESF scientists are growing the first American chestnut trees that can withstand the blight that virtually eliminated the tree from the eastern United States. 11/6/14) — Read More

EcoRazzi: Threatened American Chestnut May be Saved by Genetic Engineering (11/7)

("25 years after beginning their research, two professors at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry have used genetic engineering to create a new strain of the threatened American chestnut tree." 11/6/14) — Read More

LiveScience: Iconic US Tree May Be Saved by Genetic Engineering (11/7)

(ESF researchers hope to produce thousands of the genetically modified chestnut trees to restore the plant to North America. 11/7/14) — Read More

Science Codex: Blight-resistant American chestnut trees take root at SUNY-ESF (11/7)

("Continuing research by ESF and collaborators from other institutions indicates that the transgenic trees do not affect the composition of leaf litter, the feeding habits of insects or the growth of ecologically important fungi." 11/6/14) — Read More

Genetic Literacy covers Chestnut Project crowdfunder (11/7)

("Save blight stricken American Chestnut? Crowd funding launches for GMO rescue" 11/7/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Genetic engineering may save the nearly extinct American chestnut (11/6)

("In the first use of genetic engineering to save a species in the wild, SUNY researchers say they have created a new strain of blight-resistant American chestnut that could restore the majestic tree to the American landscape." 11/6/14) — Read More

Phys.org: Blight-resistant American chestnut trees take root at SUNY-ESF (11/6)

("Scientists at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) are growing the first American chestnut trees that can withstand the blight that virtually eliminated the once-dominant tree from the eastern United States." 11/6/14) — Read More

WAER includes Dr. Wheeler's comments on the conclusion of Onondaga Lake dredging (11/4)

(Dr. Wheeler's comments on the importance of Onondaga Lake's restoration were included in a story on the conclusion of the lake's dredging. 11/3/14) — Read More

ESF and LSSU researchers discover post-goby Great Lakes bass are fatter (11/4)

(ESF researcher John Farrell and Lake Superior State University researcher Derek Crane have found that Great Lakes bass are increasing in their average weight from feasting on the prevalent round goby that are invading the lakes. 10/30/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Brian Underwood on the danger of fall auto collisions with deer (11/3)

(Brian Underwood explains why collisions with deer increase at this time of year. 11/3/14) — Read More

ESF researchers seek to understand effects of climate change on sugar maple (11/3)

(Researchers from ESF and the University of Vermont are conducting a survey of maple syrup producers to learn more about sugar maples and climate change. 11/1/14) — Read More

James Gibbs in Scientific American article on Lonesome George (11/3)

(James Gibbs is one of the scientists featured in Scientific American's article on Lonesome George's last days and the preparation of his exhibit. 10/27/14) — Read More

ESF bike library in the NewsHouse (11/3)

(NewsHouse reported on the growing success of ESF's bike library and SU's intent to build a similar program. 10/29/14) — Read More

New frog species and Galapagos tortoise recovery in California Academy of Sciences (10/31)

(The California Academy of Sciences reported on ESF-connected studies finding a new frog species and the recovery of a Galapagos tortoise species. 10/30/14) — Read More

FOX News: Giant tortoises of Galapagos have 'true story of success' (10/31)

(Fox News reported on the study by James Gibbs and colleagues that showed recovery among a Galapagos tortoise species. 10/29/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF professor inspires fund to protect Adirondack High Peaks ecology (10/31)

(The Adirondack Mountain Club honors dr. Ketchledge as an inspiration for Adirondack High Peaks Summit Stewardship Program. 10/31/14) — Read More

IFLScience: Giant Tortoises Bounce Back! (10/31)

(IFLScience reports on the recovery of a Galapagos tortoise species, according to a study published by James Gibbs and colleagues. 10/29/14) — Read More

Discovery News: Galapagos Island Giant Tortoises Stage a Comeback (10/31)

(Discovery News reported on the study published by James Gibbs and colleagues examining the recovery of Galapagos tortoises. 10/29/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF joins the growing college bass fishing circuit with its first-ever team (10/30)

(Syracuse.com reported on the ESF bass fishing team and their remarkable first-year success. 10/28/14) — Read More

Melissa Fierke interviewed on SU bike sharing program (10/30)

(The Daily Orange included quotes by Dr. Fierke on SU's work to establish a bike sharing program. 10/30/14) — Read More

Rutgers: New Frog Discovered Inhabiting I-95 Corridor from Connecticut to North Carolina (10/30)

(A new research paper, including Rutgers researchers Jeremy Feinberg and Joanna Burger, as well as scientists from UCLA,Yale, Louisiana State University, SUNY-ESF, and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, secures the leopard frog as a previously unidentified species. 10/29/14) — Read More

Time: Giant Tortoises Are Back From Near Extinction (10/30)

(Giant tortoises endemic to the Galapagos Islands are back from near extinction, according to a study published Tuesday by James Gibbs and colleagues. 10/29/14) — Read More

Reuters: Giant tortoises rally from near extinction on Galapagos island (10/30)

(Reuters reported on the new study published by James Gibbs and colleagues, reporting good news for Galapagos tortoises. 10/29/14) — Read More

Mother Nature Network: Near-extinct Galapagos island tortoises make comeback (10/30)

(MNN covered the new study released by James Gibbs and colleagues on the recovery of a Galapagos tortoise species. 10/29/14) — Read More

New York Times: Ecuador: Tortoise Species Is Saved (10/29)

(The New York Times reported on the new study released by James Gibbs and colleagues on the success of Galapagos tortoise restoration. 10/28/14) — Read More

Smithsonian: Giant Tortoises Have Made a Comeback From 15 to 1,000 (10/29)

(Efforts to reintroduce Española Galapagos giant tortoises to their native Española Island have been a success, according to recent research from scientists at SUNY-ESF. 10/29/14) — Read More

BBC News: Giant tortoise makes 'miraculous' stable recovery (10/28)

(After 40 years' work reintroducing captive animals, a detailed study led by ESF's James Gibbs has confirmed it has a stable, breeding population. 10/28/14) — Read More

Newsweek: Galapagos Giant Tortoise Brought Back From Brink of Extinction (10/28)

("The population is now considered stable, says James Gibbs, study co-author and professor of conservation biology at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse." 10/2/14) — Read More

Yahoo UK: Big comeback for giant tortoise (10/28)

(According to an ESF study, a giant tortoise subspecies that once teetered on the brink of extinction has made a big comeback on its Galapagos island home. 10/28/14) — Read More

RTE News: Giant tortoise subspecies makes comeback on Galapagos Islands (10/28)

(Ireland's RTE News reports on the new study led by James Gibbs. 10/28/14) — Read More

LiveScience: Near-Extinct Galápagos Island Tortoises Make Colossal Comeback (10/28)

(LiveScience reported on the study, with James Gibbs as lead author and including ESF alumni among the co-authors. 10/28/14) — Read More

Washington Post reports on Galapagos tortoise study (10/28)

(Gibbs and colleagues report that Espanola Island tortoises have recovered to a self-sustaining population. 10/28/14) — Read More

Gibbs-led study on recovery of Galapagos tortoises in FreeNewsPos (10/28)

("A study published Tuesday in PLOS ONE reports that efforts to reintroduce the species have been successful, with some 1,000 tortoises now breeding without human help." 10/28/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF uses state-of-the-art heating technology to improve energy efficiency (10/28)

(The Daily Orange covered ESF's events for National Bioenergy Day, and the college's goal to be carbon neutral by 2015. 10/27/14) — Read More

Dr. Murphy calls for Congress to take action on climate change (10/28)

(In his latest Huffington post blog article, Dr. Murphy calls on Congress to consider climate change a serious risk to US stability. 10/24/13) — Read More

ESF faculty and alumni on the ties between upstate NY and Major League Baseball (10/27)

(Syracuse.com interviewed Dr. Melissa Fierke and ESF alum Ron Vander Groef on the history of Adirondack bats in MLB. 10/2614) — Read More

ESF researchers co-author research summary on woody crops harvesting systems (10/24)

(Co-authors of this summary of harvesting systems for short rotation woody crops include ESF's Time Volk and Mark Eisenbies. 10/23/14) — Read More

American Chestnut Project in Get to Know GMOs Month (10/24)

(The American Chestnut Research & Restoration Project was mentioned in an article as part of BIOtechNOW's month-long GMO feature. 10/22/14) — Read More

Adirondack Almanack: AIC offers Halloween-themed program to learn about animal bones (10/24)

(Mark Lawler will lead an interactive program at the AIC on Oct 25 to show how an animal's bones help them survive and how they can be used for identification. 10/22/14) — Read More

Controversy in New Mexico over protection of endangered mouse (10/24)

(ESF research was cited in an article in the New Mexico Watchdog covering a legal battle over public grazing land that houses the endangered meadow jumping mouse. 10/15/14) — Read More

WAER: National Bioenergy Day Showcases Advances in the Field, Incentives for Residents (10/24)

("Advancements in using biomass technology for heat were front and center Wednesday at SUNY ESF for the second annual National Bioenergy Day." 10/23/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF student project in finals for 2014 EPA P3 contest (10/24)

(An ESF student team working to recover ammonia from dairy manure will present their project at a national expo in Washington DC for up to $75,000 in funding. 10/23/14) — Read More

ESF alum interviewed for News Channel 2 fall foliage story (10/23)

(Utica College professor and ESF alumna Dr. Sara Scanga was featured in a recent story on the science of fall foliage. 10/14/14) — Read More

New Forest Economy in International Innovation (10/23)

(International Innovation covered the work of Gilbert Preston and his colleagues to build a New Forest Economy. 10/14) — Read More

ESF alum named Senior VP at Aclara (10/23)

(ESF alum Bob Florence has been appointed Senior VP of of Marketing, Customer and Sales Support at Aclara Technologies. 10/22/14) — Read More

NYSERDA covers ESF campus National Bioenergy Day events (10/23)

(NYSERDA ran a press release on the events they partnered with ESF to hold in Syracuse for National Bioenergy Day. 10/22/14) — Read More

Biomass Magazine covers ESF's National Bioenergy Day activities (10/23)

(A rundown of this year's National Bioenergy Day events includes coverage of SUNY-ESF and NYSERDA's events on campus. 10/22/14) — Read More

Karin Limburg in National Geographic article (10/23)

(An article on the evolutionary effects of early human hunting pressures on salmon included comments from Karin Limburg. 10/21/14) — Read More

WSYR: SUNY ESF scientists bringing back the American Chestnut tree (10/21)

After nearly a quarter century of research, a team from SUNY ESF is on the cusp of a major breakthrough. 10/11/13 — Read More

WAMC Northeast Public Radio: David Chanatry: The American Chestnut Tree (10/21)

The American Chestnut tree was once known as the king of the eastern forest. 10/03/13 — Read More

The Motley Fool: How Genetic Engineering Can Save the Iconic American Chestnut Tree (10/21)

An estimated 3 billion to 6 billion American chestnut trees once covered forests spreading from southern Mississippi to central Maine. 03/16/14 — Read More

The Daily Star: Chestnuts are making a comeback (10/21)

Recently, The American Chestnut Foundation has been working with SUNY-College of Environmental Science and Forestry to produce a blight-resistant chestnut tree. 03/28/14 — Read More

National Institute of Food and Agriculture: NIFA program helps re-establish the American chestnut tree in the United States (10/21)

An American icon is being ravaged, and scientists are rushing to its rescue. 05/05/14 — Read More

BIOtechNOW: Remember the American Chestnut Tree on Arbor Day (10/21)

The American Chestnut blight is recent example of how genetic engineering has served as a vital agricultural technology. 04/25/14 — Read More

Forest Guild: American Chestnut: A Test Case for Genetic Engineering? (10/21)

The American chestnut may be the most compelling case thus far for the use of genetic engineering. 4/14 — Read More

New Scientist: American chestnut set for genetically modified revival (10/21)

Genetically modified trees, which are resistant to a deadly fungus that has decimated the species, have produced the first resistant chestnuts. 05/30/14 — Read More

Popular Science: GMOs-Beyond Pesticides (10/21)

There are uses for GMO tech beyond pesticides and herbicides, that could have benefits for consumers, the environment, and human health. 07/28/14 — Read More

The Atlantic: Genetically Engineering an Icon: Can Biotech Bring the Chestnut Back to America's Forests? (10/20)

In the 20th century, a blight killed off four billion of these towering trees. Now, new research shows that a gene, taken from wheat, provides resistance. 05/31/13 — Read More

The Economist: Into the wildwood (10/20)

A GM species may soon be liberated deliberately. 05/04/13 — Read More

New York Times: Like-Minded Rivals Race to Bring Back the Chestnut Tree (10/20)

Capping decades of research, two groups of plant breeders and geneticists appear to have arrived independently within reach of the same arboreal holy grail: creating an American chestnut tree that can, at long last, withstand the devastating fungus blight that wiped the trees out by the billions in the first half of the 20th century. 07/14/13 — Read More

New York Times: Bringing Back the American Chestnut Tree (10/20)

Capping decades of research, two groups of plant breeders and geneticists appear to be within reach of creating an American chestnut tree that can withstand the devastating blight that wiped the trees out by the billions in the first half of the 20th century. 07/14/13 — Read More

The Wall Street Journal: Hopes for Chestnut Revival Growing (10/20)

Engineered Versions of the Once-Common Species, Long Ago Wiped Out by a Fungus, Take Root. 08/19/12 — Read More

Nature: Plant science: The chestnut resurrection (10/20)

Once king of eastern forests, the American chestnut was wiped out by blight. Now it is poised to rise again. 10/03/12 — Read More

National Geographic: Resurrecting A Forest (10/20)

For the cover story in the April 2013 issue of National Geographic, I explore an idea that sounds like pure science fiction: bringing extinct species back to life. 03/11/13 — Read More

Reason.com: Science, Not Mysticism, Will Save the American Chestnut Tree (10/20)

In the early 20th century, chestnut blight fungus introduced from overseas devastated American chestnuts—the then-dominant trees in eastern forests stretching from Maine to Mississippi. 12/27/13 — Read More

TWC News: Growing trees in test tubes (10/20)

You know, it's hard to believe this American elm started out its life in a test tube. 07/07/08 — Read More

TWC News: Chestnut tree blight (10/20)

One hundred years ago, an average American Chestnut tree would've grown to 100 feet tall but it's being killed by cankers that encircle the tree and kill it. 05/21/12 — Read More

TWC News: SUNY ESF plants trees for Arbor Day (10/20)

The SUNY-ESF campus is getting a little greener. Students and faculty planted some newly developed chestnut trees near the Gateway Center as part of an Arbor Day celebration on Friday. 04/26/13 — Read More

TWC News: Bicyclists raise money and awareness for tree research (10/20)

The International Stihl Tour des Trees was at SUNY-ESF to celebrate the university's American Chestnut Program. 08/22/13 — Read More

Bridge Street Live: SUNY ESF scientists bringing back the American Chestnut tree (10/20)

After nearly a quarter century of research, a team from SUNY ESF is on the cusp of a major breakthrough. 10/11/13 — Read More

Eagle News Online: Skaneateles high school students get hands on experience in SUNY ESF lab (10/20)

While some teenagers were life guarding, mowing lawns or waiting tables this summer, five Skaneateles High School students were conducting research that may someday help to save certain species of trees from extinction. 10/02/13 — Read More

The Post Standard, Syracuse.com: William A. Powell, SUNY ESF professor, named Forest Biotechnologist of the Year (10/20)

William A. Powell, a professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) and director of the Council on Biotechnology in Forestry there, has been named 2013 Forest Biotechnologist of the Year by the Institute of Forest Biotechnology. 12/10/13 — Read More

SUNY-ESF Bass Fishing Team on NY Times front page (10/20)

(The ESF bass fishing team was mentioned in an NY Times story covering the rise of competitive collegiate bass fishing. 10/17/14) — Read More

ESF faculty's New Forest Economy work is paying off (10/20)

(The Salamanca Press covered the new business that's already being drawn to the region since Cattaraugus County invested in Preston Gilbert's New Forest Economy plan by agreeing to build a biorefinery. 10/17/14) — Read More

ESF Gateway Center featured in Interiors & Sources (10/20)

(The Gateway Center was recently featured as one of Interiors & Sources top 10 LEED projects for 2014. 9/25/14) — Read More

Trailhead Cafe incorporates local produce into menus (10/17)

(The Trailhead is using local sustainable produce grown by Green Campus Initiative on ESF's own property. 10/13/14) — Read More

Gilbert and Amidon New Forest Economy helping bring business to upstate NY (10/17)

(The New Forest Economy biorefinery project in Cattaraugus County is already beginning to attract businesses into the region. 10/16/14) — Read More

ESF alumna among new faculty at St. Michael's College (10/17)

(Farrah Fatemi earned her PhD in ecology and environmental science at the University of Maine (2011) after completing an MS in FNRM at ESF in 2007. 10/14/14) — Read More

ESF students raise awareness of campus waste with Solo Cup art installation (10/16)

("A group of Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF students are hoping to address issues of waste and party culture at SU through a series of art installations consisting only of red Solo Cups." 10/15/14) — Read More

John Stella to speak at 2014 Restoring the West conference (10/16)

(John C. Stella of FNRM will speak on riparian forest management of western rivers at this year's Restoring the West conference. 10/14/14) — Read More

Dr. Robin Wright inducted into 3M’s Carlton Society (10/16)

SUNY-ESF congratulates our friend and colleague, Dr. Robin Wright, 3M Corporate Scientist, on his induction into the Carlton Society. The Carlton Society is 3M's technical "Hall of Fame" consisting of top 3M scientists who contribute to the company's culture of innovation. Dr. Wright has advised and actively encourages the SUNY-ESF/RadTech Radiation Curing Program as a way to serve and advance the radiation curing field. We thank him for his leadership and join the 3M and RadTech communities in congratulating him on this most deserved achievement. Read More

Alum named pre-med advisor at Keene State College (10/15)

(ESF alum Dr. Susan Whittemore was named Keene State College pre-med advisor. 10/14/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF team among Phase 1 winners of EPA's annual P3 competition (10/15)

(A team from SUNY-ESF will progress to Phase II of the EPA's annual P3 competition, competing at National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington, D.C. 10/15/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: Artist-in-residence finds inspiration from time at Adirondack Interpretive Center (10/14)

(The Daily Orange reported on AIC Artist-in-Residence Frances Gaffney's art exhibition at Moon Library. 10/13/14) — Read More

Biology Fortified: What do you want to know about restoring the American Chestnut? (10/9)

"Earlier this year during my presentation at the GMO Forum in Washington D.C., I mentioned a project that raised some eyebrows." 10/8/13 — Read More

Going Green: the American chestnut (10/9)

This is one of two plots of the largest planting of transgenic American chestnut, a big step forward toward the reintroduction of this species. VIDEO. 7/13/09 — Read More

SUNY-ESF research included in story on NYS coyote populations (10/9)

(An Ithaca Times story on the increasing coyote populations in New York state includes SUNY-ESF research. 10/08/14) — Read More

LeRoy takes over at SUNY-ESF (10/9)

("Former Baldwinsville Police Lieutenant Thomas LeRoy was sworn in Monday as the Chief of Police for the SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry." 10/14) — Read More

Ross Whaley to speak at Paul Smiths in November (10/9)

(Former ESF president Ross Whaley will give a talk titled "Science and Resource Management Meet the Real World" at Paul Smiths Nov 7. 10/08/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Ranger School student is a state motocross champion (10/6)

(Sean Ballard, an 18-year-old who is now attending Ranger School at SUNY-ESF, won the 250 cc expert class at the New York State Motocross Championships for the seventh time. 10/5/14) — Read More

ESF grad student invites us to slow down and consider snails (10/2)

(Grad student Cody Gilbertson tells the story of the endangered Chittenango amber ovate snail on the USFWS blog. 9/29/14) — Read More

Will a dry September bring bolder, brighter fall colors to CNY? (9/30)

(Dr. Leopold says that this fall has the makings of a particularly beautiful show of foliage. 9/29/14) — Read More

James Gibbs one of the speakers for installation of Lonesome George at American Museum of Natural History (9/29)

("In honor of the Museum's special exhibition of Lonesome George, the famed Galapagos tortoise that was the last of his species, the Museum last week hosted an in-depth conversation about biodiversity with scientists and conservation experts." 09/26/14) — Read More

A cleaner Onondaga Lake reveals long-overlooked problems that worry scientists (9/29)

(The Onondaga Lake bioblitz revealed that now that the lake's mercurcy levels are falling to safe levels, the next problem that needs addressing is the proliferation of invasive species. 9/26/14) — Read More

Science Daily reports on publication of new loon research (9/25)

(SUNY-ESF's Adirondack Ecological Center was among the organizations that participated in recently published new research on Adirondacks loons. 9/9/14) — Read More

ESF Landscape Architecture students get an Oneida Rail Trail wish-list (9/25)

(Landscape Architecture students from SUNY-ESF worked with groups of interested Oneida city residents to compile a "wish list" of what they would like to see in future developments of Oneida Rail Trail sections. 9/11/14) — Read More

Dr Turner's termite research in Not Exactly Rocket Science blog (9/25)

(Dr. Turner's research on termites and fungus-harvesting was cited in Ed Yong's "Not Exactly Rocket Science" blog. 9/23/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF in Huffington Post article on why leaves change color (9/25)

(The Huffington Post cited the ESF "Why do Leaves Change Color?" webpage in a recent article on fall foliage. 9/22/14) — Read More

James Gibbs visits American Museum of Natural History for Talk on Galapagos Tortoises (9/25)

(Lonesome George was installed in the Smithsonian this past weekend, and Dr. Gibbs was one of the panelists for a companion talk on the Pinta tortoise. 9/22/14) — Read More

ESF soccer Mighty Oaks vs OCC on TWC News (9/23)

("Monday's edition of Sports Night has the NY Jets giving one away at MetLife Stadium, the Orange eager for their primetime chance at redemption, and the OCC Lazers dethroning top-ranked ESF in men's soccer." Click to watch. 9/23/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF awarded five grants for Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Research (9/23)

(The grants were part of $710,000 in funding handed out by SUNY Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Network of Excellence. 9/17/14) — Read More

CLRC reports on ESF/OCC grant for water research facility (9/23)

("Two CLRC member organizations will be partnering to create the new SUNY Water and Research Education Center (SUNY WREC)." 9/23/14) — Read More

Daily Orange reports on ESF's $20 million grant for Onondaga Lake water research facility (9/23)

("The grant is an opportunity to work closely with a variety of schools and institutions to "teach principles of ecology while monitoring and celebrating the rebirth of a truly beautiful lake," Wheeler said." 9/23/14) — Read More

SU and SUNY-ESF students participate in largest climate march in history (9/23)

("More than 100 Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF students were among the 400,000 people who took to the streets of New York City to chant, pound drums and wave signs during the People's Climate March on Sunday." 9/23/14) — Read More

Dr. Malmsheimer in World Biomass 2014 (9/22)

(Dr. Robert Malmsheimer and other authors from the Society of American Foresters published a summary of findings from the SAF Carbon Accounting Response Team. 9/14) — Read More

ESF's maple syrup operation covered in blog article (9/18)

("For some students at the State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry, money really does grow on sugar-maple trees." 9/16/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Big hopes for SUNY Water Research and Education Center at Inner Harbor (9/18)

("Public officials today touted the benefits of the SUNY Water Research and Education Center, which they say will bring research, educational opportunites, tourism and sustainable development to the shores of Onondaga Lake." 9/16/14) — Read More

OCC, SUNY-ESF win $20 million grant for water-research center at Inner Harbor (9/18)

("The SUNY Water Research and Education Center will bring research, educational opportunity, tourism and sustainable development to the shores of Onondaga Lake, Cuomo's office said in a news release announcing the grant." 9/16/14) — Read More

WSYR: SUNY-ESF and OCC team up for facility at Inner Harbor (9/18)

("The latest addition to the Inner Harbor development project will be the SUNY ESF Water Research and Education Center, which will also include OCC. A $20 million state grant announced Tuesday is helping the project." 9/16/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: College earns highest ranking in its history in U.S. News and World Report (9/17)

("French said the higher rankings the school achieved this year were primarily due to improvements in the rating component tied to graduation rate — which has been rising steadily — and the college reputation rating that is based on a U.S. News survey of peer institutions." 9/16/14) — Read More

Onondaga Lake Bioblitz: 7 things we learned from 24-hour study (9/17)

(Syracuse.com covered the Onondaga Lake Bioblitz and interviewed Dr. Leopold about the findings. 9/16/14) — Read More

Governor Cuomo announces $20 million grant for ESF Water Research facility (9/16)

("Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced that the state has awarded SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry $20 million to build science labs and classrooms along Onondaga Lake's Inner Harbor." 9/16/14) — Read More

Research identifies threats to Adirondack loons (9/15)

(SUNY-ESF is one of the institutions contributing new loon research to a special loon-centric issue of the journal "Waterbirds." 9/12/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Welcomes New President with Inauguration Celebration (9/15)

(Time Warner News covered Dr. Wheeler's inauguration. Click thorugh to watch the video segmant. 9/12/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF inaugurates 4th president, looks ahead (9/15)

(The Daily Orange covered Dr. Wheeler's inauguration last Friday. 9/14/14) — Read More

Photo Gallery: Dr. Quentin D. Wheeler Inaugurated as Fourth President of the SUNY-ESF (9/12)

(Syracuse.com created a lovely photo gallery of Dr. Wheeler's inauguration. 9/12/14) — Read More

Five environmental points to ponder as SUNY-ESF inaugurates fourth president (9/12)

(Syracuse.com distilled Dr. Wheeler's inauguration speech down into five central points. You can also read the transcript here. 9/12/14) — Read More

Bay Journal covers Dr. Limburg's call to remove Susquehanna dams (9/12)

("In an op-ed published in Sunday's New York Times, the scientists argue that the Conowingo, and three upstream hydro facilities, should be removed altogether." 9/8/14) — Read More

New SUNY-ESF president says college could be at the forefront of environmental learning (9/12)

("Wheeler thinks ESF, with it's strength in forestry and natural history, is poised to play a major leadership role in making those decisions." Click to listen. 9/12/14) — Read More

Environmental Monitor reports on Onondaga Lake Bioblitz (9/12)

("Scientists with the school hope the results of the blitz will show some of the enhanced biodiversity in the area, as well as educate the public about the work completed." 9/11/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com reports on the Onondaga Lake bioblitz (9/10)

("Hundreds of scientists, students and volunteers will descend upon Onondaga Lake Friday for a "'Bioblitz" to catalog and identify every species that can be found in 24 hours." 9/8/14) — Read More

Former ESF professor Chad Dawson and others celebrate the Wilderness Act (9/10)

(A 50th Anniversary celebration of the Wilderness Act will be held at Tanner Pond in the Adirondacks, featuring Dr. Chad Dawson, Professor Emeritus at SUNY-ESF, members of the NYS DEC, and others. 9/8/14) — Read More

Daily Orange features SUNY-ESF researchers' work on New England cottontail rabbits (9/10)

(Dr. John Cohen and graudate student Amanda Cheeseman have been working for two years to study declining New England cottontail populations. 9/9/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com covers US News rankings of SUNY-ESF and other CNY colleges (9/10)

(This year's US News Best Colleges rankings are out, and Syracuse.com reports on the standings of SUNY-ESF, Syracuse University, and other central New York colleges. 9/9/14) — Read More

Quentin Wheeler's Inauguration in Syracuse.com (9/8)

(Syracuse.com reports on the schedule for Dr. Wheeler's presidential inauguration. 9/8/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF graduate uses comedy improv skills to stay sharp in business (9/8)

("Chris Arnold, 24, came to Syracuse's own Salt City Improv Theatre as a senior at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, hoping to get over his fear of public speaking and interviewing." 9/5/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF alum now faculty member at Lake Superior State University (9/8)

(ESF alumnus Kevin Kapuscinski is a new co-director of the Aquatic Research Laboratory and faculty member in the School of Biological Sciences at LSSU. 9/4/14) — Read More

North Country Public Radio covers Teddy Roosevelt Weekend in Newcomb (9/8)

(Paul Hai was interviewed in this radio segment on the Newcomb, NY Teddy Roosevelt Weekend. Click through to listen. 9/3/14) — Read More

ESF professor calls for removal of Susquehanna River dams in New York Times op-ed (9/8)

(Dr. Karin Kimburg is among three conservation scientists calling for the removal of the series of dams across the lower reaches of the Susquehanna River. 9/7/14) — Read More

Maritime Women’s Soccer Overwhelmed by SUNY-ESF in Home Opener (9/8)

(Maritime College Athletics reported on their loss to the Mighty Oaks women over the weekend. 9/8/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF research center partners with state parks for predator study (9/4)

("A research study out of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) is collaborating with Fahnstock State Park and Wonder Lake State Park in Putnam County to look at predator populations as part of an ongoing study of the declining population of New England cottontails." 9/2/2014) — Read More

The Young Forest Project covers graduate student's work on cottontails (8/29)

("Amanda Cheeseman, a graduate student in the State University of New York's College of Environmental Science and Forestery, is studying the ecology of New England cottontails in the Hudson Valley." 8/26/14) — Read More

A Teenager’s Study Suggests Public Colleges Get Less NYTimes Attention (8/28)

(SUNY-ESF is mentioned as one of the public colleges studied in this article about NYTimes representation of public vs. private colleges. 8/27/14) — Read More

NY schools awarded grants for SUNY workforce development programs (8/28)

(SUNY-ESF was awarded workforce development funding for our new programs in environmental health and sustainable energy. 8/27/14) — Read More

Strength in numbers: SUNY-ESF has largest incoming class in its history (8/27)

(The Daily Orange covered SUNY-ESF's record incoming class, including quotes from Communications Director Claire Dunn. 8/26/14) — Read More

Dr. Murphy warns of damage from microplastics in aquatic ecosystems (8/26)

(In his Huffington Post blog this week, Dr. Murphy writes about the damage that tiny plastic particiles are doing to fish and other aquatic wildlife. 8/25/14) — Read More

Threat to arapaima among Business Insider's "most important things in world right now" (8/26)

(Business Insider has Dr. Donald Stewart's recent research involving the danger of extinction for the giant arapaima on its list of the "Most Important Things in the World Right Now." 8/14/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF mentioned in Post-Standard coverage of funding from the Grants for Growth program. (8/26)

(Partner organization Avatar received a $25,000 grant for development of a pulp waste conversion process it is collaborating with SUNY-ESF on. 8/18/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF faculty quoted in article on mosquito-borne illness (8/26)

(Dr. Larry Abrahamson was quoted in a recent Post-Standard story about EEE. 8/19/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF set to inaugurate fourth president (8/25)

("SUNY-ESF will celebrate the inauguration of its fourth president, Quentin Wheeler, by hosting several events, including an academic symposium and a bioblitz." 8/25/14) — Read More

Talking about Diversity in the Adirondacks (8/20)

(Carol Cain, one of the event speakeers, covered the "Toward a More Diverse Adirondacks" symposium on her blog. 8/18/14) — Read More

Adirondacks Diversity Symposium on Utica Observer Dispatch's list of "things to do" (8/20)

("You're welcome to be part of a discussion on that change when the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry hosts an all-day symposium Saturday at the Adirondack Interpretive Center in Newcomb." 8/11/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF student takes award in EPA National Water Quality Challenge (8/20)

(John Lombardi won a $2000 award for his proposal to combine citizen science data with National Lakes Assessment (NLA) data. 8/19/14) — Read More

LiveScience: Amazon's Biggest Fish Faces Threat of Extinction (8/14)

("Of the five known species of arapaima, three have not been observed in the wild in decades, according to study co-author Donald Stewart, a professor with the State University of New York at Syracuse's College of Environmental Science." 8/13/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF researchers solve mystery of anatomically picky fungus (8/13)

(Dr. Wheeler's regular Guardian article featues ESF researchers' discovery that beetle-infecting fungus is sexually transmitted. 8/9/14) — Read More

Phys.org covers loss of arapaima populations (8/13)

("An international team of scientists has discovered that a large, commercially important fish from the Amazon Basin has become extinct in some local fishing communities." 8/13/14) — Read More

Adirondack Watershed Institute features Ranger School (8/13)

("In the early years of the Ranger School, only men over eighteen years of age with certificates of good character and perfect physical condition were allowed enrollment." 8/12/14) — Read More

3-D Printing Visionary Lance Pickens Selected to Keynote UV/EB Advanced Manufacturing Webinar Series (8/11)

Lance Pickens, 3-D printing visionary and CEO of MadeSolid, Inc., will kick off the 2014-2015 Future of UV/EB Webinar series on August 27th at 2:00 p.m. Lance will recount developments in advanced materials for 3-D printing and share his perspective on the role of UV curing as 3-D printing technology continues to accelerate. — Read More

Adirondack Diversity Symposium Slated For August 16th (8/11)

("Civil rights leaders, community activists, social scientists, and organizations will get together in Newcomb in mid-August to discuss the need to broaden diversity in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender-identity among the Adirondack Park's residents and visitors." 8/10/14) — Read More

James Gibbs and colleagues use UAV drones to image Galapagos Islands (8/11)

("To help conservationists cover more ground, Gibbs and his colleagues are pioneering the use of camera-equipped unmanned aerial vehicles in the Galapagos." 8/6/14) — Read More

Diversity in the Adirondacks Symposium in Adirondack Life Magazine (8/7)

(Adirondack Life wrote about the upcoming symposium "Toward a More Diverse Adirondacks," to be hosted at the AIC on Aug 16. 8/7/14) — Read More

Adirondack Almanack reports on upcoming Adirondacks Diversity Symposium (8/7)

(Paul Hai is quoted in this article supporting the need for the symposium on human diversity and the Adirondacks, which will be hosted at the AIC this August. 8/2/14) — Read More

USDA Forest Service awards funding to N.Y. Wood Energy Team (8/7)

(CNY Business Journal reported on a $250,000 grant from the USDA to enable the NY Wood Energy Team to offer wood management training and services to the public. 8/5/14) — Read More

Grad student conducting research at Narragansett Bay this summer (8/5)

(Cassandra Beaulieu is analyzing water samples to study the nitrogen composition of the bay's water and its effects on marine life. 7/28/14) — Read More

Dr. Turner's work with termites on National Geographic website (8/1)

("A professor of animal physiology at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, this rangy intellectual MacGyver does it all in search of clues to a biological mystery: How do tiny termites build such spectacular structures?" 7/31/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF students awarded environmental science scholarships (7/31)

(Two SUNY-ESF students were among the recipients of environmental science scholarships offered by Casella Waste Systems. 7/31/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF student among Sea Grant Launch Stewards (7/31)

(An ESF student is working as a Sea Grant Launch Steward this summer, educating boaters on methods of preventing the spread of invasive species between NY bodies of water. 7/29/14) — Read More

Chestnut Project in Popular Science (7/31)

(Popular Science included the Chestnut Restoration Project in this roundup of beneficial and boundary-pushing GMO projects. 7/28/14) — Read More

Syracuse can be a world-beater in green tech -- if a visionary leader points the way (7/29)

(SUNY-ESF is among the institutions discussed in this editorial on making sustainability the core of Syracuse's economy. 7/27/14) — Read More

New York canoe camping area comes with new rules (7/29)

(The Adirondack Interpretive Center is mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article on the rules for the Essex Chain campsites. 7/13/14) — Read More

James Gibbs on Galapagos Tortoises (7/23)

(Dr. James Gibbs was interviewed on Radiolab for a 1-hour special on the Galapagos Islands. His segment, on the legendary and now-extinct Pinta tortoise, begins at 25 minutes in. Click to listen. 7/14) — Read More

Alum joins University of Alaska as research forester (7/22)

(Matt Stevens, alum of the Ranger School and FNRM program, has joined the University of Alaska's School of Natural Resources & Extension as their newest research forester. 7/18/14) — Read More

Quentin Wheeler: Be aware of invasive species (7/22)

(Quentin Wheeler wrote an op-ed on awareness of invasive species in honor of the first New York State Invasive Species Awareness Week. 7/21/14) — Read More

Dr. Murphy on forests as a cost-effective way to mitigate climate change (7/21)

(Neil Murphy writes in the Huffington Post on the potential of forests as a cost-effective way to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 7/17/14) — Read More

North Country Regional Economic Development Council Announces Demolition of the Lyons Falls Mill Site Underway (7/17)

(SUNY-ESF Center for Brownfield Studies contributed to the redevelopment planning of the abandoned Lyons Falls paper mill into a business park. 7/15/14) — Read More

Gateway Center chosen for architecture award (7/14)

(The Gateway Center has been chosen for the Society for College University and Planning's 2014 Excellence in Architecture award. 7/14/14) — Read More

Daily Freeman covers student winner of Outstanding Oral Presentation for 2014 Environmental Summit (7/14)

("Angelica Owen from Saugerties High School earned the 2014 Award for an Outstanding Oral Presentation at the Environmental Summit at The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse on May 28." 7/13/14) — Read More

Neil Murphy on leadership: Don't shirk the difficult things (7/14)

("As you start to grow in an organization, there are more and more people that you have responsibility for. If you take that to heart, you realize that in some respects their well-being and the well-being of their families is your responsibility." 7/13/14) — Read More

DEC opens new Adirondack wilderness camping sites on previously private area (7/14)

(The Adirondack Interpretive Center will manage permits for the newly-opened Essex Chain Lakes camping sites. 7/11/14) — Read More

Grad student's Snowy Plover project featured in Pensacola News Journal (7/10)

(ESF grad student Maureen Durkin was one of the shorebird researchers interviewed in this article that exhorts holiday visitors to be mindful of shorebirds at the beach. 7/3/14) — Read More

Alum guest-hosts roundtable on history of art and health (7/8)

(SUNY-ESF alum Lisa Tessier has been invited to be guest host of this week's roundtable at the Andes Society Hunting Tavern, in Andes, NY. 7/14) — Read More

New Paltz teen to begin classes at SUNYESF with scholarship (7/8)

("Reminy Bacon, 17, of New Paltz, is this year's recipient of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County's Master Gardener program's Dominic Parise Master Gardener Scholarship." 7/2/14) — Read More

Podcast: SUNY-ESF and Rapid Cure discuss ESF's new Radiation Curing Program (7/8)

("In this podcast, Kate Wall of SUNY ESF and Dan Montoney of Rapid Cure Technologies discuss the Radiation Curing Program." 7/2/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF grad student doing river otter research in Finger Lakes region (7/8)

(For the past two summers, SUNY-ESF graduate student Elaina Burns has been studying the Finger Lakes' transplanted populaton of river otters. 7/4/14) — Read More

ESM honors partnerships with SUNY-ESF and the village of Minoa (7/2)

("East Syracuse Minoa Central School District students benefit greatly from rewarding partnerships with the SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry (SUNY ESF) and the village of Minoa's Cleanwater Educational Research Facility (CERF). The District honored both at a "Partnership for Learning" recognition on May 15." 7/2/14) — Read More

New Popularity in Food Waste-to-Compost Programs (7/2)

(This week's TWC Going Green covers the increasing popularity of food waste-to-compost programs. 6/30/14) — Read More

First Ice Anemone Makes Top 10 Species List (7/2)

(The Maritime Executive covered the Top 10 Species list, with a focus on the unique ice anemone. 7/1/14) — Read More

High school students present college-level research at SUNY-ESF Environmental Summit (7/1)

("Eleven students from G. Ray Bodley High School in Fulton used the knowledge acquired in Dan Mainville's global environment course as part of their research for a recent environmental summit sponsored by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry." 6/28/14) — Read More

ESF alumna Dr. Katy Kavanaugh new Texas A&M head of ecosystem science and management (6/26)

("Dr. Katy Kavanagh has been hired as the new Texas A&M University ecosystem science and management department head, moving to College Station from the University of Idaho." 6/25/14) — Read More

Engineering for a Sustainable Society club featured for Honduras project (6/25)

(ESS club's project to bring clean water to a Honduras village was the featured initiatives of the week for the Practical Initiatives Network. 6/24/14) — Read More

North Country Public Radio covers ATBI Bioblitz at Newcomb Campus (6/25)

(Professional biologists and visitors will work together to catalog Adirondacks wildlife on Sunday at Newcomb Campus during the ATBI Bioblitz. Click to listen to the story. 6/24/14) — Read More

ESF College Foundation Donates Land to Expand Heath Park (6/20)

(WAER covered SUNY-ESF's donation of a two acre land parcel to the city of Syracuse. Click to listen to the segment. 6/19/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF donates 2 more acres to Syracuse's Heath Park (6/20)

("Heath Park in the Valley neighborhood, Syracuse's largest stand of woods, grew a bit larger today when the ESF College Foundation donated 2 acres to the existing 31-acre park." 6/19/14) — Read More

Office of the Mayor Press Release on dedication of new city land from SUNY-ESF (6/20)

("Mayor Stephanie A. Miner today dedicated a new piece of land in Heath Park donated to the City of Syracuse by the ESF College Foundation, the charitable foundationwhich supports the mission of SUNY-ESF." 6/19/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com story on SUNY scholar/athletes (6/19)

(Timmy Callahan is among the SUNY scholar/athletes named in this article on this year's awards. 6/18/14) — Read More

New deal may mean a new beginning for J&L site (6/18)

(The Ranger School hosted a celebration when possession of a long-contaminated industrial was resolved so that cleanup can begin. Click to listen to the story. 5/11/14) — Read More

NY Sea Grant, Cornell, SUNY ESF Study virus Impact on St. Lawrence River Muskellunge Sportfishery (6/17)

("In the upper St. Lawrence River region of New York State, the muskellunge sportfishery has not yet recovered from the VHSV epidemic basinwide in teh Great Lakes in 2005-2008." 5/6/14) — Read More

Rebecca Rundell working with an endangered snail in Madison County (6/16)

(TWC's weekly Going Green segment this week covers Rebecca Rundell's work to protect an endangered snail that lives only at Chittenango Falls. 6/15/14) — Read More

Want a house that costs $2 a month to power? Some local students can make it happen (6/13)

(Syracuse.com covered the ESF-led team and the house that won the DOE sustainable home design competition. 6/13/14) — Read More

Retired ESF Professor Robert Werner quoted in a story about algae in Skaneateles Lake. (6/13)

("Werner described spirogyra as a filamentous, green algae. "It's not toxic. It's not going to kill any fish," he said." 6/12/14) — Read More

Ranger School hosts turnover of new public property (6/11)

(Longtime work has come to fruition as legislators and environmental officials gathered at SUNY-ESF's Ranger School to celebrate the decontamination and release of an industrial site to public use. 6/11/14) — Read More

2014 Biotechnology Symposium Held at Gateway Center (6/11)

The 2014 Biotechnology Symposium hosted approximately 150 participants from more than a half-dozen states. The connections made between experienced and emerging professionals from academia and industry help to keep biotechnology in New York ever expanding. Please save the date for next year's Symposium at Brookhaven National Laboratory, May 12 and 13, 2015. — Read More

When will we finally get relief from CNY's terrible allergy season? (6/10)

(Martin Dovciak and Don Leopold were interviewed in this Syracuse.com story on pollen. 6/10/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Alumna gives Tedx talk on the value of food (6/10)

(Michelle Meyer aspires to transform the way we as a society value food and to challenge our traditional views of agriculture as something apart from urban landscape. Click to watch the video. 5/6/14) — Read More

Olinguitos and Geckos and Microbes, oh my! (6/9)

("Over the past year, experts around the world have added some 18,000 new species of plants, animals and other living things to the list of known species on the planet." 6/6/14) — Read More

Kennedy takes home best poster award at ESF Environmental Summit (6/9)

("Syracuse Academy sophomore Aireyanna Kennedy (10th grade) won Best Poster Presentation at SUNY ESF Environmental Summit on Wednesday May 28th." 6/14) — Read More

Brian Underwood quoted in article on keeping ticks at bay (6/9)

(Brian Underwood was one of the outdoors experts whose tick-dodging techniques were cited in this article. 6/4/14) — Read More

New Scientist: American chestnut set for genetically modified revival (6/4)

("The near-extinct American chestnut looks set to make a comeback. Genetically modified trees, which are resistant to a deadly fungus that has decimated the species, have produced the first resistant chestnuts." 5/30/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Scholarship a Success – First Peace Corps Recipient Announced (6/4)

("I am helping to fund a scholarship at SUNY-ESF, a state college, in honor of Peace Corps because of the excellent education the college provided and because of the importance Peace Corps had in my life and to the world." 6/2/14) — Read More

Scientists, DEC Wage War Against Emerald Ash Borer; Parasitoid Wasps Released (6/3)

("A team of research scientists and entomologists from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, the USDA, and the New York State Department of Conservation recently came to Randolph to continue their research on the emerald ash borer." 5/30/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF alum interviewed by Seattle Pi on her new book (6/3)

(Faye Rapoport, author of Message from a Blue Jay, was interviewed by Seattle Pi on her career, inspiration and writing process. 5/30/14) — Read More

Urban CNY reports on Environmental Challenge 2014 (6/3)

("Seventh and eighth grade students attending schools in the SCSD participated in Environmental Challenge 2014 held at the Carrier Dome. The event was hosted by the Syracuse City School District and SUNY- Environmental Science & Forestry." 5/30/14) — Read More

Yes, fish have ears -- and they can tell a fish's life story, ESF prof finds (6/2)

("Limburg, an ecology professor at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, has tracked the lives and migrations of fish for more than a decade by X-raying tiny stones in their ears." 6/1/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF students helping to save the New England Cottontail (6/2)

(With populations of the New England cottontail in decline, a number of initiatives have begun to protect them. Led by Dr. Jonathan Cohen, SUNY-ESF students are participating by trapping and banding cottontails to study their population movements. 5/25/14) — Read More

Our urban forests improve the quality of life (6/2)

(In his latest Huffington Post blog post, Dr. Murphy delineates the benefits of robust urban forests. 5/30/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Expands Radiation Curing Program (5/29)

("SUNY-ESF is expanding its Radiation Curing Program (RCP) with the addition of a new short course in ultraviolet/electron beam (UV/EB) curing beginning in May 2014." 5/29/14) — Read More

Design Times: Craftsman-style Home Design from SU, SUNY-ESF and Onondaga Students Wins Design Award (5/29)

("A team of students from Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF and Onondaga Community College recently won the grand award for the single detached home category in a national competition organized by the Department of Energy and the National Association of Homebuilders." 5/28/14) — Read More

Top 10 Species mentioned on Weather.com (5/28)

(The Weather Channel ran an article on species discovery that included discussion of the IISE Top 10 Species of 2014. 5/23/14) — Read More

Students from SU, SUNY-ESF, OCC Win National Award for Net-Zero Home Design (5/27)

(Syracuse University News ran a story on the ESF/SU/OCC team that won the national competition to design a sustainable home. 5/22/14) — Read More

American Chestnut: A Test Case for Genetic Engineering? (5/27)

(Wisdom (21) ran a supportive article on the Chestnut Restoration Project and the use of genetic engineering to restore the American chestnut. Article starts on page 8. Spring/Summer 2014) — Read More

IFLScience: Top Ten Newly-Discovered Species (5/27)

("Last year, an astonishing 18,000 species were newly described in scientific literature. The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry's (ESF) International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) has scoured through all of them, choosing the top 10 most exciting additions to the 8.7 million known species of life on Earth." 5/23/14) — Read More

CNN: Welcome to the list: Scientific institute lists its top 10 newly discovered species (5/27)

("Consider it the taxonomist's equivalent of a People magazine's Most Beautiful List." 5/25/14) — Read More

Washington Post: The top ten new species awards of 2014 (5/27)

("Maybe they should be called the "Linnies," after Carolus Linnaeus, who developed the classification system for life on our planet." 5/27/14) — Read More

NY Times: Welcoming the Newly Discovered (5/27)

("Amid the discouraging headlines about the extinction of wildlife species around the world, there is this bright spot: So many new species of animals and plants are discovered every year that no one knows the number." 5/26/14) — Read More

CBS News: Photo gallery of Top 10 Species (5/27)

(CBS News ran a beautiful photo gallery of the Top 10 Species. 5/23/14) — Read More

CBC: Top 10 species of 2014 include olinguito, Antarctic anemone (5/23)

("A teddy bear-faced carnivore from the Andean cloud forests and a ghostly cave snail that travels only a few centimetres per week have been named among the top 10 species of 2014." 5/22/14) — Read More

NBC News: Top 10 New Species go from Cute to Creepy (5/23)

("Check out the teddy-bear-cute olinguito, a scary-cool eyeless snail and other noteworthy new species discovered during the past year." 5/22/14) — Read More

Time: Top 10 New Species for 2014 (5/23)

("This year the list is being released by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry's International Institute for Species Exploration—and the timing isn't coincidental. Tomorrow is the 307th anniversary of the birth of the Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus, who laid down the groundwork for classifying life." 5/22/14) — Read More

CNET: Top 10 new species of 2014 announced (5/23)

("Although there is an estimated 10 million to 12 million living species in the world, we know surprisingly little about them. According to Quentin Wheeler, founding director of the International Institute for Species Exploration, we have only identified around two million -- and species are going extinct faster than they are being identified." 5/22/14) — Read More

Remember the American Chestnut Tree on Arbor Day (5/23)

(Biotech Now ran a piece on the American Chestnut and the Chestnut Restoration Project for Arbor Day. 4/25/14) — Read More

ESM Recognizes SUNY-ESF with Partnerships for Learning (5/23)

("ESM recently recognized the SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry (ESF) and the Village of Minoa's Cleanwater Educational Research Facility (CERF) with aPartnership for Learning award. ESM students benefit greatly from these rewarding partnerships." 5/14) — Read More

Student Project: $2 Monthly Energy Bills with Craftsman Architecture (5/23)

(A sustainable contracting company posted an article about the home design from the SUNY-ESF led group that won the DOC Challenge Home Design competition. 5/17/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF students visit Braddock Bay Bird Observatory (5/23)

("The students went on net-runs and watched birds being banded, aged, sexed, wing chord and tarsus measured, weighed and released." 5/20/14) — Read More

Reuters: Top 10 newly-discovered species span big trees, tiny flies (5/23)

("NEW YORK (Reuters) - A cross between a sleek cat and a wide-eyed teddy bear that lives in Andean cloud forests and an eyeless snail that lives in darkness 900-plus meters (3,000 feet) below ground in Croatia rank among the top 10 new species discovered last year, scientists announced on Thursday." 5/22/14) — Read More

FOX News: Transparent snails & 'fairy' wasps: Top 10 new species revealed (5/23)

("A fuzzy-faced, tree-living carnivore, a transparent snail and ice-clinging anemones are among the top new species discovered in the last year." 5/22/14) — Read More

The Guardian: Top 10 new species of the past year – in pictures (5/23)

("The International Institute for Species Exploration has picked 10 of 18,000 species new to science in the past year, from a tiny skeleton shrimp at Santa Catalina Island in California to a translucent Croatian snail." 5/22/14) — Read More

Discovery News: Ice Anemones to Dragon Trees: Top Species of Year Named (5/22)

("Announcement of the annual list, established in 2008, coincides with the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, an 18th century Swedish botanist who is considered to be the father of modern taxonomy." 5/22/14) — Read More

Reuters reports on the Top 10 Species of 2014 (5/22)

("A cross between a sleek cat and a wide-eyed teddy bear that lives in Andean cloud forests and an eyeless snail that lives in darkness 900-plus meters (3,000 feet) below ground in Croatia rank among the top 10 new species discovered last year, scientists announced on Thursday." 5/22/14) — Read More

Company news: SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry faculty members honored (5/20)

(SUNY-ESF announced Dr. Russel Briggs and Richard S. Hawks as distinguished professors in the SUNY system. 5/19/14) — Read More

NIFA program helps re-establish the American chestnut tree in the United States (5/20)

(NIFA ran a story on their blog about SUNY-ESF's American Chestnut Research and Restoration project, which they help fund. 5/5/14) — Read More

Grist covers the sustainable home design that won the DOE contest (5/20)

("A group of students from three Syracuse, N.Y.-area colleges designed a home that only racks up $2 in energy costs each month — and it's a 1,925-square-foot craftsman-style beaut." 5/15/14) — Read More

High levels of toxic mercury found in Onondaga Lake birds, bats (5/20)

(The work of ESF graduate student Anand Chaudhary is included in this article on the mercury levels of wildlife around Onondaga Lake. 5/18/14) — Read More

100th Commencement for Wanakena Ranger School (5/19)

("It was a milestone in Saint Lawrence county Saturday, one hundred years of ranger school diplomas." Click to watch the video segment. 5/17/14) — Read More

Future Impacts of Biotechnology Discussed at SUNY-ESF (5/19)

("Could the way we feel be caused by environmental factors in Central New York ? That was one of several topics mentioned today during the Biotechnology Symposium at SUNY ESF." Click through to listen to the segments. 5/16/14) — Read More

Ranger School to hold centennial commencement this weekend (5/16)

("The Ranger School, a division of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, will graduate 57 students at its 100th commencement at 11 a.m. Saturday at Clifton-Fine Central School auditorium, Star Lake." 5/16/14) — Read More

Ranger School to graduate 57 this weekend (5/15)

("The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry will graduate 57 on Saturday at the school's 100th commencement." 5/14/14) — Read More

Nature's strange, top 10 creatures - a list from SUNY ESF's president (5/14)

("The International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) plans to release its list of the 10 Top Species for 2014 on May 22. That's a big deal for Syracuse this year." 5/14/14) — Read More

David Remnick delivers keynote speech at SU/ESF commencement (5/12)

(Syracuse.com reports on David Remnick's commencement speech, and shares the full-text transcript. 5/11/14) — Read More

PAWS of CNY attends SUNY-ESF De-stress Event (5/12)

("PAWS of CNY volunteers recently attended a de-stress event for the students at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Foresty (SUNY ESF)." 5/11/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse University and ESF celebrate the class of 2014 (5/12)

("Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry celebrated this year's batch of the best and brightest Sunday morning at its 160th commencement ceremony at the Carrier Dome." 5/11/14) — Read More

TWC News: Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF honor grads at commencement (5/12)

("After years of building friendships, cheering on the Orange, and a lot of hard work and studying, Syracuse University and SUNY ESF's Class of 2014 can officially call themselves graduates." 5/11/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF researchers keeping an eye on recovery of muskie populations (5/9)

("This summer, researchers from Cornell University, and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, will be watching the fish. Biologists will see how the muskies are coming along in their recovery." 5/9/14) — Read More

PBS Newshour: As species decline, so do the scientists who name them (5/8)

(President Wheeler was featured in a PBS article on the field of taxonomy. 5/7/14) — Read More

Local Student Receives ESF Ranger School Scholarship (5/8)

("Melissa Milano of New Paltz, a student at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestrys Ranger School, was named as the recipient of the Ranger School Endowment Scholarship." 5/7/14) — Read More

Kim Adams interviewed on what we can expect from ticks this spring (5/7)

("While you may think the cold we experienced this winter would kill many ticks, entomologists at SUNY ESF say the snow provided insulation to keep them warm." Click to watch the segment. 5/6/14) — Read More

Neil Murphy interviewed for TWC piece on White House climate change report (5/7)

(Dr. Murphy says that efforts like Save the Rain, aimed at fighting climate change and its consequences, may become even more important in years to come. Click to watch the interview. 5/6/14) — Read More

Lee Newman on Academic Minute for phytoremediation (4/30)

(Dr. Lee Newman was a guest on Academic Minute this week to talk about phytoremediation. Click to listen to the interview. 4/30/14) — Read More

Kim Adams on this year's projections for ticks and Lyme Disease (4/30)

(Entomologist Kim Adams was interviewed in this Time Warner News article on expectations for tick populations and Lyme Disease this year. 4/28/14) — Read More

ESF Chemistry students haul 5 loads of trash as part of stream monitoring (4/30)

("The 45 members of the General Chemistry Service Track at SUNY ESF spent four hours cleaning the water as part of Adopt-a-Stream, an Earth Day activity." 4/26/14) — Read More

Gateway Center and the AIA Top Ten in Huffington Post (4/29)

(The Huffington Post covered the 2014 AIA Top Ten Projects for sustainable architecture, including the Gateway Center. 4/27/14) — Read More

Backyard business: Alumnus starts landscaping company using sustainable, healthy plants (4/29)

("David Myers, a State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry alumnus, created Backyard Orchards, which plants edible gardens in clients' yards in Buffalo, N.Y." 4/28/14) — Read More

Students tag ash trees in Waddington in preparation for invasive beetle (4/23)

("More than 20 Madrid-Waddington Central High School students teamed up with about 40 forestry students Monday to tag ash trees in the village for the St. Lawrence County Environmental Management Council's 14th annual Earth Day event." 4/22/14) — Read More

Going Green: NYSEFC makes funding available for water improvement projects (4/22)

(This week's Going Green segment is about project funding available through the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. Click to watch. 4/21/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: will this cold winter kill off ticks and mosquitos? (4/22)

(Alas, entomologist Kim Adams says no. 4/18/14) — Read More

AIA honors Gateway Center as one of 2014 Top Ten Projects (4/22)

(The AIA has recognized the Gateway Center as one of the nation's top ten sustainable projects for 2014, including a beautiful spread and detailed information on the building. 4/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF LA alum establishes a sustainable garden design startup (4/22)

("All we have to do is tweak the old model of home landscaping a little bit and create resource-making landscapes instead of resource-wasting landscapes," Myers said." 4/21/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Expands Radiation Curing Program with New Online Short Course (4/22)

("The new short course, Principles of Energy Curing Technologies, is targeted at sales and customer service representatives, marketing and business managers, and regulatory agencies in these fields." 4/21/14) — Read More

WAER covers Earth Day at ESF and SU (4/22)

(WAER collected several segments on Earth Week and Earth Day in this article, including interviews with ESF faculty and students. Click to listen. 4/21/14) — Read More

Chipping away: Professor, team of machinists, researchers use technology, flue gas to develop energy efficient fuel (4/21)

("A SUNY-ESF professor is turning a substance commonly found on playgrounds and parks into a more energy efficient fuel." 4/21/14) — Read More

Dr. Murphy says "Celebrate progress and rise to the challenge of climate change" (4/21)

(For this Earth Day, Dr. Murphy wrote a Post-Standard article examining how far we've come and what we still have to do for the environment. 4/20/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Survey: Financial Concerns, Old Habits Hinder Green Building (4/18)

("The biggest impediments to widespread adoption of green construction practices are the cost — either real or imagined — of incorporating more environmentally friendly features into construction projects and a lack of understanding about what can and should be done, according to a survey of attendees at the New York State Green Building Conference." 4/8/14) — Read More

Doug Johnston speaks at SUNY Green Infrastructure Summit (4/18)

(A photo gallery of Doug Johnston and others speakers who presented at the SUNY Green Infrastructure Summit on Thursday. 4/18/14) — Read More

NEWBio: Expanded Production and Harvesting of Willow Biomass Crops in New York State (4/16)

("Over the course of 2013, commercial production of shrub willow biomass crops completed its first full year of northern New York State operations, representing the first successful large-scale deployment of willow crops in North America." 4/15/14) — Read More

Bridge Street covers SUNY-ESF Earth Week (4/15)

(New Channel 9 covered Earth Week and the Student Spotlight on Research today, filming live from the SUNY-ESF Gateway Center. Click through to watch. 4/15/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF and CNY Section of American Chemical Society Co-Host Presentation by Dr. Stephen Cantor (4/15)

("The presentation, entitled "UV Curing Technology: A Route to Solvent-Free Adhesives and Coatings", was presented to a live audience in Syracuse, NY at SUNY-ESF's Gateway Center, and was simulcast as a live webinar for participants nationally and internationally." 4/15/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF Alumnus’ estate gives largest donation in school’s history (4/15)

("The estate of Raymond M. and Rita J. Smith gave the $2.4 million donation, which will fund student scholarships, according to an April 8 SUNY-ESF news release." 4/14/14) — Read More

Daily Orange: Professor, students present findings on Syracuse’s deer population (4/15)

("After conducting extensive research, a SUNY-ESF professor handed Syracuse residents the hard truth about the city's problematic white-tailed deer." 4/14/14) — Read More

MHS grad's estate makes historic donation to SUNY ESF (4/14)

("A Medina High School graduate's family estate recently gave the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry the largest cash gift in the 103-year-old college's history." 4/14/14) — Read More

The Great Outdoors: To spot spring peepers, keep your eyes on the ground (4/14)

("Produced by the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, the pamphlet made it clear: Don't look for tree frogs in trees." 4/11/14) — Read More

Scott Turner quoted in Quanta Magazine: The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants (4/10)

("One of the most exciting findings to emerge from studies of living architecture "is how dynamic and rich this process is," said Scott Turner, a biologist at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse." 4/9/14) — Read More

Inergetics In. appoints ESF alum to Advisory Board (4/10)

("Inergetics, Inc. NRTI +10.00% , a leading developer of nutritional supplements, today announced the company has completed the formation of its Scientific/Medical Advisory Board with the appointment of Justin Fischedick, M.D." 4/9/14) — Read More

ESF alum named project executive at Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management (4/10)

("Paul McCoy of Loudonville, Albany County, has been named project executive at Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management." 4/8/14) — Read More

SUNY ESF study: Nearly 220 deer call the east end of Syracuse home (4/9)

("A SUNY ESF study estimated there's nearly 220 deer living within the east side of Syracuse and an adjacent part of the town of Dewitt." 4/9/14) — Read More

Just how many white-tailed deer are there on the east side of Syracuse? (4/9)

(Brian Underwood presents to community on the suburban deer population on Syracuse's East Side. 4/4/14) — Read More

Paul Crovella and graduate student Michelle Tinner on Bridge Street (4/9)

(Paul Crovella and graduate student Michelle Tinner were on Bridge Street on WSYR TV this morning to talk about ESF's entry in the Home Design Competition. Click to watch the segment. 4/8/14) — Read More

Time Warner reports on the Smith Estate gift to ESF (4/9)

("The college has received a two point four million dollar gift from the estate of Raymond and Rita Smith of Tonawanda." 4/8/14) — Read More

Post-Standard reports on the Smith Estate gift to ESF (4/9)

("The gift from the estate of Raymond M. and Rita J. Smith of Tonawanda, will be used to fund student scholarships, primarily for students from western New York." 4/8/14) — Read More

Printmakers and Papermakers: PBE student collaborate with SU students in capstone project (4/8)

(SUNY-ESF PBE students collaborated with students from the SU Printmaking Department to create a paper run for their capstone projects. 4/4/14) — Read More

A clear focus: ASU and ESF alum plans for future water use (4/8)

("Now working to bring a renewable surface water supply from the Colorado River to Central Arizona, ASU alumnus Jessica Fox has a long-standing interest in sustainability." 4/1/14) — Read More

ESF alum Qi Ye Named Director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy (4/8)

(Qi Ye, a leading expert on China's environment policy and Environmental Science PhD '94, has been named director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy, Brookings President Strobe Talbott announced today. 4/3/14) — Read More

InsideScience: The Obscurity Of Science: Do The Hungry Live Longer? (4/2)

(James Gibbs was quoted in this Inside Science story questioning the link between restricted calorie intake and lifespan. 4/1/14) — Read More

Siart is new communications coordinator at Highstead (4/1)

(Highstead, a nonprofit organization dedicated to New England forest conservation and ecological research, welcomes SUNY-ESF alumna Jes Siart as the new communications coordinator. 4/1/14) — Read More

Rebuilding Homes and Hope (4/1)

("Francis and Ortiz were part of a contingent of students with the Syracuse University/SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry chapter of Habitat for Humanity who spent their spring break on the Jersey Shore, still rebuilding from the 2012 disaster." 3/31/14) — Read More

David Remnick to be Syracuse University's commencement speaker (4/1)

("David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker and a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, will be the keynote speaker at the Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry joint commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 11, in the Carrier Dome." 3/31/14) — Read More

Scott Turner guest on 3/28 Science Friday broadcast (3/31)

(Scott Turner talked termites, robots and biomimicry on the March 28 Science Friday broadcast. Click to listen. 3/28/14) — Read More

Longtime Syracuse radio call-in show canceled (3/31)

("Terry Ettinger, the longtime host of 570 WSYR radio show "The Weeder's Digest" said goodbye to his listeners for the last time Saturday morning before signing off." 3/29/14) — Read More

Purdue Distinguished Agriculture Alumni Award 2014: Donald J. Leopold, PhD '84 (3/31)

(Dr. Leopold was honored by Purdue University last week for his accomplishments as an alum. 3/14) — Read More

Chestnuts are making a comeback (3/28)

("Finally, a disease-resistant tree has been produced. Over the next few years, they will be producing as many of these as possible to jump-start the reforestation of these beautiful trees and renew our forests." 3/28/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com showcases some of the best products from the Green Building Conference (3/28)

("Sure, the annual New York State Green Building Conference taking place in downtown Syracuse offers plenty of workshops on things like carbon neutral structural systems and operational sustainability strategies. But what about cool green products?" 3/28/14) — Read More

Dr. Don Leopold talks native landscaping on Smart Talk Friday (3/28)

(Dr. Don Leopold was interviewed by Smart Talk Friday in Pennsylvania about his talk on the subject of sustainable landscapes and native species in York, Pa. on Friday. Listen at the link below. Dr. Leopold's segment begins around the 45:15 mark. 3/20/14) — Read More

LongIsland.com reports on ESF students receiving SUNY Chancellor's Award (3/28)

("Beverly Agtuca of Holbrook (pictured left) and Lauren Alteio of Montgomery received the honor, which includes framed certificates and medallions that can be worn at commencement." 3/25/14) — Read More

New York's newest and most significant green buildings, innovations (3/28)

(In honor of this week's New York State Green Building Conference, sponsored by SUNY-ESF, Syracuse.com compiled a photo gallery of significant sustainably designed buildings in New York. 3/27/14) — Read More

NCC News: Peace Corps Seeks to Recruit Even More Volunteers From SUNY ESF (3/28)

("At her Peace Corps recruitment booth stationed at the ESF Gateway Center, Russo said it makes sense that more SUNY ESF students in particular are choosing to become volunteers." 3/26/14) — Read More

HS Chemistry students visit SUNY-ESF Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (3/28)

(On Tuesday March 25th, chemistry students from Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School were welcomed to the Paper and Bioprocess Engineering Department at SUNY-ESF and given a tour of Walters Hall Pilot Plan. 3/26/14) — Read More

Daily Orange reports: Local college students design eco-friendly, affordable house (3/28)

("Students from Syracuse University, the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry and Onondaga Community College are working together to design an eco-friendly house that would be affordable for the median family income in Syracuse." 3/27/14) — Read More

Biorefinery group asks for casino funds (3/28)

(A Syracuse biorefinery company has stepped up efforts to convince Cattaraugus County lawmakers to suport a $120 million biorefinery that is part of Amidon and Gilbert's New Forest Economy initiative. 3/27/14) — Read More

Smithsonian Magazine: How Many Species Can We Find Before They Disappear Forever? (3/26)

(Smithsonian Magazine cited Dr. Wheeler in an article for its April issue. 3/14) — Read More

Atlantic States Legal Foundation spends International Forest Day with Don Leopold (3/26)

(On March 21st, 2014, a number of community members and Atlantic States Legal Foundation (ASLF) staff braved the lingering winter chill to celebrate International Day of Forests with a walking tree identification tour around Oakwood Cemetery, led by Donald Leopold. 3/26/14) — Read More

Long Island News Reports Student Success (3/26)

Long Island Media, Inc. reported on student Chancellor's Award winners. — Read More

SUNY ESF prof lecturing tonight on giant, air-breathing Amazon fish (3/26)

("Donald J. Stewart, an ESF professor who recently discovered a new species of the giant arapaima native to South America, will present a lecture tonight about conservation efforts for these air-breathing fishes, which are flagship species for diverse Amazonian ecosystems." 3/26/14) — Read More

Dr. Dave Kieber quoted in Discovery.com article (3/25)

(Dr. Dave Kieber is quoted in this story about recent discoveries involving cloud formation and sea-to-atmosphere migration of carbon. 3/8/14) — Read More

Chemistry professor presents at Ocean Sciences Meeting (3/25)

Dr. David Kieber chaired a session at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu and was quoted in a Discovery.com story about recent developments in the study of cloud formation. — Read More

Syracuse.com reports on Rebecca Rundell's work for Palau's UN report on conservation (3/25)

("The Republic of Palau, a chain of 586 islands in the western Pacific Ocean, is an "evolutionary treasure," according to evolutionary and conservation biologist Rebecca Rundell." 3/25/14) — Read More

Western Michigan University reports on 2014 TAPPI Student Summit (3/24)

(WMU students were very successful at the 2014 TAPPI Student Summit, hosted by SUNY-ESF. 2/14/14) — Read More

Cattaraugus Co. lawmakers to meet on Forest Economy project (3/24)

(Dr. Amidon and Preston Gilbert continue their meetings with Cattaraugus County legislators in pursuit of building a biorefinery plant. 3/22/14) — Read More

Two Row Wampum: ESF faculty and students pddle to honor parallel course of cultures (3/20)

(Four ESF faculty and a number of students and alumni participated in the year-long campaign to renew the Two Row Wampum treaty with the Haudenosaunee. The events led to the forging of new relationships and a new determination to take responsibility for the environment and resources we share. Winter 2014) — Read More

Eddie Bevilacqua visits Plan Sierra (3/18)

(Eddie Bevilacqua visited Plan Sierra in the Dominican Republic over spring break, to build relationships for future research collaborations. 3/12/14) — Read More

SAF honors Project Learning Tree (3/18)

(The Statewife Forestry Association honored Project Learning Tree with the 2013 Community Service Award. Dr. Beth Folta serves as a member of the project's steering committee. 3/17/14) — Read More

Green grub: Cafe offers reusable take out boxes to reduce waste (3/17)

(The Daily Orange covers the new reusable to-go boxes being implemented by the Trailhead Cafe. 3/17/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Chestnut Research in the Motley Fool (3/17)

(The Motley Fool discusses the economic impacts of the loss of the American Chestnut, and the genetics work being done by the American Chestnut Research and Restoration project to revive them. 3/16/14) — Read More

ESF researchers study success of Mexico's clean water payment program (3/14)

(Mexico is paying upstream landowners to use their land to minimize pollution and maximize water availability in the communities that use that water downstream. Researchers from SUNY-ESF have joined with four other universities and the US Forest Service to study the program's success. 3/13/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF staff, programs recognized in 2014 Celebration of Technology awards (3/14)

(Brandon Murphy and SUNY-ESF's Office of Outreach were honored by the Technology Alliance of Central New York. 3/13/14) — Read More

Colin Beier on why this has been a good winter (3/13)

("The hardest jolt for trees and other plants, Beier said, involves abrupt swings between the cold and periods of unseasonable warmth." 3/13/14 — Read More

Onondaga County clears out weak ash trees to prepare for emerald ash borer (3/11)

(Melissa Fierke is quoted in this story on Onondaga County's plan to remove unhealthy ash trees and combat the emerald ash borer. 3/7/14) — Read More

Chemistry professor publishes in Nature Geoscience (3/11)

Dr. David J. Kieber is part of a team that published a paper in the journal "Nature Geoscience." The paper is titled, "Contribution of sea surface carbon pool to organic mater enrichment in sea spray aerosol." The paper was published online Feb. 27, 2014. — Read More

Kieber, students to present at international symposium in May (3/11)

Dr. David J. Kieber of the Department of Chemistry, and graduate students Inger Tyssebotn and Joanna Kinsey, will present research results at the 6th International Symposium on biological and environmental chemistry of DMS(P) and related compounds. The conference will be May 26 through 30, 2014, at the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC), Barcelona, Spain.

SUNY RF grant funds research at Cranberry Lake (3/11)

Dr. David J. Kieber and a colleague have received a $29, 810, two-year grant from the Collaboration Fund of the SUNY Research Foundation to conduct a gas flux study at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station. They will assess factors that regulate fluxes of carbon dioxide from lake waters into the atmosphere. Keiber is working with Dr. Scott Miller of SUNY Albany.

Moon Library Recognized as a STAR in Resource Sharing (3/10)

Moon Library at ESF recently received 4 out of 4 stars for our commitment to resource sharing best practices! This award presented by the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative and the American Libraries Association's Reference & User Services Association provides recognition for contributions to and improvements in library resource sharing services such as interlibrary loan. — Read More

Catteraugus Co. and SUNY-ESF Look To Team Up On New Wood Technologies (3/6)

(Research into new methods and products for wood and wood byproducts might give an economic shot in the arm of Cattaraugus County and the rest of the western Southern Tier. 3/6/14) — Read More

President Wheeler's favorite insect: the Darth Vader beetle (3/5)

(Quentin Wheeler is a noted entomologist with expertise on new species, so during an online chat it was natural that someone would ask his favorite insect. Wheeler's answer? The Darth Vader beetle. 3/5/14) — Read More

SU, SUNY-ESF students join oil pipeline protest (3/5)

("Divest SU and ESF and Students of Sustainability, two groups on SU's campus that publicly oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline, decided to join XL Dissent in rallying against the proposal." 3/4/14) — Read More

Another year of collaboration between ESF and CNY RPDB (3/5)

("The Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board has once again partnered with the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry this spring to undertake two community greenhouse gas inventories and two community climate action plans." 3/4/14) — Read More

ESF faculty and staff participated in Symphoria's musical homage to the "Sounds of Nature" (3/4)

("The opening movement of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," for example, sounded like winter rushing in. Images of the natural environment were projected on a screen and the pieces were introduced by climate experts from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry." 3/3/14) — Read More

Public Speaking Lab Now Available (3/4)

ESF's Public Speaking Lab (PSL) located in 13 - B Moon is a free service that supports the development of undergraduate students' public, academic, and professional speaking skills. PSL consultants work with students, both in-person and online, to provide formative feedback on presentations and presentation materials (from outlines to presentation slides). The lab also functions as a rehearsal space and team room where groups of students can meet to plan, practice, film, and review presentations. Please visit the PSL webpage for more information. — Read More

Shell shocked: ESF Alumnus creates chemical-free solution to eradicate invasive mussels in lakes (3/4)

("A SUNY-ESF graduate has devised a way to reduce the number of invasive mussels living in the Finger Lakes in a natural, chemical-free way." 3/3/14) — Read More

Amidon and Gilbert present New Forest Economy biorefinery proposal to Cattaraugus County (3/3)

("Mr. Gilbert, a economic development specialist, said the biorefinery would be at the center of an integrated cluster of businesses and industries that would rely on products produced at the biorefinery." 3/1/14) — Read More

Finger Lakes Institute talks to cover sustainable community development (2/28)

(The Finger Lakes Institute will host four free public lectures on sustainable community development, including Mike Kelleher, speaking on the subject of energy. 2/27/14) — Read More

Lawmakers to hear plan Friday for ‘New Forestry Economy’ (2/28)

("On Friday, two representatives from the SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) School at Syracuse will outline a "New Forestry Economy" to county lawmakers that could include a plant in Cattaraugus County to extract chemicals from both hardwoods and softwoods." 2/27/14) — Read More

Barclay bill would change SAFE Act-related hunting ban on SUNY ESF properties (2/27)

("More than 5,300 acres in the North Country operated by SUNY ESF were off limits to small and big-game hunters with firearms this fall as a result of the N.Y. SAFE Act. That could change under a bill authored earlier this month by Assemblyman Will Barclay, R-Pulaski, which calls for some minor word changes in the law." 2/27/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF alum's work with invasive mussels covered by NY Times (2/26)

(In 1990, when Dr. Molloy learned that invasive mussels had infested New York power plants, he began looking for a bacterium that could control their population without damaging native species. 2/24/14) — Read More

Fort Drum biomass power deal to aid area forest industry (2/26)

("The supply chains created by the plant could also aid schools and other entities looking to convert their power source, said Timothy A. Volk." 2/22/14) — Read More

ESF social scientists improving storm-warning communications: CNY Science (2/25)

("Researchers from State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry are joining other scientists in developing ways to improve communications between emergency officials and residents." 2/25/14) — Read More

New SUNY-ESF President Quentin Wheeler's priorities for environmental school (2/25)

("Quentin Wheeler, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry's new president, has clear priorities for the school." 2/25/14) — Read More

Transcript from President Wheeler's Syracuse.com Q&A (2/25)

("Q&A transcript: SUNY ESF President Quentin Wheeler on expanding ESF, addressing climate change, his favorite bug." 2/25/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF Chestnut Restoration Project covered in Beforeitsnews.com (2/24)

("The mission of the American Chestnut Research and Restoration Center is to conduct basic and applied research that will lead to the development of a blight-resistant American chestnut tree (Castanea dentata)." 2/21/14) — Read More

President Wheeler interviewed on Channel 9 Newsmakers (2/24)

("Dr. Quentin Wheeler talks about challenges facing the environment and what it will take to achieve sustainable biodiversity in the 21st century. He also talks about ESF's role in helping society to face those challenges." Click through to watch the interview. 2/23/14) — Read More

President Wheeler to hold an online chat with Post-Standard (2/24)

("Quentin Wheeler, president of the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, will participate in a live online chat with Syracuse.com users at noon today, Monday, Feb. 24." 2/24/14) — Read More

Scientific American: A New Generation of American Chestnut Trees May Redefine America's Forests (2/20)

(Dr. Powell and Dr. Leopold both feature in this web exclusive article on the Chestnut Research and Restoration Project's work to restore the American Chestnut. 2/19/14) — Read More

American Scientist prints Bill Powell article on The American Chestnut's Genetic Rebirth (2/20)

("A foreign fungus nearly wiped out North America's once vast chestnut forests. Genetic engineering can revive them." 3/2014) — Read More

Post-Standard reports on ESF's high number of Peace Corp volunteers (2/11)

("SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is one of the top schools in the nation for producing Peace Corps volunteers." 2/11/14) — Read More

James Gibbs interviewed on WAMC on snow leopards (2/10)

("And you make a difference for snow leopards in ways you might not think: developing markets for women to sell handicrafts so they don't rely on their husbands to poach to provide school and medical fees for their children, providing petrol and vehicle parts for anti-poaching patrols, and supporting biologists to be out there in the -40 C weather figuring out what's going on." 2/10/14) — Read More

James Gibbs interviewed for National Geographic piece on Sochi mascots (2/7)

("Gibbs is cautiously optimistic that the attention generated by the Winter Olympics will result in increased efforts to aid the snow leopard." 2/6/14) — Read More

Lee Newman on PRI's The World on decontaminating Fukushima water with phytoremediation (2/7)

("Newman's a professor of biotechnology and phytoremediation at the State University of New York in Syracuse. And she says phytoremediation might just be a big help in decontaminating water at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant." Click through to listen to the interview. 2/6/14) — Read More

KPFA interviews Robin Kimmerer on her new book, Braiding Sweetgrass (2/7)

("Sarah Holmes interviews Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer about her book Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants." Click through to listen to the radio interview. 2/6/14) — Read More

ESF biotechnology student discovering the joys of SEM (2/6)

(Senior Mike LeClair learned how to replicate and photograph snowflakes using SEM while taking the electron microscopy course. 2/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF grad built his own gourmet mushroom company (2/6)

(Matt Gretton, owner of Trifecta Mushrooms, is a SUNY-ESF grad who used ESF and SU resources to help build his own start-up. 2/6/14) — Read More

Tom Amidon one of 300 most influential people in bioeconomy (2/6)

("Dr. Thomas E. Amidon has been designated one of the top 300 most influential people in the bioeconomy, as selected by editors of the field's most widely distributed trade publication, Biofuels Digest." 2/5/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF students conducting greenhouse gas emissions survey for Oneida (2/6)

("Environmental science students from SUNY ESF made a presentation on a greenhouse gas emission study they wish to complete this spring in Oneida." 2/4/14) — Read More

Paws off: ESF professor calls for awareness, protection of snow leopards (2/4)

("All eyes will be on Sochi, Russia as the 2014 Winter Olympics begin Feb. 7, but a SUNY-ESF professor is hoping it will bring more attention to an endangered species, which is the mascot of the games." 2/3/14) — Read More

AEC's Stacy McNulty interviewed in article on the cold winter (2/3)

("The cold, combined with the lack of snow, will likely take a toll on small mammals, said ecologist Stacy McNulty of the Adirondack Ecological Center at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry." 1/31/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF alum is greening food trucks in NYC (2/3)

(SUNY-ESF chemistry grad Michael Dubrovsky is installing a plug-in charging system for NYC mobile food vendors and other vehicles that need electricity for their businesses and services. 1/30/14) — Read More

SUNY-ESF participating in state-wide fisher population survey (2/3)

(SUNY-ESF is mentioned in this article as one of the partner organizations in a statewide DEC survey of fisher populations. 1/31/14) — Read More

Dr. Gordon Patterson quoted on bald eagles congregating around Onondaga Lake (1/30)

(Bald eagles are congregating on the southern end of Onondaga Lake this winter. Dr. Patterson commented on how the pollution levels of the lake affect them. 1/30/14) — Read More

Interview with Dr. Scott Turner in Zygote Quarterly Vol 8 (1/30)

(Digital magazine Zygote Quarterly ran a story on Dr. Turner, starting on page 60. "His principal research focus is the emergence of superorganismal structure and function in the mound building termites of southern Africa." 1/14) — Read More

Endangered northern cricket frog may be reintroduced to Long Island (1/28)

(James Gibbs is interviewed on species reintroduction in this article about bringing the northern cricket frog back to lower New York state. 1/24/14) — Read More

ESF alum runs successful landscape architecture firm (1/27)

("In 2007 Charles completed his Masters work in Landscape Architecture at Syracuse University's College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Since that time Charles has practiced landscape architectural design with top firms in the greater NYC area." 1/25/14) — Read More

Commission to study local government in Onondaga County (1/27)

(Neil Murphy is leading the Consensus commission to study local governments and make recommendations on how to streamline, improve and increase cost effectiveness for products and services. 1/25/14) — Read More

ESF Ranger School alum publishes new book (1/21)

(Spencer Morrissey's most recent book, "Adirondack Trail Skier," hit the shelves this month. Morrissey is a licensed guide and a graduate of the Ranger School in Wanakena. 1/18/14) — Read More

SUNY Research Foundation awards presidential fellowship to ESF faculty member (1/21)

("Gilbert's fellowship, one of six that RF awarded, will support his work in designing and implementing the New Forest Economy initiative that ESF developed, the college said." 1/20/14) — Read More

Rare breed: ESF president brings knack for entomology, personable nature (1/16)

("In April 2005, Quentin Wheeler received a phone call while visiting London. Then-President George W. Bush was on the line, calling to personally thank him for naming the slime-mold beetle after him." 1/16/14) — Read More

Teams, individuals honored at fall Believe to Achieve awards ceremony (1/16)

("Two teams and four individuals were honored today for their accomplishments at the Fall Sports 2013 Believe to Achieve ceremony on the campus of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse." 1/15/14) — Read More

Dr. Myron Mitchell on lingering effects of West Virginia chemical spill (1/14)

(Dr. Mitchell was a guest today on Wall Street Journal Live, where he was interviewed on the chemical spill, its severity and how long it will take to clear up. Click through to watch. 1/14/14) — Read More

Bryan Underwood interviewed on growing suburban wildlife populations (1/14)

("Underwood says community leaders will need to come together to address this increasing issue of wildlife coming into backyards which are recently developed in neighborhoods across the area." 1/10/14) — Read More

ESF alumna is seeing success as an environmental consultant (1/14)

("East Bethany resident Sheila Hess is the owner of Conservation Connects, an environmental consulting firm." 1/13/14) — Read More

Mighty Oaks eke out a win over Alfred State (1/14)

(The MIghty Oaks make it into this basketball results summary for the weekend of Jan 11/12. 1/13/14) — Read More

From dish to dirt: Student group creates more efficient composting system (1/14)

("The Green Campus Initiative at SUNY-ESF will finish a new, more efficient composting facility this semester to better recycle the campus' food waste." 1/13/14) — Read More

The Gateway Center: more than just a green roof (1/10)

(The restful beauty of the Gateway Center's green roof belies the intricacy of the project and the collaboration that created it. 11/23/13) — Read More

New SUNY-ESF President settles in on campus (1/10)

(News Channel 9 interviewed new SUNY-ESF President Quentin Wheeler on his arrival at campus and the process of settling in. Click through to watch the video. 01/09/14) — Read More

Scott Turner in article on Human vs. Insect Architecture (1/6)

("Around the same time that the Eastgate Centre opened its doors, the American scientist Scott Turner was using propane pumps and arrays of tiny electronic sensors to painstakingly measure gas exchange throughout nearly 50 South African termite mounds." 12/26/13) — Read More

Albany Times-Union covers Susan Senecah's award by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (1/3)

("The honor came during an event in Uppsala, Sweden, that included a presentation by Senecah." 12/24/13) — Read More

NBC News article on 2013 species discoveries features President Wheeler (1/3)

("About 18,000 species are discovered every year, and as of 2013, "we're fast approaching 2 million named things," Wheeler said." 12/27/13) — Read More

Quentin Wheeler interviewed by Wall Street Journal on 2013 species discoveries (1/3)

(Quentin Wheeler was interviewed for the Wall Street Journal's 'Lunch Break' video segment on the year's most striking species discoveries. Click through to watch the video. 12/30/13) — Read More

Saranac Brewery Taps SUNY-ESF to Go Green (1/2)

("The F.X. Matt Brewing Company in Utica is working with SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry to go green. Cleaner wastewater, less energy usage and an environmentally-friendly landscape will result." 06/21/12) — Read More

ESF alum recognized for his Peace Corp work in Madagascar (1/2)

(Peace Corp in the Northeast blog wrote an article on ESF alum Don Quinn-Jacobs and his volunteer work in Madagascar. 12/30/13) — Read More

Arapaima discovery makes the 2013 'Biggest animal discoveries' roundup (1/2)

(MongaBay's '2013 top new species' roundup includes Donald Stewart's reclassification of arapaima into five separate species. 12/23/13) — Read More

NYS Fair Onondaga Lake exhibit wins a national award (1/2)

(The 2013 NYS Fair exhibit on the Onondaga Lake cleanup won national recognition for its quality. Neil Murphy was one of the committee members who designed the exhibit. 12/23/13) — Read More

Surveys detail inner workings of rare inland salt marshes of Northeast U.S. (1/2)

(Donald Leopold and O'Brien & Gere scientist Tony Eallonardo, PhD '09, co-authored this survey of salt marsh ecosystems in the Northeast. 12/13/13) — Read More