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  • ESF in the News
    References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community.

ESF News

2015 ESF in the News
References to stories about ESF appearing in non-ESF media, plus short news items from the ESF community. Please note that external links may break as media outlets modify their websites.

NYS Conservationist: Banding Together - One-of-a-kind winter experience in the Finger Lakes Region (12/17)

ESF faculty member Dr. Michael Schummer authored an article on an annual even where members of the public can volunteer to help with bird banding, and get up close and personal with wildfowl. 12/15Read More

Plant Science Today: Chestnuts featured in #AdventBotany (12/17)

Dr. Powell and ESF's American Chestnut Project were included in a holiday article on chestnuts. 12/11/15Read More

Go Wood: The Mystery of Wood and Water (12/17)

ESF's annual Kiln Drying Workshop teaches how to prepare wood for durability in all conditions. 12/16/15Read More

PRI The World: How an extinct species is being revived on the Galapagos Islands (12/17)

PRI's "The World" hosted Dr. James Gibbs for an interview on work to resurrect a lost giant tortoise species. 12/15/15Read More

Graduate of Distinction Award Presented to Dr. Jeremy Testa (12/17)

University of Maryland faculty member Dr. Jeremy Testa received the ESF Graduate of Distinction award at December Commencement. 12/16/15Read More

Syracuse.com: This week in history (12/17)

This week in 1914, Syracuse received its first official Christmas tree as a donation from ESF (then the State College of Forestry). 12/17/15Read More

Edge Effects: The Stories and Languages of Home: An Interview with Robin W. Kimmerer (12/17)

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Culture, History and Environment published an interview with Dr. Robin Kimmerer. 12/15/15Read More

WSYR: SUNY-ESF to add yet another building to campus (12/17)

The Academic Research Building will fit between Illick and Bray Hall, and provide modern lab space for life sciences. 12/16/15Read More

Finger Lakes Times: HWS gets grant (12/17)

The ESF-based Great Lakes Research Consortium provided a grant to Hobart & William Smith Colleges to study invasive blood red shrimp in the Great Lakes. — Read More

SUNY Blog: New York’s Upstate Revitalization Initiative Includes Many SUNY Campuses (12/17)

An Alfred State/ESF New Forest Economy partnership has received $1.5 million in NY economic development funds for their shared biorefinery project. 12/15Read More

Regal Tribune: Experts wish to bring Galapagos tortoises back from the dead (12/17)

Dr. James Gibbs is mentioned in an article on the capture of hybrid giant tortoises who will form the beginning of a breeding program to revive two extinct species. 12/16/15Read More

Auburn Citizen: My view: An interfaith perspective on climate change (12/16)

PhD student Ethan Bodnaruk authored an op-ed about the role of religious faith in combating climate change. 12/15/15 — Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Bear population on the rise, according to hunters (12/15)

Dr. Stacy McNulty is quoted in the story. 12/14/15Read More

NYTimes: Scientists Hope to Bring a Galápagos Tortoise Species Back to Life (12/15)

Last month, Dr. Gibbs led an expedition to recover tortoises with the potential to resurrect two extinct Galapagos tortoise species. 12/14/15Read More

WSYR: Mild weather is causing some plants to come out early (12/15)

Dr. Don Leopold discusses whether we should be concerned about the effect of the unseasonal weather on the region's plants. 12/14/15Read More

EPA Provides $691,000 to Protect Wetlands throughout New York State (12/10)

The NY Natural Heritage Program received an EPA grant to study the significance of vernal pools to their local ecosystems. 12/9/15Read More

Keck Geology Consortium: The role of beaver on catchment sediment and carbon budgets (12/10)

A team will study the beaver at ESF's Huntington Wildlife Forest for the project. 12/2/15Read More

NYTimes: Closing In on Where Eels Go to Connect (12/10)

Dr. Karin Limburg is quoted on findings that shed new light on the mysteries of the migratin of American eels. 12/7/15Read More

CNY Business Journal: CNY Biotech Accelerator names advisory board members (12/10)

Dr. Neil Murphy was named to the advisory board. 12/9/15Read More

Women Food and Ag Network Annual Conference Review (12/10)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer delivered the keynote talk for the conference. 12/15Read More

National Geographic: Can Extinct Giant Tortoises Be Brought Back to Life? (12/10)

Dr. James Gibbs features in this report on the success of a recent expedition to recover hybrid tortoises for a species restoration program. 12/8/15Read More

WSYR: SUNY ESF to divest from fossil fuel investments (12/8)

ESF student Katie Oran was interviewed for the report, as part of the Divest ESF student group. 12/3/15Read More

Oswego County Today: Three NY Colleges Working on Great Lakes Ecosystem Projects (12/8)

The ESF-based Great Lakes Research Consortium awarded grants to three gorups for Great Lakes research and conservation projects. 12/7/15Read More

Food and Fitness: Women Stitching Mother Nature Back Together (12/8)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer is featured in a blog article on the role of women in conservation and environmental justice. 12/2/15Read More

Daily Orange: Syracuse restaurants should incorporate food donation programs for benefits, moral cause (12/8)

The ESF/SU Food Recovery Network is included in the article. 12/7/15Read More

Auburn Citizen: Officials release online survey for input from city residents on Auburn parks, playgrounds (12/8)

Take the survey and provide your feedback to the Auburn/ESF project for an Auburn parks & playgrounds master plan. 12/7/15Read More

HVIAC Players of the Week - December 8 (12/8)

ESF senior Sage Beemer is the HVIAC men's basketball player of the week. 12/8/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF faculty members rescue formerly ‘extinct’ tortoise species to breed (12/8)

The Daily Orange takes a look at the history of the giant tortoises of the Galapagos, and the possibility of recovering two extinct tortoise species. 12/7/15Read More

CLRC: Researching New York – A Report from Professional Development Award Recipient Jane Verostek! (12/3)

jane Verostek writes on the fruits of her labors since re-opening the ESF College Archives and Special Collections. 12/2/15Read More

Adirondack Almanack: Adirondack Wild Turkeys Were Once A Rare Sight (12/3)

ESF alum Ellen Rathbone provides a history lesson on wild turkeys in New York state. 12/2/15Read More

ASLA: Interview with Dr. James F. Palmer, FASLA, on the State of Scenic America (12/3)

Dr. James Palmer, professor emeritus at ESF, discusses the science of scenery and its importance in the American environmental movement. 12/1/15Read More

The Landmark: View of 21st century agriculture (12/3)

FNRM researcher Karl Hallen will speak on agriculture in Princeton, MA next week. 12/3/15Read More

SUNY Blog: 30 Days of Giving 2015: SUNY ESF Contributes to the Food Recovery Network (12/3)

The ESF chapter of the Food Recovery Network was featured on the SUNY Big Ideas blog. 12/15Read More

WNYC: A Big Effort To Save Tiny Snails (12/3)

An ESF breeding program to bolster the population of endangered Chittenango ovate amber snails is seeing success. 12/3/15Read More

Syracuse.com: ESF: We won't invest in fossil fuel companies (12/2)

ESF pledged not to directly invest in any fossil fuel companies, and to complete divestment of indirect holdings within 5 years. 12/1/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF to begin construction on academic research building in 1 year (12/2)

After a number of delays, ESF expects to break ground on the new Academic Research Building in about a year. 12/1/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF announces plans to divest from fossil fuels (12/2)

ESF aims to complete its divestment from fossil fuel investments. 12/1/15Read More

Discover Wildlife: Search on for rare Galapagos tortoise (12/2)

Dr. James Gibbs is a member of a joint American/Galapagos expedition that has set off to save two rare species of giant tortoises. 11/30/15Read More

Inside Science: The Case Of The Slowing Sugar Maples (11/30)

ESF grad student Daniel Bishop discovered that Adirondacks sugar maples have slowed in their growth rates. 11/30/15Read More

Hamilton County Express: Public feedback collected on Great South Woods strategy (11/30)

Community members provided local knowledge and voted on how to prioritize the project's goals. 11/24/15Read More

Daily Orange: ESF students work with community to improve parks, playgrounds in Auburn, NY (11/30)

Landscape Architecture students are working with the city of Auburn on a parks and playgrounds master plan. 11/29/15Read More

Nelson Institute at UW-Madison: The Honorable Harvest (11/30)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer will speak on indigenous knowledge for enviornmental conservation at the University of Wisconsin-Madison this week. 11/15Read More

HVIAC Players of the Week - November 24 (11/30)

ESF basketball player Ryan Caldwell was chosen as HVIAC Player of the Week. 11/24/15Read More

WRVO: Sugar maples should be doing well; here are theories on why they're not (11/30)

Dr. Colin Beier was interviewed on a recent ESF finding that Adirondacks sugar maples are experiencing a decline in their growth rates. 11/27/15Read More

Galapagos Conservancy: Expedition to Wolf Volcano to Search for Tortoises Begins (11/24)

Dr. James Gibbs is on a team of scientists who are out to reclaim two exitinct Galapagos giant tortoise species. 11/18/15Read More

Radio Allen: Expedition explores remote Galapagos home of rare tortoises (11/23)

Radio Allen in Chile reports on an expedition by Dr. James Gibbs and colleagues to assess a population of Galapagos giant tortoises that may include members of believed-extinct species. 11/22/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Wildlife biologist: Why non-lethal means rarely work to control deer numbers (11/23)

Dr. Brian Underwood is interviewed on community deer management and why most don't work. 11/20/15Read More

Citizen Potawatomi Nation: Q&A with Robin Wall Kimmerer, Ph.D. (11/20)

Robin Kimmerer was interviewed by the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. 11/3/15Read More

Onondaga Lazers: Strong second half propels Lazers past SUNY ESF (11/20)

The Mighty Oaks men put up a good fight, but the Lazers defeated them in the second half in their basketball match on Wednesday. 11/19/15Read More

Adirondack.net: Study Suggests Adirondack Sugar Maples May Be At Risk (11/20)

Adirondack.net reported on the recent ESF finding that Adirondack sugar maples are experiencing a growth rate decline. 10/29/15Read More

SU News: 15th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium Explores Frontiers of Clean Energy Innovations (11/20)

ESF was one of the partners of the Syracuse COE annual sympoium, held earlier this month. 11/5/15Read More

WRVO: SUNY-ESF to work closer with native people on environmental sustainability (11/20)

"The college is making more of an effort to connect with the Onondaga Nation and the Haudenosaunee people." 11/19/15Read More

Onondaga Nation: SUNY ESF acknowledges and honors Onondaga Nation (11/20)

ESF will incorporate three statements into our regular communications and install a stone monument that acknowledges that SUNY-ESF is on the lands of the Onondaga Nation. 11/20/15Read More

Press Connects: In Adirondacks, rescuers must be ready for anything (11/19)

A feature on Adirondacks forest rangers follows a day in the life of ESF alum Jay Scott. 11/14/15Read More

Syracuse.com: ESM school district recognized as one of 27 great STEM programs (11/19)

A frequent partner with ESF Outreach, ESM school district was named by the White House as one of the nation's best K-12 STEM schools. 11/13/15Read More

Lake Placid News: State of Adirondack maple is debatable (11/19)

A recent ESF study showed that sugar maples in the Adirondacks are experiencing a mysterious decline in growth rates. 11/18/15Read More

Learning to reconnect (11/19)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer talks about how we can learn to reconnect with the earth and with nature. 11/17/15Read More

News Channel 10: Canandaigua Lake water treatment plants prove adept at keeping out toxins (11/19)

Dr. Greg Boyer is quoted on the continuing algae bloom on Canandaigua Lake. 11/15/15Read More

Daily Orange: Roosevelt Wild Life Collection receives antelope donation from SU alumnus (11/19)

Ron Giegerich and the Roosevelt Wildlife Collection are featured in an article on the latest donation to the collection. 11/15/15Read More

Daily Orange: ESF students rally in support of Mizzou protesters, administration agrees to demands (11/19)

ESF students demanded that ESF include more sensitivity training and make changes to the orientation program to include more diversity awareness and support. 11/19/15Read More

Auburn Citizen: Auburn, SUNY ESF host public workshop toward improving citywide parks, playgrounds (11/19)

The workshops are gathering information for ESF and Auburn to refine plans to improve the city's public spaces. 11/19/15Read More

SU News: University Joins in Grand Opening of Ska-nonh Center (11/19)

ESF is one of the academic partners of the new Ska-nonh Great Law of Peace Center for Onondaga culture and history. 11/18/15Read More

Adirondack Almanack: Adirondack Lean-tos, Mice and Hantavirus (11/19)

ESF alum and veteran bushwhacker looks at health reasons behind etiquette of lean-to use. 11/18/15Read More

The Epoch Times: Coywolf: New Coyote-Wolf Hybrid Species on the Rise in Northeast US (11/12)

Are eastern coyotes bigger than their western cousins because they are part wolf? Dr. Jacqueline Frair is quoted. 11/8/15Read More

HVIAC: SUNY-ESF Men's and Women's Cross Country Places in Top 3 at USCAA National Championships (11/12)

The women took 2nd and the men placed 3rd. 11/6/15Read More

Auburn Citizen: Auburn officials seek public input for parks, community development (11/12)

ESF's Center for Community Design Research is collaborating to develop Auburn's 10-year Parks Master Plan. 11/9/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Inside Start-Up NY: Are tax breaks a valuable tool or an expensive waste of money? (11/12)

ESF and StartupNY partner Windsor Wood are included in a look at the effectiveness of the economic initiative. 11/11/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Meet CNY's StartupNY Companies (11/12)

ESF and partner Windsor Wood are included in the article. 11/11/15Read More

The Gothamist: That Three-Eyed Catfish From The Gowanus? You'd Better Sit Down (11/12)

Dr. Donald Stewart helps debunk a claim of a three-eyed mutant catfish in the Gowanus Canal. 11/10/15Read More

Discovery News: Will Climate Change Affect Fall Colors? (11/12)

An article looking at the effects of climate change on fall foliage includes ESF's 'Why Leaves Change Colors'. 11/9/15Read More

Daily Orange: Volunteers plant trees around university neighborhood (11/10)

50 ESF students were among the volunteers who planted more than 80 trees in Syracuse this weekend. 11/9/15Read More

Scientific American: Stowaway Snail Helps Save Species from Extinction (11/10)

A stowaway snail helped grad student Cody Gilbertson figure out how to breed the endangered species from extinction. 11/6/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Researcher shares photo of largest Onondaga Lake sturgeon to date (11/10)

Dr. Ringler's lab shared a photo of the largest lake sturgeon they've ever caught and studied in Onondaga Lake. It was returned safely to the lake afterward! 11/6/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF to establish biomimetics laboratory at Newcomb campus (11/10)

A new biomimicry lab at Newcomb Campus will provide new opportunities for research, design and educational outreach. 11/9/15Read More

Daily Orange: Sierra Club holds meeting to discuss fighting Cuomo’s coal industry bailouts (11/10)

The Sierra Club led a student event last week building support for Governor Cuomo to end coal industry subsidies. 11/9/15Read More

Eagle News: College students seek community input for potential Creekside Park design (11/9)

ESF students recently held a charette to help design a proposed playground in Cazenovia's Creekside Park. 10/30/15Read More

Artvoice: Dr. Kimmerer to speak in Buffalo (11/9)

Robin Kimmerer will speak in Buffalo on Nov 10 about applying indigenous knowledge for biodiversity conservation. 11/5/15Read More

Syracuse.com: What's the biggest fish in Onondaga Lake? Hint: It's nearly 6 feet long (11/9)

Dr. Neil Ringler and his team are monitoring endangered lake sturgeon that have settled in Onondaga Lake. 11/4/15Read More

5 ESF players among 2015 USCAA Soccer All-Americans (11/5)

Three Mighty Oaks women and one of the men were named to this year's All-Americans, with another of the ESF men an honorable mention. 11/15 — Read More

Lake Placid News: Moose study continues to gather info (11/5)

One year into the multiyear study, scientists are already learning useful new information for managing moose populations. 11/4/15Read More

Hamilton County Express: Public to hear preliminary draft plan on the Great South Woods (11/4)

The next phase of the Great South Woods initiative is starting, with another round of public meetings to gather feedback on the first draft of the regional strategy. 10/29/15Read More

Adirondack Almanack: More ‘Great South Woods’ Meetings Planned (11/4)

Adirondack Almanack repiorts on the next round of public meetings for the Great South Woods project. 10/28/15Read More

Daily Orange: Student Association works to implement preferred name change (11/4)

SU and ESF students are working to enable transgender students to change their names in university systems. 11/2/15Read More

LiveScience: The 'Collective Mind' of the Termite (11/4)

Dr. Scott Turner writes about his experiences over 20 years of studying the termites of southern Africa. 10/30/15Read More

Daily Orange: Lecturers talk global conservation efforts, decline of fisheries (11/3)

The Daily Orange covered this weekend's Dale Travis Lecture on the "Future of Fisheries". 11/2/15Read More

Lohud: Two Westchester groups are helping to save the American chestnut tree (10/30)

Groups like the Camp Fire Club are partnering with ESF's American Chestnut Project to help grow and study the blight-resistant trees. 10/28/15Read More

News flash: genetic engineering may save the American chestnut tree (10/30)

This article on the American Chestnut Project takes a look at the implications for a blight resistance that doesn't attack the fungus. 10/27/15Read More

Columbus Dispatch: Biological museums work to digitize and publish entire collections (10/30)

President Wheeler is quoted in an article on using digitization to preserve natural history collections. 10/25/15Read More

Bay Journal: Back-cross American chestnut project raising hopes for tree’s restoration (10/30)

ESF's American Chestnut Project gets a mention in an article on approaches to reviving the American chestnut. 10/26/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF graduate student spends summer studying horses in Bulgaria (10/30)

Grad student Rachelle McKnight spent her summer studying wild horses in a remote area of eastern Europe. 10/25/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Fort Drum, SUNY environment researchers track fox, coyote populations on post (10/30)

ESF and Fort Drum are working together to understand more about coyote and fox populations in proximity to human populations. 10/30/15Read More

Fox Channel 7: Researchers Baffled By Sugar Maple Decline (10/30)

Dr. Colin Beier is quoted on the implications of a new ESF study showing that sugar maples in the Adirondacks are not growing as they should. 10/29/15Read More

Modern Farmer: The Sugar Maple Is In Trouble: What Will Happen To Our Syrup? (10/30)

The Modern Farmer takes a look at the next moves to be taken in light of an ESF study showing that Adirondack sugar maples are not growing properly. 10/28/15Read More

WSKG: Discovery Of New Galapagos Islands Species Has Ties To Central NY (10/30)

Dr. James Gibbs is interviewed on the need for special conservation attention for the new species. 10/26/15Read More

WRVO: Discovery of new Galapagos Islands species has ties to central NY (10/30)

WRVO interviewed James Gibbs on the discovery of a new giant tortoise species. 10/26/15Read More

Lab Manager: New Giant Tortoise Species Discovered in the Galapagos Archipelago (10/27)

James Gibbs is quoted on the discovery of a previously unidentified species of Galapagos tortoise. 10/22/15Read More

Nature World News: New Giant Tortoise Found On the Galapagos Islands; Better Conservation Called For, Researchers Say (10/27)

James Gibbs says the identification will help conservationist support the specific needs of the newly identified species. 10/22/15Read More

Christian Science Monitor: Scientists discover new Galápagos tortoise species, the first in a century (10/27)

James Gibbs was a member of the research team who discovered the new species. 10/22/15Read More

Science World Report: New Giant Galapagos Tortoise Species Discovered (10/27)

James Gibbs explains how the tortoise species slipped by unidentified for many years. 10/21/15Read More

Mother Nature Network: New Galapagos giant tortoise species found hiding in plain sight (10/23)

Dr. James Gibbs is quoted on the discovery of the new species, which previously hid in plain sight among other tortoises sharing the island. 10/22/15Read More

National Geographic: New Giant Tortoise Species Found on Galápagos Islands (10/23)

James Gibbs is quoted regarding the belated identification of the new species. 10/21/15Read More

Design & Trend: New Species Of Giant Tortoise Found In Galapagos - Down The Beach From Other Species (10/23)

Design & Trend reports on the new species, and its naming in honor of the Galapagos Park ranger who dedicated 43 years to tortoise conservation. 10/23/15Read More

LiveScience: New Species of Giant Tortoise Found in the Galápagos (10/23)

Dr. James Gibbs was among a team of researchers who identified a previously unrecognized species of giant tortoise. 10/21/15Read More

CNet: New Galapagos giant tortoise crawls into science spotlight (10/23)

The new species was identified by a team of researchers including Dr. James Gibbs. 10/22/15Read More

NDTV: New Giant Tortoise Species Discovered in Galapagos (10/23)

New Delhi TV quotes Dr. James Gibbs on the discovery of the new species. 10/22/15Read More

Nature World News: Maples and the Adirondacks: Searching for Growth Decline Reasons (10/23)

Nature World News reports on new ESF study indicating that Adirondack sugar maples aren't growing properly. 10/21/15Read More

Albany Times Union: SUNY study finds growth lag in Adirondack sugar maples (10/23)

Albany Times Union reports on new ESF study indicating that Adirondack sugar maples aren't growing properly. 10/22/15Read More

Smithsonian Magazine: The Mysterious Case of the Adirondacks Sugar Maple (10/23)

Smithsonian Magazine reports on new ESF study indicating that Adirondack sugar maples aren't growing properly. 10/22/15Read More

Terra Daily: New study rings alarm for sugar maple in Adirondacks (10/23)

Terra Daily reports on new ESF study indicating that Adirondack sugar maples aren't growing properly. 10/23/15Read More

SUNY Broome: Love STEM? Engineering Technology Career Expo is Oct. 29 (10/21)

ESF will participate in SUNY Broome's Engineering Technology Career Expo on Oct 29. 10/20/15Read More

Popular Science: Sugar Maples in the Adirondacks are Mysteriously Tapping Out (10/21)

A new ESF study finding that Adirondacks sugar maples are suffering declines in their growth rates was covered in Popular Science. 10/21/15Read More

Phys.org: New study rings alarm for sugar maple in Adirondacks (10/21)

Phys.org reported on an ESF study that finds sugar maples in the Adirondacks are suffering declines in growth rates. 10/21/15Read More

Camillus: Project AWARE Specialty Course Brought to you by SUNY-ESF Nautilus Society and Deep Stop Scuba (10/21)

ESF student club the Nautilus Society is sponsoring a special course on protecting our oceans. It will be held Nov 30. 10/20/15Read More

USCAA: Men's Soccer Player of the Week (10/21)

ESF student Bryce DeMers is the USCAA soccer player of the week. 10/20/15Read More

Evening Tribune: A-State, SUNY ESF settle on 1-1 tie (10/21)

ESF and Alfred State ended their soccer game in a draw on Sunday. 10/19/15Read More

Daily Record: Persson, Masukewicz help bring home team titles (10/21)

ESF runners are included in the Daily Record's roundup of regional athletics for the week. 10/19/15Read More

CNY Business Journal: Upstate Medical, area SUNY schools share $18M grant to create job-training consortium (10/21)

ESF and other local SUNY schools are partnering to build an area job-training consortium. 10/19/15Read More

NY Times: Museum Specimens Find New Life Online (10/21)

President Wheeler is quoted in an NYTimes article on the digitization of natural history collections. 10/19/15Read More

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter: The Mighty American Chestnut: New York conservationists lead epic tree restoration effort (10/21)

The ESF American Chestnut Project and The American Chestnut Foundation are highlighted in a Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter article. 10/15Read More

US News: Find the Best Values for Out-of-State Students at Public Universities (10/21)

US News rated ESF one of the best public college values for our of state students. 10/16/15Read More

Democrat & Chronicle: Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association to Host Forum on Blue Green Algae (10/19)

Dr. Greg Boyer will be one of the speakers at a Canandaigua community forum on combating toxic algae blooms. 10/19/15Read More

Binghamton Press: Research project would study moose (10/19)

ESF and three partners are teaming up for a multi-year study to assess the status of NY moose populations. 10/17/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF researchers analyze declining rusty blackbird population (10/19)

The DO reports on an ESF study into the causes of steep declines in the rusty blackbird's population. 10/18/15Read More

Ithaca Journal: What is life like growing up on a dairy farm? (10/19)

Tompkins County Dairy Princess is a budding environmental scientist. She hopes to attend ESF when she graduates high school. 10/18/15Read More

Concord Monitor: My Turn: A conflict of culture, not of community (10/19)

An ESF grad student points out the role of culture shock and poor education and preparation for refugees coming to the US after a community dispute over a Bhutanese religious ceremony. 10/14/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse University lockdown: How social media helped (and hurt) during frightful hours (10/19)

Syracuse.com looks at the community reactions surrounding the recent two hour lockdown of ESF and SU campuses while police searched the neighborhood for suspects in a shooting. 10/15/15Read More

Daily Orange: Timeline of 2-hour long campus lockdown (10/19)

The Daily Orange summarizes the timeline of a two hour lockdown of ESF and SU campuses last week while police searched nearby Oakwood Cemetery for suspects in a shooting. 10/16/15Read More

Daily Orange: Syracuse University campus lockdown lifted after homicide on Hope Avenue (10/19)

The Daily Orange ofered live updates during last week's two hour lockdown of SU and ESF campus following a shooting near Oakwood Cemetery. 10/15/15Read More

CountryFolks.com: Growing willow biomass power in New York (10/14)

ESF's Willow Project is included in this overview of the New York shrub willow program and incentives available to farmers. 10/15Read More

WSYR: Keep out the bugs, keep out the stink (10/14)

Kim Adams is interviewed by WSYR on how to prevent the annual home invasion of stink bugs. 10/13/15Read More

TWC News: Researchers Succeed in Captive Breeding of Endangered Snail Species of CNY (10/14)

Grad student Cody Gilbertson has succeeded in breeding endangered Chittenango ovate amber snails to bolster their wild population. 10/12/15Read More

WFAN: Lots of Sessions for Landowners at WFAN Conference (10/14)

The Women Food & Ag Network annual conference will include a keynote address by Dr. Robin Kimmerer. 10/15Read More

Adirondack Almanack: Roads Less Traveled: The Five Ponds Wilderness (10/14)

ESF alum and veteran field biologist Dan Crane writes about his exploration of the Five Ponds area. 10/8/15Read More

ADK Mountain Club: Walking the New Northville-Placid Trail Reroute (10/14)

ESF alum and ADK Education Programs Coordinator Seth Jones documents his trek on a recently opened stretch of the Northville-Placid Trail. 9/28/15Read More

HVIAC: Women's Soccer Player of the Week (10/14)

ESF's Heather Carl is player of the week for the HVIAC conference. 10/13/15Read More

USCAA Women's Soccer Player of the Week (10/14)

ESF's Heather Carl was named player of the week by USCAA. 10/13/15Read More

Smithsonian: The Race to Save the World's Great Trees By Cloning Them (10/13)

Dr. Charles Maynard, co-director of ESF's American Chestnut Project, talks tree cloning in Smithsonian Magazine. 10/6/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF helps to set Guinness World Record for planting the most trees in one hour (10/13)

Dr. Tim Volk's Willow Project team participated in a record-breaking effort to plant over 200,000 trees in one hour. 10/12/15Read More

Quad City Times: Author will speak about living with gratitude (10/13)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer will keynote the Women Saving Pollinators/Saving Food conference in Davenport, Iowa on Nov 7. 10/11/15Read More

Cazenovia Preservation Foundation: Trees: Shade and Much More (10/13)

Emmanual Carter will talk on the importance of community tree cover at the Cazenovia Public Library on Oct. 29. 10/15Read More

Sydney Morning Herald: A hole in the horizon (10/13)

ESF's American Chestnut Project gets a mention in Australia in an article on the grief of biodiversity loss. 10/4/15Read More

Schroon Lake Region: Interpreting the Adirondacks (10/13)

ESF Newcomb's Adirondack Interpretive Center is highlighted in a blog post on regional attractions of the Adirondacks. 10/3/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse deer meeting, which would include 'bait and kill' discussion, rescheduled (10/12)

Dr. Brian Underwood and grad student Nick Piedmonte will be two of the experts who will talk at the meeting next week. 10/9/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: With class (10/12)

Students from the Ranger School are featured in a WDT photo gallery, clearing brush for a Communication and Safety class. 10/12/15Read More

Rolling Harbour: Tuna the piping plover guest-blogs (10/12)

A piping plover banded by ESF researcher Michelle Stantial features in a whimsical article illustrating the data gathering enabled by banding. 10/9/15Read More

Pensacola News Journal: Group: Coastal bird protection paramount (10/9)

ESF grad student Maureen Durkin is working to conserve snowy plover populations by reducing their mortality due to human traffic. 10/8/15Read More

Cazenovia Preservation Foundation Talk: Trees: Shade and Much More (10/9)

Emmanuel Carter will give a talk on the benefits of community tree cover in Cazenovia on Oct 29. 10/15Read More

Nature World News: Photosynthesis: Leaves Create Fall Ambience With Changing Colors (10/9)

ESF's page on the science of fall foliage is cited in the article. 9/15/15Read More

Syracuse University News: CNY Hosts Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Structural Biology Symposia Oct. 19-20 (10/9)

ESF is one of the hosts for the 14th annual Upstate New York Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Symposium. 10/5/15Read More

Cones, squirrels, and rusty blackbird nests (10/8)

An ESF graduate published a study on causes for the rapid decline of rusty blackbirds. 10/7/15Read More

McKim & Creed Adds Three To Wilmington Staff (10/8)

ESF graduate Tara Schwenzfeier Murphy is a new project manager at McKim & Creed. 10/6/15Read More

WRVO: Scientists working to save endangered species from extinction in central New York (10/6)

ESF grad student Cody Gilbertson released 200 captive-bred snails into the wild last week. 10/6/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF masters student breeds endangered snails species in captivity (10/6)

The Chittenango Ovate Amber Snail is considered the most endangered species in New York state, and Cody Gilbertson, a masters student at SUNY-ESF, is breeding this snail population — which only has about 300 snails — in captivity. 10/5/15Read More

Genetic Literacy Project: Anti-GMO forces can slow train of technological progress but cannot derail it (10/6)

ESF's American Chestnut Project is included in an article combating the negative perception of GMOs in the media. 10/5/15Read More

Natural Awakenings: Considering the Future of Fisheries (10/6)

Dr. Karin Limburg will give this year's Dale Travis lecture on the future of fisheries. 10/15Read More

SUNY Blog: SUNY Research On Bugs and Creatures Includes A New Beetle Named After Chancellor Zimpher (10/6)

President Wheeler named a newly discovered beetle after SUNY Chancellor Zimpher. 10/1/15Read More

LiveScience: Autumn: The Cooling-Off Season (10/6)

ESF is mentioned in a LiveScience article on the science of autumn. 9/19/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Acting DEC commish gets earful about what's right with Onondaga Lake (10/2)

ESF, NYS DEC and other groups that have worked to restore Onondaga Lake gave a tour of the efforts and their successes during Governor Cuomo's visit. 9/30/15Read More

Syracuse.com: More goodies for Central New York: Late 'Capital for a Day' announcements (10/2)

Governor Cuomo announced $18 million for SUNY Lab to Jobs, for ESF and other schools to build workplace training spaces for students. 9/30/15Read More

Daily Orange: Shack-A-Thon draws attention to homelessness (10/2)

Shack-a-Thon is organized by the SU/ESF chapter of Habitat for Humanity. 10/1/15Read More

Syracuse.com: It's that time when deer/motor vehicle accidents spike (10/2)

The article includes research from an ESF grad student, quotes from Dr. Brian Underwood and info on staying safe on the road. 10/2/15Read More

Washington Times: Endangered snails bred in captivity at ESF (10/2)

Since June, the school has hatched more than 600 baby snails in a laboratory at its Syracuse campus. 9/30/15Read More

Post Star: Scientists at ESF are working to prevent the extinction of a rare species of snail. (9/30)

A graduate student has been working with ESF's CIRTAS lab to successfully breed Chittenango ovate amber snails to supplement the endangered wild population. 9/30/15Read More

Newsday: SUNY-ESF working to prevent extinction of ovate amber snail (9/30)

Since June, the school has hatched more than 600 baby snails in a laboratory at its Syracuse campus. 9/30/15Read More

SFGate: SUNY-ESF working to prevent extinction of ovate amber snail (9/30)

ESF researchers will soon release 200 captive-bred snails back into the wild to supplement the population of the endangered species. 9/30/15Read More

HVIAC Men's Cross Country Player of the Week - September 29, 2015 (9/30)

Peter Leduc, SUNY-ESF, is HVIAC Men's Cross Country Player of the Week. 9/29/15Read More

HVIAC Women's Cross Country Rookie of the Week - September 29, 2015 (9/30)

Marissa Lathrop, SUNY-ESF, is HVIAC Women's Cross Country Rookie of the Week. 9/29/15Read More

North Country Now: Holey Maple Leaf, Batman! Sugar maples in St. Lawrence County suffering holes in leaves (9/30)

Dr. Doug Allen is quoted in an article on this year's leafcutter moth outbreak. 9/27/15Read More

USCAA Golf Player of the Week - September 29, 2015 (9/30)

Brian Walsh, SUNY-ESF, was chosen as USCAA Golf Player of the Week. 9/29/15Read More

USCAA Women's Cross Country Player of the Week - September 29, 2015 (9/30)

Freshman Marissa Lathrop, SUNY-ESF, was chosen as USCAA Women's Cross Country Player of the Week. 9/29/15Read More

USCAA Men's Cross Country Player of the Week - September 29, 2015 (9/30)

Peter Leduc, SUNY-ESF, USCAA Men's Cross Country Player of the Week. 9/29/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF senior and SU alumnus collaborate on Destiny USA documentary (9/29)

ESF student Caleb Rudge spent his spring semester creating a feature length documentary on Destiny USA. 9/29/15Read More

Daily Orange: SU professor conducts study on fracking’s impact on water quality (9/29)

ESF's Sharon Moran offers context and concerns about fracking in the article. 9/28/15Read More

SUNY Oswego: I Am Oz series addresses themes in diversity (9/28)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer will speak in November as part of SUNY Oswego's diversity series. 9/15Read More

McDevitt Center: Coyne to speak on science and religion (9/28)

Fr. George Coyne, former director of the Vatican Observatory, will speak on science and religion at ESF's October Moonlighting event. 9/24/15Read More

Daily Orange: Professor to give two presentations about sharks on SUNY-ESF campus (9/28)

Dr. Peter Klimley visited ESF last week to give two talks on shark conservation as part of the Adaptive Peaks seminar series. 9/23/15Read More

Green Industry Pros: New Agreement Paves Way to Landscape Architecture Degree (9/25)

ESF will offer guaranteed admission to the LA master's program to Cobleskill graduates who achieve benchmarks. 9/23/15Read More

Biomass Magazine: Alfred State receives $1 million for biorefinery center (9/25)

The Alfred State/ESF initiative will offer R&D capabilities to businesses under the New Forest Initiative. 9/23/15Read More

Olean Times Herald: State grants $1 million to Alfred State biorefinery project (9/23)

The biorefinery will use a hot water extraction process developed at ESF to draw useful chemicals from wood. 9/18/15Read More

Wellsville Daily Reporter: Biorefinery project at A-State's Wellsville campus receives $1 million boost (9/23)

The project will be a boost to Gilbert and Amidon's New Forest Economy initiative. 9/18/15Read More

Democrat and Chronicle: Summer 2015: Wet to normal to hot (9/22)

Dr. Greg Boyer is quoted on the role our bounty of rain has played in the remarkable number of algae blooms this fall. 9/18/15Read More

Democrat and Chronicle: Canandaigua Lake plagued by blue-green algae (9/22)

Dr. Greg Boyer is quoted on the puzzling nature of Canandaigua Lake's toxic algae bloom. 9/18/15Read More

TWC Going Green: Some Find it Hard to Think of Purple Loosestrife as Invasive Species (9/22)

Dr. Don Leopold explains why purple loosestrife is as problematic as it is pretty. 9/21/15Read More

The Quiet Branches: Bringing back a forest (9/22)

In the face of forest loss due to many factors, this article considers whether biotech projects like the American chestnut might be a solution. 9/15/15Read More

Daily Orange: Cuomo announces new diversity policy for SUNY campuses (9/22)

Dr. Wheeler is quoted on ESF's new Chief Diversity Officer, in line with SUNY's new diversity policy. 9/21/15Read More

The Citizen: Peachtown Native American Festival at Wells College to feature mascot, Cayuga Nation talks (9/22)

Robin Kimmerer is one of the guests at this year's Peachtown Native American Festival. 9/18/15Read More

Penn State News: First alternative transportation coordinator named (9/22)

ESF environmental studies alum Cecily Zhu will be Penn State University's first alternative transportaiton coordinator. 9/18/15Read More

Buffalo News: Nature Watch: Moss, the most primitive of plants, is quite hardy (9/22)

Robin Kimmerer's book Gathering Moss features in this week's Nature Watch piece. 9/20/15Read More

Hispanic Outlook in Higher Ed: SUNY Cobleskill opens a new path to ESF Landscape Architecture master's program (9/21)

Graduates of Cobleskill's LA program will have guaranteed admission to ESF's LA master's program if they meet certain academic requirements. 9/18/15Read More

Webster Post: Algae worsens on Canandaigua Lake (9/18)

Dr. Greg Boyer was on hand this weekend to do on-site monitoring of toxin levels for the annual Finger Lakes Triathlon. 9/17/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse deer meeting: 'Bait and kill' plan, ticks and Lyme disease hot topics (9/18)

Dr. Brian Underwood and grad student Nick Piedmonte will be two of the experts on hand at a meeting on Monday to discuss measures for the Syracuse urban deer problem. 9/17/15Read More

Morning Ag Clips: Syracuse Food Justice Symposium will focus on role of grassroots food production in promoting healthful diets (9/18)

ESF's Department of Landscape Architecture helped organize the symposium, which will be held Oct 2-3. 9/16/15Read More

Oswego County Today: NY Sea Grant Specialist Honored as NASBLA Northern States Boating Educator of the Year (9/18)

Dave White is an ESF alum and frequent collaborator with the college. 9/16/15Read More

Sodus Bay Buoy Network (9/18)

A case study of the bouy network ESF researchers use to monitor Sodus Bay, by manufacturer NexSense. 9/15Read More

NY Times: Dead Forests and Living Memories (9/18)

ESF's American Chestnut Project is mentioned in this article on the personal loss that goes with biodiversity loss. 9/17/15 — Read More

Democrat & Chronicle: 3 Best Bets for activities along Lake Ontario this weekend (9/18)

Dr. John Farrell will speak on the latest in St. Lawrence muskie management in Henrietta, NY on Monday. 9/19/15Read More

BIOTech Now: Could GMOs Save Endangered Plants and Animals? (9/16)

ESF's American Chestnut Project is an example of the regulatory processes and policy hurdles facing the implementation of GMO technology for conservation. 8/25/15Read More

Earth Island Journal: Honor the Treaties, Protect the Earth (9/10)

Robin Kimmerer authors a retrospective on the Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, and its continued significance two years later. 9/15Read More

Gov Cuomo offers congratulations on ESF's USNews ranking (9/10)

"SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is in a league of its own when it comes to providing students with the skills and know-how they need to succeed in challenging careers." 9/10/15Read More

Adirondack Almanack: Making The Adirondack Park More Welcoming (9/10)

The recent Diversity in the Adirondacks symposium at Newcomb Campus resulted in good ideas for outreach. 9/5/15Read More

Ensia: In the race to save species, GMOs are coming to nature (9/10)

Dr. Powell and Dr. Maynard of the ESF American Chestnut Project feature in this article that asks the big questions about the role of GMOs in conservation. 8/25/15Read More

Mental Floss: 7 Decidedly Delicious Mascots (9/10)

Oakie made this Mental Floss list of incredible edible mascots. 9/7/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Onondaga Lake algae mats a sign of the season, not pollution (9/10)

Dr. Kim Schulz is quoted in the story on why algae on Onondaga Lake is a good thing. 9/8/15Read More

Brighton Pittsford Post: Will Canandaigua Lake algae put damper on holiday weekend? (9/8)

Algae samples were sent to ESF's labs for testing. 9/3/15Read More

Phys.org: Study reveals how distinctive termite mounds are ventilated, could offer lessons to human architects Read more at: http://phys.org/news/201 (9/8)

Dr. Scott Turner is mentioned in this article on the discovery of how termite mounds are ventilated. 9/2/15Read More

NYS Urban Forestry Council: The New Helen Sternberg Cutler Urban Forestry Scholarship at SUNY ESF (9/8)

Thanks to ESF alum Lewis Cutler, ESF has a new scholarship for urban forestry. 9/3/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Experts: Just killing deer won't solve CNY Lyme disease problems (9/8)

Dr. Brian Underwood was one of three experts who offered thier input on reducing Lyme disease in Onondaga County at a recent public meeting. 9/2/15Read More

NY Daily News: There are more trees on Earth than anyone thought (9/8)

Dr. Colin Beier is quoted on the findings of a new study that indicates there are over 3 trillion trees on Earth. 9/4/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF offers educational exhibits at the New York State Fair (9/8)

ESF had a number of educational exhibits at the NYS State Fair this year. 9/3/15Read More

Robin Kimmerer to keynote 'Women Protecting Pollinators, Protecting Food' Conference (9/1)

Robin Kimmerer will deliver the keynote at the annual Women, Food and Agriculture Network annual conference in Davenport, Iowa. 8/20/15Read More

Adirondack Almanack: Pete Nelson: Make Newcomb A Hub Of Ecotourism (9/1)

ESF is mentioned in this op-ed suggesting Newcomb as an Adirondacks ecotourism destination. 8/29/15Read More

Jamie Savage to perform October 23, 2015 at Delta Blue in Lake Placid (9/1)

Jamie Savage, faculty member at ESF's Ranger School, will perform his music in Lake Placid in October. 8/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF sees largest class from outside New York state (9/1)

ESF is attractingly increasingly successful and diverse students as word of the college spreads. 8/31/15Read More

Conserve Wildlife Blog: Wrapping up the 2015 Piping Plover Chick Mortality Study (8/29)

ESF researchers pack up and bid the birds goodbye after a successful summer of research on piping plovers. 8/27/15Read More

East Niagara Post: Trip to Syracuse results in check marks (8/29)

For this author, a recent trip to Syracuse included ecology restoration work with an ESF student. 8/28/15Read More

Southern Company partners to award new Gulf Coast Conservation Grants (8/29)

ESF researchers will receive a Gulf Coast Conservation Grant to implement traffic pattern changes and shelters for protecting endangered snowy plover chicks. 8/27/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Conservationists, anglers debate St. Lawrence River fisheries in Clayton (8/26)

Dr. John Farrell, Director of ESF's Thousand Island Biological Station, weighed in on the health of St. Lawrence fisheries at a recent meeting in Clayton. 8/26/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Increase of Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses in CNY prompts forum (8/26)

Brian Underwood is one of three experts who will speak at a public forum on increasing Lyme disease rates in Onondaga County. 8/26/15Read More

Oswego County Today: Lakes of NY: 21st Century Water Technologies Exhibit at 2015 Great NY State Fair (8/26)

ESF and SEAGrant will share an exhibit at the NYS Fair reflecting pool, with a sensing buoy and demonstrations of remote-controlled underwater vehicles. 8/24/15 — Read More

Daily Orange: College-specific must-have fall accessories (8/26)

Reusable ESF totes on the list of 10 must-have accessories for SU students. 8/25/15Read More

Christian Science Monitor: Take dams off rivers – but keep the electricity (8/26)

Karin Limburg calls for the removal of old, failing dams in favor of alternative energy and ecosystem restoration. 8/25/15Read More

The UNIQUE exhibition, at the Everson: For artists with disabilities, breaking all limits (8/26)

Congratulations to ESF staffmember Joe Rufo for taking first prize: a place on the cover of UNIQUE magazine. 8/25/15 — Read More

South Brunswick Patch: Open Spaces Offer Recreational Opportunities to Local Citizens (8/20)

ESF student Kelly Mascerenhas authored this article on the green spaces of Middlesex County. 8/12/15Read More

Adirondack Diversity Symposium 2015 on Youtube (8/20)

The Adirondack Foundation shares some of the key talks from the recent symposium on Diversity in the Adirondacks, hosted at Newcomb Campus. 8/15 — Read More

10 Reasons Why My Major Rocks (8/20)

ESF student Ashley Daniul shares 10 reasons to love her major, bioprocess engineering. 8/13/15Read More

Examiner: Nothing compares to a summit vista! (8/20)

Examiner covers a hike to the Ranger School's historic fire tower. 8/3/15 — Read More

Daily Caller: The 17 Best College Values In America (8/19)

ESF is on the list as one of the best values in college education in the US. 8/12/15Read More

WAER: NYC Students Get Up Close with Fish, Bugs, Nature in CNY Science Program (8/19)

High school students from New York City spent a week at ESF learning about nature and environmental science. 8/14/15Read More

NewsLI: Academic Program Gives Low-Income Students a Huge Boost (8/17)

Last week, as part of the SEO Scholars program, 19 students from New York City visited ESF to learn about nature and environmental science. 8/12/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse University's plan for medical school is overkill (8/17)

ESF is discussed in this article on SU's proposed medical school for veterans. 8/14/15Read More

APA: Fall Planners Day/ Awards Luncheon at SUNY ESF (8/17)

The regional chapter of the American Planning Association will hold its awards luncheon at ESF in September. 8/15/15Read More

Westfield Republican: College fishing visits Chautauqua Lake (8/17)

The ESF bass fishing team placed 4th in a recent tournament on Chautauqua Lake. 8/13/15Read More

Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Adirondack Park evolving toward diversity (8/17)

On Saturday, Newcomb Campus hosted the second symposium for diversity in the Adirondacks. 8/15/15Read More

Pheasants Forever Names Jim Inglis as Director of Governmental Affairs (8/12)

Jim Inglis is an ESF alum and experienced conservation advocate. 8/11/15Read More

NCPR: Art outdoors in Newcomb: a time to paint, reflect on what matters (8/12)

NCPR's story on ESF Newcomb's Artist-in-Residence program includes interviews Paul Hai and last year's artist Frances Gaffney. 8/5/15Read More

TWC News: New York City Students Look Forward to Getting Outdoors at SUNY-ESF Camp (8/12)

20 students from the SEO Scholars program are spending a week at ESF learning about the environment. 8/11/15Read More

Oneonta Daily Star: Rebuilding our forests (8/10)

TACF chapter head Alan Nichols is a staunch ally of ESF's American Chestnut Project. 8/7/15Read More

Guardian: Undamming rivers can offer a new source for clean energy (8/10)

Karin Limburg published an op-ed suggesting alternatives to dams on many rivers. 8/7/15Read More

Yale e360: Undamming Rivers: A Chance For New Clean Energy Source (8/10)

In an op-ed, Karin Limburg calls for rethinking our aging dam infrastructure in ways that could pay off both for humans and the environment. 8/6/15Read More

NYS Urban Forestry Council: A ReLeaf to Remember (8/10)

The NYSUFC reviews their recent annual conference, held in July at ESF. 7/28/15Read More

Native Plants Summit at NY Botanical Gardens in September (8/10)

Dr. Don Leopold will give a talk at the summit on using native plants to restore degraded landscapes and create sustainable green systems. 8/3/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Snail breeding program could save endangered, thumb-sized species (8/10)

An ESF graduate student's breeding program for the endangered Chittenango amber ovate snail is seeing results. 8/4/15Read More

Daily Messenger: A cheer to the recipients of $2,500 Casella Environmental Waste Management academic scholarships (8/10)

Two incoming ESF students from Canandaigua are recognized for entering college with scholarship awards. 8/8/15Read More

Buffalo News: Crews removing 200 beetle-damaged trees from Cheektowaga park (8/7)

The Buffalo region is being hit hard by emerald ash borer. ESF is mentioned. 8/5/15Read More

Daily Mail: 2,200-year-old termite mound discovered: Feat of insect engineering may have only been abandoned decades ago Read more: http://www.dailym (8/7)

Dr. Scott Turner is mentioned in this article on the discovery of the world's oldest termite mound. 8/4/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Are toxic blue-green algae blooms in lakes the 'new norm?' (8/7)

Dr. Greg Boyer talks about toxic algae blooms and where they come from/ 8/6/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: St. Lawrence scuba divers collect data for TIBS (8/6)

A citizen science effort is going on among St. Lawrence River divers to gather ecology data for ESF's Thousand Islands Biological Station. 8/2/15 Read More

Post Star: Adirondacks Symposium to focus on diversity (8/6)

ESF's Newcomb Campus will host the second annual second annual Towards a More Diverse Adirondacks Symposium on Aug 15. 8/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Toxic graveyard: Onondaga Lake muck being buried forever in Camillus (8/6)

Dr. Don Leopold is quoted on plans to use the landfill area to replicate endangered New York ecosystems. 7/30/15Read More

University at Buffalo: UB solar home moves out of warehouse and into the sun (8/4)

Designed and built by U Buffalo and ESF Landscape Architecture, the house is now moving into final construction phase before being shipped off to compete in the Solar Decathlon. 7/30/15Read More

North Country Now: Starting your timber woodlot from scraggly stock? Better not. (8/4)

Dr. Ralph Nyland advises forest managers: don't sell all your best trees, because they form your best stock for the next generation of growth. 8/2/15Read More

TWC News: Beetles Are Attacking, Killing Ash Trees in NYS (8/4)

Dr. Melissa Fierke is researching ways to stop emerald ash borer and save ash trees in New York state. 8/3/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Adirondack steward protecting Stillwater from invasive species (7/31)

ESF Ranger School alumna Erin Stoddard is keeping watch for invasive aquatic species spread by boat. 7/26/15Read More

UMD, National Researchers Publish Definitive Tropical Forest Emissions Study (7/29)

Dr. Stephen Stehman was one of the authors of the most thorough study so far on tropical forest carbon emissions around the world. 7/23/15Read More

PLOS: Key New Species Discoveries of 2014 (7/29)

Four of the findings on this year's Top 10 Species were published in PLOS One. 7/29/15Read More

CBS New York: Blue-Green Algae Concerns Keeping Some Lower Hudson Valley Residents Out Of The Water (7/29)

ESF work on NYS algae blooms is mentioned in the article. 7/29/15Read More

Syracuse Post-Standard: Learning the lessons of Onondaga Lake (7/29)

Dr. Wheeler celebrates the achievements in the Onondaga Lake restoration, while reminding us that we still have much more work to do. 7/27/15Read More

Daily Local News: From the Ground Up: The love of the earth (7/29)

Robin Kimmerer is quoted in an article on building an emotional connection to the earth. 6/25/15Read More

The Wildlife Society: Ignite TWS Conference: Brent Rudolf (7/29)

Dr. Brent Rudolph, Michigan Dept of Natural Resources and ESF alum, gave a talk at last year's conference on wildlife management and the public trust. Watch at the link. 7/22/15Read More

CLRC: Fletcher Steele Collection Featured in New York Heritage (7/29)

Moon Library's Fletcher Steele Collection was featured this month by New York Heritage. 7/15/15Read More

Dr. Kimmerer's talk at On the Table Symposium (7/28)

Dr. Kimmerer recently gave a talk on food sustainability at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. Watch online. 7/17/15Read More

Talking Biotech: Saving the American Chestnut; Lettuce History and Modern Improvement (7/28)

Dr. Powell was a guest on Talking Biotech, where he talked about the Chestnut Project and gave an update on the tests being done to ensure the transgenic trees will perform in their ecosystem the same way the wild-type trees did. 7/25/15Read More

UB solar home to see the light of day (7/28)

The solar-powered GROW Home, designed by a U Buffalo/ESF Landscape Architecture team, will be moved outside this week for the final stage of construction before being shipped to California for the Solar Decathlon. 7/27/15Read More

AG Professional: New Holland partners with State University of New York on biomass research (7/28)

The latest fruit of the partnership is a new biomass harvester. 7/27/15Read More

Earth Day Network: Thoughts on Sustainable Food Future by Advocates for Native Knowledge (7/28)

Robin Kimmerer was one of the speakers at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's annual Living Earth symposium. 7/21/15Read More

Modern Farm Girls: Joneve Murphy of Farmer Seeking Roots (7/28)

ESF alum Joneve Murphy talked about sustainable farming, the Real Food Movement and her world-travel to learn more about farming techniques around the world. Listen at the link. 1/15/15Read More

AgWired: New Holland Partners with SUNY on Biomass Project (7/28)

AgWired reported on ESF's acquisition of a biomass harvester, the latest fruits of a collaboration between New Holland and ESF's Willow Project. 7/27/15Read More

Journal & Republican: New quarters expected to boost research at SUNY ESF island lab (7/27)

ESF's Thousand Island Biological Station has opened new housing for visiting researchers, faculty and students. 7/24/15Read More

Biomass Magazine: New Holland, SUNY partner on biomass research (7/27)

The latest from ESF's partnership with New Holland: a new biomass harvester. 7/24/15Read More

CNYCentral: Efforts are underway to help keep Skaneateles Lake clean (7/23)

Dr. Robert Werner, professor emeritus, is interviewed on efforts to keep Skaneateles Lake in good condition. 7/22/15Read More

USA Today: 5 majors for environmentally minded students (7/23)

ESF is on the list with Aquatic and Fishery Science. 7/18/15Read More

BBC: The man who keeps finding new species of shark (7/23)

Dr. Wheeler is quoted on species discovery in this article about a man with a gift for discovering shark species. 6/24/15Read More

Nature: Collaborations: Recipe for a team (7/23)

Paul Hirsch and Chris Nomura share their tips and experience at collaboration in this article in Nature. 7/10/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Caring for Onondaga Lake watershed is a project for the millennium (7/20)

ESF is mentioned in this retrospective on the progress of Onondaga Lake's restoration. 7/20/15Read More

Olean Times Herald:NY environmental commissioner exiting after bike ride (7/20)

NYS DEC commissioner and ESF alum Joe Martens steps down this month. 7/20/15Read More

Moon Library's Fletcher Steele Collection featured by NY Heritage Digital Collections (7/20)

ESF's digital collection focusing on the historic landscape architect is this month's Spotlight Collection. 7/15Read More

National Park Service doles out preservation tech grants (7/16)

The National Park Service will grant ESF researchers $39,000 to adapt anti-poaching tech to protect archaeological resources. 7/8/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Best colleges for your money list: 3 from CNY make top 50 in U.S. (7/16)

ESF is included in this article on CNY colleges that made Money Magazine's list. 7/14/15Read More

Adirondack Explorer: Falling out of synch: Climate change (7/16)

Stacy McNulty and Newcomb Campus's Huntington Wildlife Forest contribute to research on how climate change may be desynchronizing important natural cycles. 7/15/15Read More

SUNY: SUNY Announces $400,000 for Campus Research in Energy, Environment, Economics and Education (7/16)

Four collaborations including ESF researchers are among the recipients. 7/8/15Read More

Living Earth Symposium Features Leaders in Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Sustainability and Ecology (7/16)

Robin Kimmerer will be one of three panelists in a talk at the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indian. 7/15/15Read More

Listverse: 10 Creepy Spiders We’ve Recently Discovered (7/16)

The list includes winners from the 2011 and 2014 Top 10 Species. 6/14/15Read More

North Country Now: Professors at North Country colleges receive various awards and promotions (7/16)

Stacy McNulty was awarded funds from the Walker Fellowship Program to study the spread of chytrid fungus via recreation in northern New York. 7/8/15Read More

Post Star: Committee taps DeBolt for county administrator (7/15)

ESF alum Chris DeBolt has been chosen to be Warren County's next county administrator. 7/9/15Read More

Amherst Bee: Kristina Macro awarded environmental scholarship (7/15)

An ESF student was awarded a $2,000 environmental scholarship by the New York Water Environment Association. 7/8/15Read More

WAER: Village of Minoa invests in biological wetland (7/14)

Dr. Neil Murphy is quoted on Minoa's new water treatment wetland and research facility. 7/9/15Read More

Conserve Wildlife Foundation: The Pitter-Patter of Tiny Plover Feet (7/14)

ESF researcher Michelle Stantial and her partner Emily Heiser are overseeing this year's piping plover hatchlings in New Jersey. 7/9/15Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Publishes in Nature (7/9)

Xiaole Ni, a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science (Environmental and Natural Resources Policy), is a contributor to a special supplement of the leading scientific journal, Nature, on "Assessing Science (China)". Ni's contribution focuses on research and development spending in China. Her dissertation research focuses on "civic scientists" and environmental health in China, and is being done under the supervision of Professor David Sonnenfeld of the Department of Environmental Studies. — Read More

Syracuse.com: Flooded CNY waterways could drop back to normal in two weeks if rain holds off (7/6)

Dr. Bob Werner, professor emeritus, is quoted. 7/2/15Read More

Joe Martens, DEC commissioner, to step down (7/2)

DEC Commissioner for 4 years and an ESF alum, Joe Martens has been a great partner to the college! 6/30/15Read More

Alaska Journal: The week's Movers & Shakers (7/2)

ESF alum Dr. Elizabeth Bella joins AECOMD as a senior ecologist. 7/1/15Read More

PhD student shares photos from her research (7/2)

Amanda Cheeseman shares stunning wildlife photos from her work to study and conserve New England cottontail rabbits. 7/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse activist jailed in foie gras protest; Hollywood star joins rally to support her (7/2)

Local groups honored Amber Canavan with an escort as she turned herself in to serve her sentence. 6/29/15Read More

SEA Semester Blog: Moloka’i: A New Island to Explore (7/1)

ESF student Joe Capellupo blogs their visit to Moloka'i and what they learned about indigenous knowledge and sustainability. 6/27/15Read More

SUNY Blog: Revisiting the Jurassic Period and Exploring Dinosaurs With SUNY (6/30)

The Top 10 Species 'Chicken From Hell' and more--dinosaurs across the SUNY system. 6/26/15Read More

Center for American Progress: Faith-based environmental advocacy is an American tradition (6/30)

ESF's Center for Native Peoples and the Environment is included in the article. 6/25/15Read More

Auburn Citizen: Eco Talk: Bringing back the American chestnut tree (6/29)

The research and work being done by the ESF American Chestnut Project will help to provide similar solutions to problems that have afflicted other trees. 6/25/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Retired Tug Hill Commission director takes director’s job with forest products group (6/29)

ESF alum John Bartow Jr. will become director of the Empire State Forest Products Association on July 16. 6/24/15Read More

Tug Hill Commission: Biomass District Heating Analysis for Eight Tug Hill Villages (6/29)

ESF alum Aaron Hendricks presented his findings to the Tug Hill Commission on June 22. 6/23/15Read More

Saratoga Skiier and Hiker: Goodnow Mountain (6/29)

An Adirondacks adventuring blog takes visitors on a tour of Goodnow Mountain, its trails and its history. 6/17/15Read More

Guardian: Speed the Galápagos tortoise dies at San Diego zoo at more than 150 years old (6/24)

James Gibbs is quoted in this article on the passing of the venerable tortoise. 6/22/15Read More

Brain Pickings: The Magic of Moss and What It Teaches Us About the Art of Attentiveness to Life at All Scales (6/24)

Journalist Maria Popova reviews Robin Kimmerer's book, Gathering Moss. 5/13/15Read More

Science Friday: Throw These Science Books in Your Beach Bag (6/23)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer's book, "Gathering Moss," is on Science Friday's summer reading list. 6/19/15Read More

WSYR: Minoa wastewater center home to new research opportunities, and energy saving projects (6/23)

ESF and ESM students get opportunities to pursue their own research and sustainbility projects at the innovative wastewater treatment plant. 6/22/15Read More

NPR: Once And Future Nut: How Genetic Engineering May Bring Back Chestnuts (6/22)

ESF researchers have bequeathed the chestnut a highly protective gene that bananas, cocoa, wheat and barley have already evolved on their own. 6/19/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Summer dangers: Currents near dams, waterfalls can be 'drowning machines' (6/22)

Experts from ESF and elsewhere explain the dangers of currents near dams and waterfalls for people on the water. 6/21/15Read More

NCC News: SUNY-ESF Researchers Seek Revolutionary Cancer Treatment (6/17)

Dr. Ivan Gitsov is leading a SUNY team to develop nanotech for better cancer treatments. 6/11/15Read More

Pheasant Blog: Pheasants Forever talks Conservation on Capitol Hill (6/17)

Jim Inglis, Pheasants Government Affairs Representative and ESF '95, testified regarding the 2014 Farm Bill on Capitol Hill last week. 6/11/15Read More

Taking Root: The LEED Platinum-Certified Gateway Center: Our Home at ReLeaf 2015 (6/17)

The NYS Urban Forestry Council featured the Gateway Center, the location for their upcoming annual conference this July. 6/12/15Read More

Batavia Daily News: Five 'Women in Business' honored (6/16)

An ESF alum with her own environmental consulting firm is one of the five women honored. 6/11/15Read More

Corning student receives environmental science and forestry scholarship (6/16)

ESF senior Hannah Knowles recently was named the recipient of the 2015-16 Dot and Don Ferlow Scholarship for landscape architecture. 6/11/15Read More

Milford Daily News: Alumna appointed Caldwell Bank sales manager (6/16)

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in New England has appointed Kim Montella of Actonsales manager of the company's Acton and Bolton offices. 6/14/15Read More

Finger Lakes Times: From the vine came the...wine flour (6/11)

ESF alum Hilary Niver-Johnson is turning pressed grapes into delicious, and sustainable, wine flour. 6/10/15Read More

Science on Top: It Does Horrible Spider Things (6/11)

The Top 10 Species are covered in this weekly podcast. Watch at the link! 6/9/15Read More

RFSUNY Blog: Medical nanomachines with double the function (6/9)

Dr. Ivan Gitsov is leading a team of SUNY researchers in developing nanotechnology solutions for safer, more targeted chemotherapy. 6/15Read More

TIME: World War I Heroes Overlooked Due to Prejudice Finally Honored (6/9)

"In a ceremony at the White House, Obama honored Army Sergeant William Shemin and Private Henry Johnson for acts of bravery on the front lines in France during the first world war." 6/2/15Read More

The Independent: William Shemin and Henry Johnson: Jewish and black soldiers receive World War I Medal of Honor amid claims of discrimination (6/9)

"There was never any doubt about the bravery of Sgt William Shemin and Pvt Henry Johnson, but it took almost 100 hundred years for it to be officially recognised." 6/2/15Read More

Washington Post: It took 97 years to get these soldiers the Medal of Honor. Here’s how it happened. (6/9)

Sgt. William Shemin braved enemy fire repeatedly on Aug. 7-9, 1918, in France to recover fellow American soldiers who had been shot until he himself was wounded. 6/1/15Read More

ABC News: Two WWI Soldiers Posthumously Awarded Medal of Honor (6/9)

President Obama posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to WWI soldier and ESF Ranger School nearly 100 years after he risked his life to save comrades on the battlefields of France. 6/2/15Read More

NY Times: Two World War I Soldiers Posthumously Receive Medal of Honor (6/9)

The New York Times reported on last week's award of the Medal of Honor to WWI soldier and ESF Ranger School alum William Shemin. 6/2/15Read More

NPR: Harlem Hellfighter And Jewish Soldier Get Long-Overdue Medals Of Honor (6/9)

NPR reported on William Shemin, the WWI veteran and ESF Ranger School alum who was recognized posthumously for his courage. 6/2/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Almost 100 years after World War I, William Shemin's Medal of Honor reunites two families (6/9)

The family of the man Shemin saved preserved his story. 6/8/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse alum's daughter fought for 13 years to get father Medal of Honor he deserved (6/9)

Shemin's daught fought for years for recognition of his deeds. 6/1/15Read More

RFSUNY Blog: Research collaborative explores the value of an urban ecosystem (6/8)

Dr. Karin Limburg is the lead on a SUNY team of researchers who are studying NYC's Jamaica Bay in order to learn how to better protect and maintain it. 6/15Read More

News Journal: Roaming coyotes concern pet owners, parents (6/8)

ESF is mentioned in an article on how people are adjusting to the presence of coyotes in NYS. 6/8/15Read More

Genetic Literacy Project: Government approval next step in approving GM revival of American chestnut (6/5)

ESF's American Chestnut Project is seeking regulatory approval for the blight-resistant American chestnut trees. 6/4/15Read More

WRVO: SUNY ESF balloon payload was once lost, now is found (6/5)

WRVO covered the retrieval of the lost ESF space balloon and its data. 6/4/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Dan Maffei: Republicans don't have a monopoly on science denial (6/5)

ESF is mentioned in an article on Dan Maffei calling for more honesty about science in politics. 6/4/15Read More

Times Herald Record: Plea deal for activist in duck thefts (6/5)

The ESF student accused of stealing ducks from a fois gras farm has pled guilty to trespassing. 6/4/15Read More

CNN: Two from World War I receive Medal of Honor (6/5)

William Shemin, a World War I veteran and 1914 graduate of the Ranger School, was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. 6/2/15Read More

Readings from the North Side pays tribute to the soul of scientists (6/5)

A celebration of the kindness and courage of two researchers on the ESF piping plover project. 6/3/15Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF balloon payload lost in April found in Cortland County swamp (6/4)

The space balloon lost in April returns to ESF, courtesy of a friendly hiker. 6/3/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Company news: Gus Hernandez promoted at Haynor Hoyt Corporation (6/4)

ESF alum promoted to VP of Operations. 6/2/15Read More

Biomass Magazine: N.Y. funds biotech accelerator, along with pellet and AD projects (6/4)

The state earmarked $500,000 for the CNY Biotech Accelerator. 6/2/15Read More

Westlake Bay Village Observer: Two local students recognized with Snider Family Scholarship (6/3)

One of the students will begin classes at ESF this fall. 6/2/15Read More

LongIsland.com: Governor Cuomo Announces $181 Million to Fund Projects Generating Economic Opportunity Throughout New York State (6/3)

The announced funds include $500,000 for ESF's CNY Biotech Accelerator. 6/2/15Read More

National Geographic: Can We Engineer an American Chestnut Revival? (6/3)

National Geographic talks about the chestnut as food and ESF's American Chestnut Project. 6/3/15Read More

Social Media and Nature Education Podcast (6/3)

ESF hosted a talk on social media for nature education last week. Listen to the podcast! 6/3/15Read More

WCNY Insight: Exploring Honeywell's cleansing of Onondaga Lake (6/3)

Dr. Neil Ringler is interviewed in this video piece on the Onondaga Lake cleanup. 5/22/2015Read More

International Business Times: Solar Impulse 2: Plane Departs For Six-Day Pacific Crossing From Nanjing (6/2)

Neal Abrams is quoted on the progress in solar technology that enabled the venture. 5/30/15Read More

Abington Journal: Scientists to conduct Bioblitz, present findings at Keystone College (6/2)

James Gibbs will lead a team of scientists in a bioblitz at Keystone College next week. 6/1/15Read More

NCC News: CNY Tick Prevention (6/2)

CNY News interviewed Dr. Kim Adams on dealing with ticks. Watch at the link! 6/1/15Read More

Governor Cuomo Announces $181 Million to Fund Projects Generating Economic Opportunity Throughout NY (6/2)

Research Foundation of SUNY will be given $500,000 to support the CNY biotech accelerator program. 6/1/15Read More

Lockport Journal: DEC Looking for Input (6/1)

ESF research is mentioned in this article on the DEC's new proposal for deer and turkey hunting seasons. 5/30/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: DEC Accepting Public Comments On Proposed Turkey, Deer Regulations (6/1)

ESF research is mentioned in this article on new proposed regulations for deer and turkey hunting. 5/31/15Read More

Galapagos Conservancy Blog: Española Part 2: Counting Albatross and Measuring Cactus (6/1)

James Gibbs guest-authors a post about his team's recent visit to Espanola Island. 6/1/15Read More

News Channel 9: Silver maples lack leaves but are full of seedlings (6/1)

Don Leopold says dry weather is responsible for the glut of maple seeds and the heavy pollen this spring. 5/29/15Read More

CNY Business Journal: SRC Ventures announces new board of directors (6/1)

William Pirillo, a former member of the ESF College Foundation's board of directors, has been elected to the SRC Ventures board of directors. 5/29/15Read More

Slate: The Best Biologist on Twitter (5/29)

Biologist and ESF alum David Steen is taking to social media to advocate for misunderstood snakes. 5/29/15Read More

Scientific American: Top 10 Most Fascinating New Species Unveiled (5/29)

The Top 10 Species were covered in Scientific American. 5/22/15Read More

Voice of America: Top 10 Species of 2015 (5/29)

Listen to the VOA coverage of the Top 10 Species right on their page! 5/26/2015Read More

3 News NZ: Facebook helps to identify rare plants (5/29)

One of the Top 10 Species discovery teams is using Facebook to help them gather data and build advocacy to protect the species they find. 5/22/2015Read More

Syracuse.com: What are all those little bugs swarming around downtown Skaneateles? (5/29)

Kim Adams identifies the bugs that have been annoying Skaneateles residents. 5/28/2015Read More

Pensacola News Journal: Share the shore with shorebirds Memorial Day weekend (5/28)

ESF researcher Maureen Durkin asks beachgoers to be respectful of shorebirds who nest on the sand dunes. 5/22/15Read More

Conserve Wildlife Foundation: Pondering the Plovers (5/28)

Emily Heiser authors an article on the work that she and ESF researcher Michelle Stantial are doing with piping plovers. 5/26/15Read More

Syracuse.com: DEC pitches shortened fall turkey hunting seasons across NY State (5/28)

ESF research contributed to the DEC's new proposals. 5/27/15Read More

Galapagos Conservancy Blog: Preparing for the Release of Tortoises on Santa Fe Island (5/27)

James Gibbs and colleagues are gathering and preparing tortoises at the breeding center before releasing them on Espanola Island in June. 5/18/15Read More

UrbanCincy: Cincinnati Scores Slightly Better Than National Average on Sustainable Use of Land (5/27)

UrbanCincy used Dr. Mountrakis' map of sustainability in US land use to rate Cincinnati's performance. 5/4/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Memorial Day: Syracuse friends keep faith with Gary Scott, whose life of magnitude ended in Vietnam (5/26)

Syracuse.com honors the memory of Gary Scott, Vietnam veteran and ESF alum. 5/24/15Read More

Buffalo News: Deer pose big problems for farmers (5/26)

Martin Dovciak is quoted on the difficulty of managing deer in urban areas. 5/25/15Read More

Buffalo News: Growing deer population taking a toll on forests (5/26)

Two ESF researchers are quoted on the danger overpopulating deer pose to NY forests. 5/25/15Read More

NCPR: Preview: Northern Forest Festival in Newcomb (5/22)

North Country Public Radio gives us a preview of this weekend's Northern Forest Festival and Loon Race at Newcomb Campus. 5/22/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Almost 2,000 trees were planted at Sand Flats State Forest to help break a world record (5/22)

ESF was among the groups that helped SFI to break the world record. 5/22/15Read More

CBS News: Top 10 coolest new species (5/22)

The Top 10 Species of 2015 were covered by CBS News. 5/21/15Read More

Readings from the Northside: To catch a piping plover (5/22)

The blog continues to follow the work of ESF scientist Michelle Stantial as she bands and studies endangered piping plovers. 5/1/15Read More

Yahoo News: Cartwheeling Spider, Corpse-Hoarding Wasp Among Bizarre New Species (5/22)

Yahoo News reports on the Top 10 Species and the importance of biodiversity. 5/21/15Read More

The Conversation: An animal that could rewrite the family tree: one of the top new species of 2015 (5/22)

The Conversation writes a whimsical but detailed report on this year's Top 10 Species. 5/21/15Read More

TIME: These Are the Top 10 New Species Discovered Last Year (5/22)

TIME assembles the Top 10 Species of 2015 into a beautiful slideshow. 5/21/15Read More

Huffington Post: Meet An Artistic Fish And The 'Chicken From Hell': The 10 Coolest New Species Of The Year (5/22)

The Top 10 Species of 2015 in the Huffington Post. 5/21/15Read More

NBC News: Top 10 New Species: Meet the Chicken From Hell and Crop Circle Fish (5/21)

NBC News reports on the announcement of the Top 10 Species of 2015. 5/21/15Read More

Entomology Today: Predatory Wasp and Giant Walking Stick Among Top New Species for 2015 (5/21)

Entomology Today delves into the details on the insects that made the Top 10 Species of 2015. 5/21/15Read More

Discovery News: Craziest New Animal Species of 2015: Photos (5/21)

Discovery provides a photo gallery of this year's Top 10 Species. 5/21/15Read More

Reuters: 'Top 10' new species includes cartwheeling spider, 'chicken from hell' (5/21)

Reuters covers the release of the Top 10 Species of 2015. 5/21/15Read More

Democrat & Chronicle: Designing beautiful landscapes is a pretty hot job (5/21)

Landscape architect and ESF alum Sue Steele is featured. 5/20/15Read More

CBC News: Top 10 new species of 2015 include artistic fish, fanged frog (5/21)

The Top 10 Species of 2015 is featured by CBC News. 5/21/15Read More

The SandPaper: Birders to Hear Sandy’s Impact on Forsythe Refuge (5/21)

ESF alumna Virginia Rettig will speak on June 4 at the Tuckerton Seaport. 5/20/15Read More

Washington Post: Chickens from hell and crop circles in the sea: Scientists announce top 10 new species of the year (5/21)

The Washington Post provides an entertaining write-up of this year's top 10 newly discovered species. 5/21/15Read More

Daily Mail: Top 10 new species of 2015: Cartwheeling spiders, 'chicken from hell' and a giant stick insect celebrated in the year's first official lis (5/21)

The Top 10 Species of 2015 are featured in the Daily Mail. 5/21/15Read More

National Geographic: Top 10 New Species: Cartwheeling Spider, Psychedelic Sea Slug (5/21)

The Top 10 Species of 2015 are featured in a National Geographic photo gallery. 5/21/15Read More

Guardian: See the top 10 new species of 2015 – in pictures (5/21)

The Guardian shared a gallery of the 2015 Top 10 Species. 5/21/15Read More

TWC News: Syracuse City Students Go Up Against ESF in Annual STEM Challenge (5/20)

ESF hosted the 14th annual Environmental Challenge for students in the Syracuse City School District. 5/19/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Guinness World Record attempt Wednesday at Sand Flats State Forest (5/20)

ESF joins the NYS DEC, SFI, ReEnergy Holdings and more to go for a world record in the number of trees planted in an hour. 5/20/15Read More

OCC Continuum: Ten Tons of Love (5/19)

OCC, SU, ESF and the Firt English Lutheran Church collaborated on the Ten Tons of Love program to collect unused goods for people in need. 5/18/15Read More

PACNY: 2015 PACNY Award Winners (5/19)

ESF alum and Center for Cultural Landscape Preservation collaborator Christine Capella-Peters was awarded the Preservation Merit Award. 5/17/15Read More

WUWF: Shorebird Nesting Season Marred By Predators (5/19)

The snowy plover research of ESF grad student Maureen Durkin is included in the article. 5/14/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Should I spray my yard for ticks to stop Lyme disease? (5/19)

Kim Adams shares advice on spraying your yard for ticks. 5/14/15Read More

USGBC: Beyond Platinum video (5/18)

USGBC showcases the Gateway Center in a video. 5/18/15Read More

New Scientist: Exact map of salmon journeys drawn from strontium in their ears (5/18)

Dr. Karin Limburg is quoted on the procedure. 5/15/15Read More

McClatchy DC: lawsuits blocking tree cuts hurt fight against forest fires, officials say (5/18)

Dr. Bob Malmsheimer testified before a House subcommittee on effects of litiigation on Sierra Nevada forest fires. 5/14/15Read More

Sierra Sun Times: Rep. McClintock Comments on Litigation and Increased Planning’s Impact on Our Nation’s Overgrown, Fire-Prone National Forests (5/18)

Dr. Bob Malmsheimer is mentioned as one of the speakers before a House subcommittee examining the impacts of litigation on forest fire prevention. 5/15/15Read More

Syracuse.com: 'End of Fossil Fuels' book by SUNY ESF prof to be released (5/18)

Syracuse's ArtRage Gallery will hold a book release party and book signing in honor of Dr. Jack Manno's new book. 5/15/15Read More

Mymotherlode: Hanvelt References Rim Fire During House Testimony (5/18)

Dr. Bob Malmsheimer is mentioned as one of the speakers before a House subcommittee on the impacts of litigation on effective forest management. 5/15/15Read More

Sacramento Bee: Anti-logging lawsuits hurt fight against forest fires, officials say (5/18)

Dr. Bob Malmsheimer was one of the speakers before a House subcommittee to investigate the effects of litigation on forest fire management in the Sierra Nevada. 5/14/15Read More

USGBC: Beyond Platinum - ESF's Gateway Center (5/14)

USGBC's bimonthly magazine features the story of the Gateway Center and the vision that led to its building. 5/15Read More

Northern Forest Festival, Loon Race set to begin (5/14)

Newcomb Campus holds their Northern Forest Festival and Rubber Loon Race fundraiser in one week! 5/14/15Read More

Genetic Literacy Project: Wheat genes could help revive American chestnut (5/14)

The Genetic Literacy Project covers the ESF American Chestnut Project. 5/13/15Read More

North Country Now: Fifty-five students at SUNY Ranger School in Wanakena to attend school’s 101st commencement exercises May 16 (5/14)

The ESF Ranger School commencement is this Saturday. 5/14/15Read More

Smithsonian.com: Turning the American Chestnut into a GMO Might be the Only Way to Save it (5/14)

Smithsonian.com covers the work of the ESF American Chestnut Project. 5/10/15Read More

Scientific American: Wheat Genes Could Bring Back Chestnut (5/14)

SciAm's 60-Second Science podcast covers the ESF Chestnut Project. Listen at the link. 5/6/15Read More

Syracuse.com: College professor traces origin of Huckster Hill park's name (5/13)

Dr. Jack Manno has ties to one of Syracuse's newest parks. 5/11/15Read More

GenomeWeb reports on ESF's American Chestnut Project (5/13)

GenomeWeb reports on ESF's American Chestnut Project. 5/12/15Read More

SciTech Now: Discover how genetic engineering is saving the American Chestnut from blight (5/13)

PBS's SciTech Now reported on the American Chestnut Project this week. 5/10/15Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF bass anglers struggled at college tournament on Virginia lake (5/13)

Two members of the ESF bass fishing team competed at a Virginia lake college tournament this weekend. 5/12/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Live coverage: Syracuse University and SUNY ESF 2015 commencement (5/13)

Syracuse.com offered live coverages of the 2015 SU/ESF commencement. 5/10/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Author Mary Karr shares expertise in fear at Syracuse University commencement (5/13)

Syracuse.com shares the video of Mary Karr's 2015 SU/ESF commencement address. 5/12/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Author Mary Karr tells Syracuse University graduates to be curious, compassionate (5/13)

Syracuse.com reports on the 2015 SU/ESF commencement. 5/10/15Read More

WAMC: Student Loan Series Update: A Young Farmer Reaps Good News (5/8)

An ESF alum is featured in this article on student loan support available for young farmers. 5/5/15Read More

North Country Now: Northern Zone Retired Teachers to meet May 27 in Potsdam (5/8)

ESF Ranger School's Jamie Savage will speak and perform at an upcoming meeting of the group. 5/7/15Read More

Northeastern States Research Cooperative: Profile on Stacy McNulty (5/8)

Stacy McNulty, Director of the AEC at ESF's Newcomb Campus, gets profiled by NSRC. 5/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Advice for the graduate: How to succeed in life and career (5/8)

CNY professionals offer their congratulations and advice to our new graduates in Syracuse.com. 5/8/15Read More

Daily Orange: Local businesses prepare for Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF commencement weekend (5/8)

It's Commencement Weekend, and Syracuse is readying for the influx of proud parents, friends and families for the celebration. 5/7/15Read More

Daily Orange: Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF commencement ceremony to be held Sunday in Carrier Dome (5/7)

The Daily Orange reports on the schedule for SU/ESF commencement ceremonies. 5/7/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Being a tick-free turkey hunter starts with treated clothes (5/7)

Dr. Brian Underwood offers advice on warding off ticks. 5/7/15Read More

SU News: Syracuse University, SUNY ESF Honored by Red Cross for Blood Donations (5/6)

SU and ESF students won this year's Red Cross Blood Battle against Boston College. 5/5/15Read More

WWNY TV: Students Mark Ash Trees In State Park (5/6)

Students from the ESF Ranger School helped mark ash trees at the Robert Moses State Park Nature Center.4/29/15Read More

Natural Awakenings CNY: Interview with Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer (5/6)

Dr. Kimmerer talked about the healing power of nature and the benefits of repairing our relationship with the world around us. 4/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Two SUNY ESF bass anglers competing in tournament on Va. lake (5/6)

Members of the ESF Bass Fishing Club are competing in the season opener tournament on Smith Mountain Lake this weekend. 5/5/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Gross algae mats a 'weird sign of recovery' for Onondaga Lake (5/5)

Kim Schulz says the slimy algae blooms on Onondaga Lake recently are a good sign, and will slowly fade as the lake continues to recover. 5/4/15 — Read More

Syracuse.com: The trees of Syracuse turn exquisite green: A warm celebration we earned with our harsh winter (5/5)

Dr. Don Leopold says that this is the week when CNY trees will burst into spring color. 5/4/15Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF balloon payload still missing; college asks for help (5/4)

Syracuse.com helps get the word out about the lost space balloon payload, along with information on where to look. 5/1/15Read More

Syracuse.com: CNY students learn more about science, with a little help from ESF students (5/4)

ESF graduate students are spending time in area high schools to help elementary students learn science. 5/2/15Read More

Niagara Gazette: University students offer visions for Hyde Park improvements (5/4)

ESF students contributed to a plan for Niagara Falls' Hyde Park that would improve the waterway and attract wild birds. 5/4/15Read More

Blog: Finger Snuggling the Ambassador: Tufters, Tacey, and our adorable little future (5/1)

ESF researcher Michelle Stantial is at work on Long Beach Island, banding (adorable) piping plovers. 4/30/15Read More

Channel 9: Have you seen SUNY ESF’s weather balloon equipment? (5/1)

ESF's space balloon payload dropped off the rader somewhere near Cortland. 4/30/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Why has growing season gotten longer in Northeast, but not in Syracuse? (4/30)

Dave Eichorn, meteorologist, ESF alum and adjunct instructor, is quoted on this odd phenomenon. 4/30/15Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF launches high-altitude balloon on picture-perfect day (4/30)

With only minor delays, the "ESF goes to Space" class got their space balloon up into the atmosphere. 4/29/15Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF balloon payload lost; might have suffered 'catastrophic event' (4/30)

After a successful launch, the ESF space balloon popped over Cortland on schedule, but the payload's signal disappeared! 4/30/15Read More

Auburn Citizen: Drone photographer to speak in Aurora (4/30)

ESF alum Bill Hecht is documenting the Finger Lakes from above, using aerial drone photography. 4/30/15Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF students to send research balloon up to 100,000 feet (4/29)

Students in the 'ESF goes to Space' class are designing and launching their own space balloon. 4/28/15Read More

Oneida Dispatch: COLLEGE CORNER: Oneida alum Tyler Kuhn sets ESF record in triple jump (4/29)

Oneida Dispatch's weekly college athletics roundup includes ESF achievements. 4/27/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Bad news: Ticks, mosquitoes, black flies unfazed by bitter winter cold (4/28)

Kim Adams is quoted in this story on this year's prognosis for ticks, mosquitoes and black flies. 4/27/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF professor uses augmented reality gaming to teach users about environment (4/28)

Dr. Beth Folta and her students have designed alternate reality games to help introduce people to New York state parks. 4/27/15Read More

CNY Business Journal: SBA Syracuse district announces 2015 Emerging Leaders class (4/28)

ESF is one of the collaborators in the Emerging Leaders program, which this year graduated 19 business owners. 4/27/15Read More

CLRC’s First Professional Development Award Recipient – Ruth M. Owens – SUNY ESF (4/27)

Ruth Owens will use the award to attend this year's Special Libraries Conference in Boston. 4/27/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Syracuse University made good choice to divest fossil fuel stocks (Your letters) (4/27)

Dr. Murphy congratulates Syracuse Uhiversity on fossil fuel divestment, and argues that sustainability is not a "craze." 4/21/15Read More

SolutionGeneration: Professor Clarifies, University Sustainability is not a "craze" (4/27)

Dr. Neil Murphy wrote an open letter in response to Washington Post columnist George Will's labeling of sustainability as a "craze" and "higher education's new fundamentalism." 4/27/15Read More

NCC News: SUNY-ESF Premieres Wildlife Presentation for Earth Week (4/27)

Wildlife rehabilitator Cindy Page brought some of her raptors to ESF for a conservation talk during Earth Week. 4/26/15Read More

North Country Now: ESF Ranger School partners with Massena Nature Center and others for Ash Tree ID Project (4/27)

The project will ID ash trees along the nature center's five miles of hiking trails, to track their status and health. 4/26/15Read More

Rome Sentinel: Local student teams among contest winners (4/27)

ESF students were among the NY Business Plan Competition regional winners and will be moving on to the all-state competition. 4/25/15Read More

SUNY Blog: 13 SUNY Campuses Named as Nation’s Top “Green” Colleges for 2015 (4/24)

ESF is #33 on the Princeton Review's list of the nation's top 'green' colleges for 2015. 4/20/15Read More

OpenDemocracy: To stop the age of extinction, nature needs a new pronoun (4/24)

Robin Kimmerer writes on the politics of language and how our pronoun choices for the earth and its species influence our perceptions. 4/24/15Read More

WAER: SUNY ESF Students Take a "Soundwalk" to Listen to our Part of the Planet on Earth Day (4/24)

A WAER reporter took a soundwalk with ESF students, so you can take a virtual tour. Listen! 4/23/15Read More

Knoxville News Sentinel: Knox County Clerk disputes results of report on mold (4/24)

ESF is mentioned in this article on mold problemsin the Old Knox County Courthouse. 4/22/15Read More

Binghamton zookeepers take you behind the scenes (4/22)

This article featuring the zookeepers of Ross Park Zoo includes an ESF alum. 4/18/15Read More

Daily Orange: SU, ESF students raise more than $60,000 for cancer research at annual Relay For Life (4/22)

The annual Syracuse Relay for Life was held in the Carrier Dome on Sunday, and exceeded its fundraising goals. 4/19/15Read More

WRVO: Unplug for Earth Day (4/22)

ESF professors Chuck Kroll and Tim Volk were interviewed for an Earth Day article on how you can make a difference. 4/22/15Read More

TWC Going Green: Some Roof Gardens Need Lots of Attention (4/21)

Students and faculty talk about performing annual maintenance on ESF's Gateway Center green roof. 4/201/5Read More

Philly.com: When you meet a coyote, don't run (4/21)

Dr. Jacqui Frair was interviewed by Philly.com on urban coyotes. 4/19/15Read More

WRVO: Will New York's new student loan assistance program get more college grads to stay in state? (4/20)

ESF's own Mark Hill, director of financial aid, is included in the article. 4/17/15Read More

Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Professors study health effects of wood heat (4/20)

Dr. Huiting Mao and her collaborators were given a SUNY 4E grant for the project. 4/17/15Read More

Star Gazette Biz Bites: Hunt engineers adds to staff (4/20)

ESF alumna Alexandra Williams is among the new hires at Hunt Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors, P.C. in Horseheads, NY. 4/17/15Read More

Daily Orange: Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF community celebrates Earth Week at Earthfest (4/20)

This weekend's Earthfest in Thornden Park was a big hit! 4/19/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF hosts Earth Week to show support for environmental sustainability (4/20)

"At SUNY-ESF, the week leading up to Earth Day is filled with a wide variety of activities." 4/19/15Read More

NewsHouse: Poet Mary Karr to speak at SU, SUNY-ESF 2015 commencement (4/20)

Newhouse School of Communications reports on this year's commencement speaker. 4/1715Read More

North Country Public Radio: "Get on Your Feet" loan assistance aims to keep grads in New York (4/17)

ESF's financial aid director is quoted in this article on New York's new student loan assistance program. 4/17/15Read More

TWC Going Green: University of Buffalo Enters Solar Decathlon (4/17)

U of Buffalo and ESF are teaming up to design and build a solar house for the US DOE Solar Decathlon. 4/12/15Read More

How do you put the "fun" in Summer? (4/16)

Creative ESF minds have found a way! Read MoreRead More

AllOverAlbany: About those coyotes (4/16)

An aticle on the increasing coyote populations in New York and urban areas includes ESF research. 4/10/15Read More

Channel 9 News: Experts warn: Powassan virus is worse than Lyme Disease (4/16)

Kim Adams was interviewed for a Channel 9 piece on the rare but dangerous Powassan tick-borne illness. 4/14/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Achoo! Warm, windy weather ushers in CNY allergy season (4/15)

Dr. Don Leopold tells us what we can expect from this year's allergy season. 4/14/15Read More

ESF Radiation Curing Program produces its first graduate (4/15)

John Stancampiano earns the first Advance Certificate in Radiation Curing from ESF. 4/14/15Read More

WAER In Depth: Restoration of Onondaga Lake's Wetlands Playing Key Role in Recovery (4/15)

In this feature-length article on the recovery of Onondaga Lake's watershed, Dr. Leopold provides an expert's perspective on the ecological history and recovery of the area. 4/14/15Read More

WRVO: Study shows people favor bicycle lanes on Syracuse's Euclid Avenue (4/14)

Dr. Melissa Fierke is quoted on the danger of bicycling on Euclid. 4/13/15Read More

Daily Orange: NYPIRG to hold referendum to determine student body support (4/14)

The SU/ESF chapter of NYPIRG advocates for affordable tuition and supports student involvement in policy and governance. 4/13/15Read More

Skaneateles Journal: 'Giving people options": Spafford residents to benefit from Fuller Park renovations (4/14)

The town of Spafford is renovating its park at the south end of Skaneateles Lake, with a bit of design help from ESF students. 4/13/15Read More

Woodchips fly at 2015 Colby Mud Meet (4/13)

The ESF timbersports team competed Saturday at Colby College. 4/11/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF professor named 2015 College Technology Educator of the Year, uses past experiences to influence teaching (4/13)

Tom Amidon was recognized by TACNY as Technology Educator of the Year. 4/12/15Read More

Phys.org: Bacteria tracked feeding nitrogen to nutrient-starved plants (4/13)

Led by Brookhaven National Lab, a team of researchers including ESF have documented bacteria performing nitrogen-fixing for crops. 4/10/15Read More

Brookhaven National Lab: Bacteria Tracked Feeding Nitrogen to Nutrient-Starved Plants (4/13)

The team, led by Brookhaven and including ESF researchers, measured accelerated growth in plants colonized by bacteria that pull nitrogen from the air and release it into soil. 4/10/15Read More

The Mystery of Plum Island’s Wildlife Will Soon be Revealed (4/13)

ESF and NYSDEC researchers from the New York Natural Heritage Program are cataloging the remarkable and often endangered wildlife that make Plum Island their home. 4/1/15Read More

Syracuse.com: Coyotes follow deer and other prey into CNY neighborhoods -- now what? (4/10)

Dr. Jacqui Frair and Brian Underwood are included in this article on the encroachment of coyotes into human areas. 4/10/15Read More

West Virginia U News: WVU part of $3 million bioenergy effort (4/10)

WVU is one of the colleges partnering with ESF on a $3 million grant from the US Dept of Energy to develop a quicker, more affordable biomass product supply chain. 4/7/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF senior reflects on cross-country biking journey from Oregon to Virginia (4/10)

ESF senior and VP of the SU Outing Club, Malcolm Moncheur spent much of last summer on a cross-country journey by bicycle. 4/3/15Read More

Syracuse, SUNY-ESF Host Science Exploration Day for Regional Youth (4/9)

PBE and FNRM joined in STEM Day on the Hill, which attracted more than a hundred middle and high school students. 4/8/15Read More

The Daily Star: College Day offers answers for area students (4/9)

Tom Fletcher of ESF Admissions is included in this article on new students working through the college admissions process. 4/8/15Read More

Lake Placid News: A threat to hemlocks (4/9)

The ESF Chestnut Project is mentioned in this article on the woolly adelgid threat to Adirondacks hemlocks. 4/8/15Read More

Robin Kimmerer to give Earth Day talk at Indiana State University (4/9)

Dr. Kimmerer will speak on the Honorable Harvest as Indiana State's Earth Day speaker. 4/8/15Read More

Daily Orange: Yik Yak mascot storms the Quad as part of app’s college tour (4/8)

ESF student Taylor Dellarocco is quoted on the Yak. 4/7/15Read More

Daily Orange: Street parking on Euclid Avenue may potentially be replaced with bike lanes (4/7)

Melissa Fierke is quoted in this update on the ongoing effort to get bike lanes installed on Euclid. 4/2/15Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF professors research energy efficiency patterns in counties across the country (4/6)

Two ESF researchers mapped land consumption across the US. 4/5/15Read More

WRVO: Bike share programs becoming more popular (4/6)

ESF is mentioned in this story on the increasing popularity of bike-sharing programs. 4/3/15Read More

ERE students to present poster at SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (4/3)

Students will present on international humanitarian work done by the Engineersing for a Sustainable Society club. 4/15Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Anglers spar over DEC preseason bass fishing ban (4/2)

ESF research is mentioned in this article on the ongoing public debate about pre-season smallmouth bass fishing in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence. 4/2/15 — Read More

Dr. Powell: Return of the king: The development of a blight-resistant American chestnut tree" (4/1)

Dr. Powell will speak on the American Chestnut Project at SUNY New Paltz as part of the college's Earth Day celebration. 4/15 — Read More

CR80News: Students collect dining hall food for local shelters (4/1)

CR80News reports on the local chapter of the Food Recovery Network established by three ESF students. 3/31/15 — Read More

Downtown Committee of Syracuse interviews George Curry (4/1)

This week's Downtown Syracuse Tuesday Talk featured George Curry and his landscape architecture work for the city. 3/31/15 — Read More

TWC News Going Green: Food Recovery Network Makes a Difference in New York (3/31)

Three ESF students have organized an ESF chapter of the Food Recovery Network. 3/30/15 — Read More

Adirondack Trail Magazine features ESF Ranger School (3/31)

Adirondack Trail features the ESF Ranger School in this beautiful video. Watch. 3/27/15 — Read More

Alaska Dispatch News: Does Alaska want more wolves? Well, do the math. (3/30)

An ESF graduate authored an editorial on the management of wolf populations in and around Alaska's Denali National Park. 3/29/15 — Read More

Take Back the Night 2015 Events Begin March 30 (3/30)

(SU and ESF campuses are hosting Take Back the Night events to raise awareness about sexual and relationship violence. 3/27/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY-ESF students save campus food to help feed people in shelters (3/30)

("Composting is good, but feeding people is better," says ERE student Katja Fiertz. 3/28/15) — Read More

County-by-county Map Shows U.S. Development (3/27)

(ESF researchers developed a map that shows efficiency of US land consumption by county. 3/26/15) — Read More

Study maps development 1 county at a time (3/27)

(ESF researchers have built a map that displays the efficiency of US land development by county. 3/26/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: World War II vet, now 88, and his Camillus company make history in New York (3/27)

(The ESF alum is the first WWII veteran to qualify for a new state program that helps disabled veterans win state contracts. 3/24/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Mark Lichtenstein will join SUNY ESF as chief of the presidents staff (3/27)

("Lichtenstein is currently the executive director of the Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions." 3/27/15) — Read More

Olean Herald: Allegany Co. invests $75K into biorefinery research center (3/27)

(The research center and pilot facility will be built at Alfred State University, as part of the New Forest Economy initiative led by Preston Gilbert and Tom Amidon. 3/25/15) — Read More

Tom Amidon is TACNY College Technology Educator of the Year (3/27)

("Dr. Tom Amidon received the Technology Alliance of Central New York's 2015 College Technology Educator of the Year award at the TACNY awards banquet on Monday, March 23rd." 3/24/15) — Read More

Skaneateles Journal: Orenda Springs seeks Marcellus Central School District's support in opening charter school (3/26)

(The school would partner with ESF and other local organizations and businesses to provide educational opportunities. 3/24/15) — Read More

Skaneateles Journal: Skaneateles High School Environmental Club to host biotechnologist William Powell (3/26)

(Bill Powell will talk on the American Chestnut Project in Skaneateles tonight. 3/25/15) — Read More

Phys.org: Study maps development, one county at a time (3/25)

("Researchers at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) have developed a county-by-county map of the United States' "lower 48" that tells a story of land cover and development across the nation, and could provide a framework for planners and policy makers as they consider future development." 3/25/15) — Read More

North Country Public Radio: Will a plague of "winter ticks" threaten Adirondack moose? (3/25)

(Dr. Jacqui Frair is quoted in this story on the impact of winter ticks on US moose. 3/24/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF receives plaque in honor of environmentally friendly building (3/25)

("The environmentally friendly design is a teaching tool for ESF students who are studying sustainability and sustainable energy management and additionally showcases the sustainable technologies that are incorporated, Wheeler said." 3/22/15) — Read More

Oneonta Daily Star: Upcoming sustainability talk by ESF alumna (3/24)

(ESF alumna Hanna Morgan will give a talk on renewable energy and sustainable waste management in Oneonta on Wednesday, March 25. 3/23/15) — Read More

USGBC: A bright future in sustainability at SUNY-ESF (3/24)

(The USGBC reports on last week's talk by CEO Rick Fedrizzi to ESF's Sustainable Energy Club. 3/20/15) — Read More

US DOE: Five Harvesting Technologies are Making Biofuels More Competitive in the Marketplace (3/20)

(With funding from the US Dept of Energy, ESF is developing equipment to make biomass harvesting affordable and competitive. 3/17/15) — Read More

Press Republican: Citizen scientists bring extra eyes to nature (3/20)

(ESF's Newcomb campus offered citizen science training for a wetland monitoring project developed by ESF's Adirondack Ecological Center and Northern Forest Institute along with several regional partners. 3/18/15) — Read More

International Business Times: Solar Impulse 2: Sun-Powered Aircraft Signals Major Progress In Global Solar Energy Sector (3/18)

(Dr. Neal Abrams is quoted in this article on the historic global flight of the solar-powered aircraft. 3/1715) — Read More

Daily Orange: Food Recovery Network collects, redistributes excess dining hall food, works to lessen food waste (3/18)

(ESF students established the Food Recovery Network to save on food waste and support soup kitchens and other community organizations. 3/17/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Snake tale: 6-foot boa constrictor found near Destiny USA last summer (3/18)

(James Gibbs is quoted on invasive species and the practice of releasing unwanted pets. 3/17/15) — Read More

Adirondack Almanack: ESF Joins Science and Humanities Network (3/17)

(Dr. Marianne Patinelli-Dubay says ESF's membership in the Ecological Reflections network will provide the college with opportunities to bridge the sciences and humanities. 3/16/15) — Read More

U Buffalo News: Students start construction on solar house that makes twice the energy it uses (3/17)

(A cross-SUNY team including ESF's Department of Landscape Architecture is building a solar house to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. 3/16/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Student with interest in papermaking receives Rare Book School scholarship (3/17)

(PBE grad student Genevieve Nordmark has received a scholarship to the prestigious Rare Book School, to study the history of papermaking techniques. 3/16/15) — Read More

NPCA Magazine: Cracking the Nut (3/17)

(ESF's American Chestnut Project is discussed in this article on attempts to restore the American chestnut. 3/15) — Read More

Charlotte Observer Photo Gallery: A spring-like day (3/17)

(ERE students returning from a class trip to Costa Rica were photographed enjoying a beautiful March day during a layover in Charlotte, NC. 3/17/15) — Read More

ESF researcher uses radiation curing to create bulletproof coating (3/17)

(Mark Driscoll of ESF's Radiation Curing Program and some of his students have used UV curing to apply a bulletproof coating to objects. 3/12/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Upon further review, snow ruling reversed: Syracuse regains 10.4 inches deleted by computer (3/17)

(Data from ESF's unofficial weather station contributed to the decision. 3/17/15) — Read More

RedOrbit: Giant tortoise babies hatch in Galapagos for first time in 100 years (3/17)

(James Gibbs is quoted on his research team's discovery of baby Galapagos tortoises in the wild. 3/16/15) — Read More

NRDC Blog: Latin America Green News: Colombia launches carbon calculator, baby tortoises spotted in Galapagos, Chile's renewable energy sector looking (3/16)

(In their weekly roundup, the National Resources Defense Council mentioned the discovery of baby Galapagos tortoises by James Gibbs' team. 3/13/15) — Read More

El Ciudadano covers discovery of baby Galapagos tortoises (3/16)

(The discovery by Dr. James Gibbs and his team was covered in Chile's El Ciudadano news service. 3/9/15) — Read More

Poughkeepsie Journal: ESF alumna appointment (3/16)

("Rondout Savings Bank's board of trustees recently elected Francesca Szabadi as corporate secretary." 3/14/15) — Read More

Mashable: Baby giant tortoises hatch in the Galapagos Islands for first time in a century (3/16)

(James Gibbs is quoted in this Mashable article on the recent discovery of baby tortoises on Pinzon Island. 3/15/15) — Read More

Delaware Online: Did You Know: Delaware's lost trees (3/13)

(ESF's American Chestnut Project is mentioned in this article taking a look at the trees that once dominated Delaware's lands. 3/10/15) — Read More

WAER: Design Firm Selected for New Look for Perseverance Park in Downtown Syracuse (3/11)

(George Curry was interviewed for a story about a new look for Perseverance Park in downtown Syracuse. 3/9/15) — Read More

Daily Freeman: Steve Noble announces candidacy for mayor of Kingston (3/11)

(Environmental educator and ESF alum Steve Noble is running for mayor in Kingston, NY. 3/7/15) — Read More

Lake Placid News: Woman’s love of outdoors honored by scholarship (3/11)

(The Adirondack Mountain Club and loved ones have established a youth outdoorsmanship scholarship in memory of ESF alumna Maegan Spindler Jones. 3/10/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Local government costing Onondaga County residents $3,900 each per year, civic group says (3/11)

(Dr. Neil Murphy is one of the chairs of Consensus CNY, the non-profit commission which performed the study. 3/9/15) — Read More

Big Island Now: Gov. Ige’s BLNR Nominations Include Big Island Man (3/11)

(ESF alum Christopher Yuen was among the nominees for the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources. 3/10/15) — Read More

Hawaii 24/7: Yuen nominated to BLNR; subject to Senate confirmation (3/11)

(ESF alum Christopher Yuen was nominated by the Governor to the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources. 3/11/15) — Read More

West Hawaii Today: Former Hawaii County planning director nominated to land board (3/11)

(ESF alum Christopher Yuen has been nominated to the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources. 3/10/15) — Read More

Wildlife Society: TWS Member Honored for Invasive Species Management (3/11)

(Steve Kendrot, wildlife biologist and ESF alum, was honored with an award for his work to control invasive nutria around the Chesapeake Bay. 3/6/15) — Read More

White Plains Daily Voice: Wolf Conservation Expert Spitzer Speaks At White Plains' Ethical Society (3/10)

(ESF graduate Alex Spitzer will speak on wolf conservation in White Plains, NY this month. 3/9/15) — Read More

EarthSky: Good news! Young tortoises spotted on Galapagos island (3/10)

(Dr. James Gibbs is quoted in this story on the discovery that Galapagos tortoises are breeding in the wild on Pinzon Island. 3/9/15) — Read More

Auburn Citizen: March to Lake Day soldiers through science on behalf of Owasco Lake (3/9)

(Dr. Greg Boyer was one of the keynote speakers for the Lake Owasco watershed symposium. 3/8/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Bike-sharing initiative to start allowing students to freely rent bikes by end of the month (3/5)

(Dr. Melissa Fierke and the ESF Bike Library are mentioned in this Daily Orange article about the launch of the SU bike sharing program. 3/4/15) — Read More

Auburn Citizen: March to Lake Day set for Saturday (3/5)

(Dr. Greg Boyer will be one of the speakers on the health and ecology of Owasco Lake. 3/4/15) — Read More

U Buffalo News: Students start construction on solar house (3/5)

(Members of ESF Landscape Architecture are part of the design and build team for this solar house that produces twice as much energy as it uses. 2/19/15) — Read More

Huffington Post Green: Baby Tortoises Born On Galapagos Island For The First Time In A Century (3/5)

(Dr. James Gibbs is quoted in this article on the discovery of baby tortoises on Pinzon Island. 3/3/15) — Read More

WRVO: Record cold will help some plants, hurt others (3/4)

(Landscape Architecture Professor Tim Toland was interviewed on how this winter's cold is affecting plants. Listen at the link. 3/3/15) — Read More

Watertown Daily Times: New York’s first walleye spawning bed built in Cape Vincent (3/3)

(ESF graduate students participated in the research and design of a spawning bed for walleye in Kents Creek. 2/28/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: In Syracuse, at Fayette and Salina: What kind of park best suits downtown's '100 percent corner'? (3/3)

(Dr. George Curry is on the jury to decide the best team to tackle the redesign of Syracuse's downtown 'Perseverence Park.' 2/25/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Experts: CNY wildlife/birds OK during 'ferocious' February, but story could change (3/3)

(Brian Underwood and Ron Giegerich are quoted in this story about how the severe weather is affecting animals. 2/25/15) — Read More

Adirondack Almanack: What Is The ‘Great South Woods’? (3/3)

(Dr. Colin Beier wrote a piece on the Great South Woods project, going into more detail about the initiative and its goals. 2/22/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY presidents ask for more money from state legislators to improve campuses (3/2)

(Presidents from five SUNY colleges gathered Wednesday at ESF to encourage state legislators to invest more money into SUNY campuses. 2/25/15) — Read More

WRVO: SUNY argues for a piece of state surplus (3/2)

("The State University of New York is among those making a pitch to get some of the state's $5 billion windfall from the bank settlements." 2/26/15) — Read More

WAER: SUNY Presidents to Lawmakers: An Investment in SUNY is an Investment in NYS Future (3/2)

("The leaders of five SUNY Schools today put their collective voices behind a plea to state lawmakers for more investment in their institutions as the they begin budget negotiations this week." 2/25/15) — Read More

ESF's John Turbeville mentioned in Syracuse.com (2/24)

(John Turbeville, director of ESF's Office of Career Services and well-known local bowler, is a finalist in this year's bowling tournament. 2/22/15) — Read More

SU News: MakerSpace Is Making a Difference (2/24)

(Makerspace taught an ESF graduate to use 3D printing to design innovative biodegradable fishing lures for his company. 2/23/15) — Read More

Baxter Bulletin: Tumor-causing virus widespread in wild turkeys (2/23)

(ESF grad student Katrina Alger is helping to research a virus that may be impacting wild turkey populations. 2/19/15) — Read More

SUNY Cortland: Professor to Discuss Giant Tortoise Conservation (2/23)

(Dr. James Gibbs will guest lecture at SUJY Cortland this week on his conservation work with Galapagos tortoise species. 2/19/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Undergraduate Student Association at SUNY-ESF teams up with organization to help reinvent brand (2/23)

(USA is working to reorganize and reinvent itself to better serve the ESF student body. 2/22/15) — Read More

WAER: You Can Help NY State Protect Wildlife Species Says SUNY ESF Prof (2/20)

(Dr. James Gibbs is interviewed on the NYS List of Species of Greatest Concern, and how it can help protect New York species before they reach the federal Endangered Species List. 2/19/15) — Read More

Nature: Museums: The endangered dead (2/19)

(Dr. Wheeler is quoted in this article on the decline of natural history collections around the world, even as new technology renders them more valuable. 2/18/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: What's wrong with these pictures? Downtown Syracuse is an obstacle course (2/19)

(LA grad student shares a reminder to consider the needs of Syracuse's pedestrians. 2/18/15) — Read More

Cosmetics Design: Colorado becomes latest state to mull regulation of microbeads (2/19)

(Dr. Greg Boyer is quoted in this article on the spread of legislation against microbeads. 2/17/15) — Read More

Adirondack Lifestyle: Twelve Moose Get GPS Radio Collars in New York’s Adirondack Mountains (2/17)

(Dr. Paul Schuette and the Roosevelt Wild Life Station are at work on Adirondacks moose research. 2/8/15) — Read More

Saratogian: SUNY POLY team receives $837K for development of nanoscale sensor (2/16)

(ESF scientist Ruth Yanai is one of the researchers on the project to develop a tiny aphid-like sensor to monitor trees for climate change response. 2/15/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF natural resources management program becomes 1st accredited program in the country (2/16)

("SUNY-ESF's natural resource management program has become the first program of its kind to be accredited by the Society of American Foresters." 2/15/15) — Read More

Ithaca Journal: Tier’s turkey recovery success facing new threats (2/12)

(ESF grad student Katrina Alger is one of the researchers involved in investigating a virus that may be impacting eastern wild turkey populations. 2/11/15) — Read More

SUNY Cortland: Interdisciplinary Series to Highlight ‘R/Evolution’ (2/12)

(Dr. James Gibbs will speak about Galapagos tortoise conservation on Feb. 25 as part of SUNY Cortland's R/Evolution lecture series. 2/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY ESF Prof. Jacqueline Frair talks about coyotes in NYS (2/12)

(Dr. Jacqui Frair was interviewed about her work on NYS coyotes. Click to watch video. 1/30/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Divest SU and ESF hold panel event to kickoff Divestment Week (2/11)

(Nearly 60 students attended the event in Nifkin Lounge, which began with a panel of three student activists from ESF and SU. 2/10/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF student takes part in research looking into virus that hurts wild turkeys (2/11)

(ESF grad student Katrina Alger is helping the NYS DEC to research a poorly-understood virus that may be affecting the state's turkey populations. 2/9/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: DeWitt resident: Will someone please do something about the deer in our community? (2/11)

(Syracuse.com's continuing coverage of the overpopulating urban deer in Syracuse includes a mention of an ESF study done on the subject. 2/5/15) — Read More

Batavia Daily News Onlnie: Snowshoe walks highlight wonders of winter (2/10)

(ESF alumna & education programs coordinator at Genesee County Parks shares the joys of snowshoeing. 2/7/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Syracuse Relay for Life holds recruitment challenge (2/10)

(ESF and SU students are organizing a four-day Campus Recruitment Challenge for this year's Relay for Life event. 2/5/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF sophomore creates drawings in snow using only footprints (2/10)

(ESF student Heidi Faulkner's snow art was featured in the Daily Orange. Includes video. 2/9/15) — Read More

Two Photovoltaic Installation Courses Respond to Ongoing Demand (2/9)

Responding to strong demand from around the U.S., both the SPARE Basic and SPARE Commercial courses will be offered this spring. In the four-day Basic course, participants learn to site, design, and install photovoltaic systems while gaining hands-on experience. Additionally, the one-day Commercial course tackles the complex issues of commercial photovoltaic installations. — Read More

New Workshop Added to 2015 NYS Green Building Conference (2/9)

A pre-conference Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home training has been added to the 2015 New York State Green Building Conference. Lead by Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect for the Department of Energy Building Technologies Office, and Kevin Stack, CEO at Northeast Natural Homes, Inc, this seminar will provide you a comprehensive review of zero energy ready home construction including the business case, detailed specifications, and opportunities to be recognized as an industry leader. — Read More

WRVO: Cuomo talks education and ethics reforms in visit to Syracuse (2/5)

(WRVO mentioned ESF in its coverage of the Governor's visit to campus. 2/5/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Cuomo in Syracuse this afternoon at SUNY ESF (2/5)

(The governor visited ESF campus yesterday as part of his budget season tour of the state. 2/4/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Cuomo pledges his 'opportunity agenda' will help Upstate (2/5)

(Syracuse.com coverage of the Governor's visit to ESF's campus yesterday included. 2/4/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Cuomo to Syracuse: 'You are not sustainable. You need jobs, an economy, business' (2/5)

(Syracuse.com mentions ESF in coverage of Governor's visit to Syracuse. 2/4/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: In Syracuse, Gov. Cuomo talks tough about bad teachers, legislators (video) (2/5)

(Syracuse.com coverage of the Governor's visit includes mention of ESF. 2/4/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Cuomo in Syracuse this afternoon at SUNY-ESF (2/4)

(ESF is one of Governor Cuomo's stops on his state budget tour. 2/4/15) — Read More

North Country Now: Sen. Griffo honors six with NY Liberty Medal (2/4)

(Former ESF Ranger School Director Chris Westbrook was among those honored. 1/30/15) — Read More

Watertown Daily Times: Liberty Medals awarded during ceremony at Clarkson University (2/4)

(Former ESF Ranger School Director Chris Westbrook was one of the recipients of the New York Liberty Medal. 2/1/15) — Read More

In N.Y., groundhogs’ popularity is still underground (2/4)

(A story on Groundhog Day includes mention of ESF research on the animals' ecology and behavior. 2/1/15) — Read More

Plattsburgh Press Republican: Tree programs offered at state farm show (2/4)

(ESF's connection to beneficial programs for landowners was acknowledged in a brief on land management workshops for land owners. 1/31/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Community members share their visions for a better Syracuse (2/4)

(Karaline Rothwell of ESF Admissions was one of four volunteers recognized for their community service at the 30th annual MLK Celebration. 2/3/15) — Read More

Biomass Magazine: Dangerously Smart Farm Boys (2/3)

(Tim Volk's collaboration with New Holland Agriculture is mentioned in this article on ag-equipment companies that are developing technology for biomass harvesting. 1/30/15) — Read More

Post-Standard: SUNY ESF prof: Coyotes everywhere in NYS, but impact on deer numbers is 'minimal' (2/3)

(The Post-Standard interviewed Dr. Jacqui Frair on her work with New York state coyotes. 1/30/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: SUNY-ESF joins HVIAC (2/3)

(The Daily Ornage reports on ESF joining its first athletic conference. 2/1/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Students to teach empathy in local community (1/30)

(ESF and SU students have founded a program to help grade schoolers develop skill at empathy. 1/27/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Deer in the city? Readers respond with plenty of photos from Syracuse's east side (1/30)

(Last year's ESF study on Syracuse's urban deer is mentioned in an article and photo gallery. 1/29/15) — Read More

CNY Business Journal: State announces 18 more START-UP NY businesses, including firms at SUNY-ESF, Canton (1/29)

(A new Syracuse–area wood-products manufacturer partnered with ESF is among 18 new businesses participating in the START-UP NY program, the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday. 1/28/15) — Read More

Rome Sentinel: Poet Lawler to read at college (1/29)

(Professor Patrick Lawler of the ESF Writing Program will do a poetry reading at Hamilton College on Monday. 1/28/15) — Read More

Rome Observer: Lawler to read poetry at Hamilton College series event (1/29)

(Patrick Lawler is an instructor in the ESF Writing Program, and a nationally-published poet. 1/28/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: New manufacturer to create 40 jobs at former GM plant in Salina (1/29)

(ESf-sponsored Windsor Wood will open a facility in Salina under the START-UP NY program. 1/28/15) — Read More

WSYR: Wood products manufacturer to bring 40 jobs to Salina facility (1/28)

(Windsor Woods is partnering with ESF under the START-UP NY program to open a facility in Salina. 1/28/15) — Read More

Radio World: SBE22 Broadcast & Technology Expo Ends its Run (1/28)

(The Society of Broadcast Engineers in New York state is closing the doors on its annual expo. ESF video producer and SBE chapter Chairman Christopher Baycura is quoted. 1/20/15) — Read More

NJ.com: Bucks County native featured in 'I Love N.Y.' campaign (1/28)

(ESF alumna and "Women in Nature" coordinator is being featured in the new "I Love NY" campaign. 1/21/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: Traveling Harry Potter exhibit on display at Moon Library (1/28)

("Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic and Medicine," a traveling exhibit sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, is on display at Moon Library at ESF until Feb. 28. 1/26/15) — Read More

CBS New York: Scientists: Tumor-Causing Virus Widespread In Wild Turkeys (1/27)

(ESF grad student Katrina Algar is studying a virus that may be playing a role in the decline of eastern wild turkey populations. 1/21/15) — Read More

ABC: virus widespread in wild turkeys may be impacting their populations (1/27)

(ABC covers the decline of wild turkey populations, and ESF grad student's research on the virus that may be partly responsible. 1/19/15) — Read More

Blogger unearths ESF connection in search for family history (1/26)

(A search for the history of some family-owned land led this blogger to discover a connection with ESF's early history. 1/20/15)
Read More

The Dodo: Baby Tortoises Found On Galapagos Island For First Time In Over 100 Years (1/26)

(Dr. Gibbs is quoted in this story on the recent finding of tortoise hatchlings on Pinzon Island. 1/21/15) — Read More

RF SUNY: SUNY 4E - Breaking with tradition to increase collaboration (1/26)

(Drs. Nomura and Hirsch have been instriumental in leading the first of the SUNY Networks of Excellence to success in its first year. 1/25/15) — Read More

Geographical: Historic birth for Galapagos tortoises (1/26)

(Dr. Gibbs and colleagues in article on their discovery of baby tortoises on Pinzon Island. 1/21/15)
Read More

Ithaca.com: Finger Lakes Land Trust Celebrates 25 Years of Easements and Preservation (1/26)

(The work of alumna Sandra Bonnano is mentioned in a feature on the Finger Lakes Land Trust. 1/22/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Cuomo extends $300 cap on tuition increases for SUNY schools; more funding for SUNY challenge grants (1/26)

(ESF was mentioned in Syracuse.com coverage of Gov. Cuomo's State of the State address. 1/21/15) — Read More

Gutchess Lumber Scholarship Fund for SCME Students (1/23)

The Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering Department is pleased to announce that Gutchess Lumber Company Inc. of Cortland, New York has donated $100,000 to the ESF Foundation to establish the Gutchess Lumber Scholarship Fund. The fund will be used to provide about $5000 in annual support to undergraduate and/or graduate students in good academic standing enrolled full-time in the ESF Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering Department, with a demonstrated interest in hardwood utilization. Preference will be given to candidates from, or planning to work in, central New York State. 

SUNY-ESF to Host SUNY Conversation in the Disciplines (1/21)

On Feb. 13, ESF will hold a Conversation in the Disciplines event titled "Depolarizing the Environment: Thinking Broadly About Science, Policy and Politics." Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how the science of the environment can be better engaged with the political and social realms we inhabit, and how to foster a culture of intellectual openness at the difficult interface of environment, politics, culture and science. — Read More

PBA of NYS Law Enforcement Congratulates Forest Ranger Award Recipients (1/20)

(A number of ESF Ranger School alumni were among the 17 Forest Ranger Award recipients. 1/12/15) — Read More

Guardian: When the rats are away, Galapagos tortoises can play (1/20)

(The Guardian covers the report by Gibbs and colleagues of Galapagos tortoises' successful breeding following extermination of invasive rats. 1/16/15) — Read More

Charlotte Observer: Scientists: Tumor-causing virus widespread in wild turkeys (1/20)

(An ESF grad student is one of the researchers studying wild turkeys to learn why populations are declining. 1/19/15) — Read More

Wellsville Daily Reporter: Biorefinery research and development facility coming to Alfred State's Wellsville campus (1/20)

(ESF and Alfred State are working together to build a biorefinery at Alfred State, as part of the New Forest Economy initiative. 1/19/15) — Read More

Olean Times Herald: Forestry experts educate Allegany County legislators on process (1/20)

(Profs Gilbert and Amidon are meeting with Allegany County legislators on a new biorefinery that will be built in the county, as part of their New Forest Economy initiative. 1/16/15) — Read More

Discover Magazine: Galapagos Tortoises Make a Comeback, Thanks to Rat Eradication (1/20)

(Discover Magazine reported on the findings of James Gibbs and colleagues during their recent Pinzon Island tortoise population survey. 1/19/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: ESF alum publishes a fantasy novel (1/20)

("'Terrible Children' focuses on environmental stewardship: CNY books and authors" 1/16/15) — Read More

Nature: James Gibbs & colleagues announce successful Galapagos tortoise hatching (1/16)

(After a survey of Pinzon Island tortoise populations, the researchers announced they had found the tortoises are successfully reproducing in the wild. 1/15/15) — Read More

Watertown Daily News: ESF alum starts a maple syrup production and consultation business (1/15)

("Tapping maple trees and helping others to do the same will now be a full-time job for Gavin M. MacKellar, whose maple syrup equipment supply and consulting business will have its grand opening Saturday." 1/13/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: ESF alum signs on with FOCUS Greater Syracuse (1/15)

(ESF alum Frank Moses has joined FOCUS Greater Syracuse to manage citizen engagement projects and programs. 1/14/15) — Read More

Dr. Murphy in Huffington Post: Now Is the Time for National Water Resource Policy (1/14)

(In his Huffington Post blog this month, Dr. Murphy calls for establishing a policy to govern sustainable water management in the US. 1/14/15) — Read More

Rome Sentinel: AIC helps host Winter Weekends at Camp Santanoni (1/14)

(Winter Weekends recreational events at Newcomb's Camp Santanoni are growing in popularity in their third year--hosted by DEC, AIC and Adirondack Architectural Heritage. 1/13/15) — Read More

ESF Alumna named as Associate Editor for Agri-Pulse (1/14)

(Agricultural industry news organization Agri-Pulse appoints ESF Whitney Forman-Cook as an associate Editor. 1/12/15) — Read More

AIC participates in Camp Santanoni Winter Weekends (1/14)

(ESF's Adirondack Interpretive Center is one of the hosts of the increasingly popular Winter Weekends in Newcomb, NY, providing visitors a chance to enjoy winter sports in the Adirondacks. 1/12/15) — Read More

Brian Underwood in Syracuse.com article on urban deer in Syracuse (1/13)

(Brian Underwood is quoted in this article on the current status of efforts to manage Syracuse urban deer populations. 1/12/15) — Read More

3D Printing Industry covers new ESF short course on UV curing for 3D printing (1/13)

(The course will include information on the chemistry of the process, and ways to maximize the quality of the finished product. 1/7/15) — Read More

Daily Orange: ESF offers short course for UV Curing in 3D Printing (1/13)

(Useful for people who work with 3D printing or modeling, this course on UV curing provides information on working with polymers that can remain pliable until set using UV exposure. 1/14/15) — Read More

American Chestnut Project in Oregon State U Forestry Blog (1/13)

(A recent blog article on genetic modification in forestry included a mention of the American Chestnut Project. 12/19/14) — Read More

Oak Ridge Natl Lab: blight-resistance of transgenic American chestnuts confirmed (1/13)

(ORNL announced they had verified the blight-resistance of the transgenic trees, as well as near-identical chemical composition to unaltered American chestnuts. 12/14) — Read More

TWC News Going Green: After New Law, Whale Bones Become Hard to Curate for Education (1/12)

(Going Green covered the legalities of owning and curating ESF's new whale skeletons for educational purposes. 1/5/15) — Read More

Times Union: Multiple groups tackling plan to link communities (1/12)

(The Times-Union reports on the Great South Woods initiative, and the work of ESF and other groups in the program. 1/9/15) — Read More

Syracuse.com: ESF in Top Five Environmental Stories of 2014 (1/8)

(ESF's American Chestnut Project and last summer's Onondaga Lake Bioblitz were two of Syracuse.com's top five environmental stories of 2014. 1/1/15) — Read More

Protect the Adirondacks assesses pros, cons and concerns with Great South Woods Project (1/7)

("An ambitious new project called the Great South Woods is underway that looks broadly at community development and state lands planning across almost all of the southern half of the Adirondack Park." 1/2/15) — Read More

James Gibbs guest-authors for Galapagos Conservancy blog (1/7)

(Dr. Gibbs wrote on the Galapagos Conservancy blog about the experience of conducting a recent survey of Pinzon Island tortoise populations in the Galapagos. 12/18/14) — Read More

Great South Woods Project’ aims to enhance recreation, connectivity (1/7)

("The primary objective is to help the department consider ways of expanding access to the forest preserve," said Dr. Colin Beier, project leader for ESF." 12/30/14) — Read More

Design & Trend: Scientists Modify Chestnut Tree's DNA To Cope With Blight (1/6)

(As the American Chestnut Project garners awareness, it meets resistance from anti-GMO groups. 12/28/14) — Read More

New Jersey Herald: EPA awards grant for wetlands protection around NY (1/6)

("The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded $141,000 to the New York Natural Heritage Program at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry to better protect wetlands throughout the state." 12/26/14) — Read More

WNYT: Grant gives NYS wetlands extra protection (1/6)

("The Environmental Protection Agency is awarding $140,000 to the New York Natural Heritage Program at the SUNY College of Environmental Science And Forestry." 12/26/14) — Read More

Syracuse.com: Matthew Rothrock: A student volunteer making a difference (1/6)

(ESF senior Matt Rothrock was recognized as a CNY Conservation Hero by the Post-Standard. 12/27/14) — Read More

Galapagos Conservancy Blog: Pinzón Island Giant Tortoise Population Survey (1/5)

(James Gibbs shares his experience of a recent trip to the Galapagos to perform a tortoise survey. 12/18/14) — Read More

Popular Science: Genetically Modified Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (1/5)

("A project to save the American chestnut is gaining momentum-and opponents." 12/24/14) — Read More

Academic Minute: Tim Volk on Renewable Biomass (1/5)

(Tim Volk was a guest on the Academic Minute to discuss biomass and its potential as a renewable fuel source. 12/22/14) — Read More

Three Year Adirondack Moose Study Begins (1/5)

(NYS DEC, ESF and Cornell launch a study of New York moose that will survey their populations and environmental stresses on their health. 12/30/14) — Read More