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Spectrum News: New ESF Center Looks To Push for Cleaner Water (10/21)

ESF and Clarkson University are collaborating to establish a Center of Excellence for Healthy Water Solutions. 10/15/19Read More

WAER: SUNY ESF And Clarkson University Partnership To Focus On Threats To State Water Resources (10/21)

ESF hosted an event for the Center for Excellence in Healthy Water Solutions, a collaboration with Clarkson University. 10/15/19Read More

News Channel 9: Healthy water solutions showcased at SUNY ESF (10/21)

ESF and Clarkson University announced the launch of the collaborative Center of Excellence for Healthy Water Solutions. 10/15/19Read More

WAMC: Attorney Faith Gay; Ocean Dead Zones (10/7)

Dr. Karin Limburg talks about tackling oceanic dead zones on NPR's show 51%. 10/2/19Read More

Nature: Microbial chemistry gains fresh focus (9/25)

ESF's Dr. Erica Majumder is quoted in Nature on her microbial chemistry work to understand metabolites. 9/24/19Read More

College Candy: Top 10 Most Sustainable College Campuses in America (9/25)

ESF is ranked #6 on CollegeCandy's list of most sustainable US colleges. 9/23/19Read More

New York Ag Connection: ESF to Host Travel Summit, Explore Welcoming Communities (9/25)

ESF is partnering with nonprofit Travel Unity to look at how to improve diversity and inclusion in CNY tourism and travel. 9/25/19Read More

Resilience: Indigenous Corn Keepers are Helping Communities Recover and Reunite with their Traditional Foods (9/25)

ESF's Neil Patterson is quoted in an article on how indigenous peoples are restoring heirloom crops and reclaiming the historic food ways of their cultures. 9/23/19Read More

KMTV Omaha: Fall foliage is on the way - Peak times to expect it (9/25)

ESF research is included in an article on this year's fall foliage predictions. 9/24/19Read More

New York Times: Do Plants Have Something to Say? (9/19)

Dr. Robin Kimmerer is quoted on perspectives of plants in indigenous science. 8/26/19Read More

New York Upstate: Warm, wet summer could delay Upstate NY fall colors (9/6)

Dr. Don Leopold is interviewed on this year's projection for upstate New York's fall foliage. 9/4/19Read More

New York Upstate: Here comes peak season for toxic algae in Upstate NY (8/29)

Dr. Greg Boyer is quoted on the 2019 algal bloom season in upstate New York. 8/15/19Read More

VCU News: VCU, UR study on spread of gypsy moths amid climate change receives prestigious award (8/28)

The Royal Entomological Society recognizes a study on gypsy moths, co-authored by Dr. Dylan Parry, with a Best Paper award. 8/21/19Read More

Valley CW: Arcadis Announces Pro Bono Projects to Help Communities in Kentucky and New York (8/28)

ESF students will collaborate on an Arcadis-funded project to restore a community building in Syracuse's William A. Barry Park. 8/21/19Read More

TBR News Media: 3VCT, DEC receive optimistic survey about Patriots Hollow State Forest (8/28)

ESF researchers including Dr. Don Leopold and Dr. Brian Leydet are working with the NYS DEC to restore native habitat in Patriots Hollow State Forest. 8/22/19Read More

Syracuse.com: SUNY-ESF student ready to ‘krush’ it at ‘American Ninja Warrior’ finals (8/23)

ESF student Karter Ohlson is in this season's finals of the American Ninja Warrior show. 8/23/19Read More

Syracuse.com: ESF professor: I-81 plan fails people most affected by construction (8/20)

ESF's Dr. Lemir Taron examines the proposed I-81 plan and recommends improvements in order to fully serve and support Syracuse's poor and under-represented neighborhoods. 8/20/19Read More

Buffalo News: Giant goldfish of Black Rock: A flush followed by global fame (8/12)

ESF alum Marcus Rosten is educating people about the damage caused by dumping pet goldfish into New York waterways. 6/26/19Read More

PRLog: IGTOA Awards the Charles Darwin Foundation $25,000 to Combat Invasive Bird-Killing Fly in Galapagos (8/12)

ESF researchers are part of the effort to combat an invasive fly that is devastating Galapagos bird species. 6/17/19Read More

North Country Public Radio: Ice meadows make nice meadows for rare wildflowers (8/12)

The rare and delicate ice meadows at ESF's Pack Forest were highlighted by NCPR. 6/15/19Read More

Glens Falls Post Star: Land trust buys its first property for a community forest in Cambridge (8/12)

ESF student Elliott Norman is helping to turn a recently acquired property into a community forest for the town of Cambridge. 7/5/19Read More

NBC3: Getting Students (and parents) ready for college (8/12)

ESF's Ruth Larson offers tips on how to mentally prepare for the stress and changes of college. 8/10/19Read More

CNY Central: Officials start working to clear invasive plants from Schiller Park's Roundtop (8/12)

ESF is participating in the cleanup of invasive species from Syracuse's Schiller Park. 8/10/19Read More

SUNY Blog: A Summer Internship is Leading This Student to Groundbreaking Research (8/2)

ESF student Jourdyn-Evonne Keiara Lee is featured by the SUNY blog for her internship at Stanford University. 7/1/19Read More

AgWeb Farm Journal: Science is Rescuing the Chestnut Tree (8/2)

The American Chestnut Project is featured in a story in the AgWeb Farm Journal. 7/27/19Read More

The Sandpaper: NestStory Data System Hatched on LBI and Now Going Global (8/2)

ESF's Michelle Stantial and research partner Jim Verhagen developed the NestStory app, which is changing how scientists do bird research. 7/31/19Read More

CNY Central: Sen. Schumer: "Suicide is a public health crisis" (8/2)

ESF's Ruth Larson is quoted in an article on student health options in Syracuse. 7/22/19Read More

Syracuse.com: Reimagine the canals: Community engagement session in Syracuse reveals new projects for Erie Canal (7/29)

Last week's community session for the Reimagine the Canals initiative was featured by Syracuse.com. 7/24/2019Read More

Post Star: Understanding harmful algal blooms and their impact on drinking water (7/18)

Dr. Greg Boyer discusses harmful algal blooms, what blue-green algae actually are, and their crucial role in the ecosystem and the planet's evolution. 7/13/2019Read More

Wildlife Society: Spotted salamanders prefer legacy forests (7/10)

A new study published by ESF researchers sheds light on forest amphibian habitat. 7/5/2019Read More

Syracuse.com: Upstate, ESF aim to be national leaders in fighting Lyme, other tick-borne diseases (7/10)

ESF and SUNY Upstate are establishing a research center for tick-borne illness. 7/7/19Read More

New York Times: Who Liked Hurricane Sandy? These Tiny, Endangered Birds (6/24)

ESF's Dr. Jonathan Cohen is quoted in an NYTimes article on the benefits of Hurricane Sandy to the recovery of piping plover populations.6/23/2019Read More

Wall Street Journal: Science Saves an Old Chestnut (6/24)

The Wall Street Journal reports on the American Chestnut Project. 6/19/19Read More

Buffalo News: Atop old railway, a Buffalo firefighter sees beauty and new life for 'The Del' (6/20)

ESF alum Matt Renkas is the winner of a public design challenge held by the Western New York Land Conservancy, to convert an elevated railway in Buffalo into a community park. 6/19/2019Read More

Monga Bay: Long-term ecological research threatened by short-term thinking (6/18)

ESF's Stacy McNulty is featured in an article on the importance of ecological field stations for envrionmental research. 6/3/19Read More

New York Upstate: It’s already a “really, really bad” year for ticks in Upstate NY (6/18)

Dr. Brian Leydet says he's already found a surprising number of ticks this year, and in places they normally aren't. 6/7/19Read More

Audubon Blog: Rapidly Declining Songbird Won’t See Federal Protections Anytime Soon (6/5)

ESF's Alison Kocek was interviewed about federal protection for the saltmarsh sparrow. 5/24/19Read More

Catholic Charities of Onondaga County: Staff Spotlight: Shewa Shwani and Food Connections (5/15)

A member of the Homeless Services team with a focus on food scarcity, ESF alumna Shewa Shwani is organizing CCOC's 3rd annual Ramadan iftar for Syracuse's Muslim community. 5/10/19Read More

East West Hunting Podcast: Cultivating Our Conservation Ethic (4/26)

Dr. Marianne Patinelli-Dubay was a guest on the podcast to discuss the philosophy and ethical underpinnings of forestry and natural resources. 3/25/19Read More

University of New England: Pioneer in the effort to restore the American chestnut tree comes to UNE for Earth Day (4/24)

Dr. Allison Oakes, one of the researchers of ESF's American Chestnut Project, was invited to be the Earth Day guest at University of New England. 4/23/19Read More

New England Cottontail Blog: Imported Eastern Cottontails Outcompete Native New England Cottontails (3/22)

ESF researcher Amanda Cheeseman is researching details about rabbits and their interactions with plants and landscape elements for more details on what New England cottontails need in order to thrive. 2/11/19 — Read More

Chronicle of Higher Education: Which Colleges Are Best and Worst at Enrolling and Graduating Women in Computer Science and Engineering? (3/4)

ESF is ranked #1 in the nation for graduating women engineers! 2/24/19Read More

BYU Radio: Lonely George, Robotic Arms, Social Media, Explaining Reality (2/20)

Rebeccal Rundell is interviewed on the extinction of a Hawaiian snail species. 2/12/19Read More

Independent: Plan to plant genetically engineered trees throughout US to save dying forests (2/20)

The American Chestnut Project is included in an article on the use of genetic engineering in forest conservation. 2/16/19Read More

The Week: The sixth mass extinction, explained (2/20)

Rebecca Rundell is quoted in a story on the role of the Anthropocene in species extinction. 2/17/19Read More

Auburn Citizen: Sen. Rachel May: Syracuse to host hearing on NY climate change bill (2/20)

A hearing on the NY state Climate and Community Protection Act will be held at Gateway tomorrow. 2/18/19Read More

Globalists: Eye on ‘Cuse: Alicia Bateman (2/15)

ESF student Alicia Bateman's globe-trotting interest in culture took her to Ghana for a study abroad program. 2/19Read More

The Scientist: A Mysterious Disease Is Killing Beech Trees (1/23)

ESF graduate student Michael Preminger is quoted in the article. 1/22/19Read More

News Channel 9: SUNY ESF professor re-introduces American chestnut trees locally (1/8)

American chestnut trees have been gone for years, and now a team from SUNY-ESF is on the verge of re-introducing them. 1/19Read More

Talking Biotech: Two Critical Updates – Brinjals and Chestnuts (1/4)

Dr. Bill Powell was on Talking Biotech last week with an update on the The American Chestnut Research and Restoration Project. 12/29/18
Read More

Sea Currents: The Cramer and her crew in flight (1/4)

ESF student Maria Alfaro spent fall semester at sea on an ocean research vessel, studying human impact on Caribbean coral reef ecosystems. 12/12/18Read More