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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Academic InnovationThe Centennial Campaign for ESF

The College’s plan for academic innovation builds on the excellence already achieved in education, research and experiential learning across all ESF academic departments. With an understanding of the complexity of today’s environmental challenges, an interdisciplinary approach focuses our academic vision on Global Environment, Health and Sustainability. Areas of concentration include sustainable systems and communities; renewable energy and materials; understanding and addressing impacts of climate change; biotechnology; bioprocess engineering; and environmental health.

The Fund for Academic Innovation

Building a fund devoted to supporting academic innovation will benefit ESF graduate and undergraduate students and the faculty members who educate them. The fund will:

  • Enable creation of graduate student fellowships and internships, endowed academic chairs and professorships.
  • Increase the number of faculty.
  • Support the development of new curricula.
  • Provide the opportunity for an international experience for all ESF students.

The opportunity for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world is a central feature of an ESF education. Whether visiting The Ranger School at Wanakena, the Adirondack Ecological Center in Newcomb, or the College’s newest field station in Costa Rica, students gain invaluable field experience. Facility expansion and improvements will allow the College to support faculty research, engage a greater number of students in experiential education, and maintain a competitive learning environment with state-of-the-art equipment, modern classrooms, and robust academic support for the field component of applied science courses.

Graduate Student Fellowships

Financial support is vital if ESF is to compete with other colleges and universities that seek to attract the brightest, most dedicated graduate students. Given the scope and importance of the world’s environmental problems, it is imperative that high-caliber graduate students enter the field of environmental science. World-class faculty combined with top graduate students is the formula for producing scientific advances of national importance.

Academic Chair or Professorship

Named Academic Chairs or Professorships provide top professors with new resources to expand their academic and research pursuits, much to the benefit of our students. Endowed chairs not only help ESF recruit top-quality scholars as faculty members, they also help the College retain the nationally recognized professors who are already here to teach, mentor and attract highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students.

Facilities, Technology and Equipment

In order to provide our students with the best educational experience, we seek to upgrade, renovate and otherwise improve several buildings, field stations and research facilities. Contributions to the campaign will support improvements to facilities that enrich our students’ academic experience: the Thousand Islands Biological Station, the Ranger School, the Adirondack Ecological Center and the Costa Rica Field Station.

Academic Programs and Project Support

For individual or corporate donors with specific interests, opportunities exist to support individual academic departments, projects and research efforts.