e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Financial StrengthThe Centennial Campaign for ESF

ESF has been at the forefront of America’s environmental colleges since its founding in 1911. The Centennial Campaign for ESF will increase the College’s financial strength and flexibility, and position ESF to provide environmental leadership for a second century.

As we face a turbulent economy and an ever-changing outlook for state funding, the financial resources provided each year by our alumni and friends can mean the difference between a very good institution and a great one.

A generous donation can give ESF the financial resources needed to respond to new opportunities or unanticipated needs and help to ensure continued progress in achieving our College mission.

Endowed Funds

Endowed funds support the ESF College Foundation’s vision “to provide the resources necessary to allow the College to achieve its dreams without constraint.” Our endowment gives the College an important measure of financial security while encouraging the members of our ESF family to dream big dreams and achieve them. Endowed funds can be established to support special scholarships and fellowships, academic chairs, professorships, facilities and field stations, academic departments, or a variety of other important needs.

Annual Fund Contributions

Donors wishing to support our goal of increasing the College’s financial strength and flexibility are encouraged to consider making regular gifts to the ESF Annual Fund. The Annual Fund raises most of the money directed to urgent needs each year. For example, these funds can be used to fill unexpected gaps in resources for student scholarships or related student services. All levels of donations are welcomed to the Annual Fund. As we celebrate ESF’s

Centennial, we encourage donors to consider a special gift by becoming one of our Centennial Campaign Sustainers or joining the 1911 Society.

Mighty Oaks Athletics Fund

ESF has launched an intercollegiate athletics program featuring men’s and women’s teams in cross-country running, golf, soccer, and timber sports. This program enhances school spirit and identity, and creates opportunities for student-athletes to develop teamwork and leadership skills. Athletic scholarships are not provided and student-athletes meet the same academic and social expectations established for all undergraduates. Our teams are funded primarily through student fees, but they lack resources in several areas. Donations are being sought to purchase a bus for team transportation and to establish an endowment to help fund additional sports teams.