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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Student Scholarships

ESF provides both need-based and merit-based scholarships to undergraduates. Need-based scholarships make an ESF education affordable for students who lack financial resources, while merit-based scholarships provide an incentive and reward for high academic achievement. To attract and retain more qualified and eager young scholars, ESF must increase scholarships for undergraduate students across all of its academic programs.

Contributions to our Student Scholarships Fund will increase the assistance provided to ESF students through several important scholarship programs:

ESF Presidential Scholarships

Awarded to students with outstanding academic records earned in high school or college, Presidential Scholarships reward academic achievement regardless of financial need. They help ESF compete with the nation’s top colleges and universities to attract the best students we can find, and they ensure that ESF graduates are ready to face tomorrow’s environmental challenges. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 grade point average once enrolled to renew their annual scholarship.

ESF National Scholarships

As ESF continues to gain a wider national reputation, the College now attracts almost 20 percent of its undergraduate students from outside New York state. These students face significant financial challenges because SUNY’s annual tuition charges for out-of-state residents are more than two and a half times the amount charged to New York state residents. As our New York state high school population continues to decline, ESF must attract a more regional, national, and international student body in order to increase enrollments in our specialized majors. ESF’s National Scholarship Program is a wise strategic investment that assists out-of-state families with higher college costs.

Student Housing Scholarships

Each year, ESF students face residence hall room and board expenses that total more than their annual tuition charges. Our newly established Student Housing Scholarships will help to offset these costs by providing need-based grants to students living in the College’s new Centennial Hall residence facility. These scholarships will encourage students to live on campus in a facility that we expect will transform student life at ESF.

Endowed Scholarship Funds

The College’s Centennial provides special opportunities for donors to create named scholarship funds. Established as endowments, these funds create a lasting legacy to support students long into the future.