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Becoming a Scientific Diver Scientific Diving Program at SUNY-ESF

What do I become a scientific diver?

  1. To enter the ESF Scientific Diving Program you must show proof of training:
    1. Scuba Diving certification from a nationally recognized agency (e.g. PADI, NAUI, SSI) - preferably to the Advanced Open Water Diver level or equivalent;
    2. First-aid/CPR certification (from Red Cross, First Responder);
    3. Emergency oxygen administration certification (from Divers Alert Network).
  2. Complete and submit a SUNY-ESF Diving Program Application including a Scuba Waiver Release and Indemnity Agreement.
  3. Provide a medical certification from a licensed physician to show that you are medically qualified for diving.
  4. Pass a swimming test.
  5. Pass a written examination.
  6. Satisfy the instructor that your diving skills meet the standards as outlined in the ESF Diving Safety Manual in an open water dive.
  7. Show proof that all equipment is verified and tested as determined by DSO and DCB.

At this point, you are a "Scientific Diver in Training" and can conduct scientific training dives under auspices of SUNY-ESF, in the presence of a certified scientific diver.

You are now ready to work towards becoming a Certified Scientific Diver.