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Certified Scientific Diving Scientific Diving Program at SUNY-ESF

You are a "Scientific Diver in Training" and can conduct scientific training dives under auspices of SUNY-ESF, in the presence of a certified scientific diver. Now it is time to become a certified diver.


  1. Be an approved Scientific Diver in Training which includes:
    1. valid application form;
    2. medical approval;
    3. proof of CPR, First Aid, oxygen administration certifications;
    4. passing swimming test;
    5. approved check-out dive with instructor.
  2. Approval by the Diving Control Board that you are sufficiently skilled and proficient in diving to be certified as a scientific diver.

The program includes a minimum of 100 hours of cumulative time of theoretical aspects and practical training in scientific diving practices.

The course will cover:

  • Diving Emergency Care Training
  • Dive Rescue
  • Dive Physics
  • Dive Physiology
  • Dive Environments
  • Decompression Theory and its Application
  • AAUS Scientific Diving Regulations and History
  • SUNY-ESF Scientific Diving Regulations
  • Scientific Method
  • Data Gathering Techniques

Practical training will include a check-out dive and at least 11 open water dives (for cumulative bottom time of 6 hours). During these dives practical skills will be taught and evaluated.

At the end of the course, candidates will be examined on a written exam as well as in-water assessment of skills.

This course will be offered in the Fall 2011.

Student diving in Green Lakes
Student studying organisms underwater