About Bioblitz . . .

Short-term field collections of plants and animals called "bioblitzes" are occurring thoughout the United States to call attention to the rich biotic diversity of our local habitats. Too often we think that "nature" is limited to what happens in the national parks, in the Tropics, or on the Discovery channel. Meanwhile the parks and wild places in our own neighborhoods are teeming with life!

BIOBLITZ exposes the amazing flora and fauna of home. Who would have thought that scientists could find 661 different kinds of plants and animals in 78-acre Elmwood Park in the city of Syracuse? In 2003, Bioblitzers from SUNY/ESF found just that number during a 24 hour search, including 237 seed plants, 6 fish (including brook trout and brown trout), 86 different soil invertebrates (millipedes, centipedes, earthworms and their ilk), and 50 birds.

Bioblitz events can generate kids' interest in science, leading to careers in biology. During Bioblitz, school children and others are encouraged to visit tables set up at a central location. Here, scientists identify their finds and place some of them on display, temporarily, for public to admire-- whether fish, frog, fungus, or water flea.

Species lists generated by bioblitz also provide useful records for park management and for education programs in the areas surveyed.

Bioblitz, finally, is a celebration of life. So often we hear about the negative effects humans have on wildlife and plants-- stories about habitat loss, air and water pollution. Bioblitz highlights the positive effects that we, through our parks and natural areas, can have on the nature around us.

Join us next year for Bioblitz 2005!

a display of perserved animals
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