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EFB Emeritus Faculty

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ALLEN, Douglas C., Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Michigan. Forest entomology; ecology of northern hardwood defoliators; insect pests of sugar maple; host/parasite interactions; impacts of insects on growth and quality of northern hardwoods. 315-470-6743  
BREZNER, Jerome, Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Missouri, 1959. Insect physiology-pest management; mitochondrial oxidation in insect flight muscle; insecticide residue analysis and pest management assessment; aquatic insect biology. 315-470-6743  
BROCKE, Rainer, H., Professor Emeritus. PhD, Michigan State University, 1970. Bioenergetics, ecology and management of endangered wildlife species; game management on private lands. 315-470-6743  
CASTELLO, John, Professor Emeritus
MS, Washington State University, 1976; PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1978; plant virology, viruses and mycoplasma in urban and forest tree decline, forest pathology, microbiology, insect vectors
315-470-6789 jdcastello@esf.edu  
CHAMBERS, Robert E., Professor Emeritus. PhD, Ohio State University, 1972. Wildlife ecology; population-habitat relationships; integrated timber and wildlife management; predator-prey relationships; game, non-game and endangered species. 315-470-6743  
DINDAL, Daniel L., Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus. PhD, Ohio State University, 1967. Soil ecology, microcommunity structure of soil invertebrates; relationships of soil biota to soil micromorphology; evaluation of natural and human influenced soil systems; functional ecology of symbiotic relationships in terrestrial microcommunities. 315-470-6743  
HALL, Charles, Professor Emeritus, PhD, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, 1970; MS, Pennsylvania State University, 1966; systems ecology, meaning synthetic studies of populations and ecosystems, including studies of fish migrations, estuaries, tropical land use change and energetics of both natural and human-dominated ecosystems. Emphasis on measuring and modeling human-dominated ecosystems and geographic modeling as well as biophysical and ecological economics, GIS, energy, general systems thinking, coupled human and natural systems 315-470-6743 chall@esf.edu
GRIFFIN, David H., Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of California, 1963. Mycology and physiology; growth and development of fungi; physiology of parasitism. 315-470-6743  
KURCZEWSKI, Frank E., Professor Emeritus. PhD, Cornell University, 1964. Insect taxonomy, morphology and behavior; systematics and comparative behavior of predatory wasps; host/parasite relationships of Hymenoptera, Diptera. 315-470-6743  
MANION, Paul D., Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Minnesota, 1967. Forest and shade tree pathology; epidemiology of forest and urban tree disease. 315-470-6783 pdmanion@esf.edu
MITCHELL, Myron J., Distinguished Professor Emeritus; BA, Lake Forest College, 1969; PHD, University of Calgary, 1974 315-470-6766 mitchell@syr.edu
MULLER-SCHWARZE, Dietland., Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Freiburg. Animal behavioral ecology; vertebrate communication; pheromones and chemical ecology 315-470-6803  
NAKAS, James, Professor Emeritus
PhD, Rutgers The State University Central , 1976; MS, Seton Hall University, 1970; microbiology, transformation and decomposition processes, nutrient cycling, soil and aquatic microbiology, microbial biomass, solvent production, microbial ecology, microbial physiology
315-470-6769 jpnakas@esf.edu
RAYNAL, Dudley J., Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Illinois, 1974. Plant population and community dynamics; influences of stress and disturbance on forest ecosystems; systematic botany. 315-470-6599  
SCHAEDLE, Michail, Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1964. Plant physiology; photosynthetic processes in stem tissues and isolated cells; uptake and utilization of mineral elements. 315-470-6743  
SHIELDS, William, Professor Emeritus, Environmental and Forest Biology; BA, Rutgers University, 1974; MS, Ohio State University, 1976; PhD, Ohio State University, 1979 315-470-6771 wms1@syr.edu
TANENBAUM, Stuart W., Collegewide Professor Emeritus. PhD, Columbia University, 1951. Microbial biochemistry; microbial ecology; bioconversions; molecular effects of natural cytotoxins. 315-470-6850  
VALENTINE, Fredrick A., Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1957. Forest genetics and tree improvement; population and quantitative genetics of natural and urban tree populations with emphasis on wood properties and on insect and tree disease resistance. 315-470-6743  
VANDRUFF, Larry W., Professor Emeritus. PhD, Cornell University, 1970. Wildlife biology and management; ecology of wildlife in urban and urbanizing areas; population ecology of the gray squirrel and mallard duck; environmental impacts on local and regional mammalian populations. 315-470-6803  
WANG, Chun-Juan, Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Iowa, 1955. Mycology; ecology, taxonomy and ultrastructure of microfungi. Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1990. 315-470-6911 cjkwang@mailbox.syr.edu
WERNER, Robert G., Professor Emeritus. PhD, Indiana University, 1966. Fish ecology; ecology of early life history stages of fishes; aquaculture; limnology; fish movements; foraging behavior of fishes; ichthyology.  315-470-6743 rgwerner@mailbox.syr.edu