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EB Emeritus Faculty

Faculty Members


ABRAHAMSON, Laurence, Senior Research Associate Emeritus. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (Entomology), 1969. Forest entomology, Forest pathology, Pesticides, Integrated pest management, Integrated forest and ROW vegetation management, Woody biomass for energy crops. labrahamson@esf.edu  
ALLEN, Douglas C., Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Michigan. Forest entomology; ecology of northern hardwood defoliators; insect pests of sugar maple; host/parasite interactions; impacts of insects on growth and quality of northern hardwoods. dcallen@esf.edu  
CASTELLO, John, Professor Emeritus. MS, Washington State University, 1976; PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1978; plant virology, viruses and mycoplasma in urban and forest tree decline, forest pathology, microbiology, insect vectors jdcastello@esf.edu  
DINDAL, Daniel L., Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus. PhD, Ohio State University, 1967. Soil ecology, microcommunity structure of soil invertebrates; relationships of soil biota to soil micromorphology; evaluation of natural and human influenced soil systems; functional ecology of symbiotic relationships in terrestrial microcommunities. dldindal@esf.edu  
HALL, Charles, Professor Emeritus, PhD, University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, 1970; MS, Pennsylvania State University, 1966; systems ecology, meaning synthetic studies of populations and ecosystems, including studies of fish migrations, estuaries, tropical land use change and energetics of both natural and human-dominated ecosystems. Emphasis on measuring and modeling human-dominated ecosystems and geographic modeling as well as biophysical and ecological economics, GIS, energy, general systems thinking, coupled human and natural systems chall@esf.edu
MANION, Paul D., Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Minnesota, 1967. Forest and shade tree pathology; epidemiology of forest and urban tree disease. pdmanion@esf.edu
MITCHELL, Myron J., Distinguished Professor Emeritus; BA, Lake Forest College, 1969; PHD, University of Calgary, 1974 mitchell@syr.edu
MULLER-SCHWARZE, Dietland., Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Freiburg. Animal behavioral ecology; vertebrate communication; pheromones and chemical ecology dmullers@esf.edu
NAKAS, James, Professor Emeritus.
PhD, Rutgers The State University Central , 1976; MS, Seton Hall University, 1970; microbiology, transformation and decomposition processes, nutrient cycling, soil and aquatic microbiology, microbial biomass, solvent production, microbial ecology, microbial physiology
RAYNAL, Dudley J., Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Illinois, 1974. Plant population and community dynamics; influences of stress and disturbance on forest ecosystems; systematic botany. djraynal@esf.edu
SCHAEDLE, Michail, Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1964. Plant physiology; photosynthetic processes in stem tissues and isolated cells; uptake and utilization of mineral elements.  
SHIELDS, William, Professor Emeritus, Environmental and Forest Biology; BA, Rutgers University, 1974; MS, Ohio State University, 1976; PhD, Ohio State University, 1979 wshields@esf.edu
STEWART, Donald, Professor Emeritus. PhD, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, 1980; MS, University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 1976; ecology and systematics, lake systems ecology, aquatic ecology, fish conservation, ecology and population biology in tropical and temperate systems, fish ecology and fisheries management, ecological energetics, modeling predation and production processes, Great Lakes ecosystems, Amazonian ecosystems, ecology and systematics of neotropical freshwater fishes. djstewart@esf.eduu
WANG, Chun-Juan, Professor Emeritus. PhD, University of Iowa, 1955. Mycology; ecology, taxonomy and ultrastructure of microfungi. Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1990. cjkwang@esf.edu